Cancelled TV Shows 2017

Cancellation Jitters: 8 Shows in Danger

‘Tis the season to be terrified that your favorite show is about to get cancelled.

Or, rather, might be cancelled.

Now that fall is drawing to a close, it’s time to take stock of the casualties and determine which shows are entering 2017 with targets on their backs.

And in the spirit of inclusiveness — it is the holiday season after all — we welcomed a cable series into our typically broadcast-centric Death Watch roundup.

Scroll through the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to view the eight programs we fear are within the Grim Reaper’s reach. Then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Which of the featured shows are you most worried about?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t watch any of these :-)

    • Winter says:

      And there in lies the problem :'(

    • Mary says:

      I don’t either so I guess if they are cancelled it won’t affect me.

    • Super-fan says:

      I watched s1 Scream Queens but it lost me in s2…it makes no diff to me if any of these are cancaled but I hope CEG clocks a 0.1 one of these days

      • Sandra says:

        Scream Queens used to be great in Season 1. I think they lost it because of the hospital setting this season. I think the show needs a fresher vibe and a better theme. Season 3 is a long shot but i think there’s still a lot of talent in there from the cast. I hope they would get a chance.

  2. GuessWhat says:

    Good news: I watch none of these.

  3. Cranky says:

    I’d be heartbroken if Crazy Ex-Girlfriend went so quickly. It’s must see tv for me.

    • Steven says:

      Agreed. I’d also really miss the soundtrack. Some of the funniest songs I’ve heard in a long time!

    • thisismenow says:

      Let’s hope Rachel can give good parent to the Network Executives at the CW so it comes back next year.

    • CP says:

      Yeah, I hear you. I really think it should’ve been aired during the “second wave” of shows The CW has in Stock for January (That’s when The 100 and iZombie are slated to air, after they’ve had enough a fix of Supergirl or something like that…)

      Blindspot became an absolute drag.
      Shame about The Odd Couple, the only well written sitcom in the low bar that is CBS sitcoms.
      I was meaning to marsthon catch up on Scream Queens, I heard some massive things that went down with one of their leads.

      • Andrea says:

        Ohhh I love the 100, what an amazing underrated show, so glad to hear that was renewed for season 4 even though Lexa’s death was a sad one. Keep it coming though!!

  4. msstargate says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for Elementary. Love the Sunday slot. Have not missed an episode.

  5. Jake says:

    Elementary I’d miss.
    I watch Blindspot, but at this point it’s for the well choreographed action sequences. The plot has really gotten lame with the various nefarious plots, it’s just too much to suspend disbelief. Add to that the recent soap opera turn with the various characters, and it’s not adding up to a good series.

    • Andrea says:

      I’d miss Elementary as well. I know it’s not groundbreaking television, but I don’t need it to be. I simply enjoy it.

      • grys03 says:

        Same. Elementary I would miss but not be too distraught about. Blindspot, on the other hand started was very good but has sort-of got tangled in too many plots-within-plots. S.H.I.E.L.D is a guilty pleasure, though it’s getting harder to stick with it – especially as it suffers dreadfully when compared to Netflix’s superhero treatment.

  6. Olivia says:

    I’ll be pissed if AoS and Blindspot (especially Blindspot) get the axe

  7. RedReddington says:

    Two of my favorite shows are on here. :( Both Agents of Shield and Blindspot are fantastic, and I think mainly victims to their time slot. Especially Blindspot. I will be heartbroken if either one gets canceled.

    • Tara Miles says:

      Love both of these as well! Gonna be upset if axed! Scream Queens was so COMPLETELY stupid this season! I watch 3 episodes & said nope! Went well past last years stupid level!

  8. sweetrupturedlight says:

    The writing for Blindspot this season has been sub-par to say the least. The entire baby plot disaster, coupled with the teams ridiculous isolation of Jane has made it hard to watch

    • Katherine215 says:

      I totally agree. As much as I think it’s a dumb timeslot for this show, the show’s just been bad this year. Last season, I liked it for the mystery and the team. Now, the team hates Jane (for really dumb reasons), Weller’s baby is the worst, and Weller and Nas is weird and a stupid plot device for keeping Weller and Jane apart. The writing went off a cliff this season, and it makes me so sad.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        Yes agree with all of this! Not as interesting as the 1st season

      • KLS says:

        If they had stuck with decifering the tattoos (and maybe shown us how far they were getting on this week to week) it would have been more interesting. I thought that I’ld never say this, but I regret the addition of Archie Punjabi. The baby is a “Jump the Shark” plot device.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Dumb reasons? Jane lied to the team for months, helped the enemy, and by doing so facilitated in the death of the team’s longtime friend and boss. I dislike the team freezing her out too, but the reasons are hardly dumb. I agree hole-heartedly about the baby and Weller/Nas relationship though. Just bad story lines that need to go ASAP.

  9. Walkie says:

    Agents of Shield has been horrendous for a long time now. Time to end it.

    • Um says:

      Sorry, but are we watching the same show? Its been great for a while now. The only time it was “bad” was the first half of season one. I have a feeling you haven’t watched it since then.

      • Pat says:

        But now they are re-hashing the whole May’s not the real May thing. The main problem with AoS is not a lot of the characters are all that likeable.

        • Ellen says:

          not likeable? Since they finally got rid of Ward the whole cast is “likeable”. But it will probably get cancelled while the stupid reality shows continue forever.

      • ekolint48 says:

        Yea. I’ve been loving the Ghost Rider story this season.

    • Robert Dassler says:

      That is kind of petulant don’t you think, “I don’t like something therefore nobody else should get to like it”. Come on.

  10. Kevin says:

    Elementary isn’t doing well since moving from Thursdays to Sundays and I hope Blindspot may very well be its only hope in the 8 pm Wednesday night time slot for NBC but if Patterson bites the dust when the series returns come January 4th I’m calling it quits.

  11. peterwdawson says:

    Ratings in general have been down more and more, I’m really surprised how many series live. I guess networks are really factoring in that network TV ratings tracking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore, not to mention the ever-expanding audience. Selling seasons of a show to Netflix has gotta still make companies a decent buck too.

  12. Julie says:

    Agents of SHIELD has never been stable in its storyline and is failing the MCU. And Blindspot has lost me. The intrigue that was there season 1 is completely gone.

    • Robert Dassler says:

      Enlighten me, how do you “fail the MCU” exactly? AoS has been the rock of the MCU.

      • I enjoy AOS, but I agree that it has failed on the promise of “it’s all connected.” I think a lot of that had to be with split between the Feige and Perlmuter and the movie side versus the television side. It’s a shame really, it’s a bit of a disservice to the fans. Again, I enjoy the show and I don’t want it cancelled, but I can see how it might be seen as failure to connect to the MCu at large.

        I think the ABC and Netflix shows might be able to cross over, but I don’t know if that’s enough for some fans.

        • NoName says:

          Agents of SHIELD has failed on the premise “show revolving around heroes without superpowers”. Everything revolves only around superpowered people since Inhumans took over and became what the show is about.
          No various cases, no various enemies, only the same story revolving around Inhumans and other X-Men-replacements over and over again since season 2.
          Obviously this is not entertaining for the mainstream audience and it’s alienating the fans who loved Agents of SHIELD for what it originally was.

  13. Amanda says:

    I wish someone would cancel Girl Meets World or Secrets and Lies…..all Heckballs will break loose! I’m taking the Donald Trump approach!

  14. nhogan47 says:

    Agents of SHIELD still does really well in Live + 7 DVR numbers. I haven’t checked this in a few weeks, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but they’ve always been DVR heavy. All that’s to say that ABC knows that people are watching it, and I don’t think it’s in danger.

    • Phun says:

      Yeah but DVR numbers mean nothing. Advertisers want you to see the show live.

      • nhogan47 says:

        I wouldn’t say that they mean nothing, especially in the age of streaming. Though advertising is the primary way of making money from a TV series, there are plenty of other reasons that a network would renew a show, even if it’s just for a shortened “final season”.

      • dj says:

        Advertisers work off a currency of “C3” – Commercial ratings + 3 days. Commercial ratings are the actual minute rating, then 3 days of DVR viewership is added to that original number.

        • canadian ninja says:

          But it’s nonsensical for advertisers to say “we only care about a fraction of viewers” instead of saying “the show gets x number of viewers, how and what can we sell to them?”

    • F Lee Adama says:

      Big DVR lift is a sign that the show and the network are not working correctly. The bigger the lift, the more out of order the show is.

      The business of network TV is not for you to watch the show, it’s for you to watch ads.

      If a network show doesn’t do that, there is a problem. 100% lift = big problem.

      • nhogan47 says:

        I’m aware how it works. But DVR-heavy shows also do well on Hulu and network apps, so they do make ad money from them.

        All I mean is, it’s more likely to move nights or timeslots than get cancelled. Because obviously people are watching, just not live, so it could be a competition or timing issue.

        Live ratings matter less and less in today’s TV landscape.

        • Tara Miles says:

          I watch them on HULU. So I can’t watch night of airing. I refuse to pay for over priced cable when I can get my shows, just a day later!

    • flipper says:

      ABC has a problem of being out of touch with the fan bases and what they want to watch, look at what happened to Castle after they fired Katic in April.

  15. Don’t watch any of these Shows! Really don’t care …..

  16. TIOLI says:

    I am pretty sure I would not lose sleep over any of these being cancelled. I dropped Scream Queens, I am beginning to think that Ryan Murphy shows are extremely overrated. Elementary has been SSDD, there has been really nothing to keep viewers coming back. While I am still watching it needs some new life for sure. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. while still watching this one too the whole techno ghost storyline so far this year is a HUGE YAWN.

  17. The Sun move for Elementary has been awful (the 4 pm East Coast NFL game moves it to 10:30 or later so watching live or trying to Tivo is problematic).

  18. Valerie Tower says:

    I love Blindspot and Secrets and LIes. Hope they don’t cancel these two.

  19. F Lee Adama says:

    Hot garbage, coming’ thru!

    – Girl Meets World. Not a network show. Weird lead in to the piece, which should have been Quantico, of course. Because that’s actually interesting when a show that debuts to a 1.9 and 7M viewers takes a rapid slide to a .651 barely 2M viewers in a season and a half. Cable “inclusiveness” to the extent that it excludes legit on-the-bubble shows is an unusual choice.
    – Blindspot is at 80% of its network’s average ratings for scripted. Not on the bubble.
    – Scream Queens is imminently canceled. “Lowest rated show on its network” in its second season is a show that is imminently canceled. Not even Ryan Murphy is immune to this.
    – Leaving the page for The Odd Couple intentionally blank.
    – Secrets & Lies is the second-lowest rated show on ABC and it not only outperformed Quantico two weeks ago it also bested Quantico’s ratings by 20% over a two-hour series, um mid-season finale last week. Hmmm.
    – You know very well overseas numbers don’t keep shows on the air. Elementary is at 48% of its network’s average. Going to be cancelled.
    – Agents of Shield. Only a couple shows on ABC have worse ratings. Let’s agree to agree.
    – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is actually on the bubble and is the poster child for network TV in the early 21st c. Can a show get renewed on a .2 at Fox? Maybe!

    Other topics for an actual article about shows that are actually on the bubble: Quantico (“perceived ‘hit’ we called it”), the Real O’Neals (“Is the backlash and ratings drop homophobic?”), Frequency and No Tomorrow (“How many freshman shows can the CW cancel? Is it a real network?”), Quantico (“desperate time slot move upcoming”), Rosewood and The Exorcist (“Why did Fox fire the guy who said ratings don’t matter?”), Quantico (“the starring hairdo said she doesn’t want to do TV anymore”), Timeless (“short order means imminent cancellation” and Quantico (“lowest rated show on ABC, which cannot monetize DVR lift”)

  20. MMD says:

    Only watch Elementary and would be sorry to see it go.

  21. missy says:

    I’d be heartbroken if Agents Of Shield of Elementary got cancelled.

    I’ll catch an episode of Blindspot and The Odd Couple every now and then, when there’s nothing else on. Cancelling those wouldn’t be remotely upsetting.

    The others, well, they don’t exist in my world anyway. Cancel them or don’t. Could not care less

  22. kate says:

    I’m not worried about Crazy Ex Girlfriend, first, its the president of the network’s favorite show, second, the CW cares about ratings around the third or fourth thing on its priority list, and three, the benefit that the Invasion rating probably saved both Legends and gave the network president a gimme (which is this show). Interestingly, the only other show I watch on this list is AoS, and, well, as you said, ABC has bigger problems than to mess with its relationship with Marvel.

    • F Lee Adama says:

      You know ABC and Marvel are both owned by Disney, right? The relationship will survive.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      Actually SPN is CW press dvr show not CEG and secondly, every network will say and do say that they “live @every show and hope it’ll be around for many years”right til they cancel said show.

  23. deangirl1 says:

    The only one I’m really worried about is SHIELD – the show is well written, fabulously acted, AND the money put into it does show – great special effects… ABC are stupid. Haley Atwell would have done better if left in Agent Carter. Forever never should have been cancelled… I’m betting the overseas business of Elementary will be enough to keep it on the air – even if for a shorter season…

    • KLS says:

      Forever’s cancellation is always brought up when a story like this is written. A lot of peole miss it, just not enough of the Nielson people watched it.

  24. Pia says:

    I like Elementary, but it’s definitely the last show on my list to watch. The episodes have been piling up in the TiVo almost since the premiere. And I caught up on last season over the summer. It’s satisfying to watch, but it doesn’t have the weekly pull factor of other shows.

  25. Mike Jones says:

    Scream Queens should be a summer show. Fox has killed the show not running it all together. For what it is it’s not a bad show if you like the genre.

    • Tina says:

      I agree with this one!!!! Scream Queens should be in the summer and Ryan should have choose the Summer Camp as a theme for season 2 instead of the Hospital thingy.

  26. Tracy says:

    I stopped watching Blindspot a couple of weeks ago, but would miss Elementary and The Odd Couple – the rest I’ve never watched.

  27. Gerald says:

    Agents of Shield and The Odd Couple are both fun to watch. Secrets and Lies still has me hooked, I’d like another season. I hope they all survive. Blindspot was always low on my must watch list, but I alway got around to it.

  28. abz says:

    I’m gonna be so bummed if Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is cancelled so soon, especially if we don’t get to see Greg/Santino Fontana return again before its swan song. It’s such a great show and it’s a shame the ratings are so low.
    I was getting a little bored of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. towards the end of last season, but I’ve really been enjoying this season so far and I love the addition of Ghost Rider. Hoping he’ll return at some point.

  29. joaoalmeida says:

    Please ABC take Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. out of the Tuesday-at-10 Death Slot so it can survive.

  30. Emor says:

    I agree that Blindspot has absolutely lost the plot. Maybe she has a tatto that answers that. (If the show still even focused on that!) As for Elementary, sounds like Summer is the time to air it.

  31. Kristina says:

    I love Girl Meets World and will gladly watch until they stop making episodes, but I feel like there was enough closure that I wouldn’t be devastated if it ends.
    I’m not sure why but Blindspot hasn’t held my attention at all this year so not surprised it’s doing badly.
    Crazy Ex Girlfriend lost me the minute Greg left. I know it’s not their fault but it’s just not the same without him and I totally lost interest.
    Losing Agents of Shield would really, really stink :(

  32. herman1959 says:

    I’ve seen most of these shows, but Blindspot is the only one I stuck with for an entire season. That said, I bailed after the first episode of season 2 – I only watched to see Archie – the heart went out of the show when Marianne Jean-Baptiste’s character was killed and it turned out that Jane was not who they thought she was. It’s now just one of too many FBI/CIA shows on TV and that trend is on a downturn…has anyone at FOX noticed (Sleepy Hollow reset per FBI)?

  33. Lauren says:

    Pitch isn’t on this list. Does that mean I have nothing to worry about? I sure hope so.

  34. Jason says:

    I’d be shocked if Agents of SHIELD was cancelled outright. Given Marvel’s immense power, I doubt they allow the unceremonious ouster of their first series to reach syndication. Not with episode 100 right around the corner. I anticipate atleast a shortened fifth season. Especially with the Inhumans series debuting next fall.

  35. Carlynn says:

    I watch Blindspot and Secret and lies, i hope they don’t get cancelled. Love both these shows.

  36. Hannah says:

    I still hold to the idea that SHIELD will receive a ‘5th and final’ season.

  37. sladewilson says:

    Actually I’d prefer moving AoS to Netflix and incorporate it into their Marvel stable there. The only other two I care about is Elementary (horrible time slot) and Blindspot (again horrible time slot). Fix that and I believe the ratings will increase. Also both have better DVR numbers and Ad Execs are starting to take those numbers into account more so that might help. As for the rest, I don’t watch so I don’t care….

  38. Nika says:

    The only one I watch from that bunch is Blindspot

  39. Amanda says:

    I would hate to see “Blindspot” and “Elementary” cancelled. I love both shows. It’s been hard to watch “Elementary” with it’s move to Sundays especially during football season. I can’t really DVR it either with the games causing the start time to be off. I also only check in with “Girl Meets World” when more of the original cast is on but the episodes I’ve seen have been good. I do feel “AOS” is getting cancelled especially since they are doing “Inhumans” next season as a seperate show. Am surprised “Once Upon a Time” isn’t on this list. I hope that’s good because I’ve been worried about the ratings being so low. I’m prepared for it to end with a final season next year but still have the old worry of it getting cancelled this season.

  40. Spencer Wright says:

    I really feel like Crazy Ex needs to move to a different network, ie Netflix. It’s so clever and amazing, but the CW already has a small niche audience that isn’t helping Crazy Ex.

  41. Robert Dassler says:

    Oh. Dear. Lord. Will journalists please stop trying to kill off my favorite show.

  42. I don’t watch any of these shows lol. I don’t even count ‘Secrets and Lies’ because I only watched season 2 for Michael Ealy and since the Warner family’s story is over, I didn’t plan on tuning in for season 3, whether it happened or not.
    I have bets going for ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’. We shall see if CW is ready to risk a possible 0.1 in season 3…

  43. John036 says:

    Wouldn’t Quantico have a better chance of getting cancelled than Secret & Lies if S&L out performed Quantico on numerous occasions, despite S&L being on the shelf for such a long time?

  44. I’m surprised Once Upon a time isn’t on here. It’s the show I worry the most will get canceled.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      It’s abc fourth or fifth highest rated show and with several other shows doing OUAT will most likely be renewed

  45. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has improved so much it deserves to be kept. Also it’s part of a wider universe cashcow that the powers that be won’t want to lose.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Yeah I think till Freeform’s runaways show and ABC’s inhumans show start up they’ll keep AoS. It’ll get renewed for another season. ABC has other shows in the cancellation bear’s sight first.

    • NoName says:

      Agents of SHIELD deserves it’s ratings.
      For a show revolving around heroes without superpowers, Agents of SHIELD has too many superpowered (main)characters and focuses far too much on superpowered people.

      Maybe this Inhumans-show is entertaining for superhero-fanboys, but obviously it’s not entertaining for the mainstream audience and it’s alienating the fans who loved Agents of SHIELD because it was a show about the Agents of SHIELD, revolving around heroes without superpowers.

      If a show revolving around Inhumans and other X-Men-replacements was what many viewers want to watch, Agents of SHIELD would have a huge audience and great ratings at 8pm.

  46. Todd Everett says:

    The only one I watch is Crazy Ex-girlfriend, and it would be a shame to see it go.

  47. For me, total bummer for Blindspot, Elementary, & SHIELD although Elementary & SHIELD are beyond their prime.

  48. xyz says:

    AoS was put in the death slot. The same slot that killed Person of Interest. I will miss AoS.

  49. Elementary is one of the best written,most intelligent series on the air. If it gets cancelled in the US, it proves that people who support the show internationally have more smarts than we do.

  50. abby says:

    blindspot has gotten just laughably bad this season. It’s a shame, really – the show showed such promise at the outset but now it’s just one awful trope after another. The actors all deserve better. Maybe better writing could fix it but at this point it’s a pretty sorry mess.