This Is Us Recap Season 1 Episode 9

This Is Us Recap: Lies My Mother Told Me — Plus, Randall Does 'Shrooms

Need to catch up? Check out the previous This Is Us recap.

Of all the Pearson kids, Randall is the absolute last person you’d expect to ingest some hallucinogenic fungus and spend the hour talking to his dead dad.

And yet, here we are.

This week’s episode of the NBC drama finds Randall and his siblings taking a last visit to their mom’s rustic cabin before it goes on the market. Nothing has changed since the World’s Most Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner, when Randall confronted his adoptive mother and biological father about keeping their acquaintanceship from him: Randall is so angry, he’s preparing a presentation about his fury just so he doesn’t miss any salient bits when he eventually does speak to Rebecca.

When someone is nearly PowerPointing their resentment toward you? Yeah, you’re in trouble.

In other news, Olivia is terrible again. Or is she? Signs point to maybe not, but I only have enough emotional bandwith to handle one Pearson family member’s crisis per week. (Sorry, Kev.)

Read on for the highlights of “The Trip.”

CABIN GRIEVER | Beth and William find Randall pacing and making a detailed list of reasons he’s angry with his mom. “Did my father know about you?” he demands of his biodad, and William replies that he “never got that impression.”

In fact, as we see via flashback, Jack had no idea that William was alive and/or interested in his son’s life. After Randall’s interest in random black people he encounters becomes evident, Jack makes a case for hiring a private investigator to find their son’s birth parents. But Rebecca definitively shuts him down at every turn, and Jack goes along with it. After all, “He knows everything we do,” he tells his wife, whose tamped-down guilt is palpable.

Downstairs at Randall’s house, Kevin breaks the news that Rebecca is planning to sell the cabin where the trio spent a lot of time during their youth. Still inspired by her plane drama — which Kev downplays as “turbulence” — Kate suddenly demands that she and her brothers “seize the day!” and take an impromptu trip out to the old house. “The cabin is our childhood,” she argues, and the guys eventually get on board.

I SPY, WITH MY MAGIC EYE | The cabin is like a time capsule to the 1980s and ’90s, with its dogeared board games and framed Magic Eye print (which Kevin, naturally, can’t see). But when Kate and Kev try to reminisce by flipping through a family photo book, all Randall can see is deceit. “Look at this. Right there? That’s mom lying to me about not being able to find my birth father,” Randall says, and I promise, it comes out funnier than it seems here.

Not long after the Pearsons’ arrival, Olivia shows up with Sloane, playwright of Kevin and Olivia’s upcoming production, and some man-bun named Asher. Turns out, Kev invited his maybe-kinda girlfriend, and she brought them. Kate is not a fan. “This guy is wearing suspenders over a thermal. What is that?” she says, and Kevin makes the whole thing worse by referring to the dude as “authentic.”

Don’t worry, things get worse. Olivia dated Man Bun and is still snuggly with him. Guys, let’s not judge the actress too harshly. Maybe there’s a reason… Wait, what? Olivia’s throwing some shade at the epic game of strategy and courage known as Girl Talk? SOMEBODY HOLD MY EARRINGS.

Kate totally feels me on this, but before she can really say anything, Man Bun wanders into the room and wonders who drank half of his smoothie… which contained psychedelic mushrooms. Um, where’s Randall?

HAVE A NICE TRIP! | As it turns out, he’s outside, tripping and having a conversation with 1980s-era Jack, who he hallucinates is cleaning out the house’s broken gutter. And once the others ascertain that Randall is a) breathing and b) not in possession of his car keys, they leave him alone. Because that’s a totally responsible thing to do: Give your emotionally vulnerable and pharmaceutically impaired brother some me-time in the woods. After all, nothing (bears) bad (snakes) can (forest fires) happen (ravines) in (murderous lunatics) the (more bears) woods!

Randall spouts his ire to ShroomJack, who is understanding… to a point. “We gave you everything we could,” he tells his son. “And all I was supposed to feel was grateful,” Randall shoots back. “I was a replacement for your dead baby. That’s all I’ve ever been.” But ShroomJack knows how to go for the heartstrings just like his real-life counterpart did. “The moment I saw you, I knew you were my boy,” he says, placing one hand on the back of Randall’s neck and pulling him close. “You weren’t a choice, Randall. You are a fact.”

On the whole, having Randall accidentally trip is a too-easy way to get some Jack/Adult Randall scenes. And we’ve essentially seen that exchange — in which Jack assures Randall that he is, in every way, his son — in Episode 6. So why am I crying, again?

OLIVIA O-LEAVES | Inside the cabin, Kate confronts Olivia about being a jerk. But Olivia turns it into a confrontation about how Kate and the rest of the family is holding Kevin back. And then she deploys an accurate, yet devastating, truth bomb: “You’re scared that you’ll lose all the weight” and nothing will change, Olivia tells a shocked Kate. Then the actress walks away, saying that Kate doesn’t know anyone like her. (How are we interpreting that, This Is Users? Was Olivia large earlier in her life? Her discussion of the fear behind Kate’s decision to lose weight seemed a little first-person-ish, no? Or was that just a reference to Olivia’s scary feelings about Kevin? Log your theories in the comments.)

Kate calls Toby to vent her frustration, but he has one question: “Are we stil broken up?” When she replies in the affirmative, he says he’s gotta go. “I can’t be this person for you anymore, Kate. I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

Kevin finally has his fill of Olivia’s antics when she’s all canoodly with Man Bun on the couch while Kev’s sitting directly across from them. He then accuses her of being afraid of having a real relationship with him. He also calls her “an empty, human shell,” which causes her and Man Bun to get up and leave… stranding Sloane, the playwright, who rented the car in the first place. (Don’t worry, Sloane. Kevin will show you the full Manny later, which has gotta take the edge off.)

This Is Us Recap Season 1 Episode 9 YULE BE SORRY | In more flashbacks, we see Rebecca visit a five-years-sober William and tell him about Randall. William wants to meet his kid, but he gets a little too excited about it and Rebecca bolts. (Side note: Randall’s totally going to unearth that Poems for My Son manuscript after William’s death, isn’t he?) She later sends him the letter and photo Randall found at William’s apartment on Thanksgiving.

But ShroomJack points out that everything Rebecca ever did was in service of her family’s safety. And we watch Rebecca confide in Jack that she’s worried that Randall’s birth family might try to take him away; after all, they never legally relinquished their rights to their son, they just left him at a fire station.

The hour’s most affecting scene, in my opinion, happens in flashback when Jack and Rebecca attend Randall’s first karate lesson at a dojo run by a black man. They found the place based on a recommendation from Yvette, the mom from the pool who has become a family friend; she thinks Randall needs some black, male role models in his life. The sensei holds a ceremony to welcome young Pearson into the class. It involves Jack doing a ton of push-ups with Randall on his back while the sensei talks about how Jack would do anything for his kid, but that we all need help making our way in the world. So when Jack eventually tires, Randall gets on the back of every other father in the room — all of whom are black — and they do the push-ups Jack is too exhausted to do. Sounds corny, but plays so beautifully.

Later, when the drugs wear off, Randall’s anger has calmed a tad — enough for him to visit Rebecca and say, “You kept that secret for 36 years. That must’ve been incredibly lonely.” She instantly begins to sob. Thinking this is the start of a reconciliation, she reaches for him, but he pulls back. “No, not yet,” he says flatly. “I’ll see you at Christmas.” Then he walks away. Oof.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. TvPeong says:

    Those scenes with Jack and Randall were awesome. Both young Randall and older Randall. So good!

  2. Kelly says:

    My heart broke for Rebecca. Mom’s go through so much and try so hard

    • EM714 says:

      Rebecca is the WORST… Very selfish and over dramatic; they also should’ve cast an actual older actress for her during present day. MM is not remotely believable in her 60s; and she is tolerable at best during her 20s/30s.

      • AngD says:

        I disagree, I think she’s doing an amazing job. As a mom, I can relate to her.

      • Cas says:

        Wow. I think MM is killing it. Are you a mom? Because overdramatic at the thought of losing her child is something only a person who isn’t a mom would say. But I do agree they should have cast someone to play her in her 60’s.

        • EM714 says:

          Not over-dramatic in terms of losing young Randall (who is a doll BTW and my absolute favorite!)… Straight up leaving William was way harsh- especially since he doesn’t come across as a remote threat and hardly has the resources to attempt to take him back; and then threatening him again when they’re older and he has months to live. I think she’s way more conniving then she lets on. Dying to see how she ends up married to Miguel too.

        • rockermom59 says:

          I agree. Mandy Moore and all of the leads are perfectly cast.

  3. Lola says:

    I just love this show. It’s such a refreshing change from all of the superhero and crimes dramas littering the tv scene. Just good ol’ family drama at its best. Nothing less nothing more. I look forward to a new episode every week. NBC hit the bullseye with this show. Family drama is a lost genre in tv lately.

  4. kevstar69 says:

    Damn, this show does it to me again! I was hoping Kate to slap the sh_ out of Olivia.
    Hooray for Toby telling Kate “I’m not going to let you use me again”.

  5. Mimi says:

    So mad at Rebecca for running out on William like that. So mad!

  6. Reading your recaps feels like watching the show with a friend.

    Or having dinner together in Disney World.

  7. Kelly says:

    Olivia needs to go. Can’t stand her.
    I love kate and kevins relationship.need more randall&kate.

    So randall thinks he was a replacement for a dead baby when in fact he is the one acting like jack and Rebecca was a poor/not good enough substitute for William.

    I would love for one day randall to adopt so he can know the love Rebecca had for him

    • Angela says:

      Wanting to know your birth parents is not the same as thinking your adoptive parents are a poor substitute. I’m assuming it’s just the fact that he wanted to find his birth parents that is the reason he supposedly felt Jack and Rebecca were second best. Because he never said anything like that, unless someone can quote dialogue to the contrary. And, no, him looking for his birth parents or being mad at Rebecca for lying to him don’t count.

      You know, it IS possible to love the people who adopted you, to fully accept them as your parents and think they’re the best parents while ALSO wanting to know the people who brought you into the world. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

      • Ann says:

        If Jack and Rebecca were the best in Randall’s eyes, then why couldn’t Jack have been a good enough role model for Randall? None of those black male role models in his karate class were his biological father and he knew that, yet he was more then willing to accept and be fulfilled by them growing up, instead of just being satisfied with his adopted father…so therefore, isn’t he treating Jack like a “second best”?

        • Sara says:

          I don’t think it’s about being a good enough role model….he just wanted to know the people who were responsible for bringing him into the world. He wasn’t trying to replace his adoptive parents. And for a kid to be around people that don’t look the same as him, and then to be around people who do, that’s a interesting thing for a child. He had questions and was curious….it was not about not wanting his adoptive father.

        • grazelled says:

          Part of the “problem” is that Randall is pretty much very smart or maybe a genius so maybe he processes things differently. He’s very logical and likes to think things through so maybe he just needed to understand where he came from to make sense of his world. Being around the Dojo and the Karate group still left him wanting to know his birth father. The sad thing is that I can see Rebecca, William, and Jack eventually coming together as friends to do what’s best for Randall.

    • bigdede says:

      The fact is Randall was a replacement for the dead baby but when Jack saw Randall he just knew that was his son. So what Jack said was correct, Randall was a choice. Jack and Rebecca said they knew Randall was their son when they first saw him. Not one time has Randall said Jack and Rebecca was not good enough substitute for William. As a matter of fact, he has told William how great Jack was as a father and how Jack had to work at his job because he had to but Randall does it because he wants to. Randall is a Black child surrounded by people who don’t look like him. Nothing is wrong with him wanting to know where he came from. If that was wrong their would be no such thing as or other sites that tracks your family tree. Kate and Kevin know who they are and where they come from. Randall just wanted to know that also.

    • SusieT36 says:

      I’m adopted and my adopted parents are my Mom & Dad. Nothing will change that. The only time I even reference them as my adopted parents is when I’m discussing adoption.

      I have wanted to look for my bio parents for a long time, not because I don’t love my parents or feel they didn’t do a good job, it’s b/c I am just curious where I came from. Possibly find out why they put me up for adoption or if I have siblings. I don’t even want to be a part of their lives, I am just curious.

      No matter what my biological parents are a part of my history, they are my genetics. That would NEVER change who my actual parents are and how much I love them.

      • MMD says:

        I am adopted (although I did not find out until I was in university) as well and as far as I am concerned I only had one mother and one father. After my Mum passed, courtesy of an interfering relative I received a call, then a couple more. I discovered I was the oldest of 7 and they knew nothing of me. Another interfering relative came from the States and blindsided me by taking me to meet a “sibling”. I had never wanted to know anything except my medical history and these people live within an hour of me and I stick to my original statement. I had one mother and one father and I feel lucky because I was wanted, not an accident. Needless to say these relatives who felt that they needed to interfere are no longer in my life and I have no interest as to why I was put up for adoption.

    • AngieD says:

      I think most adopted kids wonder why their parents didn’t keep them. As much as they are loved by their adoptive family, there’s always that underlyng fact that someone didn’t want you – someone biologically connected to you didn’t want you. Then add being black in a family of white people in that time period = feeling different. Add being disliked by your brother = another person that doesn’t love me. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Randall would have a sense of abandonment and would seek his birth parents. As much as he’s had a good life, he needed to know why he wasn’t good enough to keep. It’s that simple and has nothing to do with his adoptive parents not loving him. If Rebecca had told him herself that she found his father and he wasn’t kept because he wasn’t able to care for him, Randall wouldn’t feel as betrayed. Not telling him at age 8 is understandable, but she should have told him long ago.

  8. HollyS says:

    If you haven’t seen this thread on twitter between Milo, Sterling, and Justin, be prepared for tears again.

  9. Lola says:

    I feel bad for Rebecca. I think her keeping that secret was built on pure fear. No one can understand the possibilty of losing a child like a mother. She raised that boy from birth for those nine years and judging by her conversation with Jack, Randall was technically never signed away. That’s a heck of a realization to know you could lose your kid. I get it. I probably would’ve sat Randall down when he was about 16 and explained things. But as mothers we have to make decisions and she chose to love him and be his mother. William turned out pretty decent after his drug thing but that’s not always the case. Randall had loving parents and family and that’s what matters, not always biology.

    • AngieD says:

      Also, don’t forget that she lost one child. Losing Randall would’ve been a second loss. She struggled to bond with baby Randall because she was scared that his parents would come back for him, especially seeing the suspected father lurking at the hospital. When she found out that William couldn’t care for baby Kyle, she was able to let go of the fear and bond with Baby Randall. Later, seeing that William was successfully fighting his addictions, put fear back into her life that her son would want to leave them for his bio Dad.

      • AngD says:

        That’s what I was thinking as I saw that scene. So many people coming down on Rebecca for keeping Randall away from his Dad. All I saw was a mom who loved her son. And thought maybe anytime he didn’t agree with what she and Jack did would say I want to go live with my real Dad. I think at 18 she should have given him the info though. But up until then I would not have.

    • Andrea says:

      I think we also have to be aware of the time period, too. This wasn’t the era of open adoptions and surrender laws with no consequences (when William left the baby at the fire station). Plus, it’s now been confirmed that Randall’s adoption wasn’t legal. Rebecca specifically said that William didn’t sign anything. This was the time period when you could say that a child was adopted without people really being curious about details. If he wanted to at any time, William could have gone to the cops and said that his child had been taken from him. Yet, he never pursued that because I think he knew that Randall was in a good place. I can see why Rebecca bolted. She and Jack were quite literally at William’s mercy. If he had pursued anything, both Jack and Rebecca would have been in very hot legal water, which would have affected Kate and Kevin as well.

  10. I anxiously look forward to every Tuesday night to watch this incredible drama. I don’t know who the writers of this show are but you guys can just drop the mic because none of the other shows even come close! All the actors are so believable. I mean I love this show so much I even watch the after show!! I’ve never been invested in a show like that before. Please writers, keep this show clean, pure and compelling like it is!

  11. ninamags says:

    Maybe I’m tripping as well but wasn’t that Sloan, playwright, girl the AT&T girl??

    I cried during the class scene when Jack was doing all those push-ups for his son.

  12. Katherine says:

    All the Olivia scenes were annoying. She’s bringing down an otherwise great show.

  13. I just have to say ... says:

    I hate that Kate called Toby. I’ve never liked his character – rude, pushy & didn’t respect Kate’s boundaries. I was thrilled when Kate broke up with him.
    Kate, girl, you don’t need a man like Toby. You do what you need to do to make yourself happy, THEN you’ll be able to have a healthy relationship with the right guy.

    • bigdede says:

      I don’t like Toby either. I also think he’s pushy. People like my mother thinks his pushiness is a good thing because it makes Kate open herself up more. I don’t agree. Just like the football situation. Toby pushed and pushed for her to come to his house for football when Kate likes to watch by herself because it’s something she cherished with her dad. Toby ruined the game by talking and he didn’t consider why Kate wanted to watch the game by herself.

  14. queensgirl says:

    1) It was so funny to see Girl Talk! I am on (read: addicted to) this website on which you can make quizzes, and Girl Talk was an answer in the last one I made.

    2) When was Olivia not terrible?

  15. mrmcgee says:

    Oh man, those dojo scenes and the final one when Randall walks at from Rebecca…so affecting. As a black father of sons this whole episode stirred a ton of feelings.

    Friday Night Lights used to be my “damn this show” for giving me all the feels drama. Now it’s this one.

  16. herman1959 says:

    It also thought ,at first, that Olivia could have been talking about herself. Now, I think she may have been talking about her mom – based on last week’s episode I think Olivia has some deep mother issues. That said, I’m not that interested in finding out because she ‘s so unlikable.

  17. GraceM says:

    This show gets better and better each week. I don’t mind the flashbacks either. Unlike Lost, you don’t get lost.

  18. Phil says:

    Three versions of Kevin replying to Kim, when she apologizes to him in the article for only focusing on one family member’s crisis per week:

    Young Kevin: “awww… fine!”

    Teen Kevin: “what?!? Why does he always get the extra attention?!? This sucks!!!!!!!!!!”

    Adult Kevin: “well, ok. I mean his problem is bigger than mine so it’s all cool. But hey! I’m next! Right…? Please? I mean, if it’s cool.?.”

  19. bigdede says:

    Just my opinion but I believe the show is focusing so much on adult and child Randall because both actors who play Randal have extremely excellent chemistry with the parents and William. What that sensei did was so awesome with the push-up thing. At first I didn’t understand why Rebecca wouldn’t tell Jack and anyone that she knew Randall’s bio dad but after she told Jack and Randall’s bio parents could easily get him because they didn’t give up their rights, I totally understood. I LOVE Randall’s list. That’s so like him. I so wanted Kate to bust that British tart in the mouth but Olivia was right on with what she said. I hope Kevin doesn’t hook up with that AT&T girl. Can’t stand her or her glasses. I just can’t stand any of the theater people. When Jack grabbed adult Randall by the back of his head and told him he loved him and he was not a choice he was a fact, I cried. This is the role that Milo was made for.

    • ameraleigh says:

      “When Jack grabbed adult Randall by the back of his head and told him he loved him and he was not a choice he was a fact, I cried. This is the role that Milo was made for.”

      I’ve been a fan of Milo’s since Gilmore Girls, I’ve seen almost everything he has done but you are so right, none of his roles have ever felt quite as real as this one.

  20. abz says:

    I know it’s probably none of my business as its the actress’s personal life, but I’m a little curious how far this dieting clause in her contract that was revealed a few weeks ago extends. If her character is planning to undergo gastric bypass surgery in the show, has the actress been planning to do it for a while and that’s why they’ve written it in? Or did the actress undergo the surgery recently before starting the show and now they’re writing it in?

    Other than that definitely another emotional episode. I can’t help but feel heartbroken for both William and Rebecca. Such a complex and emotional situation to be in. On the one hand, you have a biological father who has been working hard to turn his life around and is given momentary false hope of seeing his son again and, on the other hand, you have a protective adoptive mother who raised this young boy for 9 years and loved and cared for him and is overcome with fear of losing her son. Mandy Moore has done a great job in this role so far. When Rebecca broke down in front of Randall when he showed up on her door, I almost lost it. So heartbreaking.

    • bigdede says:

      Even with gastric bypass, it’s can take up to a year for a person to lose a significant amount of weight. Also this show is telling stories very slowly. Miguel is Rebecca’s husband yet we don’t know how that happened since he was Jack’s best friend. We still don’t know anything regarding what Randall’s birth mother is doing right now. There’s still so much story to tell that Kate’s gastric bypass surgery could happen next season. It may not even happen anytime soon.

      • Victor Maysonet says:

        What is the name of the song at the end of episode 9

      • abz says:

        Oh I know that there is plenty of story for them mine through this season and the next season. I was just curious if the actress herself would be undergoing the gastric bypass surgery herself or has already undergone it prior to the show given the whole reveal about how they put weight loss as part of her show contract.
        I don’t know if I’m remembering wrong, but I thought they implied that Randall’s birth mother died from an overdose. Maybe they didn’t specifically mention it, but I remember them showing flashbacks to William in the 1970s and the drug use before she had Randall.

      • GraceM says:

        Randall ‘ s birth mother git hooked on drugs because of William and died giving birth because of the drugs.

    • herman1959 says:

      I’m not so sure she will have the surgery because Kevin is very much against it. Also, there is no way that the actress can be required to have major elective surgery per contract. If she did, it would have to be her choice. I think she’ll end up losing the weight by diet.

  21. “After all, nothing (bears) bad (snakes) can (forest fires) happen (ravines) in (murderous lunatics) the (more bears) woods!” Hahahahaha

    I also got the feeling that Olivia may have been a heavier person earlier in life, but the rest of her antics, like being so hot & cold with Kevin is kind of a b!$?& move

  22. GraceM says:

    Two questions about Randall.

    Why would he be mad at his wife? As sh punted out, she tried to get Rebecca to tell Randall the truth the minute she found out. It wasn’t as if she knew this secret all his life and it wasn’t hers to tell.

    Second. Wny was he helping himself to someone else’s bottled drink in the fridge? I know I wouldn’t. It’s one thing to help yourself to a bottle if beer or wine but when it’s a bottle with what looks like someone’s personal drink, no.

  23. Sissy says:

    Did anyone else laugh when Kevin snapped a photo of Randall before they left him in his hallucinogenic stupor?
    It crossed my mind that Olivia may have have some kind of food and/or commitment issues. But I was glad Kevin called her out for “canoodling” with that dude. “Empty, human shell”…ouch!
    It would seem that Kevin slept with the playwright. And I did not realize she was the AT&T person, but now that makes sense. I kept thinking she looked familiar.

  24. Luis Roman says:

    In seven episodes, “This is Us” has become the best scripted drama on network television since “The West Wing.” (“Breaking Bad” was basic cable.) If Sterling K. Brown doesn’t win the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama next September, there will have to be an investigation, followed by indictments.

    • Jenna says:

      Agreed that sterling is great, but I think both parenthood and Friday night lights, among others, were far superior in terms of writing and story to This is Us. Still giving it a shot BC I love the acting, but the writing is starting to kill it for me.

      • Cas says:

        I disagree. I liked Parenthood but I just started watching on Netflix. Started watching months ago and am only halfway through Season 2 because I would usually rather watch other things. But I do like it, it just gets pushed down on my list and that is why I think it isn’t as good as This is Us. I also liked FNL but got real sick of the cast shakeups. I know there weren’t that many but all my favorite people kept leaving haha.

  25. Jenna says:

    I still like the show, largely because I think all the actors are doing a great job with their roles, but does anyone else feel like this show is getting overly corny and sappy at this point? Like I have always loved family dramas, loved parenthood and Friday night lights etc, and they were cheesy in their way but they didn’t beat you over the head with the schmaltzy dialogue and scenarios. The scene at the dojo with the push-ups? I don’t think my eyes have rolled that far back into my head in a long time. So unnecessary and shamelessly cloying. Hopefully they tone it down a bit.

    • mary says:

      Maybe you’ve never been to one of those classes, but that is to show connection between the two-a bond. While Randall was so focused on finding his bio dad, he was forgetting he had a dad right there.

      • Jenna says:

        I get showing the bond etc. I just think the mechanisms the show is using to do so and the writing are incredibly overwrought to the point where I keep laughing at some parts that are supposed to be moving. Family and love are important, I get it and don’t need to be beat to death over the head with it. Every line is some wanna be profound hallmark card description of love and life. What happened to normal dialogue and Human interaction? It’s just too much for me, I actually like a lot of cheesy shows but this is getting to be overboard for me.

  26. Predhead says:

    Only saw bits and pieces of the episode so can someone explain Mandy Moore’s character running all around the cabin freaked out of her mind, locking doors and stuff. Milo’s character implied she had/has issues as well.

    • Carlos says:

      It was a brief, unexplained scene. Not sure if it was a metaphor for the way she felt, wanting to protect the family from strangers (Randall’s dad) or if she is/was really ill.

      • mary says:

        It was a metaphor. It was just to show that no matter how old they get, she will always be their mother trying to protect them.

  27. John Baetens says:

    The woman who played Olivia’s producer looks familiar. Was that Milana Vayntrub, the girl in the AT&T commercials?

  28. kmw says:

    This is Us is a nice family drama and it keeps getting better. I would hope the other networks can see a show like this if written and acted well CAN work. And the ratings prove it. Keep it going with this show NBC!!!

  29. fiberlicious says:

    Was I the only one holding her breath during that dojo scene, waiting for Jack to drop dead? After all, we don’t know how he died…

  30. parstl says:

    First did you notice the actress play ing Sloan is Milana Vantrub, the actress who portrays the cute as heck Lilly in the AT&T commercials? Hope she sticks around.
    This was a great episode and is there any doubt this show should blow all of the other tv dramas out of the water at the various award shows next year. This is what writing, acting and directing is all about. Kudos to everyone associated with it.

  31. Mom3 says:

    This is nitpicking, but … Jack and Rebecca couldn’t afford the tuition at Randall’s new school unless Jack gave up his dream, but they own a vacation home?

    • Andrea says:

      I think that’s totally plausible because that’s not a vacation home. It’s a cabin, and it’s not a cabin with a whole lot of bling. The kids were raised in Pittsburgh, which is in the Midwest. That cabin is somewhere where they could drive to it from Pittsburgh in the past and now get to it from Randall’s house now which is somewhere in the vicinity of NYC. Cabins like that are very common in the Midwest, and they are very often held in families. We don’t know how Rebecca got the cabin. Even if she’s on the outs with her family, she could have gotten the cabin or shared it with siblings. Lots of Midwestern families have access to cabins. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have gobs of money. Rebecca and Jack could have had access to the cabin when the kids were in school, and Rebecca might have gained ownership of it later after the kids were grown.

  32. ncmacasl says:

    Trivia: If you pause at the Magic Eye scene, you can see it ISN’T A BEAR! It is a rhinoceros, giraffe and elephant. Another “Big Three”!