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Gilmore Girls: The Scoop Behind That 'Elaborate' Life and Death Sequence

The following story contains spoilers from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed at your own peril.

That breathtakingly cinematic Life and Death Brigade sequence in “Fall,” the closing chapter of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, was every bit as ambitious as it looked, according to Tanc Sade, who plays Finn (arguably the secret society’s most eccentric member).

“We took a lot of time shooting that — it was done over a few months,” the actor revealed to me at the revival’s premiere earlier this month, adding that scheduling issues made the sequence even more challenging to execute. “I was shooting [Showtime]’s Roadies at the time” and Matt Czuchry (Logan) was still working on The Good Wife. “We were all working on other shows.”

As far as Czuchry is concerned, the ends more than justified the means. “The Life and Death Brigade stuff was my favorite stuff to do,” he enthused. “I think that captured the best of who Logan is, the best of who Rory is, and the best of who Rory and Logan are together.”

Press PLAY below for more from Czuchry and Sade, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the L&DB’s splashy return. 

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  1. Aisha says:

    This sequence had everything I hate(Logan, proof of Rory being a mess and the beatles) and yet I loved it so much.
    It was just so visually pleasing and a fun scene that I was in happy awe.
    Also facially I can only recall Finn

    • reesa_ says:

      haha! This sequence had everything I LOVED (rory, the boys, logan, LADB) and it was fantastic! The music, the settings, the dancing, the language! so much fun and such a beautiful tribute to Rory and Logan’s college years. i was so happy once the scene started and had a mixture of happy/sad tears going on.

    • nicole says:

      The LDB scene was my favorite in the whole revival. The characters all have such unique and interesting personalities. It’s so fun to watch! I wish we didn’t have to see Logan and Rory say goodbye though. I always loved them together.

  2. Kar says:

    It’s the best for Logan but Rory at her worst. Like when she was going to let Logan steal from her grandmother or her dropping out of school to pal around with them.

    • reesa says:

      I actually loved Rory and Logan together. I think he showed Rory how to open herself up, live fuller and take risks. There’s nothing wrong with that, she was in her twenties for god’s sake, let her live, dance, learn and take it all in. She used to be so stuck up in her own fantasy book world, and I do think you need to step out of this and your comfort zone or life will just pass by you…

    • Danielle says:

      Ugh, I’m over the whole Logan is terrible argument. This is not to say that I am #TeamLogan or #TeamJess, but Logan isn’t the reason Rory dropped out of school, she dropped out because her character spent her whole life basically being told a how perfect and smart she is and so the second that someone who had some authority in the subject said otherwise it made her doubt herself. Yes that person is Logan’s father, but it isn’t Logan. Also it takes two people to cheat and between the two of them we know at least of Rory doing this before (cough..Dean..cough).

      • Pam says:

        Yep, I’m over the argument “When Rory does something wrong it’s because her boyfriends’ influence”. Face it: when Rory does something wrong it’s because she is flawed as much as Logan, Dean or Jess. Everyone is always arguing about who deserves her. But right now I’m asking myself if she really deserves someone on her side because throughout that revival the only person she was really worry about was herself.

  3. The GG creator’s love for the LDB is mystifying. They’re spoiled Noel Coward wanna-bes who are the DEFINITION of White Male Privilege. Buying a Tango Club and turning it into something else on the spot? DOUCHE MOVE. Loud, drunken, 30-something FRAT boys. Going to Yale and making it a secret society doesn’t make it somehow better.

    And the ENTIRE point of that little expedition is to help their buddy Logan convince Rory to be his MISTRESS. The “no strings” house for writing? Yeah, that’s right up there with “but I love you and not her.” Thankfully she turned him down.

    Was the sequence beautifully filmed? Yes. But it’s a testament to ASSHOLES. People who think it’s okay to crap on anyone else because they have money. That Rory enjoys these people is a blight on her character.

    Other than that, I have no strongly held perspective.

    • c-mo says:

      Jealous much?

    • Becca says:

      I disagree with most of your assertions but damned if you didn’t save the paragraph with the wry kicker!

    • Ines says:

      I have a love-hate thing about the life & death brigade and you summed it up pretty nice. I love that they show a fun, careless side of Rory (one she probably would be were she raised in Hartford in the middle of the spoiled rich kids instead of with Lorelai) but they were a part of the worst period of Rory’s life and I hate she still hangs out with them! Rory should know better by now.
      But I know for the revival they wanted to bring as many characters from the series as possible and the sequence was beautifully filmed so I’m willing to forgive.

      • Cas says:

        Guess everyone is forgetting Rory made all of her own choices. Choice to be Logans mistress, choice to drop out (pretty sure Logan tried convincing her to go back), choice to steal a boat. You can blame others all you want but the fact that nobody can take responsibility for themselves these days apparently carries over into TV series.

        • c-mo says:

          Well said!

        • Pam says:

          Preach. I also would like to point out that if she was Logan’s mistress, Logan was also Rory’s mistress. I don’t see difference between those two if not the fact that was him to propose her 9ys before and she said NO. Rory wasn’t forced by anyone to do so. She was fully involved in the all thing and was her damn choice.

        • Ines says:

          I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. But I wasn’t blaming others.They were/are a bad influence on her, yes, there’s no denying that but she continuing to go out (and have affairs) is enabling that behavior. At 32, behaving like a 22 and not realizing that they’re a bad choice is appalling.

    • Kat says:

      Agree completely – from the first shot of them running through the street, I was done, and when he bought the tango club because he ‘didn’t like the music’ — wow. I liked Logan 10 years ago when I watched this show, but the revival really turned me off from Rory and the L&DBers.

    • Ray says:

      Seconded. I cannot stomach those smarmy, pretentious asshats.

  4. Linda says:

    That whole L&DB stuff could have easily been cut out.

  5. Josh says:

    That scene might have been my least favorite ever.

  6. erikassocalledlife says:

    My favorite part of the whole revival! Logan loves Rory, and wants her, and he goes to great lengths to get her out of her head and support her. He knows they can’t be together. And I didn’t look at it as being his mistress, but helping her since he can’t do anymore. Loved the whole steampunk theme and just loved it all so much!

    • To quote Lorelei when Rory was justifying sleeping with Dean: “Oh Rory”.

      He presented her with a key to a house that was “hers”. That’s such a mistress cliche. His claim that it was with “no strings” rings hollow. He wants to have her in his life. And he has zero problem with their relationship being sexual, even though he’s getting married. That’s NOT good for Rory. It’s not who she wants to be or she wouldn’t have dropped her visit once Odette moved in.

      Bottom line: he flew across the Atlantic to get Rory back into his life. At least he was gracious when she declined.

      • Becca says:

        Or he meant no strings and flew across the ocean to give them the grand goodbye their years together deserved more than the awkward teary phone conversation of Summer.

      • c-mo says:

        If she wanted to be something different so badly she wouldn’t have made the choices SHE made. It didn’t look like Logan was blackmailing her or keeping her hostage so whatever their relationship was, was her decision, not someone else’s. Apparently we always forget that actions have consequences. You don’t go into a sex only relationship with someone you were in love with, who is now engaged to someone else without getting hurt at some point. More than anything, the Logan relationship shows just how immature Rory really is. She might have book smarts but common sense is sorely lacking.

        • Veronica says:

          Let’s not forget that Logan tried to marry Rory once already. And she said no. He wanted to out her first, but she said no.

          We have absolutely no idea how these two got back together again – nothing to say it wasn’t Rory who decided on their Vegas rule. Remember, she ALSL has a boyfriend during their whole affair. But there’s no indication that this is just Logan wanting a mistress. To me, it’s Logan wanting Rory and knowing she already turned down a proposal once so trying to honoring that. You may think Rory acts like she wants more from Logan, but he already tried to give that to her once. Maybe he’s just wary of trying to offer her that again.

          And yeah, I also get skeeved out by people who put all the blame for Rory’s actions on Logan.

  7. Mallory says:

    I thought it was stupid. Well-filmed but stupid. They’re in their 30s now. They’re not in college anymore. It’s not cute. Those four boys (not men) continue to be the epitome of White Male Privilege. I wish they’d grown up at least a little.

    And the “Steampunk Beatles” montage didn’t do them any favors, either.

  8. Lauren says:

    Honestly, the whole sequence felt long and out of place. Like the musical, i just wanted to fast forward.

  9. Lysh says:

    It was weird, but I enjoyed it. It was just visually nice. I love Finn. Gilmore Girls always had a knack about showing classes and how Rory specifically acts in those different worlds of rich socialites and everyday small town people. Logan can cheer Rory up with steampunk outfits and fancy meals and buying out an inn for the night, while Dean or Jess can inspire her by just grabbing a drink and chatting. It shows the kind of time they were allowed, too. 90 minutes is a lot to fill.

  10. Dannie C says:

    I’ve always had mixed feelings on the life & death brigade.. I think it could of been shorter (like other things in the revival |loved the whole revival) also was that Amy’s mom in the tango club?

  11. neha says:

    I’m sorry, but this was up there with the musical as a complete waste of my time. It just didn’t fit with the Gilmore Girls vibe! I just don’t understand why they wasted precious screen time on this and Jess somehow only had 3 scenes. And, Milo had the availability!

    • Jim says:

      Milo and Alexis used to be a couple, maybe she didn’t want to work with him that much. Who knows?

      • Sarah says:

        They’re actors – they get paid to pretend. They can hate each other til the cows come home between takes, then turn on a dime when the cameras roll. Happens all the time in Hollywood.

    • Lori says:

      Agree completely. Waste of time.

    • Nicole says:

      This!! It bothered me so much that they wasted so much time on that ridiculous musical and the Life and Death Brigade scenes when Jess was only in 3 scenes. He didn’t even get a proper “thank you” from Rory for helping to inspire her book.

      • MLPR says:

        I thought for sure that Jess would have more to do with Rory’s growth over the revival. And if it’s true that the reason was that the actors didn’t want to work with each other, then that’s just immature and unprofessional (but that could be the title of the whole revival anyway).

  12. lordofluck says:

    I loved the start of that sequence but once the montage stopped in the club I didn’t enjoy it as much.

  13. LisaP says:

    I can’t help thinking that ASP still hasn’t moved on from the Yale years. Those characters showed absolutely no growth – they are frozen in time. Rory actually regressed. It is such a shame because I wanted to be in love with the revival but Rory’s story was just so sad.

    • Danielle says:

      I loved the revival, but I completely agree about Rory. To watch her make the same stupid mistakes that she supposedly already learned from was depressing.

    • Lysh says:

      It’s like she had all she wanted to do back in season 7 in mind but then tried to edit it with the fact that everyone is older (or gone or unavailable) now. I did love the revival but Rory’s love life was cringey, yet her being kinda lost after some success was relateable to me.

  14. Six says:

    I’m in shock that so many people did not like this part. Remember we only saw a small part of guys’ lives on a night on the town. It was a way for Rory to relax and have fun so it could of been for the rest of them. We fell in love with them as crazy college boys and they are side characters, their growth was not essential to the show compared to the main cast. And yes, white privilege but that was always a statement on it; the audience sees how wasteful these men are and we hate that, it means the scene was well done and they established their point. And come on, if you had unlimited money, wouldn’t you want at least one crazy night or be able to buy whatever you want. It is fun! It is not like the whole show was written around this.
    And yeah ASP maybe isn’t over the Yale years but she didn’t get to finish them, this was her chance to complete it the way she wanted it while giving us the answers we begged for and reminding us all the reasons we love this show.

    In all, the part made me smile and I loved every second of it. I could understand people mentioning it should be shorter, I liked how it was but that makes sense.
    Not mad just hope people can lighten up on some parts :)

  15. Squeezybamu says:

    The sequence was lifted from Across the Universe – down to the song. I think I’m the only one that saw the movie because no one else has noticed.

    • Katie says:

      No it wasn’t just you. Across the Universe is one of my all time favorite films and as soon as the song started I recognized that it was the film version and then the whole golfing from rooftop part was a direct lift from that sequence. I thought it was an incredible ode to the film but no one has said a word about the connection and I’m starting to wonder if they just lifted the whole thing hoping people wouldn’t notice.

  16. Katie says:

    Sorry, most ridiculous part of the entire revival. To have those characters still acting like little children now that they are in their 30s is embarrassing. Would it have killed them to have at least one of them act more mature?

  17. TV line readers are so miserable. Fun is cancelled

  18. One of the worst parts of the revival, along with the musical.

  19. Cas says:

    Queue the Jess lovers coming and saying it was a terrible scene. It was the best part of the whole revivial which was disappointing as a whole. Logan loves Rory and I think he proved that. He dropped everything to come cheer her up. Sorry but you don’t do that for someone you don’t love. Rory is the one who was all “what happens in Vegas”. And to plan on raising a kid without their father is selfish. I’m sorry but it is. And what Christopher said about Lorelai wanting to be the one to raise Rory is just terrible. Yeah he could have fought but he loved her so he didn’t want that. It takes a really selfish woman to keep a childs father out of their lives. So I am going to pretend Rory doesn’t do that. I believe Logan (the character we saw in season 7) would drop everything to be with Rory if she said the magic words. Also, I should mention I love Jess too. But this whole revivial focused on rory and Logan for me and it is apparent they should be together. I didn’t make every mistake my mom did. So to assume Rory would be single and pregnant just as her mom is dumb. Sorry but she is smarter than that.

    • msemmyjones says:

      Yeah, I hope she gets some perspective from Luke and April too. Not just her father. Because there’s a big difference between Christopher at 16 getting his high school girlfriend pregnant, and Logan at 32 getting a woman he tried to marry pregnant.

      • Cas says:

        This. And I’m sure there are talks to do more episodes if these do well but I’m going to pass on those. I don’t want to see how much more ASP can meas up characters we all grew to love.

  20. Suzanne says:

    It was ridiculous. Fine if they were 20 and still getting their act together. But who wants to watch a mid-30 year old act like that? I would have preferred an encounter that was in tune with their life changes as an adult. That part lifts right out as well as the 18 minute musical.

  21. The sequence was fun, but the next morning’s goodbye scene was such a Wizard of Oz ripoff.

  22. emily says:

    i don’t mind logan, but colin and finn are really annoying and i hate that they ended up with so much screen time. did lane even have as much dialogue as they did in that one scene?

  23. MLO says:

    Alexis Bledel runs funny.

  24. Kathy says:

    My favorite part of the whole revival! I will always love the LDB!

  25. The Life and Death Brigade was easily my favorite part of the entire revival. It was worth the effort they put into it.

  26. Rita says:

    This sequence was the biggest waste of time. I hated every part of it. It seemed shallow and sad. It left me with the impression that these guys didn’t grow at all over the last eight years, and they brought nothing of substance to the story. The payoff was the “goodbye” to Logan, but now that we’ve seen the ending, maybe he’ll never be out of Rory’s life.

  27. McSatan says:

    I have always hated the Life and Death Brigade, my least favorite part of the series. I’ve known people like that in my life and yeah, they can be entertaining, seemingly great and wonderful on the surface but they always end up being shallow and selfish, lacking in character and substance. In college kids it can be forgivable, but at 32 it’s just depressing.

  28. I loved this sequence. It was so beautifully done

  29. Christine says:

    I thought the whole scene was a waste of time and out of place. It didn’t fit with the revival or Gilmore Girls as a whole. I don’t find anything redeeming about the Life and Death Brigade, and always hated that storyline. People who are complaining that the musical was too long and out of place, at least the musical was funny. I’d rather they added 10 minutes to the musical and cut the entire ridiculous Life and Death Brigade nonsense. They weren’t endearing when they were in their early 20’s and they surely aren’t when they are mid 30’s.

  30. Cheryl says:

    I loved the happiness and lightness of the scene. It was fun and entertaining. Yes, the guys are ridiculous, but they’ve never tried to be anything else. I am not a Logan fan, but I didn’t like Jess either. They both treated her poorly in their own ways. I was always Team Dean, and her speech summed up my feelings as well. Overall, I was disappointed in the revival. It was depressing for the most part with so many broken relationships and issues. The only light was the wedding, but I wanted to see the celebration with the town. Not some crappie town musical that was so long and just awful. What a waste of time!

  31. Kim R says:

    I binged last Friday & have been processing all the articles as they’ve come. I think the sequence above & the musical in Stars Hollow would have been better, for me, if they were in a full season of episodes. But because we had 4 “movies” I would have liked more time spent on the story. I didn’t mind the final 4 words however I did mind that Rory at 32 seemed to be flailing, like she hadn’t grown as a person. They portrayed her as the “other woman” with Logan which lowered them both in my eyes. Rory’s character was left with no closure or conclusion. She’s 32, pregnant, alone and not really anchored. I did love A Year in the Life as a whole but found Rory’s situation disappointing & not fair to her.

  32. Cathy says:

    That was one of my favorites parts of the revival. So beautiful!

  33. Pam says:

    Even if I HATED what they’ve done to Rory and Logan, the LDB stuff was my favourite stuff.