The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Director Paul Wesley Teases Intense Caroline/Alaric Scene, the Arrival of 'Bearded Stefan'

Friday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) marks Paul Wesley‘s fifth episode as a director, and while he’s certainly comfortable at the helm, there’s one fear he has yet to conquer.

“I’m terrified of directing children — it petrifies me,” Wesley tells TVLine of the actresses playing Caroline and Alaric’s twin daughters. “They’re just so sweet and adorable, and they’re kids, so I’m always worried about them. I don’t want to be too loud or ask for too many takes, but these two little girls are so sweet.”

Speaking of Caroline and Alaric, Wesley says his favorite scene in this week’s episode is a simple, non-supernatural conversation between Stefan’s fiancée and her baby daddy.

“There’s nothing fancy, no special camera work or effects,” he explains. “It’s a scene between Matt Davis and Candice [King] in a parking lot, and they’re just talking — well, they’re arguing. It’s the kind of scene where you kind of forget you’re on a show about vampires. … I was kind of like, ‘OK, guys, let’s do the CW version of John Cassavetes. Forget we’re on a supernatural show, just spit the words out without worrying. It felt organic and real, and I think they both enjoyed it.”

He adds, “I thought Candice especially did a really phenomenal job with this episode. She was really the standout for me. I actually think this is the best episode she’s ever done, if I can pat myself on the back.”

Though Wesley is keeping the plot developments of his episode close to the vest, he’s comfortable revealing that “there’s a bit of a resolution in terms of Stefan trying to save Damon. Things go in a different direction, let’s put it at that.”

Lastly, did you really think we’d let Wesley off the hook without asking about “Bearded Stefan”?

“It’s a flashback, and I believe it’s the next episode,” he says of his scruffy new persona. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen Bearded Stefan — he’s never had a beard. I did a play over the summer and I grew out a beard for the role, then Julie saw my beard, and I think she loved it. So when we were flashing back to this era we’ve never seen, she was like, ‘Let’s get that beard back.'”

What are your hopes for the rest of The Vampire Diaries‘ final season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Liv says:

    I stopped watching during season 4 so for me, Alaric/Caroline and Stefan/Caroline seem so weird lol

  2. Dominique says:

    cue the annoying, obnoxious #SterolineJuneWedding comment in 3, 2, 1…

  3. Sharon says:

    I can’t wait to see this resolution to the Damon situation. It’s probably going to be I’ll never give up on my brother.

    These kids probably wouldn’t be in this situation if they actually spent some time with their parents. I love that Caroline was showing Matt pictures of “her” kids and the nanny was in the picture.

    Oh and I hate Steroline. They are so boring.

  4. Kathy says:

    Well since they’ve been having Caroline act like a human for the past 2 seasons, I’m not surprised they forgot. Bring back badass vampy Care!

  5. Leah says:

    If he doesn’t choose Damon over those kids, I bet either the arc of the last half will be getting back to Defan. But it would be incredibly OOC for him not to…which since I think this entire past few seasons have been soooo…

  6. luna says:

    LOL! here comes the Klarolausers with their disgusting comments and hate everywhere!

    • Kinz says:

      Someone is a little salty about the anti June Wedding comment. Just enjoy your show man, don’t hate on what people like and want. You can want your human wedding, they can want their supernatural romance. You do you.

      • luna says:

        , they can want their supernatural romance – as if that is even happening here on the show! they go and comment everywhere in every article which starts with PW, CA or even with a S just to stay relevant as no one wants to talk about them anymore! lol

        • Kinz says:

          You really never know, but honestly, why do you care? It’s their prerogative to do whatever they want, just like you can do whatever you want. If they wanna spam, let them spam. The fact that you seemingly care just gives them more desire to do it. Also, don’t lump a whole fandom as “disgusting” I’m sure there are some perfectly pleasant people in that fandom, and some bad apples and the same as yours. Spread love for the things you want, stay in your own lane, love your own fandom. Don’t bother worrying with others because you’re just giving more ammunition to those against you.

          • luna says:

            I am in my own lane! i didn’t go reply or comment on their articles ( if there ever a relevant want) maybe some of them are not that bad but some of them just come and reply and they even get personal! i don’t recall any other fandom attacking the actor but they do! so yeah they are the most disgusting ones! i won’t go spread hate if Klaroline was happening right now or ever.. but they do!

          • luna says:

            I don’t go and spread hate on their articles or drag them when the article isn’t even about them! but they do! I didn’t go and comment hate on that anti June wedding comment just showing my general hate against that toxic ship IN MY OWN LANE!

          • Kinz says:

            Then why did you call them disgusting, toxic, and slamming them all in one comment? Like, you just contradicted yourself right there. You ARE spreading hate towards people. Okay, I don’t ship on this show because all of the relationships are nothing you want to exemplify in real life, but you’re kind of exuding the behavior that makes me not like fandoms. You say you don’t do that to them…but you did? I hope you have a good day, but you really need to go back and look at what you say before defending yourself.

        • Brian says:

          That Kinz person makes a good point. Your comments are rude towards a group of people and of course they all aren’t innocent, but neither are you.

          • moon says:

            cue the annoying, obnoxious #SterolineJuneWedding comment in 3, 2, 1 isn’t that rude? no it’s just people expressing their feeling!

      • luna says:

        i wanted to say toxic to that ship! i mean the idea of Klaus and Caroline together is toxic for me! sorry for telling them disgusting! they personally attacked me so many times! but if you see their comments in general they say FAR MORE WORSE things to us though! I really am sorry!

        • Kinz says:

          I appreciate the apology, but you still kind of slam them in it. Lol. I say, keep to yourself, don’t talk to them, and they’ll leave you alone. I personally think all relationships on TVD are super toxic which is why I don’t ship. Yeah KC is toxic, but so is DE, SC, JB, SE, MC, TC because they all had super icky elements that I would never want to see in real life. I kind of want Defan gtfo because every woman thats ever loved them will always get shoved aside for them, so they don’t deserve them. Every woman on this show deserves so much better. I’m all for elena having amnesia, same with everybody else to give them clean slates.

        • Stacey says:

          You attacked me under my own comment. So please drop the innocent act.

          • luna says:

            when i go and acted innocent! i said you guys comment hate on every SC article just to stay relevant!

          • Stacey says:

            And you comment hate about KC every chance you get! You’re more of an anti KCer than a SCer imo. Whatever, try to make a comment about your wishes for the final episodes since that was what the article was asking.

          • luna says:

            yeah everyone here is talking about their wishes for the final episode! yes i can see that! As if you don’t go and attack SC on the SC article ! yeah I am anti KC because that is the most abusive ship on the TV history!

          • Stacey says:

            Luna, it’s pointless talking to you. Keep living in your little SC bubble. Bye.

          • luna says:

            when you run out of argument you can always say that! i would love to stay on my Steroline bubble rather than be on that nashty ship! bye!

    • Val M. says:

      Can you show us those “disgusting comments”? Because saying that “You don´t like or want SJW” it’s not a disgusting comment, it’s an opinion. Also, I invite you to go to FB official pages where most of people don´t want a wedding in a VAMPIRE SHOW, and these comments are also the ones that have the most “likes” OR is it that you are implying that Most of the people want Klaroline and not Steroline???

      • Maria says:

        This is scarily accurate. You’d think by the way they’ve been writing for those fans, they’d want it. It’s a reverse affect and it’s kind of hilarious.

        • moon says:

          lots of fan wanted the SJW though! remember SDCC 2016!

          • Katie Lea says:

            Where are those viewers watching? The ratings have been atrocious ever since they promoted it. as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve seen a whole lot more anti SC/Pro KC/ anti JW in every article I’ve read this season. Honestly, that whole SL makes no sense in a vampire show. Vamps go through many different stages in their various lifetimes (ripper Stefan) and if they actually get married, it won’t last. They’ve been together a total of like…6 months. And don’t even start with the THEY WERE TOGETHER FOR YEARS, nah he was panting after Elena for five seasons.

          • The ratings plummet because Stefan is simply not as popular as Damon and his romances. Simple as. Stefan is only the third most popular character, Damon and Elena are more popular. Their romances too. Stefan and his romances are not enough to carry the show. Klaroline alone wouldn’t do it either. Those characters are even less popular than the big three for tvd. Not much is going to save the ratings at this stage. Factoring in the natural decline of a series that has been running for years, eight seasons, and an aging veiwership, that has jack to do with pairings. It’s just common sense.

          • Also you are right Stefan and Caroline haven’t actually been “together” for years but they have had build up from the start right from when Caroline showed interest in Stefan and said “it’s going to be a June wedding” From their dance scene to Stefan making sure Caroline made it home safe, to showing care for her in that he realized she’d be feeling out of sorts, so bringing her friends over for a girl night, from them spending the night together side by side in the abandoned car in the traveller park, to Stefan being there for her when her mom was ill, remember the hunt for the teddy bear in the woods scenes, and so on they formed a true bond, growing closer and closer all the time, it was natural. They had build up and it didn’t just come out of nowhere like S7 Caroline and Alaric.

          • Oh so far as rewatch goes for rewatching people might pay more attention next time and register scenes like those next time and realise Steroline was always there and didn’t actually come out of nowhere like even non shippers have logically saw that and realized before and said.

          • Mally says:

            You say Stefan isn’t as popular as Damon and that Klaus and Caroline couldn’t carry their own show like Damon can…but Klaus actually has his own show. LMAO. I think he can carry it just fine.

          • No sorry. I specifically said for tvd – the Vampire Diaries. Not the Originals. I am well aware Klaus has his own show, but the originals doesn’t have anything to do with this. I specifically said tvd in order to try to help people from being mistaken on what said but yeah. Klaus is popular but he still comes after Stefan. For TVD. Fourth most popular with Caroline fifth. Third most popular Stefan isn’t carrying it though so why would they.

          • Also from my brief reading up in it it says the Originals hasn’t matched up to tvd in ratings overall so I don’t know.

          • Case in point is that ‘Moonlight on the Bayou” which has Klaus, and Klaus and Caroline related scenes, isn’t even the highest rated episode of tvd season 7 ;P

      • luna says:

        KC spread hate in all of the article! please don’t go and fight that ! and is “disgusting” is that bad of a word against ” obnoxious”?? because that person typed that!

        • Dominique says:

          you know.. you keep refering to me as a KC fan, when in fact, i don’t ship Klaroline nor Steroline. I’m a Forwood shipper. something to keep in mind before you start accusing people/fanbases…

      • Stacey says:

        You’re right Val. The funny thing is that some SCers are replying to our separate comments with hate. They’re very pressed since Steroline is heading towards a breakup! And the KC fandom is huge in comparison to SC, most people definitely want SC to end and KC to reunite.

        • moon says:

          why should we be pressed when Klaus and Caroline had the face to face scene like 1000 years ago! like there is only 3 episodes left for shooting and their is still no confirmation about a TO cross over on TVD? if KC would have to reunite tey would have started doing by now! lol

          • Stacey says:

            Lol, then why are you guys even commenting? You SCers seem to be the worried ones imo. And all I need is a brief scene in the finale for my endgame. That will be enough for me.

          • moon says:

            oh yeah a 5 SECOND BRIEF SCENE! suits you! why won’t we comment? isn’t SC is still the ship in the show where KC well they never were a couple so why don’t you guys stop and wait and pray for that 5 SECONDS FINALE?

          • Stacey says:

            I am feeling good about a KC endgame. The spoilers already said SC is going to break up. And KW is looking for a Defan endgame. And JP has been more than supportive of KC this season, especially at CC, bringing up KC without any prompting, JoMo, CMD, and PT too. So I am going to patiently wait.

          • moon says:

            you guys fan girl about a scene which is nothing more than a shame! of course she would bring them up! even if writers go SO OOC and make KC endgame you guys would still need Steroline scenes for maniups! seriously take that endgame if you want!

      • moon says:

        ratings go down every season! please there is a lot of love for Steroline this season! if not why would be every article keep talking about them! and writers wrote 8×02 before SDCC! so they planned the proposal before they knew fans want that! he was pining for Elena but it was revealed that it was all because of a spell! and to be honest Caroline and Stefan are the only person who are their for each other! so please just stop!

      • Check Google trends. It shows photos, listings for the top ten most popular tvd characters. Also no I didn’t say Damon could carry the show alone either, that’s not what I meant, I don’t think he has been. It needs the big three, not just two of them or as said it’s just the natural decline of a show that’s been running for years.

    • R says:

      Seems like a venomous comment from someone who doesn’t like opposing opinions. People are allowed to make their own choices, including match-ups between characters that you don’t approve of. Disgusting? Hate? Read your own stuff. It’s right there.

      • luna says:

        as if your fandom didn’t go and gave death threat to the actors because they were in between their ships! everyone knows that!

        • Stacey says:

          I never once gave death threats, that’s disgusting. Though I have seen plenty of CKers give hate and threats to JP, MN, and even JoMo. That is a fact. There is good and bad in all fandoms, no fandom is completely innocent.

          • moon says:

            please you KC ers send death threat to Leah for years and you guys still drag her now!

          • Stacey says:

            Actually, most of us don’t, that’s a small percentage. I actually wished her good luck on her future endeavors. She’s a good actress whose character did not receive the proper chance to grow and have her own SL. I hope her next show gives her a character with a decent SL. I have seen hate thrown at other actors and the writers on Twitter but by all fandoms, most notably CK. MN is constantly spammed and JP has received hate from them as well.

          • moon says:

            go on twitter and see how your fandom drags Candice and even comment about her looking just because she doesn’t like Klaroline! and that is not a small percentage! don’t forget about the time you guys dragged Gillies.. someone from your fandom even recently commented on Paul’s beard and she is very popular in your fandom! may be you are not but amount of hateful people in your fandom not small!

          • Stacey says:

            Our fandom is huge, that’s the reason there are more KCers who can be disrespectful. Percentage wise though, it’s pretty much the same across all fandoms. Just check MN’s twitter page and see the spam he gets from CKers in every post he makes. I honestly can’t stand DG, he made fun of Klaroline and it’s fans. He called us extincted, so I don’t care if he received some flak for it. All the other actors from both shows, as well as the writers and staff, have been wonderful. DG has been nothing but bitter since LP’s departure. As a professional, he should rein it in. He could learn some class and grace from LP and DC.

          • moon says:

            you guys ask him about KC which has nothing to do with him! so what you guys really expected!they called your ship extinct and in return you guys called him OLD, GRAND PA and so many other things! one of you even compared JP to Trump and that is so recent! and please don’t forget Leah’s tweet about how hurt she was after receiving the death wish from one of you and don’t ignore how you people always shade Candice! please don’t say the percentage is small when it’s not! the hate can be seen in every article or tweet! and what about Paul? what he has to do with any of it and still you guys started to drag him too,,i am not defending CK fandom but at least CK are not crying over every TO articles like you guys are doing!

          • Stacey says:

            No, DG made that tweet without prompting. That distasteful tweet lead to his flak, no the other way around. And you can’t attack out fandom when every other one does the same, that’s hypocritical. I am against the hate the staff get too, but you can’t blame it all on KCers. There are plenty of cruel SCers, CKers, DEers, and SEers too. I see it on Twitter all the time. As I said, percentage wised, based on fandom size, it’s about the same.

          • moon says:

            i remeber it all too well! someone told him something about KC then he shaded them! cruel sc ers? we really never attacked any actors by sending death threat or talked about how they look just because they don’t agree with us! I really never saw any sc ers attacking the real actor/actress! all the other fandom may attack one or two but you guys go and attack literally everyone and now you guys are also dragging Paul! like Gillies has anything to do with KC! don’t talk about percentages to try to avoid how hateful and disrespectful KC fandom really is..

      • Stacey says:

        I was agreeing with her. Make whatever comments you want but don’t reply to a ship or comment you don’t support. That’s my problem. I wrote about KC and a few SCers replied to my comment about the ugliness of KC. You guys can make separate comments but don’t comment on mine please!

        • luna says:

          then please stop replying with hate on a article which is not about your ship ! we don’t do that!

          • Stacey says:

            Did you read the article? It’s asking about your wishes for the last few episodes not about Steroline!

          • luna says:

            lol! please don’t deny the fact you guys do that! you go on sc on every article when no one wants to talk about you! you guys started to spread hate here too! as if the last article where we argued was about KC! it was about SC and you have to talk about the ugliness which is KC! there is no article about KC anymore!

      • Ok, just saw that tweet, looked like he was replying to someone else, something Patel, and I think he was calling Klaroline extinct not people, could be wrong though. Klaroline has been gone a long time though, years since S4, and any hope was kind of knocked for six in S7 when Klaus said goodbye to Caroline. If it dies come back it’ll just be shoved into the ending and not get the proper focus and attention and as someone who liked it in S4 I just don’t think that’s good enough. I don’t want then to do it just for the fans, if it was going to happen they should have kept on working on it and growing their bond and more scenes from S4.

  7. Stacey says:

    Simple. My hope is a Steroline breakup and a Klaroline reunion. PW said on Twitter that he was directing the dismantling of Steroline, sounds like a breakup hopefully!

  8. I do think it’s hypocrisy though, if it was a Klaroline wedding, certain people would be all over it, hilarious really. The “waaahh, wedding on a vampire show is just an excuse” If Caroline ends up with Klaus, and they commit to each other for an eternity, let’s see the double takes, reverse turns and tail spinning then. Reason I’m not behind Klaroline anymore, because only reason it would happen is because of people destroying something else with their hateful, venomous, vile, vitriolic, hypocrite comments. Klaroline would just be coming out of nowhere at this stage because it’s been over for seasons.

    • moon says:

      they are the same persons who wanted Caroline to drop off everything and go find what happens to Klaus in season 7! it would be so LOGICAL for their point of view!

  9. Stacey says:

    I wish all the actors success on their future endeavors! I think PW will make a good director, I have liked all his episodes so far. And I think KG is a tremendous actress and deserves a starring role in her next project. She’s the reason I still watch the show.

  10. So from what I’ve been reading most recently about Caroline realising she has to put her kids first and JP saying this episode it is about a mum and dad going to get their kids back unfortunately it might not be a Steroline or a Klaroline end, then everybody will be unhappy lol. Seriously no to Clalaric just for the sake of the children. Personal happiness is important, and children can sense when you are unhappy. Relationship just for convenience sake can breed unhappiness, hate and resentment down the line destroying anything that was once good down the line. So yeah Clalaric hope they don’t go there again.

  11. Mac says:

    The last episode Paul Wesley directed (7×21) was excellent so I’m looking forward to what he does with this one.
    As far as what I’d like to see for the rest of these final episodes, I’m hoping we get more focus on the Bonnie-Caroline friendship. They’ve had some lovely scenes this season and I’d like to see that continue. I’d also like to see Bonnie go more than a few episodes without almost dying. Kat is a phenomenal actress so I’m hoping they’ll give her a solid story in the second half of the season. I’d like to see Bonnie rediscover her magic and reconnect with her roots.
    I’d also like to see some cameos from some dearly departed characters. I’m hoping we’ll see Lexi, Grams, Vicki, and maybe even Jenna again. And it’d be nice to see more of Tyler in flashbacks. I was really disappointed the show brought him back just to kill him off.

  12. Angel Chalifoux says:

    I hope they end it with Elena waking up from a comma and it was all just a dream and the Salvatore’s are really just doctors and Caroline was just reading a book about Vampires .

  13. Dennis Sheaffer says:

    I just like to see all the main characters in the series end at a good place so that it would make me feel good about watching the entire series

  14. Summer Boston says:

    I fell instantly in love with this show I hate to cry I never really cry like never but the last episode had me in tears I love it I need more there is no show better then this one I loved it so much I need more seasons like one after every thing and Caroline finds a way to get Stefan back and Alana and Damon and pretty much every one who has died back but only the one who deserve it the good people who do good things that is the happy ending they need and they life there drama filled life’s with another evil guy maybe a sirein who is also a vamp and wich and werewolf and mermaids and human now that would be a show the name of the creation should be kiatic pronounced ki-a-tic I would watch that a drama filled show with crazy monsters and maybe only one way to destroy this creation not a danger or fire not and old weapon that has been made or created but a new unused one you have used a sourd a knife a danger fire a venom prison world’s it should be adventurous cool fun existing daring a new way to make a cure and a anticure for people or vamps who were turned but did. Not want to be and just everything you need in a show and if a creator is reading this contact me if you like the idea I promise there is a lot more from were that came from I need to watch a good show and that one is so hard to beat but I think my idea will be worth it and mabe top it all off