The Walking Dead Recap: Ladies' Night

Although in Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Tara found herself in a community made up entirely of women, it was hardly Paradise Island. Read on, and we’ll not only go over the village’s tragic origins but also reveal the fate of our heroine and her traveling companion, Heath.

‘NOBODY’S IN THIS TOGETHER, NOT ANYMORE’ | Early on in “Swear,” we learned that Alexandria’s scavengers weren’t faring too well on their hunting mission. It wasn’t bothering Tara, who cheerfully suggested that “there’s nothing left in this world that isn’t hidden, we just have to find it.” However, it — and, more so, Alexandria’s murderous assault on the Saviors — was weighing heavily on Heath. He couldn’t believe what they’d all done, in essence, “for some milk and some corn.” Anyway, they’d been on the road for two weeks, as scheduled, and had gone farther than they were supposed to. So, even if all they had to show for their efforts were some rusty cans of okra, tomorrow they were heading back, he said.

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-6-recapLater that day, the duo discovered a settlement — or, rather, the remains of one — on a bridge, and Tara accidentally released a bunch of walkers that had been buried in dry cement. (Hate when that happens!) One thing led to another, and, after being cut off from Heath, Tara wound up falling from the bridge into the water and, by and by, washing ashore on a beach. Unconscious, she was discovered by a teenager named Cindy, whose younger companion, Rachel — bringing Lizzie very much to mind — was eager to kill the catch of the day in spite of the fact that she wasn’t “a bobber.”

‘LOOK, I’M COOL’ | After getting Rachel to promise not to snitch, Cindy dragged Tara away from the surf and left her some water, a spear and a salted-perch snack. (Yum?) Then, as the girl snuck back to her village, Tara surreptitiously followed and discovered that, weirdly, there didn’t seem to be a single man in Oceanside. Mind you, she didn’t have long to contemplate the matter — in no time, she was being shot at and chased. (Typical post-apocalyptic welcome-wagon protocol.) When Tara got the drop on one of her pursuers, the woman, Beatrice, told her to “go ahead” and shoot. But, of course, Tara just knocked her out… at which point she found herself cornered by a pistol-packing Rachel and subsequently surrounded. “Hi,” she said — in that adorably Tara way of hers — as the group all pointed their weapons at her.

Before Rachel could pop Tara, a seemingly pretty kindly middle-aged woman named Natanya intervened, spiriting the trespasser away for a Q&A session with Beatrice and another woman, Kathy. (And you’d have sworn Bea and Kathy were in a competition to see which of them could come off more hostile.) Tara lied that she and a companion had been traveling around scavenging for the last coupla years, and that previously, she’d worked on a fishing boat — a larder. (Ha.) After falling off the bridge, she’d snuck into the community behind Cindy — Natanya’s granddaughter, it turned out — to see if it was safe. (At least that much was true.) Unfortunately, now Tara had the women at a disadvantage: Ordinarily, they shot strangers on sight, and she knew a lot about their village. What should they do with her? “That’s a pickle, alright,” Tara agreed.

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-6-recap‘WHERE ARE ALL THE MEN?’ | Over dinner with Natanya, Beatrice, Kathy and Cindy, Tara thanked the teenager for saving her life and at last asked the $64,000 question: Why aren’t there any guys around? There was a skirmish with another group, Natanya explained. None of the men survived. Neither did Cindy’s mother or 11-year-old brother. Now that they were all bonding, Natanya gave Tara another chance to come clean (since she knew what Tara didn’t — that a larder isn’t a boat but a room for storing meat). Finally, Tara admitted that she came from a lovely community that also had been threatened by another group, a gang whose base was at a satellite tower. (Cue a knowing look from Bea.) Why doesn’t Oceanside work with Alexandria, Tara suggested, and become stronger together? Natanya wasn’t 100 percent sold but OK’d Beatrice and Kathy — not Cindy, to her chagrin — to return with Tara to Alexandria and check it out.

The next day, the first chance Beatrice and Kathy got, they attacked Tara. WTF?!? Tara’s people hadn’t killed all of the Saviors, Bea explained. The satellite tower was just an outpost, one of many. After Oceanside’s disastrous initial conflict with the Saviors, the survivors had fled rather than go on working for Negan. So no way in hell could the women risk letting Tara lead the Saviors to their hideaway. Luckily, before Beatrice could shoot Tara, Cindy, who’d secretly followed, intervened. She was going to let Tara go so long as she would “swear that [she’d] never come back or tell anyone about us.” Tara’s perfect response after being marked for murder over and over: “Why would I come back?!?” Cindy actually had an answer to that — because now, people did what they thought they had to. For instance, Tara’s people hadn’t had to kill those Saviors. “You just did,” Cindy said. “Nobody’s evil. They just decide to forget who they are.”

‘I HOPE THAT WAS YOU’ | Once Tara promised to keep Oceanside a secret, Cindy helped cover her so that she could make it safely through the maze of walkers to the other side of the bridge. (Not for nothin’, but the kid could teach Michonne a thing or two about sharpshooting.) For an awful moment, Tara thought that she was looking at Heath, turned. But no, thankfully, it was just a female walker with the same hairdo as him. (OK, TWD, you’ve probably pulled that kinda fake-out on us enough at this point.) Tara did, however, find her pal’s broken glasses, a tag marked PPP… and tire tracks leading away. “Maybe that was you,” she said hopefully.

Making her way back to Alexandria, Tara discovered that among the supplies Cindy had packed for her was a friendship bracelet. (Aw — that had to make the salted perch taste better.) When at last Tara made it to the gates of Alexandria, Eugene’s stricken face told her all that she needed and didn’t want to know — not only would Denise never get to say “I love you” back to her, but Glenn and Abraham were gone, too. For her part, Rosita encouraged Tara to imagine ways of fighting back and making it all right. But still, Tara kept her vow to Cindy and didn’t reveal that she knew of a place that had both guns and ammo. Tara, at least, decided not to forget who she is.

So, what did you think of “Swear” and the new community to which it introduced us? Hit the comments.

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  1. AngelWasHere says:

    OMG filler alert! You can’t tell me that wasn’t a filler. I can care less about Tara or Heath. I hate when TWD devotes a whole episode to one character.

  2. Walkie says:

    One of the worst hours of TV I can remember.

    Shockingly bad. Walking Dead hasn’t a major problem on their hands. Not sure what they do to fix it but this season has been a total disaster.

    • keniri says:

      Exactly. Gimple is running too many storyarcs. I actually dropped the series and everyone working behind the scenes has lost control over this series. Each episode seems to open up with a different bunch of characters. AMC has abn unmitigated disaster on its hands.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Worse than an hour of creepy porcelain dolls on QVC? Worse than the fifth hour of the Today show? Worse than back-to-back reruns of Two and a Half Men?
      Careful with your hyperbole, my friend…

    • Ronny says:

      Exaggerate much? Walkie, walk away.

  3. Here I Am says:

    Wait, was that an episode of ‘Fear the walking dead’ or ‘The walking dead? I wasn’t crazy about the feel of FTWD in this episode. Well, hopefully Tara will change her mind and tell someone about the Oceanside community. All these communities need to work together against the Saviors. That was such a sad homecoming for Tara.

    • Andrea says:

      Omigosh you are right…. I knew this would happen I knew it!!!! Those stupid writers who gave us that crappy spin off Fear the Walking Morons are now polluting the main show that we fell in love with. There was nothing wrong with the main show before, it was great, I was content. Now they succumb to crappy writing for a less than mediocre spin off and web series that they stupidly chose to split their energy with. Greed is an atrocious thing clearly. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Get rid of the stupid unnecessary extras I say and start putting more effort into the main show again please, you are officially killing it.

      • Lilly says:

        I’m going to ask you an honest question, and I don’t want you to take offense. But please think about it. WHY do you see this writing as similar to FTWD? Are you sure you aren’t having a knee-jerk reaction to these slower episodes because you’re frustrated (as I am) that we can’t spend more time with Rick, Daryl, Carol, and crew? The reason I ask is that I have been a very outspoken critic of Fear on other posts. I’m torn between whether the problem with that show is that the writing is lazy/bad, or the actors (or maybe it’s the characters?) are just BAD. I don’t see this week’s episode of TWD as bad writing at all. I loved seeing Tara’s sense of humor. I puzzled at the quandary of nice people having to shoot others on-sight because of their experiences. I hope some of these new characters – like Cindy – survive and eventually join the group in Alexandria. This episode was thought provoking, IMO. (Now, I agree with you in that I’m still frustrated these slower side track eps are delaying us seeing more of the main cast and their stories! Could they not at least TEASE another story line?) Fear, on the other hand, has the characters doing really STUPID things … and surviving. Heck, they should have run through several characters by now just because they didn’t know how to fight. None of those idiots on Fear ever die!! I don’t empathize with ANY of those people! I find myself wanting to stay at that resort hotel with the manager and her son instead of leave with Travis and clan!
        Anyway, my theory is many fans are having a reaction to these shows that appear to be “filler” because we are frustrated with the fragmented storytelling. There’s TOO much time between episodes with the main characters. We’re anxious to get on with the main story. I definitely am. But I acknowledge, as someone said here above, that the world is larger than Rick’s group in Alexandria, and we need to meet more people, and get to care about more people. And the only way that happens is this character development stuff.
        Just my opinion….

        • Andrea says:

          Not sure who you are addressing but if you want an opinion, truth is yeah, it’s just that same sense of carelessness and dragging things out unnecessarily like Fear is beginning to now creep into TWD script and it’s making it look like sloppy effort in general. Not saying it is as bad as Fear but I am worried because I am seeing the signs of it heading in that direction. In my opinion the spin off just became a worthless cop out, a lame money spinner and that’s it. It was for me, a combination of bad writing AND bad characters and the one person who had a purpose in it that died, nobody cared about. Well none of them are worth caring about anyway. Before, it just seemed leagues more atrocious than TWD but now I feel I am seeing a similar lazy style and I do not like it, it worries me that they will ruin the main show. They already threatened a crossover nobody wants and then hastily retracted the idea. They are now threatening a movie. They are too greedy now and this is clearly impacting on the original. They should have left it alone, there was no need for the self destructive add ons.

          • Lilly says:

            Yep, my question was directed at you, Andrea. Thanks for taking the time to give me a thoughtful answer. I see your points, honestly, and agree with some. I guess I’m not as cynical as you and others that they are making these decisions based on pure greed. I honestly thought the writers and producers love what they do and think this is creative exploration … or something. Fear, on the other hand…. They must just have BAD writers over there. I don’t give two hoots for any of those characters. It’s pretty bad when the only two half interesting characters are a drug addict (who apparently skipped withdrawal) and a conman – neither of whom I can relate to personally. I was starting to like Alycia, until they turned her into a cold-hearted, teen-aged killer with nary a thought or discussion about whether killing a perfectly decent man who was distraught over the death of his brother was appropriate – or necessary – to save Travis (who, by the way, DID kill someone). BAD writing. I say kill that bunch in a zombie horde and bring back Alex and some of the other characters from the new webisodes.

      • Andrea says:

        Hey Lilly, no prob. Ugh, the whole family on Fear are so fake and so annoying, I skipped lots of it towards the end tbh and it didn’t get better so I just decided ok I’m done, not worth it. To be honest I didn’t even like that girl Alicia, I found her very irritating and definitely not to the level of any of TWD characters. Like put it this way, she is no Beth and Beth was awesome, would rather have seen her star in Fear, in fact, that would have been not a bad idea imo if they had not killed her off. All I have heard is that a lot of the ratings for Fear is because that Alicia girl has a sizable fanbase because she is a role model for lesbians, that’s all I know. Otherwise it honestly makes no sense to me how it has been renewed and now the main show is starting to struggle I am worried. I just wish they would leave TWD alone and stop trying to ‘fix’ because coincidentally they are therefore ruining it. During the next hiatus though I have a list of things to watch instead like it’s all piling up, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Westworld, etc. etc., netflix is great in that sense that I won’t be too lost for choice when TWD isn’t on. Don’t know how long Fear or the other ad ons will last. The producers will keep pushing it no doubt but it’s just not really anyone I know has said they like it and none of them even made it to the end so I dunno. Can’t say I would be terribly sad though, we have TWD, that’s all that matters. ;-)

  4. Mitsotakis says:

    The DEFINITION of a filler episode. What a waste of time. Even if they prove to be important 5-10 mins max would have been enough. Not a supersized episode at that.

  5. Emily says:

    I actually enjoyed the episode a lot. It was nice having a different scenery for a little bit and I was glad to see what Tara has been up to.

    • LAwoman says:

      I liked it too. I always liked Tara and I am interested in the other communities that must be out there. I keep hoping they will all unite against Negan at some point.

  6. Buffy0531 says:

    Considering how badly the ratings are tanking, this episode was unecessary on its own. It could have condensed most of that and combined with one of the previous episodes. In fact, most of the episodes post-season premiere could have been combined into two, maybe three episodes. This season needs to fix itself, they’re losing us, I used to look forward to each Sunday night, now it’s almost a chore…

    • Jessa says:

      Yeah they need to condense these side stories. I feel the same about it being a chore now…basically only keeping up via these TV Line summaries each week. I just got so tired of constant despair with no foreseeable direction.

    • Jane says:

      Agreed, TWD ratings aren’t improving, I wonder if it has reached it’s climax. That’s sad. I blame the bad writing that has been happening since the spin off came along. The only good if not dodgy episode this season was the resolution to the cliffhanger with Negan. I just think that a resolution in general is needed….a cure, a way out, something. They could spend more time building towards that rather than go round in circles. I guess a part of me felt that Negan’s arrival shoulda been the beginning of the endgame. I hate when I begin to lose respect for beloved shows, it’s so disheartening.

  7. bamaed says:

    This show and I are breaking up it seems. That’s said. We had a good run. I’ve known it was over for a while but this episode pretty much confirmed that I’m Rory and it Pete? Patrick? Prince? Oh yeah Paul! Too many filler episodes this season. There is no need to devote each episode to one storyline. They can be combined, it does happen. The writers & producers have believed their hype. Or, they are following the comics religiously without realizing how it plays on TV. Comics and TV are very different in how things play. I’ve not read the comics so a lot of this season is a big yawn to me, while those who have read them said “Great, this is just like it was.” or “In the comics, so and so plays a big role down the road”. This season is dedicated to the readers it seems but at the expense of those who don’t read it. And when do we get to see Carol again? (I turned it off before the end because Madam Secretary was starting)

  8. A.J. says:

    I’m so confused about the part in the recap where it said “The next day the first chance they had they attacked Tara”. I didn’t see them attack her. I saw Tara run when she went to kill the walker. And I don’t understand why she did that.

    • Ryan says:

      I could be wrong but I believe they took her out there to kill her. She ran because she knew they were going to kill her. When she went to “kill” the Walker she ducked out of the way and they opened fire on her.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree with Ryan. Although I haven’t figured out how she knew, Tara had guessed it was a trap and played along, looking for her way to run.

  9. Moriah says:

    The first episode was pretty awesome but the others have been slow as molasses. I’m so sick to death of all the filler episodes and splitting up the group so that each episode only focuses on certain people. Please just get everybody back in one place. Please.

  10. Matt says:

    The Walking Dead. Notorious for spending an hour on a character you totally forgot even existed.

    These spotlight hours week after week is killing this show. The show is strongest when the cast is together. Why they keep splitting every one up and focusing on just one or two a week is mind boggling. For every eight episodes you get like two decent ones. One at the beginning and one at the end where everyone is there.

  11. datdudemurphy says:

    I haven’t seen the last two episodes, and just haven’t felt the urgency to get caught up.

    From all accounts, this season hasn’t been worth it

  12. Lilly says:

    I disagree with the concept that this episode was awful. Although Tara isn’t necessarily one of my fav characters, she is interesting. And the writing tonight gave her some depth. I enjoyed her sense of humor. I WANT to care about more than just 5 of the core characters. That said, I DO agree with the consensus that the writers should embrace the concept of multi-tasking in their storytelling. I feel sometimes like we’re watching a soap opera, it’s moving so slowly. Where else can months of shows cover two days in the story?!?! They could have conveyed the same character development, introduce this simple community, AND show us Carl and Jesus jump from that truck. Or Carol chat with King Ezekiel. Or Daryl learn how to resist Negan a bit. It’s already difficult to wait 7 days to see what’s happening to the characters we care about. When they skip weeks on single stories, we’re waiting 14 or 21 days in between! It’s very difficult to tolerate!

  13. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Rocky Mount says:

    This was one of the better capsule episodes but it is a shame that the producers are hell bent on destroying this show, These capsule episodes frustrate and alienate loyal viewers since we are all smart enough to know that these are just fillers to crank out 18 or so episodes to fill out a season on the cheap.

  14. Trogdor777 says:

    I feel like TWDs greatest strength is its ensemble (primarily-starring) players performing WITH each other. ‘Teen-roller-date’ last week, now a solo Tara and Heath ep.?….really?! I guess they’ll continue to rotate Rick, Carol (the bat has had more screen time than carol), Darryl, and Maggie per every 2 episodes now? Grrrreat! They’ve done it before with terminus, etc. but I’m really finding my level of interest, and investment in character and story waning this time around. Perhaps lack of Glenn, i dont know. In any case, if they must do another filler ep., i think I’d rather watch a flashback of the tiger cub at a NY zombie zoo with Zeke!!! Heh heh

  15. Brian says:

    I thought the episode was alright.

  16. Bradley Dunn says:

    Was it “work experience” week on the set this week? Who wrote this tripe? That was the slowest, most non sensical and irritating hour of the walking dead I have ever seen! We had an entire episode of two characters we had all forgotten about, one of which by the end we still new nothing new about. And with Tara not mentioning anything about the settlement at the end it was as though it was never there…it might as well have been a time travel episode! H

  17. Davidj says:

    Jeez, sometimes I wonder if people have even watched this show before. The writers have always liked to take little side trips like this and flesh out supporting characters. They may not always succeed, but I like that the writers at least try to tell different and interesting stories (like the one about Morgan’s mentor for instance) instead of only focusing on the main plot all the time and whatever Rick is up to.

    • David says:

      Yes… however it used to be 1-2 episodes for an enature season, which is fine. This season, 2 out of what 5? 6? Has seemed like a filler that they could have condensed 2 or 3 stories into 1. Or give 30 minutes each to 2 different episodes. I just hope the 2nd half deals more with the main cast, but negan still has an feature episode, most likely a flashback of how he came to be, and no telling what else is in store.

    • Max says:

      Of course they have but a lot of people are getting bored. Simple as that. I used to think TWD could stand the test of time. In a way it really has. But everything has a cell by date and when storylines start going around in circles and are overly stretched out to the point where it’s tedious and confusing to follow, that’s the time when people say, to hell with it, I’ll just watch Black Mirror tonight. And if it continues to happen, much of the viewership won’t wait forever.

  18. Superfan says:

    This whole episode could have been condensed to 25 min and the other 30 min could have been dedicated to another character. Complete waste of time!

  19. Anthony ant grimes says:

    I thought it was nice to see tara. Im beggining to forget the shows multiple subplots going back a couple of seasons. Im finding the show a chore to watch. Bring back frank darabont lol.

  20. Mister F says:

    Well I for one really enjoyed the episode. I love Tara and after this episode she climbed into my top 5 of all time TWD characters. She has a heart, wit and sarcastic not like any other character on the show. I like it when they give depth too certain characters.

    I also like how they are building Rosita’s storyline a bit by bit. Girl got some balls (hope it ends better than her comic counter part tho).

    Yes the show is better when they are all together, but sometimes gems like these are nice to have. I loved Morgan’s episode, I loved Beth’s solo episodes, The Governer centric one was awesome.

  21. Stefan says:

    It’s funny how year after year people continue to complain about the format of the show. Didn’t you learn already? That’s how they do it, each week covers a different character/place/storyline. I don’t always like it, but I have accepted it by now. And to me, this hour was pretty good. It wasn’t too logical (the times someone could have actually succeeded at killing Tara are way too many), but it was funny to watch. At least, I enjoyed it more than the Carol or Daryl episodes. Maybe it is because Tara brings some freshness, which is definitely welcome. Anyway, that being said, I do hope next week we get to the Carl action.

    • Walkie says:

      Maybe those of us who have watched the show since the beginning are tired of these useless “one-off” episodes that do nothing to further the plot. It’s such an obvious money saver move by the producers so they don’t have to pay the cast for every episode.

    • The Carpooler says:

      I really liked Tara’s personality, sense of humor, etc. Reminded me of Carol, I knew she was playing with them, and it was fun to watch.

  22. dora moniz says:

    Liked it.. like Taras character..don’t like Heath

  23. Bill says:

    I can see wanting to explore different characters every once in awhile, but this is every week. It should at least be a character we care about. This is The Walking Dead, I’m fine with certain people being created just to be eaten eventually or killed off in another way. Tara should be one of those characters. How many people actually remembered (or cared) about her trip? She could have shown up 5 episodes from now and been like “well we didn’t find anything ” and it would have been cool. Waste of an episode.

  24. N1h1l says:

    I love TWD but… it was, by far, the worst episode ever! Who cares about Tara? Actually I had forgotten about her.

  25. MLO says:

    I suspect we’ll be seeing more of Oceanside in the future and this episode was necessary to introduce them. So tired of everyone complaining every time they do a character or story building episode. They are necessary to move the story along while I agree they can be frustrating when you only have 12 or 16 episodes in a season, I do see their benefit and appreciate the insight they provide into characters that aren’t always in the forefront.

  26. LaDonna says:

    Am I the only one who is really enjoying this season? We have to do some setting up and world-building here. Rick’s group isn’t big enough to mount an offensive against Negan. We have to establish that there are other communities out there that can band together to defeat the Saviors. We’re in the middle of the long set up. It’s like the slow ride up the hill at the beginning of a roller coaster.

    • DavidJ says:

      Yeah I’m enjoying it as well. It may not go down as one of my favorite seasons, but I still find this world and it’s characters as interesting to watch as ever. And I like how the producers aren’t afraid to tell quiet, atmospheric, character driven stories like this one, and aren’t simply focused on moving the plot along as fast as possible, like many unfortunately seem to want (as if we’re just watching an episode of NCIS or something).

      • LaDonna says:

        Exactly. My husband and I just had this conversation last night. I follow the comic books (through wiki, I don’t have time to read them) but he doesn’t. I explained to him that they are setting up for future story lines. We’re setting up the chess board…it’s subtle, and not always action packed, but it’s necessary.

        • Lilly says:

          I haven’t read the comics either, but I totally agree – whether it was in the comics or not – it’s time we realized there is more in the world than Rick, Carol, Carl and Daryl. They have to give us more characters to care about because we’re running out of characters they can kill! (I hate to say it that way, but you know what I mean.) One of my favorite episodes of all time was when Rick, Carl, and Michonne stumbled on Morgan. Just those four characters, but SO very much character development. Do you suppose others said, “Who the heck cares about Morgan? I forgot all about that guy!” I still say they need to at least tease other storylines in these hour-long divergences. I just can’t go weeks without seeing ANY Rick or Daryl or Carol!!

          • LaDonna says:

            Had to giggle at your point about running out of characters to care about. We always say that in this show, there’s no such thing as “main character powers”!

        • Jane says:

          Yeah but LaDonna, shows like Game of Thrones have to do the exact same thing and you know, Game of Thrones has an absolutely massive world with Westeros. It is a real challenge, sure but Game of Thrones managed to do it and introduce new worlds all the time yet still keep the pace working really well, it was never a waiting game like TWD. And when it becomes a waiting game, it gets boring and not entertaining. Many of the viewers seem to be getting bored, I don’t blame them. When there are proven cases of shows that have done it better, and new exciting shows coming out all the time (hurray for netflix), it does give the impression that TWD has just succumbed to lazy writing like it’s spin off. Maybe this is the show now.

    • Lilly says:

      I agree, actually. The mere fact that some claim “I’d already forgotten about Tara” means they needed to reacquaint us with her! My only problem is it’s hard enough to wait 7 days to learn more about the core characters we love without having to wait 14 or 21 days between visits! I would like to see them give us shows with more than one story line going at once. I really liked delving into Tara and her personality more. But they could have dedicated 65-75% of this ep to Tara & Heath and still let us visit Daryl or Carol/Morgan or Carl/Jesus! Of course, then that 25-35% still might not be enough, and we’d have accused them of teasing us.

      • LaDonna says:

        I get what you’re saying and I agree to a point…I’ve been dying to get back to The Kingdom! But that’s why I’ll binge watch them again after the season is over (probably minus the season premier…don’t know if I can do that again). This show is great for binging!

    • The Carpooler says:

      I’m right there with you. I’m also liking this season. I like learning about other people. For too long it felt like only Rick and the crew were the only large band of survivors.

  27. Donna says:

    Boring snooze fest for me! In fact this whole season has been. Glad to see that others are enjoying it though, I am just not!

  28. The Carpooler says:

    Filler is awesome. Especially the filling inside a Twinkie. Or a Ding Dong.

    This episode was good. Not great, and there have been worse. TWD is not in danger of anything. Calm yourselves, haters.

  29. Jermey says:

    It was actually my favorite episode of this (not so great) season so far. No saviors! And I like tara. So yeah, better episode than the last few.

  30. DarkDefender says:

    TWD is at its best when they air character driven episodes that broaden our understanding of how very different people react during a zombie apocalypse. Negan has (so fat) been one “bull in a China shop” note.
    My all. Time fav episodes involved getting to knpeindividual chapters more intimately. Morgan, Carol, Daryl, Tara and. Enid have certainly had these kinds of story lines. It is what makes this show. Great.

    The. Death count episodes are. The. Real filler of. The show.

    • Lilly says:

      I think you have a point – although I would probably scream in frustration if equal time was given to all these “character driven” eps instead of the real action with the core group. (And frankly, that’s pretty much been happening this season since episode one!) I still say the real frustration is not necessarily that we don’t care about these other characters, it’s that we don’t want to wait 7 days to find out what’s going to happen next in the main story line – with Rick and company – so making us wait 2 or 3 weeks between these episodes is what is causes anxiety. Since I now realize they aren’t going to combine multiple storylines in the same episode, as soon as I see it’s about a side story, I resign myself to the fact that yet another week will go by before I learn anything more about Daryl or Rick or Michonne….

  31. jp says:

    I think this is setting up for something. Remember that as characters are lost they need to pick some up. They’re just rebuilding …like the Browns..or maybe not

  32. Scott says:

    If TWD wants to boost ratings they need to kill Negan as violently as he did Glenn and Abraham. And very soon! That would get me back into it hot and heavy again!