Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Recap: President Evil

Mr. Lucifer went to Washington during Thursday night’s Supernatural. OK, not quite, but he did take up residence in the body of the POTUS, who was hanging out at a presidential compound in the fall finale. (And some thought the resurrected Hitler episode was timely!)

The fallen angel quickly gets comfy in his new vessel, alerting the Secret Service that two cultists (aka Sam and Dean) plan to assassinate him because they think he literally is Satan. Another perk of the highest office in the land: the prez (played by One Life to Live‘s David Chisum) and his aide (True Blood‘s Courtney Ford) are engaged in a secret relationship, and Lucifer is more than happy to carry on that romp. Via angel radio, Castiel learns of a massive uptick in celestial energy, indicating that an angel’s offspring has been conceived in a human.

“I didn’t know [Lucifer] was dating,” Dean remarks, before declaring that they need to “impeach LOTUS and find Rosemary’s baby.” You know, just normal Supernatural problems.

Supernatural RecapCrowley teleports the mom-to-be, who takes some convincing that she’s carrying Lucifer’s child but eventually agrees to help the Winchesters. Thanks to a gizmo obtained from the British Men of Letters and Rowena’s spellcasting, the boys are able to expel Lucifer and send him back to Hell, hooray! (Let’s be honest, Lucifer’s body-hopping quest for adulation dragged on a bit too long.) Now, it’s all about his spawn: Lucifer’s baby mama ditches Castiel at a café and then calls to inform him that she can’t get rid of the life growing inside of her.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam’s victory is cut short when they’re arrested by the Secret Service. Raise your hand if you half-expected Mr. Ketch to, once again, show up and save the day. And while we’re talking British Men of Letters, why did it take this long for that storyline to resurface? Thank goodness Sam picks up the phone and calls Mick, leading Mr. Ketch to offer up the MOL’s expertise and weapons.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Sam is annoyed that Crowley can just drop in any time now. When he asks that Crowley share his news without detailing his personal drama, the King of Hell replies, “Can I get you without the flannel? No.”

* Rowena’s fiancé breaks up with her, then is blown to smithereens by Crowley. “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me,” Rowena, covered in her ex’s blood, responds. I’m still debating if Crowley did it out of love, annoyance or both.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!




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  1. Linda says:

    Yeah, I think the catching of Sam and Dean was the British MOL doing. I think those ‘secret service’ people are working with the British MOL and the whole thing was a set-up setup by Mr. Ketch. This was a ‘subpar’ episode written by the two worst Supernatural writers.

    • Lisa says:

      LOVE my SPN and will never give it up, but I have to agree about these writers, they may have been with the show a long time but they have not been writing Sam and Dean true to their essence and personalities. We need Robbie Thompson back NOW!!! Adam Glass, where are you? J2 should be allowed to write their own lines at this point!!!!! Then they could at least seem like the same characters we all love so much.

    • Bob says:

      That’s a bit harsh considering these two writers wrote two of the best episodes last season: the mid-season finale and “All in the Family.”

  2. Thanks bruh says:

    Does this site have a habit of putting spoilers in the title? Comes up as the first thing on Google.

  3. Lucifer will use the baby as his perfect vessel, one that he can’t get kicked out of.

  4. fatalsin says:

    Best scene ever with these two

    Rowena’s fiancé breaks up with her, then is blown to smithereens by Crowley. “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me,” Rowena, covered in her ex’s blood, responds.

  5. Sara says:

    I have to say that I was disappointed by this episode….mainly the end where the guys hung out to get arrested.

  6. Lisa says:

    YAY! Thanks for the recap! I missed not having one last week!

  7. K says:

    These new showrunners are garbage. Which is really a shame, considering how good last season was. This was maybe one of the worst episodes. What is this season even about?

  8. LD says:

    I can’t believe it’s already the midseason finale! This year is flying by. I’ve been enjoying this season for the most part, and my favorite episodes are usually the ones when Dean, Sam, Cas, and Crowley all team up. I could have used a little more J2M2 tonight, but what we got from them was good. And it definitely made me ready for the next episode! Shame we have to wait so long.

    Oh man, it was so on-the-nose to have someone making a deal with the devil to be president, lol. I recognized the actress who was playing his aid/lover, but I can’t place where I’ve seen her. Anyone else know? And OH CRAP LUCIFER CANNOT HAVE A BABY. But Dean’s “I didn’t know he was dating” line made me laugh – and Cas’s reaction to the angel radio intrusion was wonderfully acted.

    Mr. Ketch also looks familiar. I’m a little curious to see how he’ll fit in, since the British MOL seem to have disappeared recently. I don’t trust him when he says they’re eager to collaborate, though, but time will tell. I did really love Cas staring down that giant explosion without even blinking – what a BAMF. I wonder if Lucifer actually went to hell – something tells me somehow he’ll weasel out? And OMG the boys being arrested – obviously it won’t last, but anyone want to bet that Cas and Mary will manage to get them out? I can’t wait to see that. The preview for the next episode has me intrigued.

    Last thing: anyone else think the thing they trapped Lucifer in looks like the egg from Goblet of Fire?

  9. Maybe the Nephilim will go to Australia and hang out with the Antichrist who we conveniently never heard about again (seriously, how useful would he have been on multiple occasions?).

  10. ninamags says:

    So this episode did not feel like our regular show. Something is off.

    Why would Sam and Dean hang around to get caught? That was beyond stupid.

    And yes, I believe Lucifer is still hanging around. Just look at the cheetoe’s cabinet picks so far.

  11. Rasha says:

    Wake me up when the Supernatural remembers that Sam is a series lead.

  12. Mario says:

    Did lucifer was really cast out?

  13. Bonnie says:

    in the early seasons when dean and sam were starting off and they ended botching something they took off, now in season 12, they stay to see if the person is all right and it landed them in jail. the show writers are botching up sam and dean characters big time. if the show half the time wasn’t funny and the actors Jensen and jared weren’t cute the show would have stopped at season 5. the writers take great stories and then mess them up and try to glue the broken pieces to continue with the story… if its broken and cant be fixed, stop fixing it because the writers will just ruin it. maybe supernatural needs to writers. fresh talent to come in. the old writers are running on fumes. so sad to think about.

  14. stateira says:

    The silly part of epi 8 was their stop at the room.its somehow like the writers wanted them to get caught but one question.why cass or Crowly didn’t teleport them during this 6 weeks?they can track them and save them easily.and I think sth is wrong about rick.he looked at them weird when they were transported to the truck.i hope they don’t duck the show in next episode