Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 8

Quantico Fall Finale Recap: Is [Spoiler] Really One of Them?! Plus: A Proposal

Nope, Quantico, I’m not going there with you.

This week’s episode doubles as the fall finale, and there’s a rather large revelation in its final moments: During a fist fight with an anonymous member of the Citizens’ Liberation Front, Alex pulls off her aggressor’s mask only to find that she’s been beating up her onetime fiancé, Ryan.

What we will likely learn once the ABC drama returns in the new year: Ryan is still a white hat, and he’s either still under the deepest of covers for the CIA or FBI or PTA or whatever. What I would like to happen: Ryan is actually a bad guy, and he’s one with staying power.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, all this time, Captain America with the pretty eyes was actually a nefarious agent working a very long, super dangerous con? And unlike Liam last season, he’s smart/sane enough not to get caught? That way, Alex would have to outwit an enemy who has intimate (bow-chicka-wow-wow pun intended) knowledge not only about every aspect of her life, but also about everything she knows — and everything the people she works for know.

Then again, I fell for the Drew-is-the-bad-guy fakeout last season, so what the heck do I know?

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Read on for the highlights of “ODENVY.”

THE UNKINDEST CUT | In The Farm timeline, Alex and Ryan are about to get it on at the safehouse. But their clandestine nookie is interrupted by a call for Ryan from Nimah, which irks Alex: Where’s Shelby been, and why are they now meeting separately with their handlers, she wonders? Nimah gives her no real answers; after Alex leaves, Ryan makes it clear that he wants to tell his lady that he’s been tapped for the AIC. But Nimah shuts that down and asks who else he thinks might’ve gotten recruited for the secret group. They discuss Sebastian (who, we learn, has been sleeping in Leigh’s old room), Harry, León and Dayana.

Meanwhile, the lesson of the week concerns cutting people you love out of your life if their inability to accept your cover story will endanger your mission. “Burn the bridge with the one person who never lets go,” Owen tells his students as he dismisses them for Thanksgiving. God bless us, every one! But Owen’s “one person” is about to burn a bridge with him: Though he pays lip service to wanting to be closer with Lydia, he takes the very first opportunity to sneak through her bag when he thinks that list of his enemies is on it. But it’s a trap, and she catches him in it. “You made your choice,” she tells him, preparing to leave The Farm. But before she goes, she gives him the answers he seeks: There was no conspiracy to oust him from the field, “You just got burned by something you did.” Ouch.

In a similar moment of Real Talk elsewhere, Alex confronts Shelby about avoiding her, and that’s when Parrish learns that Shelby is in the field and Alex is being yanked from the mission. “You didn’t cut it, Alex. You failed,” Shelby says to her “best friend,” a burn which is right up there with Clueless‘ “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.” When Miranda later assures Alex that she has a job at the FBI, Alex turns her down and says she’ll get to the bottom of AIC on her own, thanks.

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AMERICA’S BLOODIEST HOME VIDEOS | Ryan gets a text that asks him to be at a certain place at a certain time. When he gets there, another text tells him to kidnap a man and take him to another location. He’s later beckoned to another meet-up, this one with Dayana and León. And that’s when we find out that they’ve all been recruited — and their test was to get that random guy to a secret location (Ryan), to kill him (León) and to clean up the mess (Dayana). But the AIC also took video of the whole thing. “Now we can trust you,” the group texts the trio, “because if you betray us, we will destroy you.”

Too bad that shortly before all of this, Ryan proposes to Alex at the safehouse, and she accepts. “Even if I have to lie for a living, I have to know I can come home to the truth, and that truth is you,” he tells her before sliding the ring on her finger. They kiss exuberantly. And there are so few moments of pure joy on this show, I roll around in Alex and Ryan’s happiness like a Labrador in a fresh rain puddle.

Quantico Recao SEason 2 Episode 8

WHAT ELSE IS HARRY HIDING? | Harry spends the holiday with Charlotte, who is the sister of Elliott, the guy Harry told Sebastian about a while back. As it turns out, Charlotte is also Harry’s handler. They talk shop; it’s all very vague, and he gives her a coded message she tosses into the blazing fireplace when her husband comes back into the room.

Later, that husband catches Harry leaving it he middle of the night without saying goodbye. They make vague reference to something that happened involving Elliott. When the husband questions what Harry’s going to do about [whatever they’re talking about], he replies, “Your father-in-law is a very powerful man.” The husband responds, “Well, that doesn’t mean he should get away with it.” (Side note: It’s refreshing to see Harry a little more relaxed and maybe a little more truthful (?) than normal.)

FOOLED YA! | In the present, an Army general arrives at the FBI and makes a plan to bomb the building the terrorists are in. But Shelby asks her to hold off for a while, because Alex is in the building and can save the planet again. (Or something along those lines.)

Inside the building, Alex, Sebastian, Harry, León and a bleeding Dayana make their way to the roof, where they’re going to disarm the remote detonator for the biological weapon. But when a group of the terrorists gets in their way, the Farm team decides to crawl over them through the ventilation ducts. I know all of these people weigh 100 lbs., but the bad guys would still hear them, no? León stays with Dayana, and the other three get crawling. But Sebastian accidentally (or is it?) drops the canister of gas they’re going to use, and as it plummets down through the very tall building, Harry demands that Sebastian admit that he’s actually AIC and is sabotaging their mission on purpose.

Alex stops their arguing, and when they get to the roof, she realizes that the biological weapon is aimed inside the building, not outside. “It’s a suicide failsafe, not a WMD,” she says

TWIN PARADOX | If you’re wondering about the Nimah/Raina situation that started at the end of the previous episode, here’s how it resolves. Nimah spends most of the episode explaining how America is broken and freedom is a ruse, and how the CLF is the only way to get at the truth and lots of other very crazy-sounding militant speak. But even though it breaks her heart to do so, Raina cannot join her sister in the terrorist organization.

Nimah leaves her twin in one room and goes out to report to other CLF members in another: “She’s not one of them, I told you. Keep her in there until this is over.” Then Nimah sobs. I literally have no idea what is going on here.

DON’T WALK AWAY MAD | Alex and her group get outside, which naturally ends in hand-to-hand combat with CLF members. That’s when she realizes what’s up with Ryan, who takes advantage of her shock to toss her behind a laser barrier that’ll detonate the WMD if she crosses. “Everyone will die,” he says, just to drive it home, then puts his mask back on and walks away.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Arthur says:

    “I literally have no idea what is going on here.” – Quantico in a nutshell

    • Tee says:

      I actually like Conviction, so I’m wondering why Quantico is not only still on the air, but also moving to Mondays. It’s too far-fetched for me to accept as remotely close to resembling the CIA or FBI or whatever. If these are the people who are supposed to be keeping the US safe, then we truly are all going to die.

      • M3rc_Nate says:

        It probably has something to do with shows not getting cancelled or renewed based on YOUR taste, and in fact based on the ratings, in which Quantico is doing well and Conviction isn’t.

        • Hgkg says:

          Quantico and Conviction have nearly identical ratings, neither of which can be considered to be doing “well” in any sense of the term. However, ABC has made it clear that they want to keep Quantico, almost certainly because it does very well in international sales, and perhaps in streaming rights. So, Quantico gets what should be a time slot upgrade to Conviction’s spot. Conviction already had the benefit of that time slot and it didn’t do much for it. If ABC can pull Quantico up to a 0.9 or 1.0 in the demo, they’ll be ecstatic.

    • I’m almost starting to believe this is all one big mission to clean up the CIA, Alex and Ryan are in on it, so is everyone else except Shelby for some reason? I mean, either that or this is the agency with the biggest concentration of corrupt people per square mile. And I thought no one could beat NCIS!

      • Tony says:

        Exactly…mirandas heading am operation to eliminate the AIC using Quanticos finest.

        Plan is to lock AIC in building and knock them out with gas

        Guessing Lyon.is only bad guy

    • Laura Papile says:


  2. Tracy says:

    After reading and trying to follow the recap, I’m glad I stopped watching.

    • Sammy says:

      I need tvline to put a like button by each comment. It’s so ridiculous at this point, it makes no sense what so ever…. I did expect this coming from a producer of Gossip Girl…
      They also have ruined flashforwards and flashbacks. At least in HTGAWM you kinda get answers as the timeline moves from place to place… on this show it makes no sense.

    • Dina says:

      I stopped watching too – I don’t miss it. A few times (like now) I’ll take a peek at the recaps. :) I think it’s time to stop that too.

  3. Dominique says:

    i stopped watching this show after the s1 finale, bu ti’ve been reading these recaps to see what’s been happening, and if maybe i should give it another chance.
    i have only been growing more confused cause i cannot make sense of any of it. glad i stopped.

  4. liame says:

    My head hurts.

  5. Anna says:

    Nimah telling the other masked guy “She is not one of THEM” and crying after Raina ripped her apart, makes me think that:
    – Ryan is still on the good side but Alex has no clue because she didn’t know he got recruited by the AIC. Ryan managed to have some FBI agent pass as some terrorists, the whole Dark Vador costumes making it easy to smuggle people in. Nimah, being Ryan’s handler, knows everything about the group’s conspiracy so it was easier for her to be onsite and pretend to be Raina, 2 episodes ago, when she had the former residents of the Farm talk about their whereabouts in Asia.
    – Miranda knows all of it and the person she has communicatin with, since the beginning, is either Ryan or Nimah.
    – Alex works now for the CIA. She was sent to the Farm as a CIA agent hence the “good thing, I don’t answer to you anymore” she told to Miranda.
    – Alex, Shelby and Raina are the only ones who are clueless about what’s really going on.

    • Terry Miller says:

      Ryan’s mission was to get recruited by the AIC. Alex realized too late how she had to adapt to the AIC ways.Agree with Anna – Ryan is a white knight and doing his job .
      Nimah was recruited by Ryan. Miranda is the handler for Ryan and Nimah. I think Alex and Shelby now what is up and now they will have their own mission to bring down the terrorists. Ryan and Alex will be a Mr. & Mrs. Smith — Ryan and Nimah trying to find out who is the head of the AIC (Claire Haas?) Alex and Harry mission will be to take down the AIC even it includes Ryan and Nimah.

  6. ellajasper says:

    Conviction is so much better than this show. Who can follow this mess? At least with Conviction, you have a beginning and end. And you don’t feel like you’ve been lied to the whole episode. How is this show still on the air?

  7. RyanC says:

    Because I’m a massive puzzle geek, I decoded the message Harry passes to Charlotte, which seems to make him much more trustworthy:
    “FBI undercover at the Farm investigating rogue group called the AIC. Have made contact they be right”

  8. Anita says:

    When you have to read a couple recaps to TRY to understand what is happening on Quantico, it’s really time to quit watching! Bye, bye, this show is really, really, BAD!

  9. DixonD says:

    The bad thing about this show is that they will mislead the audience up until the very last episode, so that everything that happens before is total bs and a waste of time, in retrospective. They will present you a poor solution that won’t add up at all, just like with Liam (and Claire Haas, lmao). I mean, he must be honored postmortem with a medal or something for his outstanding ability of multitasking. How can ONE person bug and monitor a whole class of trainees for months, at the same time, be their instructor, attend to joint activities on a regular basis, continue other private and businesslike commitments AND plot an unbelievably clever, well organized, orchistrated and accurate terrorist attack? And his motive was as unbelievable as his plotting and action skills. Same will happen this season. The person or person’s responsible for this crisis will be those who will not be suspected throughout the season, and then, all of a sudden, the producers will fill up the plot hole with some lame scenes to show how the culprits are linked to all of it, and we’re supposed to believe it. My bet is that Caleb Haas has something to do with it, because we haven’t seen him yet.

  10. Terry Miller says:

    My bet is Claire Haas is behind all of this. The FBI is the police of the CIA. Remember, Claire Haas wanted to become President any way she could fill the spot. Either she has done a great service to the country or used terrorists.