Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl Romance Update: Is Kara Headed for a Full-On Love Quadrangle?

If Mon-El’s inquiry into Kara’s relationship status on this week’s Supergirl didn’t raise your eyebrow, you might want to give that last scene a second look.

Because, while we all figured that a Kara/Mon-El pairing was imminent, I’ll admit I was not expecting such an overtly suspicious response from former love interests Winn and James. (At least, I think “former” is the right word.)

On Winn’s part, “I think he’s a little bit worried that Mon-El might be moving in on Kara, and I think it brings up old feelings in Winn that he’s sort of packed down,” Jeremy Jordan tells TVLine. “He never really dealt with what went down with Kara in Season 1, so if something starts happening there, he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with it.”

As for James, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg may have told reporters that he and Kara as “best as friends,” but that doesn’t mean the photographer-turned-vigilante is necessarily over her.

So, what do we think? Is Kara headed for a full-on love quadrangle? (And that’s not even including Sara Lance, who apparently crushes hard on the Girl of Steel during this week’s four-way Arrow-verse crossover.) Drop a comment with your thoughts on the current state of Kara’s love life below.

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  1. spdavid says:

    Think about it,what woman could possibly juggle four men at one time?Supergirl could.

  2. Cathy says:

    I love Supergirl but this storyline couldn’t interest me any less. Romance okay sure. Love triangles? no thank you. I was glad when they ended it fairly early in S1. Now we’re gonna get Arrow S1/3 and Flash S1… yay. Thank you the CW™.

  3. Quinn says:

    Maybe…but I think Kara and Mon-El should be endgame. James and Lucy Lane were good together but I’d like to see him hook up with the mysterious Lena Luthor. Winn? A cool science nerdette who gets him. Just my hopes here, folks.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Winn and Lena sort of had a fellow nerd moment a few episodes ago, they may end up playing with that.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I like that idea. I actually like Winn with everyone he’s been potentially linked to in the past, even Alex. I think Jeremy Jordan has chemistry with everyone, and there’s something really appealing about the geek getting the girl.

        • Paige says:

          That WOULD be nice, but that’s what “The Big Bang Theory” is for; to show “nerds” getting together with their fellow “nerdettes” (well, at least two of them, anyway).

      • supercorp says:

        Ew no please Lena is too good for Winn, if anything, personally I’d prefer her single or with Kara.

        • wildmachine says:

          YES!! finally someone who ships them as well

        • Yes! Katie McGarth is incapable of playing a character straight, so to pair her with a dude would not be as convincing. I’m not too bothered about her being with Kara specifically – though the two most certainly have heaps of chemistry, arguably more that any other actors on the show – but for sure Lena should be paired off with another /female/ character.

  4. GB says:

    Kara has more chemistry with Lena Luthor than any of these boys. Just make her the love interest and call it a day.

    • I agree with you. I ship supercorp so hard but I dont think they’ll make kara a bi bc there will be too many queers in this show. :(

      • GB says:

        There is no such thing as too many queers. I will always want more

        • Superfan says:

          Actually there is..

        • There’s actually a term for too much of something. It’s called oversaturation, when for whatever reason, you wind up with too much of something. While you might argue that it’d only be two on Supergirl, we also have examples of same sex couples on other shows and in other forms of media as of late.
          So, yes, it would qualify, especially since we’ve only started Alex’ journey of discovery. It might actually cheapen the whole thing to give Kara the same journey, which is why I hope they don’t do it.

        • Paige says:

          I believe that that was one of the first things in the first episode, where Winn asks Kara out and she says she has a date…”je sors avec un garçon” are the exact words…and after she saves that plane the next day at work she wants to tell someone, Winn is the first one she takes out onto the roof and starts with that “there’s something I’ve been hiding my entire life…” speech, and he says “I knew it, you’re a lesbian, that’s why you don’t want to go out with me…”

    • Noëlle says:

      Thank you. Love quadrangle….? Kara is so much more than a love interest for any of these men. And she has made it clear that she’s not into Winn and James romantically. It’s not a love triangle if the love is coming from two people, aimed at one person who does not return the feelings. What a horrible piece this is.

      Lena Luthor, however… Her scenes with Kara are oozing with >mutual< attraction.

    • Kris says:

      I’m glad that this was already here when I came. It’s sooooo obvious that Lena is into Kara.

  5. Georgia Madman says:

    Winn is so lame. Get Supergirl Cisco in her timeline.

  6. Phun says:

    Nooooo! Can’t she just be single and concentrate on being Supergirl this season? They can like Kara all they want but please no love triangles or quadrangles. I’d rather have the Alex/Maggie relationship blossom.

  7. Michael Summerset says:

    It’s obvious MonEl was introduced to give Kara a boyfriend. She has nothing more than a friendship with the others.

  8. Eric J. says:

    I hope they pair or as Mon-El called it “mate”!! I feel like they’d make a great couple, they both clearly care about each other and the flirting started when she first threw him against a wall at the DEO during training plus this is someone she can be Kara Zor-El with, her true self. So I hope they do this! However I worry that she might she him more as a brother than a potential romance and that she sees this as the missed opportunity she didn’t get to do with Clark. But again I say I hope they do this! Who wouldn’t want to be with Chris Wood?? He’s sexy!
    Side Note: I’ll admit I am not a comic geek so I didn’t know who Mon-El was prior to his first appearance so I was at first confused when they announced casting of this role but happy at who was playing him, Chris Wood is a hottie!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I love Chris Wood. Only he could make a psychopathic witch who kills his own family so appealing, and WOW was he spectacular on Containment. It’d be a shame for him to not have a love interest on Supergirl, but I think it needs to wait. Mon-El and Kara both have a lot to figure out about themselves and each other before diving in to a serious relationship. I hope they do eventually, but just not yet. I prefer the slow burn to instant gratification.

    • Cameron S.B says:

      I whole heartedly agree!! I don’t know that if they do end up together they’ll stay a couple for more than a whole season, because I know how the CW likes to roll with these kinds of things. I feel like they’re just giving us a relationship taste of new guys for Kara, but eventually she’ll end up with someone.
      Side Note: But yes, Chris Wood is the sole reason I started watching the show. I mean, I was interested in the beginning but his debut on the show nearly made me fall out of my chair–so in love!

  9. Luis Roman says:

    Do we have any insight on Kara’s romantic history? How many guys did she date before? Has she ever been intimate with anyone?

  10. Charlie says:

    Please god, allow Kara to get through a season without another revolving door of love interests. Why can’t she just be single for at least one season, there’s SO much to explore with her – she is freakin’ SUPERGIRL after all!
    Leave the romance stuff to Alex/Maggie, they’re super cute and it’s great Alex is developing outside the DEO/Kara.

    • KCC says:

      Revolving door? Her only love interest was a crush on James. After she dated him a couple of times she realized it was just a crush and not something she wanted to pursue. She wasn’t interested in Winn, that was his crush on her. Kara is a cute, girl-next-door type. I’m certain she would have random guys hitting on her all the time. I would put Cat’s son in that category. How Kara interacts with people that don’t know she’s Supergirl is one of the things I think they should explore and that includes how she reacts to potential suitors.

  11. Pamela says:

    Of course, now that the show has moved to the cw we have this.

  12. Ian Barber says:

    If I were her, I’d just start a harem at this point. Then again, I may be a bit more of a ho than she is lmao.

  13. Clau says:

    Quadrangle? Including Winn? Really?
    Winn was never of interest for Kara romantically. Sure, he’s had a major crush on her. But there was nothing from her side, so he shouldn’t figure into this.

    James. Well…
    I’ve really got to like Mon-El. And I can totally see him and Kara together. They’re just great together, these two.

  14. Kas says:

    I don’t like that Kara is being thrown at these guys. Kara doesn’t like Winn and that should be the end of it and Winn needs to suck it up and deal. Kara told James they were better as friends and he also needs to deal. Then Mon el with Kara I felt more of a sibling type of relationship from how Kara said she never got to care for her cousin and that’s why she was doing it with Mon. I especially don’t like how they got rid of an interracial relationship for the typical white boy. Now what I don’t get is how y’all can mention Sara going to be crushing hard on Kara but not even mention once about Kara and Lena’s chemistry. In literally every scene with them it screams flirtation and tension and apparent subtext that you’d have to want to not see it, to not see it. If Kara had to have a romance, and wasn’t she supposed to just focus on herself this season ?, then I’d want it to be with Lena a person she has that chemistry with. I think Melissa and Katie have the chemistry. And how nice would it be to have a bi lead superhero ? Yes we’re getting Sanvers but why should tv limit one gay ship per show? Anyway yeah no to the forced hetero squared ships and yes to Supercorp.

    • Sarah says:

      No. sorry. Not every powerful woman has to be bi or gay

      • Kas says:

        Yes. Sorry. Not every powerful woman has to be heterosexual

        • wildmachine says:

          exactly! It’s not because she’s powerful, it’s because there is chemistry. If there were any signs of attraction between her and her male love interests, then we would most likely ship it, but the thing is: there is no spark between her and any of those guys. We’re just not feeling it.

    • Chad says:

      Didn’t your lot already ruin the OUAT fandom and show relationship with the fandom with your inability to separate the show from fan fiction?

      • Drew says:

        Who’s “your lot” and the only thing that ruined the OUAT fandom are the bullies that constantly threaten and demean those of use who would dare to even want something different. It’s a freaking toxic wasteland and the show is as toxic as it’s fandom. The way it’s going it’s ruining itself. And why are you even bringing OUAT into this? This is Supergirl, no one was talking about OUAT so leave it alone and get off your high horse.

      • Kas says:

        yes please do tell where I even mentioned OUAT, and that I was even remotely into that fandom at all. Also “your lot”?? Is that suppose to mean lgbt people ? We can want to see lgbt relationships in TV shows thank you, it’s not all about “your lot”. Wanting something to happen doesn’t mean “we can’t seperate show from fan fiction” cause I bet if you wanted something to happen on a show that wasn’t doing it (or so it seemed) you’d be singing a different tune, so is the hypocrisy of people.

    • Superfan says:

      Kara is not gay and should not be forced down that line.

      • Kas says:

        Sure and Alex wasn’t either. Kara can be Bi, I didn’t say she didn’t like guys but she definitely has chemistry with women as well. And yes with Lena. It wouldn’t be forced unlike how they forced Kara and James or how they’re forcing Kara and Mon El.

        • Superfan says:

          Alex coming out was out of nowhere, and was rushed…and clearly a little messy. Kara on the other hand, she has more chemistry with Mon El or even Barry when he dropped by last season, than she ever had with Lena. I can see Lena/Kara friendship but romance, no.

        • Sarah says:

          I like Alex and Maggie. But I do not want Kara and Lena. I think she would be great with Mon-el. And I resent being told that wanting Kara to be straight means that I am homophobic. Unless of course you are claiming to be heterophobic when you say Kara and Alex should both be gay.

    • jj says:

      well Mon-El can hardly be classified as typical white boy considering he’s a freaking alien lol.

    • I saw literally no “romantic” vibes from Lena and Kara. I did with her sister and Maggie in spades and I am super excited to see that developing. I saw the potential for a great friendship though with Lena and Kara. The potential for a bond is there. I absolutely see sparks between her and Mon-El though, just the start of them, but I think they are there. I wanted her and James together pretty badly though…

    • Fiona says:

      YES Kara and Lena have tooonnnnsss of chemistry. The best in the whole gd show since since Cat left. #Supercorp

  15. Dimsum says:


    Really letting Kara down storywise this season.

  16. Zeus says:

    Atleast it 3 guys not 3 women. Come on everyone this whole coming out women being bye,or gay on all these show jesus enough already these shows are turning into night time soaps.. there not even superhero shows . There who dating who rend are they gay or not. Men date women and women date men leave it be

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Superhero comic books have always been soap operas. The movies and TV shows just reflect the source material. What is the main theme of Superman? Lois Lane and Superman/Clark Kent.

    • Chad says:

      While your homophobia is less than amusing, your utter lack of knowledge of comic books is.

    • jj says:

      maybe you should spend a little less time watching television, and more time learning grammar/spelling.

    • Men date women, women date men, women date women, men date men, men date men and women, women date women and men, some people don’t identify, some people don’t date anyone.

      There, fixed it for you.

    • wildmachine says:

      Such a sad comment… You obviously know nothing about comic books and your homophobic attitude is just… appalling. Almost as appalling as your grammar.

  17. Brian says:

    Gross. They should leave the romance angle to Alex. Kara is more than a romantic storyline. Don’t turn this show into Arrow, please.

  18. racerho says:

    Why can’t they just let her be single for 5 minutes? Her entire story line so far this season has been about Mon-El. I like him, but I’m tired of romance being prioritized for female characters. We have barely seen her in her new job as a reporter, we don’t even see much about her being Kryptonian anymore, and we barely see her actually working with her friends anymore. She’s Supergirl, and her top story is a possible love quadrangle? That’s embarrassing. If she were a guy, that wouldn’t be her top story.

    • Mary says:

      ^^^^^^^ This!

    • jj says:

      your comment isn’t accurate. The first couple of episodes were all about Kara embracing her Kryptonian self with Clark. That was followed by the storyline with Mon-El in which she explored the tensions/issues/stereotypes between Kryptonians and Daxamites and eventually learning to not be weighed down by those old tensions. Being Kryptonian and being a Kryptonian on Earth has been the main theme of her storyline this season. The romantic aspect was only actually introduced in this last episode.

  19. Mary says:

    Please no. I’d rather she stayed single the full second season.

  20. diz says:

    Does she have to have a love interest every season? Let alone 3!?!?

  21. Imzadi says:

    I am not even watching Supergirl, but this article made me think of all the love triangles I enjoyed. And honestly the only one that comes to mind is Dawson’s Creek. Other than that I just don’t like them. I love a good love story and will-they-won’t they, bur not love triangles. Even Veronica Mars, only Logan & Veronica worked for me, but I didn’t mind the others. I really hate it, when the are hopping between one couple forth and back. Sure, change things up, but don’t go back on your choice. Gives me horrible flashbacks to the movie Pearl Harbour.

    • Imzadi says:

      I am just re-watching Farscape and that was one hell of a triangle :) And I loved every single minute of it.

      • Litz says:

        Okay, I hate love triangles and I think they’re overwrought, but I will get behind Farscape. That was a real love triangle. Well done and so heartbreakingly harsh because it’s the one triangle where you actually rooted for everyone.

        • Imzadi says:

          Oh, all the feels. To this day I think that Aeryn & John is the best developed love story on TV. There are epic ones, but Farscape will always be special to me, because they were perfect from beginning to end.

          • Litz says:

            For me, the best love story will always be Xena and Gabrielle… but I can’t lie. Aeryn and John is the only real contender for that title. Also, damn you! I’ll be breaking out the boxset and rewatching Farscape tomorrow.

  22. Brian says:

    All this sounds so terrible. Ugh…

  23. nathiest says:

    Heteronormative much? KARA/LENA! SUPERCORP! It’s the like the most talked about, blogged about ship from this series. Winn? Seriously you included Winn in your “quadrangle”? Are you being paid to ignore supercorp?

    • Chad says:

      Using political jargon to hide what is nothing more than a preference for a fanon ship to canon is a warning to everyone else now, you know. Please don’t ruin this fandom too.

      • nathiest says:

        Okay Trump supporter. Sorry for scarring you with my “political jargon”.

        • Lily says:

          You’re ridiculous, and SC isn’t happening. You can’t accuse the show of being sexist or homophobic for not making your fanon ship canon, because they have a queer couple.

          Everyone knows it’s just about you trying to bully the show into making your fanon ship canon, and this show is about way more than ships. Kara is way more than what you reduce her to. You’re who is reducing her to someone’s girlfriend, not the show.

    • Kelly says:

      No one is being paid to ignore a romance that doesn’t actually exist in the show. Can’t you go back to ruining the Once Upon a Time fan experience and leave Supergirl alone?

      • nathiest says:

        Winn/Kara doesn’t exist either! Yet he’s included because the obvious he’s a dude. So either the writer is blinded by his/her heteronormative pov, or homophobic. Same for you. One reason over the other. Once Upon a Time was always about the Swan/Mills relationship. It’s CS that ruin that show with their tired old hetero bs. Look at the ratings! CS killed OUAT.

        • jerrired says:

          Not to put Andy(the writer)’s business out there BUT he’s a proud gay man, so you’re reading into things. Until the show defines Kara as anything other than straight, he’s going by what’s been presented to us. The show has established that all three men have feelings for her. That’s what this article is about. Yes, it would be progressive and interesting if Kara was bi or gay, but the writers have not gone that route. He’s just address what’s canon, so far.

        • Superfan says:

          It’s funny how people like you can speak about hetero r/ships in such disgusting manner yet anyone who tries to just point out that that Kara is not gay is labelled a homophobe. Get over it, Kara ain’t gay, and like it or not heterosexuality will always appeal to a much greater portion of the audience.
          Considering this is a nation who have elected Trump to be POTUS, it would be fun to see the ratings of SG if they were to make Kara gay. If you had not realized, Alex coming out was the show’s way of getting their “gay quota” outta the way. At this point the show can get away with supporting characters being gay but making Kara gay as well would be catastrophic for the show…Anyway I’m loving Mon El/Kara. They have more chemistry than anyone else on that show.

        • Mary says:

          Winn was included because he still has unresolved feelings, dude or not.
          Swan/Mills doesn’t really exist on OUAT any more than Supercorp (seems pretty much one sided really, as only Lena seems intrigued by Kara and that’s it) or SuperCat. And CS isn’t ruining OUAT because of hetero bs, but misogynist bs and pushing a useless character and beyond the point he should have been either killed off or just sent away and forcing him into story where he really didn’t belong.

    • Sarah says:

      Wanting one specific character to be straight does not automatically mean that one is homophobic

      But insisting that everyone be gay or bi is against heterosexuals

      I can ship Alex and Maggie and want Kara be straight and with Mon-el and that is okay. I will not accept being called homophobic because of it

    • Is it now the ‘in’ thing to accuse a show of ‘ignoring’ a ship they aren’t pursuing the first place? Because this has happened more than once now, and I don’t think it helps your case any to keep shoving the agenda down our throats. That’ll just make it so that we ignore you on purpose.
      Here’s the thing: no matter what the show is, unless both principles in the ship have been shown actually *kissing* a member of the same sex (such as they did on Arrow), anything you see as ‘chemistry’ is purely your interpretation. Yes, even if other people agree with you. Because all that shows is that you have the same mindset, not that it needs to happen.
      Give me 10 minutes and I can make a good case for HarryBottom. It’s just that easy.

  24. Karrie says:

    Kara should be with James. Replacing the love interest she had chemistry with after a super contrived and forced ending to the pairing to have her end up with the mayonnaise that is Mon-el is gross and offputting and makes the James/Kara contrived out of nowhere ending look even more racist.

  25. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    And lets not forget Lena Luthor who also makes eyes at Kara. A love hexagon?

  26. Sarah says:

    It is not a triangle or quadrangle

    First, Kara said no to both Winn and James. So they are out. Even if they do not want to be

    While I love the Mon-el pairing (and want to see it as end game after a slow burn) that relies still on a what if scenario that is in the early stages. I do think that a Kryptonian and a Daximite will understand each other better than a Kryptonian and a human but both Kara and Mon-el need time

  27. Laurie says:

    If I was going to ship Kara with anyone it would be last seasons Adam. There was nothing hotter than that moment he whispered in her ear. But otherwise keep the friendships. The team is what makes the show so good. The hookups/potential hookups are taking the spotlight off the best relationships… sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, mentors, and the elements of who you should trust. I guess that’s the difference between cbs and the cw which is a shame.

  28. LaTigreBlue says:

    Love quadrangle, my arse. As soon as this show moved to the CW, James/Kara was over. As long as he keeps his hands off the princess, he can keep his job and they can stop acting like their fussing was just about them changing the race.

    • Oh, good golly. The ship wasn’t killed because of race, it was killed because the chemistry was all wrong. Not only that, but he was doing boyfriend things for Kara that he really should have been doing with the girl he was actually *dating*, Lucy. That’ll turn me off every time, I don’t care what color skin you have.

    • jj says:

      you’re claiming that the CW has an issue with interracial couples? Dig & Lyla, Barry & Iris, Eddie & Iris, Wally & Jessie, Ray & Kendra, Carter & Kendra, Rex & Amaya….the CW has no problem with interracial couples. James & Kara were ended because they completely lacked chemistry.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        +125 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

        • I brought this same point up on tumblr and was told it’s not parallel because many of them are not the main couple.
          My problem, tbh, might have been trying to use Logic on tumblr…

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            It’s just such a ridiculous claim. The CW is not the network to make an inclusion argument against.

          • I know. I’m well-aware of this. It’s people who make that claim that need to be convinced. It sad that they spent all the time on a ship that didn’t work, but I’m not all that bothered that it didn’t. I’d feel the same way if he were white.
            Oh, but we’re white, so our opinions don’t count for much.

  29. You are trying to be politically correct. That turns people of. Remember the old saying. To many cooks spoiled the food. Start telling our youth the truth, about the world they live in. You are trying to brainwash our youth. If you keep then in a never never world . When they wake up. It be a big surprise.

  30. I’m against any romance for mon=el and kara. both are illegal aliens. Any such offspring will be an anchor baby. They both need to be sent back to the phantom zone with those aliens at the bar.

    I hope national city police force gets it’s act together. There are too many aliens around and vigilantes.

    Mark my word. if you let them stay. more will come. The last thing we need is an Alien Invasion.
    Earth for Earthlings! Who’s with me!

  31. Marco Piazzo says:

    James and Kara have negative chemistry, Win and Mon-El have chemistry with each other. And that leaves… nobody.

  32. Jane Q. Doe says:

    I miss Cat Grant.

  33. Michael Summerset says:

    They’re turning the show into a reverse harem show.

  34. jerrired says:

    I like Mon-El and Kara’s chemistry together a lot. However, I think it was WAY too soon for him to start developing feelings for her. We all know characters that get together quickly on a show rarely last more than a few episodes. Additionally, the writers need to flush out Mon-El’s character more before he becomes Kara’s main love interest, otherwise, that’s all he’ll become. They are the Kara pairing that I’m most rooting for, I just need to be more of a slow burning romance so it’ll have more longevity potential.

  35. Dominique says:

    but what about lena luthor?

  36. Carla Krae says:

    Those are her best (guy) friends and Mon-El is the new guy – of course they’re going to size him up. It’s what friends do. They don’t want you to be hurt, especially by someone that comes from a planet full of players.

  37. pblo78 says:

    Winn could have Chemistry with almost everyone… but Shiobhan… hey, before Alex coming out, i though he was the gay character in supergirl… just look him and Mor-el getting drunk… and he almost got James watchable… but James is such a doll character…

    From all the love interest that supergirl had, my favourite will be Cat´s son. (i know, i know the actors are indeed a item)

  38. Superfan says:

    I was never a fan of James/Kara and even though I absolutely adore Winn, he was just not the right fit for Kara either. Kara/Mon El on the other hand have incredible chemistry. I hope the show handles this rship well.

  39. PedroB says:

    I would like to see the romantic side of a Kara/Mon-El pairing. She tries to make him more Earthling-like and he will bring the less pent up/restrained Kara to the forefront. yes, I like Winn, but he is too wimpy in my opinion. so he is more of a in-the-friend-zone type of guy. Jimmy and Kara would have imploded and not be so nice to watch.

    the coming out and realization of the sister, well, although nice to know it is and was a bit of an ackward scerens. And it seemed like a “been there, done that” cliched scenes.

    The whole program is still one of my favorites.

  40. tallsy says:

    Generally speaking, I like Mon El/Kara. They could’ve kept Mon-El a playboy for a bit longer. At least go a half season without any love interests for Kara.

  41. Alisha says:

    That scene with the three guys basically discussing who gets to sleep with Kara was just so gross. Way to not take her feelings into consideration, jerks.
    I don’t like Kara with any of them, tbh. Season 1 made it clear that she’s not romantically interested in Winn at all. Continuing to have Winn crush on her just makes him look pathetic. She’s not into you, dude. Move on. James was a better choice than Winn but the writing for them was horrible from beginning to end. I’d consider giving them another chance if the writers learned how to write for them. Mon-El…Why can’t we just focus on their friendship this season? Why do they automatically have to introduce the romance angle? And the way he talked about Kara was a “mate” just…Ugh.
    This show needs to stop focusing on Kara’s love life. There are so many more important things to do with her. Plus, the show already has the slow burn Alex/Maggie romance this season. They’re fantastic together so why not just focus on writing that relationship well? Once Alex/Maggie is properly established, they can start focusing on Kara’s love life again, though preferably not with any of these three.

    • Mriya says:

      Just want to point about mon el remark about “mating”. Look he is not aware of earth culture about this subject. So he ended up sounded crass (if that’s what you mean) even if that was not his intention. Mating is a little different meaning in his planet where it means arranged betrothal at birth and marriage later when becoming adult. He simply ask if kara have a fiancée or bf or not, if you translate it to earthly way. I don’t think its disrespectful , if that’s what you are indicating . Sorry for any mistakes, English not really my native tongue :)

  42. amy says:

    she has no more chemistry with mon-el than she did james. what’s the deal making EVERY guy in her life (that isn’t a father figure), a love interest, next snapper’ll be in on the romance

  43. Raven says:

    I actually thought that Cat’s son was a great chemistry. We they are married in real life and if it works well being on the same show I would love to see Adam Foster back! The new Mon El is not a great character in my opinion. I think Supergirl hooking up with a normal human would be a better connection. I.e. A good Superman/Lois Lane matchup.

  44. skyebright8 says:

    Kara turned down both Winn and Jimmy, they need to move on with their lives. I hope the show doesn’t go back to them going after her, Winn and Lena had a cute moment they could explore that

  45. Ah. We have ‘Winn is gay’, people who accuse the CW of racism because Karolsen, and a couple Supercorp people just to keep it interesting.
    This thread is shipping on Supergirl in a nutshell. And that’s not even mentioning all the side-ships (as in, not Kara-centric) that have gotten a shout-out.
    I’d be more worried about Supergirl’s longevity if people *weren’t* talking about it, tbh.

  46. John says:

    Ok. I feel like I need to say this because I think some people may have the wrong idea about how Kara feels about Winn romantically. After Winn “confessed” his feelings for Kara, Kara’s exact words to him were “I don’t want things to change.” When I really think about this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Kara doesn’t have feelings for Winn or that she couldn’t develop feelings for him if they went out. Honestly, I believe that Kara legitimately doesn’t know how she feels about Winn in the romantic sense. And come to think of it, Kara’s aversion to change has been pointed out by Cat at the beginning of the first season. So I’m considering the possibility that maybe the reason why Kara and Winn aren’t together is because she’s afraid of a bad breakup and it’s just easier to remain friends and not screw with that. All I’m saying is don’t sleep on Winn and Kara. I think it’s definitely still possible. Come to think of it, Kara was more upset when she almost lost Winn as a friend than losing James as a lover.

  47. Agent 86 says:

    No, no and no. No to Winn (who should have come out of the closet along with Alex). No to Jimmy (who should be written off the show unless they can come up with a better storyline than the Guardian). And no to Mon-El (who should have been written as pansexual, coming from another planet and everything).

    Once they trim down the recurring cast members, they should bring in Brainiac 5 as Kara’s love interest. They should primarily cast based on chemistry with Melissa Benoist, but if they could find a POC for the role, it would be good to see.

  48. parstl says:

    Keep Supergirl a super hero show and not a romance show. Kara can have depth without a serious romance. Even the James thing last year was more flirtation and puppy love or crush (though I agree with a couple of other comments that the writers ended that due to race–er…so they then incorporate a potential lesbian gay story?). Anyway, we’re only a year and a half into the series so no need to emphasize a love arc for Kara.

    • 1, Comics also focus on the romance in their stories. Ask any comics fan and they can rattle off at least five pairings. The Flarrowverse is simply an off-shoot of that concept.
      2. No, Karolsen had no chemistry. If the issue was race, then we wouldn’t have WestAllen or Jessie and Wally. But, they aren’t the pairing you wanted on Supergirl, so they don’t count.

  49. As long as James and Winn get people for themselves, it’s fine with me. I want to see mostly everybody get what they deserve. Like Shakespeare