The Flash Recap

The Flash Recap: 'You Lose, Barry'

The CW’s The Flash has entered the winter break, leaving behind a series of chilling reveals — the most harrowing of which slaps an expiration date on a team member.

Needing a consult on the Savitar situation, Barry sped off to Earth-Three to fetch Jay Garrick, who explained that the steely “speed god” was the first person to be granted extraordinarily fleet feet. Once the speedsters return to Earth-One, Iris shares this curious nugget with Barry — that an excavation in India that Julian led years ago, to find the Philosopher’s Stone, left behind four dead scientists. Is Barry’s former supervisor keeping a huge secret?

Barry and Jay race off to confront Alchemy (Julian?), who is holding court with Savitar’s disciples and preparing to restore the power of all Flashpoint metahumans. When Savitar himself appears, Jay takes on the speed god, while Barry beats on Alchemy. Savitar is about to run through Jay with his blade when Barry returns the stone to its box and closes it, at which instant the speed god vanishes. Then, beneath Alchemy’s mask, Barry finds, yes, Julian.

Thrown into the Pipeline, Julian pleads his innocence — convincingly enough that Barry & Co. do wonder if something else is at play here. The Flash asks Julian if he has ever blacked out/had “missing” time, but the prisoner is reluctant to play along — until Barry removes his mask, to gain Julian’s trust. After marveling at Mr. Allen’s deception some, Julian shares that years ago he had a vision of his dead sister, urging him to find the stone, so that she could be back in his life. He thus set off on the India excavation, at which point he started blacking out. As Julian unspools this story, Cisco is in the lab having visions of dead Dante, who is similarly convincing him to take out the stone, so that they can be brothers again. Cisco does so, triggering Savitar’s appearance. Barry and Wally do their best to fend off the speed god, but lose the upper hand. Savitar is going in for the double kill when Caitlin just barely convinces Cisco to snap out of it and close back up the box, lest Barry and Wally die.

Afterward, Cisco gets the idea to synch up Julian’s brain to Savitar — allowing him to give voice to the team’s new nemesis. Through Julian, Savitar boasts of “holding the power of life and death over all” of Team Flash, saying he knows their f”ears and weaknesses, and destinies.” Case in point: Savitar shares that one team member will “betray” Barry, that “one shall fall,” and one “shall suffer a fate worse than death.”

Barry asks the almighty Savitar why he hasn’t destroyed them already. Savitar explains that Barry’s future self “trapped me in eternity,” and as such he will one day “feel my wrath.” To silence Savitar once and for all, Jay suggests that they lob the box into the Speed Force, where it can never be found. And by combining speed with Barry, they do just that — though the jolt of the experience catapults Barry five months into the future (May sweeps!), where he watches himself beg Savitar not to run Iris through with his blade. And yet Savitar does just that, gloating, “You lose, Barry.”

Jay yanks a distraught Barry back into the present, then — upon hearing of Iris’ grisly fate — assures Barry that what he saw was but one of “infinite” possibilities for the future, that every action/decision he makes changes things. Instead of trying avert that outcome, Barry needs to “focus on the here and now,” Jay says — and to that end, after a “white Christmas” (thanks, Caitlin!) at the Wells house, Barry whisks Iris away to reveal his gift to her: a nifty apartment aka their new “home,” which they promptly christen with much kissing and such.

Elsewhere in the fall finale:

* Wally revealed that H.R. had been training him, which caused Joe among others to bristle. But as H.R. explained, Wally has a potential to be pursued, with proper guidance — lest he look elsewhere. Joe ultimately comes around to that line of thinking, gifting his son with a speedster suit at the party.

* After Barry’s brush flash-eggnog-deletewith that frightful future, Jay returned to Earth-Three.

* Julian initially brushed off Caitlin’s invitation to the West family gathering, but wound up showing up, to give Barry his job back and guzzle some butterbeer eggnog.

* Iris got Barry a wallet.

What did you think of “The Present”?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Soooo, did anyone get the Harry Potter reference? The Philosopher’s Stone is the English title of the Sorcerer’s Stone, the first book of the Harry Potter series. Very appropriate since Tom Felton is on the show.

    • jj says:

      well actually the Sorcerer’s Stone is the American title of the Philosopher’s Stone. Everywhere else except the US uses the Philosopher’s Stone (aka the title given to the book by the author).

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, I was going to be cheeky and spend a whole paragraph overexplaining that coincidence, but I have a SHIELD recap to finish :)

    • clintbrew says:

      never understood why it was called sorcerers stone in america werent there any american philosophers also the producers should get Jason issacs and Helen McCrory to play julian’s parents

    • Lynne says:

      I had to rewind to make sure *thank you dvr!* and I totally geeked out, we FINALLY got a HP reference!

    • JD says:

      Dr. Alchemy has been using the Philosopher’s Stone since before JK Rowling was born, so it’s not a Potter reference.

      • Jeff Fields says:

        THANK YOU! I was just getting ready to post this. Glad to see there are some long-time comics fans reading these boards!

    • xyz says:

      You might want to take a moment and google Philosopher’s Stone. The origin is not harry freakin potter.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        For real…. people need to read more.

        • KCC says:

          Rather than chastising people to read more…the philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance that can be used to turn base metals into gold. A written reference to it dates back to 300 AD. Hence the character Dr. Alchemy and the most sought after substance in the “science” of alchemy to hold Savitar. I thought Savitar should have been gold not silver. I guess they thought silver looked better.

      • AnnieM says:

        Yes, but it was still fun to think of it in HP terms.

  2. a says:

    Seriously??Flash is having same problem just like Errow in s3,enough with iris…they better focus on catlin n cisco

    • ndixit says:

      There has been a fair amount of focus on Caitlin and Cisco in the first half of the season and the one who will betray Barry is definitely going to be one of them. I’m not sure what correlation you made with Arrow s3.

      • Stacey says:

        I agree. There’s actually been very little focus on Iris in comparison to Caitlin and Cisco. I love all of the characters, and I would hate to see any one of them die.

        • melaniedhi says:

          Agreeing with you! Also, what has been annoying from Iris arc this season is she was ONLY the love interest and wasn’t contributing much to the team. But she’s a journalist and tonight she found a tidbit of info. Sorta getting back that

      • KCC says:

        The Dr. Wells for each season have all turned out not to be who they presented themselves as, so the obvious betrayer would be this year’s Wells.

        • KatsMom says:

          Given that they’ve been down that road before, and the role of Harrison seems to be going the way of the Defense Against the Arts teachers in Harry Potter, I’m betting that the future will change so HR dies (and we need yet another Wells for next season).

        • craig says:

          dr wells is accelerated man, the only person to come from earth 19 in the comics is accelerated man or as in the shows case dr wells. accelerated man really had no origin or background filler so the show can pretty much go with it. accelerated man is a good guy don’t know how the show will portray him tho,

    • I disagree, Iris was finally able to contribute something substantial during this episode, which Cisco and Caitlin always get to do. In fact, I hope she is incorporated into the action even more. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get stabbed in the back when the series returns, and be able to utilize her job by providing more intel to help fight the bad guys. Love the character, and hope her and Barry can step up the romance, because they’re moving in together and I didn’t even realize they’d had sex yet – go figure.

      • CK says:

        xactly wat im tinkin!!!!!All we’ve been getin frm dem is cuple smooches…………wats up wit dat?????get the romance goin alredy!!!!!

    • Eric J. says:

      I agree in some ways too. I feel like they rushed the Barry and Iris storyline which could mean that she is the one that will die; but I don’t think they’d do that it’s just a repeat of Arrow and Laurel’s death. I think that the producers have learned their lesson. So my thoughts are that it will probably H.R. They won’t kill Cisco, Caitlin, Joe or Wally. If anything what they may do is kill Julian. Thoughts on the one who will betray is either H.R. (if he’s not killed), Caitlin (b/c of the Killer Frost thing) or Wally.

  3. jj says:

    I’m glad that Julian wasn’t a willing participant.

  4. Did they say the four scientists with Julian died or disappeared? Because that seems a very specific number of people — specifically, like a setup for the Challengers of the Unknown, if they were to reappear as people living on “borrowed time.” Just a thought.

  5. Isn’t Julians history sooo similar to Draco??? I couldn`t stop thinkingnthat while watching this episode… but the computer froze and i may be wrong… but i believe that he was manipulated to do bas stuff,and, in heart, he is a good person… just like HP… and that he will have a major role in destroing the big enemy this season… I’m felling his part in Flash is veryyy similar to his part in HP…..

    • Rook says:

      Not really. Julian isn’t willing helping Savitar, he’s being controlled. Draco knew what he was doing even if it was out of fear.

    • melaniedhi says:

      Agree with the person who replied to you. Also very different behaviours. Draco was snarky and vain, he did not care for others much. Julian is very different. Yes he has a certain attitude of annoyance towards Barry, but not because of vanity. He works with a guy that’s always late, just goes out of the office, doesn’t work hard… very different from the Draco vs Potter dynamic. I’m getting quite annoyed people referencing HP… there’s no commonality. HP just got us to discover Tom Felton, and just very grateful he is on the show now.

    • KatsMom says:

      I think JK Rowling would disagree with you. She’s talked about being baffled by fans romanticizing Draco quite a few times. He wasn’t a murderer, but he had absolutely no problem with a system based on the subjugation of people for superficial reasons. So, while he’s not the worst kind of person, he’s still not a “good” person. By the end of Deathly Hallows, I considered him amoral at best. Cursed Child redeems him a bit, but, overall, I certainly wouldn’t say he was manipulated into a whole lot except for his half-hearted murder attempts in Half-Blood Prince. The rest was all Draco acting in his own self-interest.

    • AnnieM says:

      I don’t think so, as he really seemed to enjoy bullying Harry for at least 6 out of 7 books. And he treated Dobby like crap. Draco knew what he was doing.

  6. herman1959 says:

    I know the whole Iris thing was a setup to get her and Barry jumpstarted, but dang, it was a little Heavy handed. Between this show and This Is Us tonight, I’m a little sad..Iris better not die!

    • herman1959 says:

      I know that Barry can’t go back and change things AGAIN, but are we really supposed to hang around for 5 months hoping that Iris doesn’t die? Ugh!

      • Stacey says:

        I highly doubt she’ll be the one that falls due to it being shown to us already. Though I’m not sure who it’s going to be. And we can’t rule out Barry running back in time to save a loved one. Though it’s not likely, it still a definite possibility.

        • herman1959 says:

          Seeing as how Barry just spent 4or 5 episodes explaining why he can’t run back and change anything else, I don’t think he will this time, but I’m still upset. I can’t believe the writers went there (especially after Laurel’s death on Arrow).

      • Marc says:

        I might be off base, but Iris had previously written the article about the Flash disappearing and after Flashpoint, it shows a different writer. Gawd, it’s like torture.

    • Rook says:

      I think Barry knowing the future will change it and someone else will die instead of Iris.

  7. Lily says:

    Here’s my beef with the episode- why are they so timid with physical affection on this show? I feel like this is the first show in the history of the CW not to give its main couple an actual love scene. Barry and Iris are moving in together but we never even saw them have sex! I don’t watch Arrow anymore but I do seem to remember Oliver and Felicity getting a sex scene. I actually really am shocked they wouldn’t let Barry and Iris have any sort of love scene. Are they too “pure” for that? Even for like a post-coital, in bed together moment? Supergirl and Arrow have more sex on their shows than this one does. I’ve gotten to the point where I think it’s weird and they’re purposely leaving it out for some reason. Come on, this is their supposed MAIN COUPLE and they do it offscreen? That’s wrong and I feel cheated.

    • jj says:

      yeah my thought during the moving in together scene was “wait, have they even had sex yet?”

      • Lily says:

        Right? Not only do we have no idea, but they’ve never even alluded to it in ANY way. This was the first time anyone has even mentioned Iris having her own place! I don’t think it’s acceptable for us to have to assume they’ve been doing it this whole time (their scenes together are short enough as it is, I mean come on- when did this happen?)

      • Butch says:

        Maybe they will have twin beds.

      • Butch says:

        I don’t believe they showed us Iris and Eddie ethier. They also lived together.

        • Lily says:

          But Barry and Iris are the show’s main couple. You’d think they would make a big deal out of the first time they sleep together.

    • herman1959 says:


    • ” why are they so timid with physical affection on this show?”
      I noticed and I find it disappointing. They gave him more action with Spivot. I’m side eyeing the writers right now but I’ll give them the rest of the season to see what they do.

    • KCC says:

      Supergirl had a sex scene? I must have missed that. Except Mon-El and that random admin doing it in a closet, which was shown for comic effect, I don’t remember any sex on Supergirl. As a matter of fact that scene with Mon-El was memorable because it seemed out of place on Supergirl.
      I think The Flash and Supergirl have more pre-teens watching than Arrow so they’re keeping it strictly G rated. It looks like you’ll have to be satisfied with the inference of Iris dropping her coat as she and Barry kissed that more clothing was going to be dropping after the scene ended.

    • Lily did you forget that last season Barry slept with Patty Spivot his 3rd girlfriend and yet that scene was deleted knowing damn well she was wanted as Barry Allen endgame by the Spallen fandom

    • Lily last season Barry slept with Patty Spivot his 3rd girlfriend and yet that scene was deleted knowing damn well she was wanted by the Spallen fandom to be Barry endgame

      • Lily says:

        But that scene was written and filmed and released. They made a big deal out of his first time with her- and he and Iris get nothing for theirs. Nothing.

    • It is so refreshing to know that someone else was just as disappointed as I was about the lack of physical affection. In fact, you’ve said the exact word that came into my mind as soon as I saw the scene in the new apartment as the camera panned out during Barry and Iris’ kiss, before fading as he slipped her coat off – I felt cheated! Sadly, I’m so conditioned to NOT seeing them act affectionate toward each other that I was pleasantly surprised when Iris sat slightly on Barry’s lap twice. However, it was clear that they weren’t supposed to get too close, because they both leaned away during both semi-cozy moments. The good thing is that the actors have so much chemistry they make me appreciate each flash, pun intended, of affection they are allowed to display. Even though the show made a point of letting the viewers know that he was sexually active with Patty, whom I found to be completely irritating, they didn’t even indicate that Barry and Iris had consummated their relationship. I was shocked they were discussing moving in together, when I didn’t even know they’d started having sex.

      • Lily says:

        Exactly. I don’t understand why they would do NOT make a big deal out of their main couple’s first time, like every other show would.

    • CurlyGurly says:

      Not every show has to show sex. Seriously! And a lot of those shows (Flash, Supergirl), I feel, are written to include younger audiences too. I would say Arrow is a more mature show than either Flash and Supergirl.

    • Tamara says:

      Hilarious! I see your point but Flash is PG. Preteens are watching. People watch as a family. Although Candice and Grant would do a fantastic job-both wonderful actors with magical chemistry.

  8. SayNay says:

    Maybe it’s my California real estate sensitivities, but how can Barry afford that nice apartment when he only got his job back 5 minutes before?! I guess that’s the magic of television hard at work. lol

    • jj says:

      he’s been living rent free at Joe’s for awhile, lots of time to save up money lol

    • Data1001 says:

      Well, he does own Star Labs now. Probably can get a decent loan for about a kajillion dollars if he wanted to.

    • KCC says:

      Supply and demand. I would guess there’s a glut of apartments available in Central City since the reactor explosion. I know you couldn’t pay me to live there. You can get apartments really cheaply in Chernobyl too.

  9. Cisco will betray them, Joe will die, and Wally will suffer a fate worse that death.

    • Butch says:

      My guesses are Cisco will betray them trying to bring back his brother, Iris will die as we saw, and Wally will suffer a fate worse than death by running so fast he dissolves into the speedforce . Notice he wasn’t in that scene from the future. Joe will be so devastated by loss of his children that he will want nothing to do with Barry in the season finale. It will be a bad summer for Barry but I am sure Iris and Wally will be back next season.

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Episode was good and a bit sad. It was good to see John and Mark working together again like on old The Flash TV show. Sad Iris dies in the future. Good Wally finally got his kid flash costume. Glad Julian isn’t evil. Sucks Savitar will be back again in the future and mess with Cisco. Can’t wait for new episodes in January!

  11. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    “I’ll buy home for Christmas”

  12. Butch says:

    The setting up of a future death kind of mimics Arrow season 4 when we knew someone was going to die in the not distant future. Its different since the main character and the audience know who and when this may happen this time but the idea of a ticking time bomb is the same.

  13. Mary says:

    Love the Flash! Loved the finale. Happy to see Berry and Iris with a little more display of affection. I realize the main characters are to have a slow burn, but I think it’s time to release the fire with the way the future could play out. Love Berry’s gift to Iris. Love the scene totally. Hate the wait until January.

  14. btm says:

    a) What, no shout out to dueling John Wesley Shipp and Mark Hamill? That was a highlight of the episode, albeit in limited screen time.
    b) I hope to see Tom Felton stick around and become a team member. He’s been very good in the role.
    c) The betrayal could come from nuWells, though I suppose that would not have near the same emotional resonance as if it were Caitlin or Cisco. As they have been telegraphing Caitlin’s dance on a knife edge and the future Caitlin-Cisco metahuman face off all season, via Cisco’s vision of the future, I’m going to guess it’s VIbe who turns and Frost who remains one of the good guys.
    While I have found this season to be good, I miss the happy-go-lucky Cisco. I’m not convinced that having nuWells assume that mantle in his stead has been a complete success.

  15. Butch says:

    I think Caitlin as Killer Frost would be too obvious a choice as the betrayer so it won’t be her but she will probably lots of talks with people worrying she is one that betrays Barry. Iris and Joe will be concerned that it is Wally who will die, so it will not be him.

  16. Andre says:

    Great episode. So on the who will die, betray and so on. Maybe the person was not in the room. Maybe Joe’s girlfriend.

    Have to give Candace Patton props. She was gorgeous the entire episode. Barry had got be hitting that.

    Cisco will betray. I have a theory on who will die but will post it later

  17. Heather Long says:

    Hey Matt, It should be Julian initially brushed off Caitlin’s invitation to the WEST family gathering, but wound up showing up — not the WELLS family.

    Also, at this point I’m thinking future BARRY is either a badass or a douche, cause the sheer number of his villains coming after him in his present incarnation because of what he does to them eventually is both a causal factor (they keep attacking him so he puts them down eventually) and a result of the choices he makes now. His future might be in flux, but that flux keeps biting him in the butt – Savitar (whom Barry locks away and since he just pitched him into the speed force, might not have been the best idea), future Barry’s cryptic message to Rip Hunter (don’t trust anyone because of the war that is coming), the time vault (with it’s ever changing byline, do love that Eobard Thawne’s touchstone keeps messing with Barry) and of course, Barry/Eobard’s Doctor/Master timey whimey relationship.

    I almost hope they do a FlashForward, where current Barry swaps with Future Barry for something and the team can get a taste of who Barry has become without them (which would be both awesome and kind of sad).

    Finally, please give Wally something to do OTHER than whine about everyone holding him back from (racing/life/parents/now speedstering) – a) the child does not have the best decision making paradigm and b) Iris and Joe met him like five minutes ago. Joe didn’t want BARRY doing this job either.

  18. mrs poofles says:

    As much as I’ve loved Tom Felton on the show, I have a feeling he will be brought on the team only to make the Ultimate Sacrifice in the season finale to save Iris’ life and prevent Barry from suffering a Fate Worse Than Death (i.e., grieving for Iris the rest of his life).

  19. Cordell Garrett says:

    So if I understood the episode, savitar is actually a meta, the first man granted speed? Hopefully future episodes will explain that

  20. My only complaint is that the “who’s going to die in May” thing was done before last year. Iris needs to live for various reasons, including Bart Allen, who it’s only a matter of time before we meet him, given the success of the show.

  21. umar tanveer says:

    There has been a fair amount of focus on Caitlin and Cisco in the first half of the season and the one who will betray Barry is definitely going to be one of them.

  22. The Carpooler says:

    Best recap line ever: “* Iris got Barry a wallet.”

    My internet is won for this week.

  23. I loved this episode. It was good to see Jay again and even the Trickster lol.
    HR’s growing on me (it is law that I have to love every Wells) and his scenes with Wally were hilarious.
    Nice to see Joe’s getting his groove back with Cecile and I’m happy Kid Flash finally got his suit and his family’s blessing.
    I love to make fun at Savitar by comparing him to Ultron but I have to say I’m really digging that icy blue tunnel effect that appears when he runs and he looked super scary imposing when he was coming toward Barry and Wally, ready to slice them up.
    Felton’s doing an incredible job as Julian. I liked the focus on Julian/Alchemy in the episode and the reveal that Alchemy was a vessel for Savitar.
    Either this Dante’s nicer the pre-Flashpoint one or Cisco was blinded by grief because he should have known something was up when Dante said “I love you Cisco”.
    I liked Cisco’s, “lo siento, hermano” line. I just wanted to hold him and pet his hair. He’s so cute.
    The scene where Barry sees Iris die was well done. I’m sure he’s going to spend the rest of the season making sure it doesn’t happen. Glad Barry got his job back and it was cool to see Julian join the festivities. His animosity toward Barry was getting a little uncomfortable.
    WestAllen moving in together. Whoot! Could have used more physical intimacy but I’m counting on the writers to give us something juicier in season 3B. All in all a great episode!

  24. cool says:

    this episode reminds me of walking dead, its seems the characters we know might be not there next season, one will betray the other, one will fall and one will suffer worse than death, I accepted the changes in the new timeline but this one I am not sure I will accept.

  25. Max says:

    Iris is the most annoying and useless character on the show. I wouldn’t be upset if she meets her demise this season. I have not read the comics so I don’t know if she’s necessary to the canon.

  26. Akhil says:

    Are they trying to cook some love interest between catlin and Julian.

  27. Kyle McCall says:

    It’s the best ever … The suspense and everything ..It’s too brilliant ..Once again Barry is going to have to be fast enough to stop this cuz he is the FLASH.

  28. Great episode. Hope Tom Felton sticks around for a while. Obviously the future he saw will be in the finale since they said five months away, so May. I hope they don’t kill her off!

  29. AnnieM says:

    I know there have been other comic readers here, but I’m surprised that I’m the first one to mention the prominent nod to Carmine Infantino (the street sign above Barry’s head when he arrives in the future is Infantino), the famous DC artist who created the Barry Allen verson of the Flash. Well, I thought it was cool. ::shrug::

  30. Eric says:

    Wouldn’t throwing a the box into the force be the same as trapping him in “eternity”?

  31. Celina says:

    OMG!!! Their Santa’s mug is exactly like mine! :D

  32. did anyone pick up he called H.R. the fake wells, I thought it was interesting as I feel jay or Wells will be the one to betray barry.

  33. Diana says:

    I cried during this episode :(. I hope that them showing us this now means its not going to happen. I love this show, but I won’t watch anymore if they kill Iris. I’m glad that at least the episode ended on a relatively ok note with that beautiful Barry/Iris scene.

  34. Ariella says:

    Iris cannot die! I have been wanting and needing Barry and iris to get together, and now that it has finally happened I will be soooo upset if she is killed! They are supposed to get married!

  35. Terrible episode and season so far. Cisco’s brother was a D!CK, a major one at that. So much so that the show writers were forced to insert a blurb in this EPISODE and have Cisco recall one Christmas…. one time in all their encounters/interactions where his brother wasn’t a total tool. Another peeve I have is, how is it that everyone that gets speed is immediately as fast as Barry or damn near close to his speed when Barry has had training from Reverse Flash and his technology to get to the speed he has at this point; Jessy, Wally, and the Rival. WTF??? Then you have Julian riding the moral high road but he ran to escape questions from the deaths of his team back in India. And in what world can you just move to the USA, get a job as a CSI in a major city police department and completely avoid possible murder charges or at the minimal, questioning regarding a mass slaughter in India??????
    This is getting as old as Arrow where some punk that has an affinity for arson can engage Speedy and Oliver (who has been trained by the League of Assassins, Argus, the Russian mob and god knows who else) and get away. It is poor and lazy writing. You have such a highly and trained character and a minor character trained in maybe one form of fighting can at times dominate him. Such is the case with Church. How can a street thug overtake Oliver not once but twice?

  36. Auntie Em says:

    (SPOILERS…or maybe not, but we won’t know until freakin’ May) but did no one else think that when Savitar said “I am the future, Flash” he was actually saying “I am the FUTURE FLASH” meaning that he is Barry (or Wally, even) from the future? That was the first thing I thought of the minute he said that!

    It may turn out to be that I am just paranoid and all this might be nothing, but it merits some thought, IMHO!

    The writers have mentioned that they’re doing their own take on the comic books, so who knows what else they’ve changed?

  37. CK says:

    3 As for Awesome!!!!!!!………..wanna see sum real makin out wit WestAllen tho………getin tired of the two minit ting!!!!!…………ps:wil dey actually kill Iris??????………….hope not………anybody can verify????