Golden Globe Snubs 2017

Golden Globes 2017: 20 Biggest Snubs — Lauren Graham, the Men of This Is Us, Tatiana, Sam Heughan and More

The 2017 Golden Globe Award nominees were announced Monday — with, as always, a few glaring omissions.

Let’s start with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life‘s Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop, neither of whom heard their name called this morning. Neither did Taraji P. Henson (Empire), the men of This Is Us, or anyone from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. (Honestly, feel free to help us lift our collective jaw off the floor at any point here.)

Browse our gallery of Golden Globe snubs — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own picks below: Which shows and stars were robbed this year?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jtrattray says:

    Micah Fowler from Speechless is a glaring omission. Actually all of that cast deserve recognition, it’s the best new show this season.

    Any of the women Brooklyn Nine Nine too.

    • SG says:

      Came here expecting to see Speechless nominated for something. People should be watching this show. It is fantastic, and I’ve hated the people who play the parents in other shows.

  2. ellajasper says:

    It always seems to be the same ole ones nominated with all award shows.

  3. Super-Fan says:

    The Men of This is Us and of course Freddie & Vera from Bates Motel. Simply the best!!!

  4. Jennyd says:

    Umm… John Turturro was nominated

  5. kmw says:

    The snubs don’t surprise me especially Henson from Empire because the show is not where it was once at and really there were far better performances from the ones who were nominated. Sorry that this sites love for Gilmore Girls didn’t get anything but again the shows and performers nominated were much better. I am happy for This is Us but unhappy that Sterling Brown didn’t get one for this show, but other than that pretty good nominations and not that many surprises

    • parstl says:

      I agree that Gilmore Girls revival was not up to caliber and I too was sick of the articles or propoganda leading up to its release.

  6. Hasna says:

    Riz Ahmed was brilliant in “the night of” very sad that he was not in the list

  7. Penny Can says:

    I don’t watch a single show listed in your omissions gallery, so maybe the noms committee isn’t impressed with them either. That being said, I’d go along with Benniebatch strictly based on his overall body of work.

  8. DT says:

    John Turturro was nominated…and better win! He was the standout performer on any show this year IMO. For me, the men of This is Us, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, and Freddie and Vera from Bates Motel were the biggest omissions.

  9. peterwdawson says:

    Season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt was pretty directionless and lacklustre, but no way in hell am I going to combat all the listed omissions.

  10. Christy says:

    In your gallery you refer to it as “The Gilmore Girls.” There’s no The. Just Gilmore Girls…It’s cleaner :)

    But other than that, I agree: Kelly for the “bull$hit” scene alone, Lauren for the Richard story, Milo for basically being the world’s best dad in every episode. Beautiful work all around!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Caitronia Balfe wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Sam Heughan. Both he and Tobias Menzies are the reason we see such performances from her. Sam really deserved a nomination.

  12. Glory says:

    Too bad you missed out on Sam Heughan. He definitely deserved a nom.

  13. Sherae says:

    I don’t understand how Lena Headey got nominated in a limited series, but Game of Thrones got nominated in the drama category. The men of Game of Thrones, as well as, a lot more of the women were completely snubbed.

  14. Joe says:

    You guys, THE F***ING GOOD PLACE. That fact that this and Kristen Bell are absent is a glaring omission.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Agreed. But I think that show is surprising people who expected it to be something else. The show kind of defies categorization. I’m not talking comedy or drama here, it’s clearly a comedy but it’s not sticking to any formula or retreading its plots from episode to episode. I seriously think that they’ll go anywhere their curiosity takes them in the next five episodes.

      Also the Globes is mostly a glad-handing celeb suck up party.

    • queensgirl says:

      I was surprised by its omission, too.

  15. Me says:

    Kit Harrington was not snubbed. Kit Harrington mopes around sulking all the time until he has a battle scene. Overrated.

  16. Jon88 says:

    I’m confused. Am I supposed to be upset over GG “slights,” or should I keep in mind the annual onslaught of articles about how the GGs are meaningless and unrepresentative? (Including TV Line articles, of course.)

  17. Taylor Geary says:

    Uh, if you gonna post SNUBS, you gotta post WHO YOU THINK DOESNT DESERVE A NOMINATION WHO GOT ONE!!! Awards shows are already boring as is, I can’t imagine how boring they’d be if all the SNUBS got nominated. The list would go on forever. The categories have a limited number of slots, so tell me WHO YOU WANNA AX!

  18. Davey says:

    Rectify and someone from its cast should have been nominated. Was it eligible?

  19. Hayley Douglas says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch should have been nominated for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride and should take the place of one of the people voted for The People vs OJ Simpson, which is very overrated in my honest opinion

  20. tracey says:

    As much as I love Claire Foy – and I do, a lot! – for me the biggest snub was Vanessa Kirby as the Queen’s sister. The woman was just… outstanding. Very surprised Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright aren’t on the list either, but I like that HPFA tried to change things up a little.

  21. Gena says:

    Agreed on Will Forte (especially in the latter half of LMOE s.2 last spring — he managed to pull off some of his best dramatic work while sporting the most ridiculous hair imaginable), and the guys of TIU.

    No love for ‘Speechless’, either — I would’ve thought at least Minnie would be a shoo-in (for Actress in a Comedy). :\

  22. KCC says:

    Enough with the snubs already. Unless they have 30 nominees in each category there will always be someone you can say was snubbed. Also, as long as you insist on declaring someone is being snubbed, you have to say which of the nominees you’re going to snub so the person you’re supporting can be included. Let’s just give participation trophies to everyone so everyone feels good. To paraphrase David Letterman: Art is not a competition, it’s only an exhibition. No wagering please.

  23. Finding Dory being snubbed for Best Animated Feature

  24. LK says:

    You cant say someone was snubbed without also saying which of the people nominated you feel wasn’t as good as that person and should have been left out… The Gilmore Girls ladies were not better than the actresses nominated in the mini-series category, which is where that show would have wound up.

  25. John036 says:

    I’m sorry, but Lauren Graham did not deserve to be nominated. Especially when she would be competing against the likes of Sarah Paulson among others. Kelly Bishop, though, I think deserved a nomination.

  26. D P says:

    Listing snubs is lazy. You’re just listing all the people who did a good job. Tell us who you would leave off if you want to do something.

  27. Leanne says:

    I used to watch the Golden Globes, Emmy’s and Oscars but its just gotten to political with the hosts promoting their political views which I don’t give a rats ?? about. There are to many repeats and same people win. This actually for most parts just looks like a rerun from last year.

  28. DW says:

    Kelly Bishop deserved recognition for sure. Globes has always been weird in the noms so not surprised. This is Us is and blackish are the network tokens this year.

  29. queensgirl says:

    I was definitely surprised that the entire “This is Us” cast wasn’t nominated.

  30. Julia says:

    A fantastic show with fantastic actors that never gets any love and appreciation is Bates Motel. When is that show going to get some recognition??!

  31. Ryan says:

    I never really understood snubs. If these people were snubbed, then that must mean some of the nominees didn’t deserve it…Is there a list for them?

  32. Why doesn’t Billions get any love?

  33. parstl says:

    I guess Hollywood thinks Tatiana Maslany got enough love with the Emmy win…too bad. She has been deserving of more recognition for years. I think Winona Ryder was a reach in that category and frankly, though I like Evan Rachel Wood, she had about 20 percent the screen time as Tatiana…in fact, Thadie Newton was more of a lead actress in West world than Evan. But Evan seems to be the “it” wOman this year and it doesn’t hurt in Hollywood that she’s BI. Also, nothing for Luke Cage? There may need to be a separate awards show or category for independent or internet-based productions in future. That way even network broadcast shows like Chicago Fire can have the fields opened up.

    • If Tatiana got all the awards for all seasons of Orphan Black (but especially three and four), she’d still not get enough love. The woman is a monster. It’s interesting, because I’ve followed Canadian television for a while and seen her before, but never thought much of her. Then… this.

      And I don’t particularly like her person (I don’t dislike her, either, but I’m very neutral about her as a person), I don’t follow her on social media or have any particular desire to meet her (as I have with other actors), but I feel there hasn’t been anyone more deserving in many, many years. I can’t think of anyone.

  34. I agree about the men of This is Us. I don’t know the other shows well enough to say who should have been dropped from the list to make room. Honestly, the men’s categories are ALWAYS full. Perhaps a sign that the best roles are written for men? And those who vote are voting not on the actual acting talent but who is their closest avatar?

    A note on the movies: Hey, I recognize Deadpool! That’s it.

  35. Lexsy says:

    Agree with some of the snubs, but would also add Anthony Hopkins from Westworld. He gave a powerful performance, surprising it was not recognized!

  36. April says:

    Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham are long overdue. Also noms for the men of This Is Us is well deserved. I like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but I don’t think any of the acting stands out enough to overtake the acting chops of the others nominated.

  37. Luli says:

    Always mad when Tatiana Maslany gets snubbed… have people not seen her act?! She is a powerhouse. Hopefully they give Tatiana and OB all the recognition it deserves in its final season.

  38. Diane Peters says:

    What is wrong with these people?
    He is amazing and especially the season 1 finale. He is the heart of the show. The casting on Outlander is spot on but the chemistry between Jamie and Claire (and Black Jack) keeps you watching. The tensions between them in Season 2 should have earned them both a nomination .

    • Marcia Jones says:

      Sam Heughan has been snubbed for two years now. It is ridiculous to think that anyone has given a better performance for two seasons and not have been recognized. His performance is the glue that holds the casts’ characters in an orbit around him. His portrayal of a strength of character mixed with heartbreaking vulnerability is spellbinding.

  39. darayl levy says:

    How Rectify is not nominated for best drama is beyond me! Aren’t the voters responsible for finding excellence even if it means going beyond the most popular or most watched and if that’s so, how can they have overlooked this beautifully written, unbelievably acted piece of art? I just don’t understand!