Fuller House Season 2 Finale: Which New Year's Twist Surprised You Most?

Fuller House wrapped its (far superior) second season with a New Year’s Eve celebration, a doomed engagement, and a new beginning for two old favorites.

OK, now that we’re past the jump, I can stop being so cryptic. Here’s a rundown of the finale’s major events:

* Because the characters on this show are contractually obligated to resist all logical impulses, Steve asked D.J. if he could propose to C.J. at her New Year’s Eve party. But when C.J. overheard Steve practicing his big speech, she misunderstood the situation — or did she? — and stormed out, only to be stopped (and proposed to) by D.J. herself. … And despite the bride-to-be’s tears of joy, I think we can all agree that Steve and D.J.’s lingering looks said it all: This wedding ain’t happening, folks.

* Following Jesse and Becky’s big Thanksgiving announcement (we’re adopting a baby!), TV’s hottest couple — along with Danny and Joey — returned to San Francisco to complete the process. It turned out all right in the end, with the Katsopoli adopting an adorable baby girl named Pamela (after the girls’ mom!), but things got real ugly when it came time to pick a Godfather: Danny admitted he never liked “Forever,” Jesse confirmed his personal hatred for Mr. Woodchuck, and Joey alleged (accurately) that people only watch Danny’s morning show to see Becky. Honestly, this all could have been avoided if Jesse had picked Danny — you know, the guy who let him and his family live in his house for years — to be the Godfather. But again, this relates back to that whole “logical impulses” thing.

* Stephanie started to think about her own future after Jimmy talked about wanting to have kids, leading to a really nice conversation between Steph and Becky about the joys of adoption. I have to say, I’m really liking the Steph-Jimmy relationship… even if 3–4 months into a relationship is way too soon to be talking about babies.

OK, time to weigh in with your thoughts on the finale: Is Steve’s wedding doomed? Should Jesse have chosen Danny as the Godfather from the start? And how much do we all love Steph and Jimmy? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ana M says:

    Danny Tanner was so annoying and obnoxious I almost turned it off. It would have been better without him. I could have done without Joey & his family too. Come to think of it, John Stamos & his family on the show were just plain boring. The fact that they called out the Olson Twins again was just pathetic. I mean, really? They don’t want to do it, so this campaign of attempts to publicly pressure them is just wrong. Leave them alone.

    • I honestly liked season 2 more than the first season of Fuller House. However, the show’s repeated jabs at the Olsen twins, especially the ones where they break the fourth wall are definitely annoying. If I were the Olsen twins, the writers repeated jabs would make me not want to do it. It just seems really rude on the writers’ part to repeatedly diss the Olsen twins on the show, simply because they apparently don’t want to appear on the show. If the producers really want the Olsen twins to appear on Fuller House, I honestly don’t understand how they could possibly think that repeatedly making jabs at them would serve as encouragement to do the show. While I always really liked Michelle on Full House, I’m enjoying the show just fine without Michelle and the Olsen twins being on the show.

      That being said, I loved having Juan Di Pace be a series regular on the show now. Fernando is definitely an excellent addition to the show. I also liked the addition of Kimmy’s brother, Jimmy, to the show as well. I think Stephanie and Jimmy make a really fun and cute couple. :) Plus, I felt like Stephanie and Jimmy’s relationship served as a nice contrast to the angst from the Matt/D.J./Steve love triangle. I’m definitely not a huge fan of how that all played out in the season finale. Steve has really annoyed me at times in both seasons 1 and 2 of Fuller House with his continued obsession with D.J., which has been creepier than it has been funny for the most part.

  2. I wish Jesse and Becky had appeared in more than three episodes because their storyline was one of my favorites this season. Baby Pamela is adorable and of course they named her after his sister – Nicky and Alex got meaningful names too.

  3. Paz says:

    I liked season 2. I agree that they should stop with the Olsen twins jabs. It’s getting annoying. I hope DJ stays with Matt. I like seeing Steve, but I don’t like the idea of pairing DJ and Steve. For me, Steve is the past and Matt is the future!

  4. Guest says:

    You FORGOT to mention that Dj was going to pick STEVE!!!

  5. Traci Simos says:

    I loved season 2 of fuller house but I think DJ and Steve will be together

  6. TV Fanatic says:

    Man I really hope they don’t put DJ and Steve together – I really love her and Matt!

  7. Jeremy says:

    Cheesy. Funny. Faun memories. I really hope Michelle comes home soon. Its not a full family without her. Looking forward already to more old fun memories in season 3

  8. Z says:

    Okay, so I agree this is a FAR superior second season. They toned down some of the more one-note and obnoxious characters down and really brought out, or back in some cases, their more complex personalities. I liked that some of the kids’ storylines were carried through multiple episodes. I kind of figured once DJ and Matt got together midseason that Steve was the one she would have chosen, and I’m sure he’s going to be endgame, I just hope that by the end of next season all the love triangle stuff will be over and we can see DJ settle down. It took me a bit to warm up to Jimmy and Stephanie, but I do really like them and hope that they’ll stay together if we have more seasons, The Olsen twin shout out wasn’t that annoying, mainly because there was only one and it was short, but if they don’t come back for a possible season three I think they should at least stop the fourth wall breaking shout outs. Joey’s family annoyed me and I wish he would have shaped his kids up by the end of the episode. Overall, great season and I hope they keep getting better!

  9. Eva says:

    Was season 2 superior? I didn’t like how this show has become all about the ladies’ love lives. And serious relationships. In the original show, the men went on dates, sometimes had girlgriends, but it was never the main focus, was it? Obvs, then Becky+Jessie happened, but it was great and the other two were still single most of the time.

    Yet now that we have three female protagonists, they ALL need steady boyfriends, who are immediately a big part of the show. Because who would like to see a lady dating multiple guys, amirite? I hate how this overshadowed the kids’ storylines… they’re what made Full House special once upon a time.

  10. "A" says:

    Okay “Fuller House” it’s time to recast thirty year old Michelle Tanner.

    May I suggest Emily VanCamp aka Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne of “Revenge”, Claire Holt aka Rebekah Miikaelson of “TVD”/”TO”, Candice Accola aka Caroline Forbes of “The Vampire Diaries”, Katie Cassidy aka Laurel Lance of “Arrow”, Emily Kinney aka Beth Greene of “The Walking Dead”, or Aly Michalka aka Marti Perkins of “Hellcats”.
    ( D.J. is 40 and Stephanie is 35 )

    Beside the Olsen twins … or … there sister Elizabeth who would you recast as Michelle Elizabeth Tanner on “Fuller House” ?

  11. Angel says:

    The season felt a little rushed and uneven. It was still good though. Just ask Elizabeth Olsen to play Michele for a couple episodes already, she looks enough like her sisters and could step in nicely. I wanted to smack Joey’s children, and Joey for not taking control of them. Glad they have fun as a family, but they need to show respect to others. I like DJ and Mattt together, but its Steve! I think she was meant to be with him, Matt is just a filler.

  12. A Fan of TV says:

    Enjoyed most of it quite a bit, and hope there is a season three because they’re really bringing along the other characters and settling into a series, I think.
    – Completely reversed my formerly meh/disdainful opinion of Fernando.
    – Made it so I’ll actually feel badly for Matt when DJ inevitably breaks his heart (and Steve breaks CJ’s – but really that girl should know better. He called her DJ. All. The. Time. And she didn’t run. She should have run. Add that to the logical impulses tally.)
    – Love that Stephanie fell for a Gibbler and think it’s perfect, narratively, but desperately need the actor playing Jimmy to take some acting lessons. Desperately.
    – Also Joey is basically a terrible father. It’s completely understandable that he doesn’t understand how to set limits or you know, even acknowledge his kids’ behaviour. After all, he had no practice raising children whatsoever and is really fighting blind, here! ;)

  13. Piper says:

    Ok we all know or should know Steve and DJ are soul mates and they need to stop with this Matt thing. Also if the bratty twins don’t wanna be on the show that made them who they are I say good ridence. There are enough beloved characters and new characters to make me happy. Here’s to season 3 and a Steve and DJ wedding and new baby 😊

  14. Babybop says:

    I LOVED season 2. I’m was crazy crazy obsessed with Full House when I was a kid, so I really like the callbacks they included this season that were slightly more obscure. My dream for season 2 was to get Dwayne on and they DID!

    I prefer DJ and Steve just because I see them as being more in the same place in their lives than DJ and Matt are, however, Matt is extremely hot so it’s not like I hate seeing him on screen… Season three can’t come fast enough!

  15. Mariel says:

    I enjoyed Season 2 more than the 1st because of the addition of a new Gibbler family member, the expanded role of Juan di Pace, the fun cameos (RIP, Alan Thicke) and the nostalgia in seeing DJ’S and Kimmy’s old boyfriends in the finale. Regarding the DJ/Steve/Matt triangle, both are good guys, but ultimately I’m pushing for Matt because, for me, he’s more her future and Steve is more her past. In life, things don’t always stay the same (though I get that’s part of the show’s charm), so having her end up with Matt would be more realistic, in my opinion. That’s part of what makes the Kimmy character more interesting to me, a new guy/Fernando. I hope they get picked up for a 3rd season.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I think Steve might represent her past, but think the show is doing a decent job of showing he’s her future, too. I mean, she’s with Matt because she didn’t tell Steve shed picked him fast enough, then felt like telling him later was unfair to everyone else involved since shed waited too long in the first place – even though he basically begged her to give him a reason.

  16. Neveracommenter says:

    Am I the only one who thinks its very weird that they didn’t mention DJ’s husband ONCE on the show this season. They mention him almost in passing when her eldest wants to try football but never really about his death. I really liked this season, way more than the first, but I think that’s a major character flaw. Her youngest is only a year and I’m all for her dating and wanted a new relationship, however, I find her obsession with having to be in a relationship a bit weird. Like your husband died less than a year ago and it’s like he never existed. I thought when DJ stood up at Thanksgiving she’d throw him a shoutout, but Michelle got one instead.

    I find the jabs at the Olsen’s to be hilarious. I can see why they are all so frustrated, the show made them who they are today. But they aren’t kids anymore, in fact they are pretty odd people themselves. I don’t blame them for not wanting to come back, plus its weird for just one to come. I think they should just drop it. I think this show is going to be great on it’s own, I find the show to be funnier and less “mushy-emotional” as the original.

  17. Julia Spight says:

    I just wish Mary-Kate and Ashley (Michelle) was in im fuller house. She was my favorite character. 💝😍😳

  18. Julia Spight says:

    I want DJ and Steve to be the couple. Besides, Steve was DJ’s first true love.❤💏