Lucifer Recap Chloe Secret Origin

Lucifer Fall Finale Recap: Problem Child

This week in the Lucifer fall finale, Charlotte (begrudgingly) sought out a non-lethal way of using her son’s partner in crimesolving to advance her agenda, only to come to a startling realization about Detective Decker — one that changes everything.

Picking up right where last week left of, Charlotte was poised to make Chloe go boom, only to get interrupted by 1) Chloe’s interaction with a valet and then 2) Amenadiel, who argued that killing Detective Decker will only send Lucifer deep-diving into a relentless murder investigation.

Instead, Charlotte weaseled her way into the sorest spot in Chloe’s life, by defending prison warden Smith against charges that he years ago killed John Decker, and has silenced others since to keep that secret. This court case sets up a hugely entertaining montage in which Lucifer re-enacts the events leading up to Smith’s arrest. Alas, the prosecution is short on evidence to support their case, especially since their key witness, Boris from the steam room, has turned up… well, as just a head. Also, thanks to Dan being careless with his phone when hooking up with Charlotte, Chloe’s presence at Joe Fields’ murder scene comes into question, sullying their case. Seeing an opportunity, Charlotte offers Chloe a deal — Smith strung up on lesser charges, if the detective takes the stand to call publicly Lucifer a liar, thus delivering a blow to the quality he holds most dear.

Lucifer, Dan and Maze, meanwhile, are hunting down the gang member responsible for decapitating Boris, teeing up a sequence in which Maze rides Dan hard about his deeper connection to Charlotte, and then the “gorgeous” fight sequence that Lesley-Ann Brandt told us about a few weeks back, in which Maze bests the Chinese gang lord’s burliest bruiser. Alas, that all leads to a dead end, when the hatchet man who beheaded Boris himself is himself found dead.

Yet even with that setback, when Chloe takes the stand she does not stick to the script Charlotte pensioned, but instead attests to Lucifer Morningstar’s incapacity to lie — even though it means the warden gets set free. Dan and Maze, however, see to it that another form of justice is served, by offering Smith lucifer-season-2-episode-10-luciferup to Russian goons who don’t care much for third parties taking out their kind.

All is not lost for Charlotte, however. Far from it. For as Lucifer delivers on the dinner he skipped out on — cozying up to Chloe over wine and French fries at his place, the two of them even leaning in for a kiss — Amenadiel presents a fun fact to his mother: “Thirty-five years ago, Father asked me to come down here to bless a couple that was unable to have a child” — the first and last time He would ever make such a request. Having just bumped into Penelope, Amenadiel now realizes that said “miracle” baby grew up to be… Chloe. Meaning, God purposely put her in Lucifer’s path, using His other son as a pawn. (And that seemingly also explains why Lucifer’s powers are muted in the detective’s presence.)

As a result, Charlotte gushes, Chloe herself represents not an “obstacle” but “the key” to them getting “it all back,” to get everything they want. But how, exactly?

What did you think of the episode “Quid Pro Ho”?

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  1. donholley77 says:

    The reveal about Chloe makes perfect sense! I’m only mad i didn’t figure it out!

    • Taylor says:

      Please do tell me what you think Chloe is! I’m like is she Lucifer’s sister, relative, an angel???

      • donholley77 says:

        She’s definitely a child of God! :D but i don’t think she’s related to Lucifer, since his brother “blessed” the mother! Charlotte called Chloe a miracle! My guess is she’s half human half angel!

        • Huskygeek says:

          But… we’re all children of God.

        • edyn says:

          Maybe she is a human with blessed abilities. Amendiel blessed the parents to have Chloe, so she is a blessed human, to only affect Lucifer. Lucifer can get hurt when he is with Chloe, so maybe she is his undoing to make him go back to hell without any knowledge of sending him to hell. God wants him to return to hell, so it can be possible she was created to do that, but the plan may have had unintended results–Lucifer and Chloe working together, having a relationship. Maybe God did not expect that. Chloe brings out the best in Lucifer, but can also be his undoing since he cares for her very much. Maybe it was God’s plan for them to have relationship, but never anything complex.

    • Daya says:

      I’m confused on how Charlotte thinks they can make this work for them–and annoyed that we have to wait until January 16! (On the other hand, it’s kind of funny to be able to say I can’t watch Lucifer again until I’m 31!)

      Part of me wants to say that they’ll be more hellbent (pardon the pun) than ever on killing her, but that would piss god off royally. The other part says they’re not going to kill her after all, but that doesn’t explain how they’re going to deal with her. SO CONFUSED!

  2. Joey Padron says:

    Good fall finale episode. Surprised about the reveal of Chloe at the end. Can’t wait for the show to come back in January!

  3. Brett Wiebe says:

    I think he put Chloe there to bring Lucifer some happiness after where he sent him. Obviously knowing where he would end up.

  4. Danielle says:

    Okay, can we all just agree that Lucifer is kind of killing it with the ensemble cast right now? It doesn’t seem to matter who they pair up, it just works. There isn’t a single pair up (romantic and otherwise) that isn’t entertaining to watch. I can’t wait to see how the next half builds on these relationships, particularly looking forward to some more Lucifer and Dan bonding because it somehow just works even though it maybe shouldn’t. Also having a hard time deciding who I like better Maze and Amenadiel or Maze and Dan…food for thought

  5. Mythamber says:

    I particularly enjoyed when Chloe was cluing Lucifer in on why the day was important, making him parrot her words that this was the day of the trial of the “man who killed my father”, at which point he does a double-take and says “Nietzsche?”

  6. Mollie Brown says:

    Love this one, bad dialogue, silly scripts and all!!! Annoyed that we have to wait until Jan 16! By the way, trial witnesses subject to recall or redirect are never allowed to stay in the courtroom…but oh well…who cares!

    • Temperance says:

      The dialog isn’t bad (it’s stylized) and the scripts are anything but silly. They’re FUN and it’s more of a fable.

    • KCC says:

      I hate it when shows about the devil, celestial beings and a demon walking the earth don’t follow courtroom procedure. It ruins the realism of the show. Supergirl saying to Lena Luthor: “Be your own hero.” is bad dialogue. Lucifer Morningstar saying: “Consider me an emotional jockstrap for the Decker family jewels.” is brilliant!

    • Jajg says:

      I find myself laughing today (embrassing in some situations) at the campy dialogue from ep.#10….”emotional jockstrap”….”so help me Dad”…”crouching tiger/hidden douche”….just to name a few.
      Great writing, outstanding ensemble, my favorite guilty pleasure tv show👏

      • edyn says:

        Kevin Alejandro plays other roles and there is Ellis’s voice in my head calling him Detective Douche every time. The actor was in True Blood and Arrow, now I think of Det. Douche when I see him. I love the sarcasm and witty banter from Ellis.

  7. Iris says:

    Fantastic episode. Hilarious and campy and serious and emotional, the show toes on all the fine lines and makes it work. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and it’s engaging. Is it January yet?

  8. Liza says:

    This show keeps getting better and better!

  9. Lee Gibson says:

    “As much I would love to see crouching tiger hidden douche” haha hilarious. I don’t get how Charlotte thinks she’s getting to heaven after all this anyway, it’s not like god can’t see it. This season has been brill so far though

  10. This didn’t surprise me at all. There’s a reason Chloe is resistant to Lucifer and why he is vulnerable in her presence. I have always felt this show is God’s way of redeeming Lucifer, and Chloe is very important with that.

  11. arial2 says:

    So Chloe is – Starbuck? (Battlestar Galactica humor. You had to be there…)

  12. J.Norman says:

    Pretty good twist.

    It at least provides some (possible) insight into why Lucifer becomes mortal in her presence.

    But they (showrunners) seem to be doing what they can to lessen Lucifers (and especially) Amenadiel’s power.
    Also, I have to say that my favorite character on the show is Maze.

  13. dman6015 says:

    The show just keeps getting better and better.

  14. Erin B says:

    While I like some things to stay a mystery in shows, it was very satisfying to learn what Chloe’s deal is now rather than waiting until the last few episodes of the series. I can’t wait to see where they take it. All of that plus, “emotional jockstrap.” Hee Hee!

  15. many says:

    love the show.. please do not start kiling people

  16. This show just gets better and better with the deeper characterizations. Not a happy camper about waiting until next year to see what happens next.

  17. Brian says:

    This show is so much fun. The cast is just completely perfect top to bottom, not a single throwaway character because of the writing and the splendid casting. Throwing Tricia Helfer and Aimee Garcia into the mix has only made it better because of how easily they’ve mixed with the rest of the returning cast. So happy ‘Number Six’ finally found another role that suits her so well. This show is simply one of, if not the best, dramas on network television.

  18. andrew hass says:

    If Chloe has God-like powers i’m wondering if that means she can’t be killed.However i don’t think she’s related to Lucifer but i’m wondering if Lucifer will have to choose between been with Chloe or something else and maybe that’ll be the season ending cliffhanger where he has to choose.

  19. Georgia Madman says:

    The story is about Lucifer but the women on this show rock. Especially Maze. Her Matrix move was hysterical.

  20. Cherri Copley Mott says:

    First, I must say that I hope the rumor about Lucifer marrying some show girl is not true. It will not add to the story what so ever. The writers have already presented a possible romance between Decker and Lucifer and they should continue along those lines. That would be much more interesting than throwing a showgirl in the mix to keep Decker at bay. Where is it written that Lucifer can’t fall in love. Who knows maybe God will redeem his son because he has proved himself. Just spiff balling. NO SHOWGIRL. THAT IS DUMB!!1!!!!

  21. Mary P says:

    Lucifer is a wonderful series of “I bet you didn’t see that coming” moments. While the Lucifer/Chloe storyline is front and center, the writers build and fill out all of the supporting cast. They give each their moments and together it’s a fully interconnected story. Add some humor, a bit of drama and the spice of each character the stew is served! Nothing and no one is left out. Fox, whether they like it or not, has a hit on its hands. Now if they’d just believe it!

  22. Donna Green says:

    Sooo, could Chloe have untapped heavenly powers that will enable her to take Mom down a peg?? Would love to see the ladies have another girl’s night! That was fun. And Maze and Chloe’s daughter. Love those scenes too.

  23. Kyle says:

    I believe God put Chloe in Lucifer’s path as a sort of apology for all that he has put Lucifer through, even though it was revealed that Charlotte cast him into hell. This perhaps could be a gesture that could welcome him back into heaven, or it has some sort of deeper meaning that I cant see. Kinda upset that we have to wait until January to continue watching but I guess that’s how they keep us hooked.

  24. Alex Hoang says:

    I am disappointed I came here for potential show theories, instead got an episode summary.

  25. Lin says:

    Do you guys think there will be a season 3? God I hope so!!!

  26. Rebecca says:

    I think it was boring and lost interest in it I think Luthers should get over Chloe and move on and have more action that’s my opinion

  27. I thought it was a great episode. A pretty big twist and puts Chloe even more as a key to the whole thing.

  28. Reatha says:

    I love the show, cast, and writers. The chemistry is fantastic between all involve. I hope fox know that have a great show in Lucifer.

  29. Rodgerick Green says:

    Awesome show. Like how we get bits and pieces just makes me want to wait to see what happens. Really hope we get more.

  30. Loretta Buckley says:

    We lost electricity 1 minute after the episode “Love Handles” aired, so we missed the episode. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can view this on the internet? Thanks.

  31. It’s a great suspense for an ending season, sending viewers like me rushing for season 3.

    • Loretta Buckley says:

      Does anyone know how I can view the last 2 episodes of Lucifer? My DVR met with an electrical storm and it lost the last 2 episodes. I REALLY REALLY want to see these and catch up. Any ideas where I can find it, without paying fees and joining sites. Please help