General Hospital Promo Forecasts Hot Winter Romance, Chance of 'Disaster'

Steamy straddling and toasty triangles are on display in this exclusive first look at General Hospital‘s plans for wintertime romance.

Set to JoJo’s “Mad Love,” the ABC sudser promo showcases Sonny and Carly (played by Maurice Benard and Laura Wright), who in one frame appear to be drifting apart, as well as Elizabeth and a handsy Franco (Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth), with a forlorn Griffin (Matt Cohen) positioned as odd man out.

Also on display are Nelle/Michael (Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell), Jordan/Curtis/Andre (Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner and Anthony Montgomery), Maxie/Nathan (Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey), and Kiki/Dillon (Hayley Erin and Robert Palmer Watkins).

Press play above, then tell us: Which of these GH romances are you counting on keeping your TV warm this winter?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    Slight error in names, it’s actually “Nelle” not “Nellie”. I’m a huge GH fan and even though I don’t particularly care for the character of “Nelle”.

  2. Audrey says:

    Franco and Liz definitely. Actually all of them hahaha.

  3. Kelly says:

    I want Sonny and Carly to get back together i guess that to much to ask of the writers of GH

    • Lily says:

      I do too. I really hate what they’re doing. If they divorce again I’m finished with GH. They don’t deserve this.

  4. Susannah says:

    I could go for Griffin and Liz. I’m just not into Friz anymore since it’s all about Franco and Liz just trailing behind him yelling, “Franco, NO!” all the time.
    My only issue is Griffin and Liz would be that they’d probably be back burnered to the burner so far back on the stove that you’d only see them for holidays or special events.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I still like Liz and Franco but they are dragging it out to long. The problem I have with Griffin is that he’s sooooo boring, maybe Liz could liven him up. Pretty sure we’re headed for a who done it murder story with Tom Baker. Franco will probably be blamed.

      • karinsuezen28 says:

        I still like Liz and Franco but they are dragging it out to long. The problem I have with Griffin is that he’s sooooo boring, maybe Liz could liven him up. Pretty sure we’re headed for a who done it murder story with Tom Baker. Franco will probably be blamed.

        i agree with you on both counts….

  5. Josie says:

    Franco and Liz all the way! <3

  6. Griffin and Liz! #GriLiz for sure. Waiting for Franco to self destruct so Liz can move on to a real man who can care about her.

  7. Elie says:

    Franco and Elizabeth are shouldering HOT!💋⭐️💋

    • chele-b says:

      Franco and Liz…Mad Love for sure! Love the storyline. Liz needs someone to put her life above his own. To cherish her & her 3-boys all the way—no matter what. Franco is that crazy fine guy!

      • karinsuezen28 says:

        i haven’t seen the shows the past few days…..and sad to say but i find that i’m not missing anything..

        barely saw it last week too…

        i tried to watch it on the canadian station that shows it for us, but for some stupid reason they won’t give me yesterday’s show….

        won’t see it tomorrow or thursday either…so


  8. DAnne Kaye says:

    Looking forward to see Nathan/Maxie’s New Years to be heating up & what’a next for Dr/Father Munro

  9. Sorry Franco and Liz are disgusting. She is a rape victim and Franco is a sexual predator who caused someone to get raped and stalked people.

    • San205ful says:

      Luke and Laura anyone. Oops I guess you forgot about them.

    • karinsuezen28 says:

      who did he cause to be raped…

      • T says:

        Michael in prison

      • karinsuezen28 says:

        this wording is throwing me off

        michael was in prison a few years ago….

        he killed claudia….she was threatening carly who was in labour with joss……and all that….

        michael went to prison for it, because the judge wanted to stick it to carly and sonny…

        micheal all he had to do was plead defence…but carly and sonny hid him and all that….and when the truth finally did come out…the judge said no…..i wouldn’t have sent him to prison, but, you did this to him and all that..

        the old franco had it in for them, don’t remember why exactly…but he had it in for everyone…..so he hired someone to rape micheal in prison……

        that’s where it comes from….micheal was raped in prison……..and he shouldn’t have been there in the first place….because well sonny and carly thought it was better to hide him then for him to confess..


  10. grazelled says:

    ABC just won the Prospect Park lawsuit. Wonder if this will change anything.

  11. Gost says:

    Stop putting Elizabeth in triangles! It’s not doing the character any favor. Franco and Liz are hot, their scenes are funny, their story is interesting. Don’t pair Liz with a boring priest.

  12. Allie says:

    Cannot stand Franco & Liz. He was all kinds of hot when he was with Nina but he is pathetic with Liz. Really like the idea of Griffin and Liz. Hate Nelle with anyone – that story line is terrible. Way too much rape or suggestions of rape of this show – it is a real turn off. Like Dillion and Kiki – she needs to stop whining about Morgan and move on with him. Sonny & Carly need to get back together – or else they need to bring back Brenda and jax but again, Nelle needs to go. .

    • karinsuezen28 says:

      . Really like the idea of Griffin and Liz. Hate Nelle with anyone – that story line is terrible. Way too much rape or suggestions of rape of this show – it is a real turn off. Like Dillion and Kiki – she needs to stop whining about Morgan and move on with him.

      i so agree, but people aren’t letting her move on…..

      michael still blames her for dumping morgan…she had to quit her job, because she knew that although she and carly have kind of moved on, there will always be that itch on her skin, that she dumped morgan….

      it’s the rest of them that need to move on and stop blaming her, before kiki can stop blaming herself…

      and then what if that stupid person does rape her then what happens…..

      yes there’s way too much raping going on or suggestion of rape in this show…..they so need to move on from this…..and kill him before the story goes any further…

      and we all know it won’t be franco, but of course he’ll be the first suspect…

      you know what this is supposed to be an escape from real life…but really lately it’s not turing out to be…

      like i keep on hearing about this canadian judge…who’s on trial for what he said to a rape victim….

      oh why didn’t you keep your legs shut…yes that kind of stuff still goes on in a trial…always blame the victim and never the person who actually did it…..never is his past brought up, only hers……oh how many men did you sleep with, oh why did you send him e-mails, and then later on called rape, and that kind of stuff…yup, that’s all going on in the real world…..

      and i have a feeling that these writers, are picking up on it…….and they should be ashamed of themselves…women writing this junk….

      when we clearly need to write strong women, we write them totally weak….like alexis bcoming a drunk because julian tried to harm her…she was never that person…..she got past things…but here come these women writers, who should be writing her strong…but nooooooo, we get this instead…..all it does is set women back….


    • Lily says:

      Sonny and Carly need to get back together. Sonny and Carly actually stick around and are there for each other no matter what, and unlike those two morons you mentioned, Sonny and Carly have EARNED a happy ending. If they break Sonny and Carly up again I’m done unless/until they’re back together. It’s getting to the point where I’m praying for a cancelation because it is getting way too hard to watch, and I don’t want Sonny or Carly with anyone but each other.

  13. cooks7570 says:

    I want to know why the show refuses to use Valerie and give her a storyline and more airtime. Why hasn’t Valerie been part any promos either. If the other characters can get stupid storylines why can’t Valerie get a crappy storyline.

    • karinsuezen28 says:

      because i think that you’re the only one that i’ve seen that likes her….

      they made a huge mistake with the way that they brought her on……

      she never should have had an affair with dante……never….

      we should have got a story about her and lulu bonding as cousins…we should have got a story about her trying to find her dad….and all that…but what do we get instead….her having an affair with dante….

      and no one wanted to see her after that……


  14. Pam says:

    Carly and Sonny have to make it

  15. Mary McGrath says:

    How accurate are your previews? Kristina had the biggest love story & her confusion Roth her sexuality. She’s not mentioned at all and neither is Parker, who by the way is the love of her life😡 Doesn’t that sound strange; the hottest couple last spring & summer not even a mention 😡😡😡😡Glad I quit watching after Parker’s last scene in Aug!!!

  16. Pam says:

    I like to see Griffin and Liz! I was for Franco and Liz, but he seems to not have any impulse control and that makes them doomed. Everyone else I can take, but Nelle needs to go ASAP. Everytime she is on, I cringe inside.

    • karinsuezen28 says:

      I like to see Griffin and Liz! I was for Franco and Liz, but he seems to not have any impulse control and that makes them doomed. Everyone else I can take, but Nelle needs to go ASAP. Everytime she is on, I cringe inside.

      ok, i’m blaming tom on this one…..

      if he was truely sorry about raping liz, then he should have just left and not looked back…but he egged franco on….oh i didn’t have a brain tumour like you to dismiss it…

      you know what, i too would have been provoked…so i’m totally getting where franco went, and why he attacked him…..

      tom should have just left…..when he was told how uncomfortable he made liz…..and left it at that….


  17. LInda says:

    I hope Kiki and Dillion get more storyline together.

  18. Jenny says:

    Such a HOT promo there from GH. So excited for a Naxie wedding. Also Killon look so good together.

  19. Donna Jackson says:

    As a rape survivor I find it disgusting that they are trying to get a sexual predator with a rape survivor we have a so called president coming into office who is a predator and then we have to see it on our show. As a lesbian it angers me that Frank started the Kristina and Parker storyline a storyline that is based in reality just to let it drop I feel that the storyline is too important to just end it Ashley and Lexi have both said that they love working together so my question is why did they begin the Kristina and Parker storyline if they had no intention of following through with it

    • cooks7570 says:

      How do you know Trump is a predator.

      • David H says:

        She doesn’t. Just spouting nonsense.

        • Susannah says:

          Not nonsense at all. Its his own words. He says he doesn’t wait for a woman to say yes, he just kisses her and then he grabs her in her private parts. He’s a predator and a pig. He also mocks disabled people too just for fun. He’s a real gem that guy.

          • Bob Lamm says:

            Thank you, Susannah. Totally with you.

          • cooks7570 says:

            Bill Clinton acted the same way sometimes and he got a free pass from the press.

          • lulu says:

            Oh stop, it is pathetic and i am not even for Trump but come on..and to compare real life to a freaking soap opera..my..how sick it is !!

          • lulu says:

            Actually i despise almost all his ideas..but while the guy is certainly sexist, a sex predator..nah..stop it. Now we will accused everybody to be a rapist..stop.

          • karinsuezen28 says:

            as i said a tv celeb was recently put to trial here about doing just what trump did…..but guess what, was he convicted, no he was not….hey, you e-mailed him, right…so of course you asked for it, didn’t you…and the case was dismissed

            and that other judge that i mentioned, oh why didn’t you keep your legs together…..she was the one that was supposed to be on trial, right, for letting someone rape her, and that kind of stuff…

            so until it’s said, no, means no, and that the rapist has all his past come up….then, and only then, will we get true justice for anything…..other then that, the courts are a farce, no matter what country you life in…

            hey how many women have you slept with, how many women said no, but hey you did it anyway…..that’s not allowed to be brought up in court, is it

            but hey how many men have you slept with…..why did you e-mail them after the fact….why didn’t you keep your legs together…yup….that’s brought up, isn’t it….

            i do know that i’m repeating myself…sorry….


    • karinsuezen28 says:

      we have a so called president coming into office who is a predator and then

      i’m going to get into trouble for posting this part….

      but thank, you, thank you, thank you for saying what you’re saying…..

      i e-mail with someone who actually chastised me because she thinks that he’s all that….and a bag of chips, which i personally love..or something like that….and i don’t live in the US…so why she was chastising me for not being a supporter of his, was beyond me…….i still post, with her, but we stay away from it…

      and to me he’s nothing more then a poor rich tramp…why you might ask…..someone else, who is totally in love with him, he’s on that side….he’s a canadian as well, but he just loves to give me political e’s…..but anyway…he sent me one, from a russian friend that he posts with….something that i also have issues with, the russians…but..anyway….

      i can read some syrilic writing, i’ve taken a few courses….

      and the way that his name was posted…..in russian it said trampa….not kidding…

      and that just made me laugh…so that’s just what i now think of him as a tramp……

      but getting back to what you said…thank you, thank you, thank you…for saying what you did…..now if the rest of the people would open up their eyes, but….


      they had a gay story on one life…..the two men took one of their baby and left town…instead of us seeing how they raise the baby……you know just like they do in real life…together….we didn’t get it..

      that story too was dropped on days…..they killed off one of the men…..and all that…

      so they’re phobic still in this day and age about writing stuff like that….

      so don’t go and blame frank for letting the story drop…….

      blame others……..

  20. Rachel says:

    I’ve been waiting for Nathan & Maxie to get married since he knocked on her door almost 3 years ago. Ryan & Kirsten look absolutely stunning in that promo. Love them!

  21. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Rocky Mount says:

    The actress portraying Nelle had this role created for her based on her portrayal of Patricia in flashbacks but her acting is horrible…I am amazed that the producers didn’t give her a longer tryout before giving her such a big role.

  22. I love Franco and Liz. Best couple on GH right now. I like Griffin as a character, but I’m not feeling him with Liz as a romantic partner. I think they are best off as friends.

  23. Dee says:

    I’m all for Franco and Liz. They look so hot in the promo and I love their story so far.

  24. effword says:

    Thank you for posting this! This may be my favourite GH promo ever! Franco/Liz are smoking hot! Kiki/Dillon are fab too! Carson bring the drama! I am dying to see what’s to come!

  25. effword says:

    This may be my favourite GH promo ever! Franco/Liz are smoking hot! Kiki/Dillon are adorbs and Carson bring the drama! I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  26. Twinky411cd says:

    I Can’t get Enough of Franco & Liz, they are Everything Sexy, Messy, Exciting,Sweet,Angsty,Sensual,Tender,Captivating,Complicated & LOVE they r #FRIZ the Perfectly Imperfect Couple which makes them So Perfect!! Don’t want this journey to End a Webber & Baldwin #GH Legacy ..ReRo are Killing it!!

  27. tam says:

    Oh my. Elizabeth and Franco look great together! Who knew?

  28. Archie says:

    I like the idea of Griffin and Liz. As long as Claudette stays far, far away Grifgin, I’ll be happy.

  29. Stephanie Saunders says:

    Please let Carly and Sonny stay together. They should be the one couple who stay together and run Port Charles.

    • Lily says:

      I agree. If they divorce again I’m finished with GH. I’ll check back when it ends to see if they get a happy ending, but I’ll never watch again.

  30. Frano and Liz is where it’s at!! Such an amazingly crafted couple! I don’t believe for a second they’ll pull the plug on them after a year of build up for the priest. There’s just no story there. Aer this promo I can’t wait to see Friz’s first love scene. Roger and Becky have amazing chemistry and really bring the sexy!

  31. Ghost says:

    Jasam wasn’t in the promo? 😂

  32. Nathan & Maxie! They are SO SEXY!!! I can’t wait for their New Years Eve wedding — they deserve their happily ever after 😍

  33. Cynthia says:

    Liz and Franco all the way! By far the hottest couple on GH and this promo proves it! Griffin and Liz would be a snooze fest! Griffin is eye candy but boring! Give Franco and Liz a chance before adding a third wheel….I am team Friz all the way!!!

  34. Sorry, but I’m not interested in any of them. Where are Sam and Jason? Why aren’t they being written for? They have recently reunited and are beginning their lives together again. But the promo is not featuring them, at all.

  35. Moose97 says:

    Franco and Liz!

  36. Amarie says:

    I’m looking forward to Franco/Lizand Kiki/Dillon.

  37. I love this General Hospital promo! It is a very sexy promo. Franco & Elizabeth are the best couple on TV right now because of the chemistry and writing. Also, it’s great to see Andre, Jordan and Curtis featured in the promo. I hope Kiki and Dillon heat up in story soon.

  38. I hate how they say “his story” re: Elizabeth – it is supposed to be “her” story! I can’t with this Freako propping…..patiently waiting for Elizabeth to wake up and smell the sweetness that is Griffin…it’s coming, just have to be patient.

  39. Kelly K. Haner says:

    I have been enjoying GH since the early 80’s. I really enjoy GH !!!!!
    Looking forward to all the twist, turns and LOVE ❤️ I really want Michael to fall in love. Nelle would be great, unfortunately she’s a bad person. I really loved Nelle since day 1, I thought she was going to be a new Sabrina. Big heart, sweet & kind. We will have to see what happens with Michael & Nelle and everyone in Port Charles.
    Happy Holidays !!!!!!

  40. Lisa Echerd says:

    Griffin needs to decide if he is still committed to the priesthood. Until he walks away from the church, he doesn’t need to be considered in the romantic triangles.

  41. Maxsmom says:

    I’m like the ex-girlfriend who follows her ex-boyfriend on social media, I can’t watch GH but I can’t not read about it. Liz and Rebecca Herbst are my favorites and I love Roger Howarth but Franco has not ever been a viable character. It was a stunt. A badly executed stunt. Roger could play 10 veteran, long time unseen characters, at least 5 of them from the decimated Quartermaine clan but Franco is a non starter.

    Revisiting one of GH’s all time great stories, Liz’ rape could have been great if it were about Liz but making it the story of Franco’s redemption which is not possible is just a great big dung pile.

    Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth, #RHSquared both deserve better.

  42. CC says:

    I’m really excited for the Franco-Liz stuff. Fabulous actors, love the chemistry, the story has been built from the ground up. Hope it continues.

  43. michelle says:

    I cant get over how much Nelle looks like Tamara Braun/Sarah Brown. Its uncanny. ..

  44. jj says:

    so excited for Naxie!!! can’t get enough of them!

  45. kathy says:

    Sonny and Carly…here so good together. Not fond of Nelle…don’t put her with Sonny. Let her get caught lying.

  46. Denise Daniel says:

    This is the best GH promo in forever. The couples I’m most interested in are Friz & Killon. KiKi needs to quit mourning loser Morgan & climb Dillon like a tree!
    Franco/Elizabeth is the most compelling love story in soaps right now.Great writing on internal issues based on both pasts & amazing chemistry between Becky/Roger. They are so sultry in that promo.
    Inserting Griffin screams another attempt to give the bland priestly doc something to do.He’s handsome but has zero heat.He was awful opposite Claudette.He’s only had a faint spark with Anna.
    Right now GH’s best duos are Friz, Killon & Kevlaur

    • effword says:

      Well said! I agree on all points! Friz & Killon are the future supercouples of GH!

    • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Rocky Mount says:

      Michael and Griffin will never be halves of a super couple…they are both just too bland. it frustrates me that the show killed off Sabrina over the ill advised pairing with Michael. Chad Duell may have been fine as a teen lead,but he will never be a leading man.

  47. Christian says:

    Just like the hero-worship of Eric Braedon killed Young & Restless a couple of decades ago, so did ABC network’s baffling hero-worship of Maurice Bernard murdered General Hospital a couple of decades ago. Both shows stopped laying the foundation for the future by becoming claustrophobic nightmares of inverted morality, misogyny, drudgery and bad-acting with two of the most despicable characters ever to be made into heroes in the genre.

  48. karinsuezen28 says:

    puke on michael and what’s her name…

    no one, but no one, that i know likes her, but here she is being shoved down our throats…

    we from mostly what i’ve seen want sabrina back, but nooooooo, we’re not getting that, we’re getting a bed hoping whatever instead….

    i kind of want liz and griff, but by this point it’s way too late….for me…..i’m hating that they’ve brought liz’d rapist back, and all that…..we so don’t need that..

    and we don’t need andre now going nuts on jordan even if i don’t like her all that much…


  49. karinsuezen28 says:

    well done Eric, usually i’m the one that points out that they have used a wrong character name, a wrong spelling, whatever, happy to see that someone else is doing it…

    yes, people if you’re going to post about a character on the show, do get it right, that really in the end, shows that you don’t care…..and guess what, if it auto corrects you, then do like i do, correct it back….

    how many nellies do you know…..i have known two…..one on tv, and one in real life……and neither would i have considered hot…

    not the nellie from little house on the prarie…or the one that was married to my dad’s cousin…..lol