Timeless Lucy/Wyatt

Did Westworld Reveal A-Maze? Does Timeless Couple Tick? Is Clinton's Loss SNL's Gain? Why Dis D.J.? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Westworld, The Walking Dead, The Flash, The Middle, Pitch and more!

1 | MightSNL McKinnon Trump Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon ultimately get more comedic mileage out of playing a self-hating Kellyanne Conway versus Hillary? Also, if Jennifer Aniston had glommed onto one more sketch, would you have wondered why she didn’t just bite the bullet and host herself?

2 | On The Walking Dead, if Negan’s “You break a rule, you get your face ironed” policy is as well-established and non-negotiable as it seemed last Sunday, how come he didn’t burn Daryl when he tried to escape four episodes ago?

3 | Westworld‘s answer to the season-long maze mystery: so simple it’s perfect, or a total letdown?

4 | After the 93-minute Westworld finale and this season’s super-sized Walking Deads, can we pass a TV law mandating that hour-long dramas keep their episodes to, you know, one hour, max?

5 | Last Man on Earth viewers, did you catch when during their days-long search Erica said Melissa could be in “another country”? Was that meant to be taken in jest, or is the show setting up the potential for international survivors?

6 | Are you feeling the chemistry between Timeless‘ Lucy and Wyatt, or do you prefer them as friends? And how great was Jacqueline Byers, who played the infamous Bonnie Parker?

7 | On The Flash, as if Julian’s hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone wasn’t enough of a fun Tom Felton/Harry Potter wink, should Caitlin have offered him Butterbeer at the party versus eggnog? (Speaking of which, Caitlin and Julian are totally happening, right?) Finally, did Savitar’s prophecy about one of Barry’s friends betraying him and another dying remind you of the last season of The Originals?

8 | We know This Is Us‘ flashbacks take place in a simpler time, but should Kevin and Randall really have been allowed to roam the hospital unattended? Meanwhile in the present, why should Olivia’s exit shut down the play — wasn’t “The Manny” the draw? And would Andy’s near-suicide have had more of an impact if we had, you know, met him before this week?

9 | Were you having Dawson’s Creek flashbacks on Tuesday, between Mr. Leery’s appearance on The Flash (as Jay Garrick) and Mr. Potter’s guest spot on This Is Us (as Sloane’s dad)?tvqs-chi-fire-delete

10 | For those in the Venn diagram overlap between Chicago Fire and Rookie Blue, was a dark-haired Charlotte Sullivan (aka Gail) almost unrecognizable as the leukemia patient Severide decided to help?

11 | To viewers of The Middle, we have to ask: Do any of you actually enjoy when Brooke Shields turns up as Rita Glossner?

12 | What Today producer thought that centering multiple (!) segments on the saga of Tamron Hall’s missing artificial Christmas tree was a good idea?

13 | When is Empire‘s Cookie going to firmly, loudly and definitively stand up to Lucious in defense of her sons? And is Nessa’s “Black Girl Magic” fresher than anything Tiana’s released in eons?

14 | As TVLine reader JR smartly asks: Couldn’t The Flash‘s H.R. have outfitted Arrow‘s on-the-lam Diggle with one of Earth-19’s facial transmogrifiers, to avoid capture by the authorities?

15 | Does Criminal Minds‘ conspicuous and seemingly needless addition of an eighth (!) team member have you worried that another longtime agent will leave us (or, gulp, leave us) by season’s end?

16 | Was Hairspray Live! host Darren Criss too busy with his final weeks starring in Los Angeles’ Hedwig and the Angry Inch to assume a full-on role in the live musical? Because it was an awful tease having him so nearby the singing/dancing action.

17 | Have our three-camera sitcom standards dropped precipitously low or does Netflix’s One Day at a Time reboot look halfway decent?

18 | Did we missLegends of Tomorrow the part where Legends of Tomorrow explained how (and from when in time) Damien and Eobard recruited Malcolm Merlyn? Since when can Reverse-Flash “vibrate” into looking like another person? And did that (WTF?!) meta ending make you think you were suddenly watching a Supernatural episode?

19 | Pitch kinda has to get a second season after that cliffhanger finale, doesn’t it?

20 | Why does everyone on Fuller House give D.J. such a hard time about “still” being single? How about a little sympathy for the woman whose husband died in a fire two years ago, leaving her with three rowdy children?

21 | How disappointed must have the Project Runway contestants been when they found out they weren’t jetting off to an international fashion capital, but a Best Western Plus in Austin, Texas?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. webly3 says:

    11) This week was the best use of Rita Glossner yet in The Middle, so I didn’t mind as much as I have in past episodes.

    • jr. says:

      11. Yes. Liked Rita back on The Middle. But just like the family, I don’t like Axl’s April at all. I hope they really don’t have him stay married to her. Leaving us also stuck with this character too. Limits the story, and character. IMO

    • Fan says:

      I agree completely. Really enjoyed the Rita character in this episode.

    • Paula says:

      The Rita Glossner episodes of The Middle have always been among my favorites and I enjoyed her again this past week. But, dear God, why is April being foisted upon us (and will ruin their Christmas episode for me)? And yet sweet, loyal and loving Darrin was deemed unsuitable to stick around?!

  2. Dan says:

    #18: YES! I was trying to figure out what version of Malcolm that was. It looked like he was wearing a single glove, so it could be the current version.

    I think Thawne was using whatever DNA-swapping gizmo he used to mimic Wells to mimic Stein…not using the Speed Force.

    • Andy says:

      18. It was almost definitely the current Malcolm because he made references to his having killed Sara and her coming back from the dead. And yeah, Reverse Flash used the same device he used to transform into Earth-1 Wells back on The Flash, though I’m not sure why he would “modify” it so that it didn’t kill Stein the way that it did Wells.

      • @tiferriffic says:

        My thought on that was that if they killed Stein, Jax would know seeing as they are connected. And on Flash when Robbie died Stein started to get sick so Eobard needed Stein alive but incapacitated for the switch to work.

        • melaniedhi says:

          Let’s be honest.. There is no logic within the show that would explain why Reverse Flash did not kill Stein. However, on the show’s mechanics no one wanted Stein’s dead.
          On Merlyn’s apparition, I think they wanted to make it a surprise for the crew, but then totally skipped on explaining to the viewers where that came from and I believe it was a big mistake. IMO, this week episode was very badly produced…
          Also, is Vixen interacting significantly with anyone else than Mick lately? I’m fine with their romance, but please give her something more subsistant than JUST being Mick’s love interest.

    • DD says:

      #18 Malcolm’s offer to Sara to erase the last 9 years would have been much more powerful if she hadn’t just experienced that life LAST WEEK on Arrow thanks to the Dominators (who she even mentioned right after words, so how did she not mention that???).
      Also, how did Jax not feel Stein’s torture, as has been shown other times on this show and on Flash? And more important, how did he not immediately notice that he doesn’t have a psychic connection with Fake Stein (Reverse Flash).
      It was great to see Snart, but very very confusing (for a second I thought maybe it was Savitar from Flash, like Cisco saw him brother…).

  3. Pia says:

    6. FRIENDS. Friends, friends, friends. Have we learned nothing from The X-Files? It’s still season 1 for crying out loud.
    15. My money’s on Mathew Gray Gubler departing.

    • Dan says:

      Agree with you on #6. However, give me more Rufus and Jiya!

      • Pia says:

        Yes, it would be nice to see their relationship progressing. But the core three is so good together. They better not ruin it with Lucy and Wyatt, at least not yet.

    • CAN says:

      ^. You know they’re going to be “more” than friends and something changes and here comes his wife.

    • Andy says:

      15. If anybody’s leaving, I would have to assume it’s likely either Matthew Gray Gubler or AJ Cook. Joe Mantegna seems pretty happy and Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler, and Paget Brewster are likely under contract through next season.

    • Kara says:

      Yes I would agree. I am very worried Matthew Gray Gubler is going to leave this season unless it is cancelled after this season.

  4. Madison says:

    6. I’m on board with a slow burn for Lucy and Wyatt- I feel the chemistry, but don’t rush things. Especially because you know they’re eventually going to come back to a future where Jessica is alive.

    16. Criss felt extraneous to me. I’m not sure how I feel about all the “behind-the-scenes” interstitials live musicals seem to be doing.

  5. SJ says:

    Jesus, these have gotten snippy lately… #11 Yes, she is a popular recurring character. Most Middle fans, myself included, like her.

  6. Asia says:

    6) I see a lot of potential between Lucy and Wyatt. I have since episode 4 when she confided in him. He fixed her tie and told her to figure out who she’s fighting for. The actors have amazing chemistry. That kiss caught them both off guard. I’m all for it. I just need the show to be renewed for a second season so they can have a slow burn relationship.

  7. johnhelvete says:

    4) Agreed. The worst offenders are the basic cable shows since a 58-60 minute episode can be a slog to get thru if you watch it live with all of the commercials. I can understand premieres and finales needing a few extra minutes but if the writers want or need that much extra time than why not do one additional episode.

  8. Luis Roman says:

    1. I’m not sure Kate is long for SNL now that her movie career is taking off, but her Kellyanne has been only slightly less glorious than her Hillary or her Ellen.
    2. I would totally go for Lucy and Wyatt as a couple, but I don’t think he’s gotten over his wife’s death enough to go there.
    7. Caitlin and Julian is totally happening.
    18. No they just yada,yada,yada’d Merlyn into the plot because JB’s contract to appear in so many Arrowverse episodes per year (lol)

  9. Shar says:

    Re 21 – so they go to Austin because it’s weird, so let’s see some weird. I realize that Tim’s not Anthony Bourdain but still.

  10. Jamie says:

    8. This is Us: Sadly, Andy’s near-suicide wasn’t about Andy. It was about Randall. He left that situation with a renewed understanding of how someone can make a huge mistake that hurts someone they love but regret it deeply and still love that person. That was about Randall learning to forgive his mom.

    10. Chicago Fire: Holy crap, that was Gail! Well if Charlotte Sullivan is the leukemia patient, she is most definitely going to stick around to be Severide’s new girlfriend as he tries to settle down.

  11. Sarah says:

    #6 – Lucy and Wyatt (and the actor playing them) have amazing chemistry and I definitely want them to go the romance route with them. I like a logical character/story progression, but they can’t “slow burn” it for too long, or you lose your momentum. This is a big draw for me. So, I really don’t want them to now suddenly go the “friends” route. They have been effectively building this relationship into something more since the first episode. I think it will benefit the story and character progression for Lucy, and Wyatt, if they continue to evolve into a couple, especially with all the crazy obstacles their time travelling world contains. This seems like story gold to me.

  12. joe says:

    11 Rita’s great, Axel getting married on the other hand , not so much

  13. Tom says:

    11 | To viewers of The Middle, we have to ask: Do any of you actually enjoy when Brooke Shields turns up as Rita Glossner?
    Yeah. No. Not at all. And her kids are horrible too.
    17 | Have our three-camera sitcom standards dropped precipitously low or does Netflix’s One Day at a Time reboot look halfway decent?
    Things have gotten bad yes.
    20 | Why does everyone on Fuller House give D.J. such a hard time about “still” being single? How about a little sympathy for the woman whose husband died in a fire two years ago, leaving her with three rowdy children?
    Is the middle child still annoying? I haven’t watched yet, maybe this weekend

  14. Daisy says:

    4. I don’t mind extended finales. What I do mind is faux extended finales that have 10 minutes of extra show and 25 minutes of extra commercials.
    19. If Pitch doesn’t get a 2nd season I will … be very upset but do nothing. But still very upset.

    • Temperance says:

      4 – If the show is great, they can extend the time all they want (but not with a non-standard percentage of ad minutes).

  15. 4. OK for season openers and enders/ midseason finales – but not every week, I found when Mr Robot did it for the earlier episodes of season 2 i was bored, but then they tightened up and was good!!

  16. Angela says:

    15. The thought has crossed my mind, yes :/. I don’t know if it’ll be a longtime agent leaving, though. I could see one of the newer people leaving for some reason, too (yeah, Aisha Tyler was upgraded to series regular, but she IS a busy woman, too, so…).
    I hope nobody leaves, though, be they a newer character or an older one. If the show has to juggle eight people, then so be it. I can deal with that over losing yet another character.
    If somebody does leave, though, regarding whether or not they’ll “leave” us, that I highly doubt. This show has a tendency to kill side characters often, yes, but thankfully they seem to be pretty reticent to kill any of the BAU team themselves. Knock on wood it stays that way.

  17. Gordon Rick says:

    #18 Eobard used similar technology to look like Harrison Wells season 1. His comment about the device he put on Martin was “This used to kill people now it is only painful.” reflects it killed the original Harrison Wells is season 1.

  18. Azerty says:

    18. I am really hoping for a flashback episode for the Legion of Doom formation. If we want to sum up: it is past Darkh, present Merlyn and Reverse Flash who comes from the future but hasn’t lived Flash season 1 events, is that right? Confusing a bit. Also am I the only one disappointed by Hourman? He was the big cliffhanger but didn’t do much and died very quickly.

    • melaniedhi says:

      True! I had not realized Reverse Flash had not lived any of season 1 events as that one was erased… Although I’m still not clear how by erasing his ancestor he still gets to be born at all, and so how has he even been able to kill Barry’s mom if he should not had been born… Have they ever explained that?
      And me too on HOURMAN! Like if they had cast an unknown actor it would have made more sense, but I’m really hoping they go fix that at the end of the season has Reverse Flash killing Hourman changed the future

  19. tvgeek says:

    15. I think Spencer will leave at the end of the season to spend more time with his mother.

  20. blue says:

    2. I think ironing is when you break the rules female related (Dwight)

  21. Temperance says:

    4 – You have to be having an ‘absurd’ moment to grouse about MORE of an awesome TV show. Supersize the supersize! Westworld gave give me as many minutes as they can manage!

  22. kirads09 says:

    #6 – Would prefer to see Wyatt be able to change history and get his wife back and Lucy her sister. However, if that just isn’t going to happen I don’t mind him and Lucy together. They’re pretty darn cute. I don’t necessarily “ship” them.
    #4 – I kinda like the longer finales if that longer time means ending well.
    #3 – So simple it’s perfect IMO. Still trying to figure out the hand of the King pin on Logan. Just shameless HBO plug or did it have deeper meaning?

  23. kirads09 says:

    #17: While One Day At A Time looks decent enough for what it is, I didn’t find much relation to the original. Except for the fact that she is single and has two daughters.

  24. MMD says:

    I really and truly hope that we get more Pitch.

  25. queensgirl says:

    8b) I guess because Olivia is a Tony winner. Whatever, I’m just glad she’s gone (though I suspect we haven’t seen the last of her)!

  26. kirads09 says:

    Re Empire: Once Cookie gets her company (or her half at least) 100% set up, she needs to get her sons and herself completely separated from brutally abusive Lucious. Legally, physically, business wise – in every sense. I know they have a history but nothing is worth what he puts them through. She should have done this already actually. I can only assume she has a plan and is playing a long con on Lucious.

  27. ScottJ says:

    16. Yes he was busy. Hedwig was touring and Criss has only recently finished his part of the run. There’s no way he could have squeezed in Hairspray rehearsals as well.

    17. Standards are low (and dropping even lower), and the show does not look good. Or maybe there’s too many better shows out there and the audiences are getting picky.

  28. ScottJ says:

    16. Yes.

    17. Yes, No.

    I would say more but my comment keeps rejecting.

  29. Dot Lok says:

    6. I think Wyatt and Lucy have great chemistry and I would love to see them as a couple but if that is the direction they go in, they should not drag it out. I think establish them as a couple sooner than later. If it’s dragged out too long, when they finally get together it sometimes ruins the show.

  30. N says:

    11- Love Rita Glossner

  31. atia says:

    3. Since I lost interest in the maze mystery early on I can’t say the reveal was a total letdown, rather it was a confirmation of how nonsensical and unnecessary that storyline was.

  32. QueenB says:

    6. Yes. Lucy and Wyatt are adorable
    7. Yes. Dr. Snow and Julian are happening and yes the prophecy reminded of the prophecy from The Originals

  33. Superfan says:

    6 – Wyatt and Lucy have amazing chemistry…
    11 – Rita Glossner is just OTT and I would not mind if I never see her again. She is quite annoying. Same with April
    19 – Pitch has to get a 2nd season…not because of the cliff hanger but because it’s an awesome show.

  34. Superfan says:

    6 – Wyatt and Lucy have amazing chemistry…I want to see them together at some point.
    11 – Rita Glossner is just OTT and I would not mind if I never see her again. She is quite annoying. Same with April
    19 – Pitch has to get a 2nd season…not because of the cliff hanger but because it’s an awesome show.

  35. Marci says:

    11 | To viewers of The Middle, we have to ask: Do any of you actually enjoy when Brooke Shields turns up as Rita Glossner?

    No. Love Brooke, but hate Rita. (I did love the end of the episode, though, when we found out what the road trip was actually about.)

  36. Alichat says:

    6) Yes. I have felt a chemistry between Lucy and Wyatt since the premiere. And while Jacqueline Byers was great as Bonnie Parker, I’d have preferred that the Bonnie & Clyde story was a bit closer to real life. Their limps, Bonnie’s burn, their penchant for robbing small stores instead of banks, etc.
    7) The Philosopher’s Stone bit did make me chuckle. The butterbeer offer would have pushed it over the edge.
    12) Thank you.
    14) I thought the same thing! I kept expecting him to offer one to Dig, or for Cisco or Caitlyn to bring it up and make the offer.

  37. Bigdede says:

    #8, There’s no way they would have allowed Randall and Kevin to just wander off like that. Not after the whole thing with Adam being kidnapped and found died. I’m a year older than the characters on the show and my mother went crazy over that. I don’t see Rebecca not freaking out over that incident and watching her kids 24/7.

    #13, That’s why I never bought Cookie as this hardcore bad chick. Lucious has actually threaten to kill her sons in front of her on more than one occasion and she does nothing. I guess she does nothing because of Lucious protection but she spent 17 years in prison for him, I’m not understanding the loyalty.

    #10, I have never watched Chicago Fire but now I will tune in because I LOVED Gail on Rookie Blue. I will tune in to see the actress.

    • KCatty says:

      #8 I grew up in Iowa where we had two very high profile kidnappings. Everyone I knew was a free range kid. We were biking to the store almost a mile a way to get candy at 5 of 6. Alone. Everyone played outside without any real adult supervision. You just had better came when your mom calls. God help you if your dad had let out the whistle heard 3 blocks away…

  38. Kim R says:

    22. My question would be how did the Recipe for a Perfect Christmas reunion on Arrow get overlooked?? 😁 (Carly Pope & Garwin Sanford) haha