Reign Cancelled

Reign Cancelled After 4 Seasons

The CW is officially de-throning Mary Queen of Scots.

Reign, which returns with new episodes in 2017, will end after its fourth season, our sister site Deadline reports.

The period drama, which recently saw the departures of co-stars Toby Regbo (Francis) and Torrance Coombs (Bash), wrapped its third season in June; the fourth (and apparently) final season begins Friday, Feb. 10 at 9/8c.

Are you surprised by the news of Reign‘s cancellation? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. kate says:

    No, honestly, I was surprised it made it to the fourth season at all. Maybe they managed to finish it already and if Tyler Hoechlin can’t make it back to represent the ‘good’ Hales, maybe Cora could come instead (yes, I know Malia is technically a Hale as well, but she kind of said screw that side of things and accepted her adopted last name, plus, her father is Peter, how are those Hale genes you would rely upon?)

    • Wordsmith says:

      Last time I checked, there weren’t any werewolves in Reign. Though maybe that was the problem…

      • _reignxoxo_ says:

        Maybe what the problem was people like you it isn’t a supernatural show it is a drama historical show so please don’t be rude

        • Wordsmith says:

          On the contrary – I think that where Reign went wrong was when they tried to shoehorn in the supernatural elements, mostly via Bash’s subplots. It felt like a cheap ploy to lure in Game of Thrones viewers.
          My comment was merely a jab at the fact that the OP seems to be referencing Teen Wolf characters, when the article has nothing to do with that show.

          • Ally Oop says:

            I agree. I really like Reign but the supernatural subplot always brought it down. I like a good supernaturally show myself, but it didn’t work on Reign.

      • Wordsmith says:

        Though now that I look at it again, I see that the OP was circuitously referring to Adelaide Kane making a return to Teen Wolf after Reign wraps up, so I retract the glib remark.

      • Paula Johnson says:

        I was thinking the same lol

  2. Jess says:

    Not surprised at all. Honestly didn’t think it would go this long.

  3. I think it stinks to cancel a good show when you have far worse shows on to watch.

    • Hallie says:

      Actually they are at the bottom even though CW usually does there own thing two things against reign first being that cw has more shows then airtime so it was obvious that they were going to make cuts the second is they are the lowest rates show on the cw with only CEG doing worse so it really didn’t seem like reign had much hope passed this season even with two of there new shoes doing horrible

    • Hallie says:

      Actually they are at the bottom and are one of there worst shows even though CW usually does there own thing two things against reign first being that cw has more shows then airtime so it was obvious that they were going to make cuts the second is they are the lowest rates show on the cw with only CEG doing worse so it really didn’t seem like reign had much hope passed this season even with two of there new shows doing horrible

    • Wendy Brydge says:

      Agreed, Sandy. Reign was one of my favourites. :(

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with you!!! The CW has other shows that could go before Reign–I think that Season2 was a little slow but Season3 was awesome!!! Also, they changed it from to Friday night which hurt it…put Supernatural or Jane the Virginia on Fridays and see how they do!!!

    • L says:

      You belong in the woods with humans around. Why are you watching reign?
      Don’t answer, I really don’t care

      • Felicity Roper says:

        That comment is really rude. Reign is an excellent show.

        • Lynn says:

          I agree, if you don’t like Reign, don’t watch it. It’s odd that you would take time from your life to watch something you don’t enjoy. My opinion is that you re just one of those people who are basically negative about anything that others find appealing and love to watch.
          I’m sorry you’re so miserable!

    • Laura Mulvaney says:

      I agree! There are so many others that should go first!

    • Yvonne says:

      I agree

  4. A. D. says:

    4 years too late!

  5. Steven says:

    I hope that there’s closure.

  6. Kevin says:

    Reign deserves to end with its upcoming season the last. #sorrynotsorry

  7. Lola says:

    Well once they killed Francis and got rid of Toby, I was done. IMO him and MF were the only reasons to watch. Toby and Megan layered their characters and kept things interesting. The show had such promise and untapped potential. I know this is Mary’s story but she was such a spoiled bore. Her ladies were far more appealing as a whole. I still stand by my original thought here. Francis should’ve died one episode before the show’s finale and the last scene was Mary stepping on Scottish soil.

    • Watch the show says:

      No you have to watch it that’s why they might not get another season I love Toby but it’s a story about Mary Queen of Scots not Frary

      • Lola says:

        No no! I hated Francis with Mary. I didn’t believe she deserved him. As you can tell where my loyalties were.Heck, I loathed Mary. I’d taken Francis with Lola before her. Of course Reign is not historically accurate so IMO they could’ve went so many better routes. Starting with freeing Francis from the weight Mary around his neck.

    • Allison Hunt says:

      I’m so deeply saddened that this show is ending. The entire cast has great chemistry with each other. And they all were such talented actors. The mix of drama and comic relief showed the talents of the writer’s. Everyone was hard working and it showed. The CW had a great opportunity to increase viewers with a change in demographics. This ability was coming from Netflix which has been one of the greatest things to happen to television. We have become a new society, one so extremely overwhelmed and and stretched to thin by the many demands in life from work, family activities, taking care of people in need, divorce and single parenting, kids homework etc.. the list goes on. I finally had some time during a snow storm and unimpressed with the genres of television I surfed through Netflix and do found a show that appeals to those of us in there 40s 50s 60s 70s and yes my 80 year old dad I shared the show with my husband he too became hooked. After watching 2 seasons I started raving to family and friends. My sister and her family, then my aunts and uncles in their from 60 to 80. And then more months went by and through them my cousins started. And now you say it all has to end. Crazy. People need time to discover good shows and the end up canceled to soon. The tremendous mistakes that were made in Reign that led to its demise was to not recognize the love and fondness their viewers had for the entire cast. Soldiers, servants, Lords, siblings, parents, the awesome selection of ladies maids and their kings and queens. The best illegitimate brother a young Prince can count on. And finally what many shows seek to find true chemistry that creates a believable love that fans fall in love with, and Toby Regbo and Adelaide Kane were so incredibly natural and captivating, and drawing it’s viewers episode after episode to bask in their love and watch them learn to rule together. And then the powers at be decided to end it far to soon in the series their, “Reign” began to crumble. And then they sought out to slowley deminish the other beloved character, the French Court. Slowly but surely your mistakes continued to mount as you took more beloved characters away from it. First, and most importantly and devastatingly, you killed off k
      King Francis, then Lady Kenna left, not to mention the disappointment of breaking up another super couple Sebastian, Nostradamous, Lady Lola, Lady Greer left with Lord Castleroy, and another romantic favorite Leith. And finally who could pretend not hear that Torrence Coombs will no longer be their too. So many generations were beginning to discover such a great show and loving it. Please NETFLIX delay what’s to come and season 4 and take the wonderful show as your own to continue for all its growing fan base. It deserves the chance. Save Reign!!! And perhaps make up, a reason to fake Frances death and bring back Toby Regbo until the new end of the series. You won’t regret it, he is a phenomenal young actor. Truely talented.

      Thank you,
      With hope,

      • Kristina Dube says:

        Couldn’t have said it better my self! Here here!

      • Bree says:

        I’m saddened to see Reign come to an end. I just started watching it on Netflix. We don’t have The CW available in our area. Ratings can be low due to things like this. I’m able to catch up on the current season through the cw app. But would love to see Netflix pick it up and keep it going.

      • Laura Mulvaney says:

        Yes yes. You said that just right💞I agree! Bring it back!

      • Caryl says:

        Nicely said!

      • Michelle says:

        Totally agree!! Love this show, but never had it on my channels to watch. I had a friend tell me that it was a must watch. Love the fact hat it is part of history. Gives you a bit of insight on how life used to be.
        Please Netflix…pick this show up and keep it going!!

      • Chadderdonk says:

        Wow!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Same thing happened to me, came across Reign on Netflix and was hooked! Was my favorite, I’m super bummed about it’s cancellation. Very Nicely written Allison!! I agree!

      • Kellie says:

        That would be awesome if Netflix would take the show under its wings and continue the story. The writers did take away some really good characters. If they had not made some of those choices the show would not have been cancelled. If could be saved though. It could be great again.

  8. Mike says:

    I hope we at least get a satisfying conclusion.

  9. Jim says:

    Sorry Megan Follows, but I don’t think I can torture myself with this last season even if you’re still on the show.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I’m on the fence. On one hand I’m thinking I may as well watch it and see how it ends but on the other hand I’m like do I really even care :-)

  10. Tajja Ramey says:

    Oh no I love this show. Please don’t cancel

  11. Super-fan says:

    It’s sad to see the show go, it was a great guilty pleasure. I love the show but it was a ratings dud…wonder if they are going to be canceling CEG…critical acclaim can only take it so far. I’m glad that the show runners go into this season knowing this is it and can wrap up the show in a satisfying manner. Hope Bash can make an appearance before the series finale.

    • Alyse says:

      I doubt Bash will make an appearance since the actor is still in Spain filming his new show and the reign cast is currently filming the finale.

  12. If they end the series with Mary’s historically-accurate death, I’m going to need a “Titanic”-esque reunion between her and Francis in the afterlife, maybe under the same tree he died beneath. Walking away from the camera with the white petals floating down around them, fade to black. A girl can dream!

    • LK says:

      Gonna be really hard for them to cover enough of her life in this last season to make it to her death scene… Unless they do a number of flash forwards during the season.

  13. dude says:

    I loved the show but, it’s time. It ran its natural course and this feels like a fitting place to end it.

    • Kristina Dube says:

      Wrong. It’s such an awkward time to end it. It’s been amazing so far. I can’t fathom people engaging in this show and truly not being consumed in the whimsical drama it is. It seems like a fairly accurate depiction of what the era was. I’m sad they are ending it. I simply hope Netflix buys right and maybe furthers the show as Netflix original.

      • Ali says:

        I agree. I really hope to see it come back on Netflix and take the fans loyal to the show to the end. I am sad to see it go, especially now. It is an awkward time to end it.

  14. LK says:

    The CW tends to let shows linger too long… Beauty and the Beast lasted two seasons too long… and Vampire Diaries should have ended when Elena left…. this show really should have ended with Frances death and her return to Scotland.

  15. Pia says:

    What’s the twist?

  16. iHeart says:

    oh well, I was wondering how far they would take it considering that Mary’s story doesn’t have a happy ending

  17. Kelly Bachtell says:

    Omg! Heartbroken! I have become obsessed with this show , I can’t believe that they are going to cancel it! Season 4 better be epic! Queen Mary is one of my favorite female characters. Long may she reign!

  18. Katie says:

    She still Reigns over Scotland, gets married again, gives birth the King James (of Scotland and England). She was in France way too long if you ask me. Show what happens after Francis. It’s not like she didn’t live after him or love again. It’s sad when that’s all you want out of a historical show is a teenaged romance, even if it wasnt completely accurate. That’s not all she was.

  19. Christine Christy says:

    Love it miss frances terribly elizabeth very good though one more year please

  20. I’m not surprised, even as a fan I was surprised it got a fourth season (but happy about it). I hope they can give it a good, wrapped-up ending. 4 seasons is strong.

    I really wish this show had been massive though. Mary, in real life, had such a fascinating life with so much more potential for future seasons later in her life. I would’ve loved to get to those points in history eventually. I need a small cable channel to pick it up for a few more seasons lol.

  21. A fan of TV says:

    What’s the twist?

  22. Stacey says:

    Once they killed off Francis, it really went downhill. The final nails in the coffin though were Lola and Bash.

  23. Carla Krae says:

    I hope production had enough notice to made a satisfying conclusion. Nothing sucks more than a cliffhanger cancellation.

  24. Jamie says:

    I personally don’t think it was Francis’s death that was the nail in the coffin. I know A LOT of fans abandoned Season 2 when Mary was raped and subsequently had an affair as a married woman/queen with Conde. That was the season the showrunner gave the finger to the FRARY and to the MASH fans. Poor Torrance Coombs, he deserved so much better than Season 2 & 3.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree 100%. The potential was always there but season 2 went off the rails. They dragged out Frary too long IMO and didn’t allow Mary to move on from her time in France quickly enough. Bash moving to Scotland with Mary would’ve made perfect sense since he had few fictional and zero historical ties to France.

  25. James says:

    To be honest, since the show has relocated back to Scotland, it made sense to end the show now as the story is reaching its natural conclusion. Hopefully, the creators had that in mind.

    With that said, the show is “ending” and is not “canceled”.

  26. Anne says:

    I’m okay with this. Season one was excellent but the showrunners just kinda went off the rails season two onwards.

  27. Gina says:

    I’m not shocked at all. How it even got a 4th season at all is beyond me lol.

  28. Tosyma says:

    THE 10 WORST SHOW: Conviction ia a good show. You just do not get it.

  29. Lianne says:

    Will they end with the historically accurate touch of having her beheaded on Elizabeth’s orders? For that, I would tune in.

  30. Brian says:

    I thought that they announced during the third season that it had been renewed for a fourth and final season. So no, this is just like confirmation of what they had already said.

  31. Shatta Wale says:

    Too bad.. i really loved this TV show

  32. Gerald says:

    Sad, but glad we are getting one more season to watch. It is a great show with poor ratings. Not like anything else on tv. Well acted and well written. With a touch of history (or at least some real life people.

  33. Erin Wilson says:

    Very sad news. Reign is such a great show, entertainment and a large dose of history all wrapped up in one nice package. Hard to believe shows like “so you think you can dance” (just an example) go on and on when shows like Reign that support the art of film get cancelled. Actors, producers, film crew, wardrobe, etc work to perfect their craft. It’s very sad it goes unappreciated and ridiculous shows like “so you think you can dance” keep on going season after season. It is surprising the majority of tv viewers are so unsificticated. I really hope they bring Reign back on another network or maybe Netflix.

    • Debbie says:

      I hated Conviction, Love Reign!!!
      So You Think You Can Dance and other shows like it are on TV because they are cheap to make–the networks don’t seem to care if they are good shows or not!!!
      Reality TV sucks!!!

  34. Carol Garnaat says:

    Oh NO!!!! REIGN going away???? I am devastated! REIGN is my FAVORITE program! I only watch Masterpiece and never missed an episode of REIGN! I love the actors, the costuming, the story lines, I love everything about REIGN! I am so sad to hear it is scheduled to be discontinued…. perhaps you could change your mind???

  35. Brittany says:

    No this is my favorite show

  36. ninergrl6 says:

    Reign fans, if you’re looking to fill the (revisionist) history void, check out the novel My Lady Jane. It’s about Lady Jane Grey, a contemporary of Mary and Elizabeth (they’re both in the book too), but the writers twisted the real story and mixed in a lot of fantasy and humor. It’s a great historical fiction read, like Reign meets The Princess Bride.

  37. Lauren says:

    I’m completely devastated! Why?! I just don’t understand, yes Torrance and Toby are gone but Mary doesn’t need them. Mary is a Queen, the Queen of Scots. She needs to file by herself for awhile. Be strong! I’m just so heartbroken at this news. I don’t understand.

  38. Catherine P says:

    That show is amazing! I can’t believe they are cancelling the only quality show on TV; between the costumes, music, actors, writing, set design, etc it was all around the best and I’m bummed!

  39. Rick says:

    Reign never reigned (in the ratings)

  40. Rosanna says:

    It isn t a great show but I Will only be really sorry if they don t get to Mary s real end. They have focused too much on her life in France And Now the most important part of her life Will be rushed.

  41. Debbie says:

    I Love Reign and while I thought that season 2 was a bit slow, season 3 was AWESOME!!! I think that it is funny that the CW has too many shows according to what I have been reading here because other than Reign and possibly the Originals (if they are still on), I can’t think of a single show I would watch on the CW!!

  42. Jennifer Lerch says:

    The cancellation of Reign is a big disappointment. There was finally an entertaining yet historically based series on TV worth watching. I wish there were more shows like Reign on TV. Thanks for listening.

  43. latinkeenan says:

    No big surprise. It was a guilty pleasure even if it was campy.

  44. Colleen says:

    I am new to Reign but really got into it. I don’t understand why they are cancelling it I am very upset. This is the second show that I really enjoyed besides All My Childrenand both are gone now. W

  45. Lala says:

    If it has good rateings way is it cancelled noooooooo i dont think it should end.

  46. Robin says:


  47. Helena says:

    Love this show.

  48. Kathy says:

    This was a great series. I’m sad to see something bases on History be cancelled. Would love to see another one in the future.

  49. rita nichols says:

    I lived every bit of the show I am sad its ending.

  50. Chris zelenak says:

    I love reign!!! I have seen every episode at least twice, some 5 and 6 times. I think there are parts in every episode I would rewind multiple times. The only thing I didn’t like is when it moved nights. I love the show and it saddens me very much to hear it is coming to an end. When people talk about super natural powers or whatever being added, it’s television people. How many show she do you watch or are there out there with them. To say you lost interest because of that is ridiculous. It is an amazing show. All three queens are amazing. Mary queen of scotts of course is my favorite and I can think of all of my favorite episodes. I still watch them now. I have watched every show that deals with kings and queens and this is by far the best. For those who say they don’t like certain things in the show, then stop watching it. Don’t watch the last season. The one clip I watched of the three queens discussing how they are going to protect their reign, I mean come on people, how could that not get you excited for this next season. I can’t don’t air for feb 10th