Gilmore Girls Revival

Gilmore Girls Revival: Kelly Bishop & Co. Talk About That $#&! Scene

The following story contains spoilers about the “Fall” edition of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Proceed at your own peril.

The bulls–t really hit the fan in “Fall,” the fourth and final installment of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, when Emily Gilmore took advantage of Netflix’s decidedly loose standards and practices and dropped a handful of bulls–ts during what would be her final meeting with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Kelly Bishop, the actress spouting the expletives, tells me in the following video that the crowd-pleasing S-bombs were “so much fun” to deliver, before conceding that the sequence was not the easiest to shoot given the number of Gilmore newbies involved.

“Picking up the Gilmore speed — the clip on the dialogue — is always tricky for actors who aren’t around all of the time,” she explains. “So it got a little hard at times. It’s scary because the words are really flying.” (Bishop goes on to liken the show’s demanding pace to playing a game of double-dutch jump rope, which, for the record, I feigned ignorance of because I wanted to see where this bit was going. I was also beyond flattered she deemed me too young to know what the concept was!)

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Cougar Town‘s Carolyn Hennesy, whose DAR figurehead Toni led the charge to oust potty-mouthed Emily, seems to back up Bishop’s account of the shoot in the second video below, telling me that Gilmore‘s grand dame, “Takes no nonsense from anybody,” adding that she was “razor sharp with her lines and razor sharp with every nuance” in the scene.

“She’s one of the great, great, great broads,” Hennesy adds, effusively. “She’s beautiful and smart and wise and so funny. Her sense of humor is like stepping in a big pile of leaves. It just crackles. She’s delicious in every way.”

Press PLAY below as Bishop and Hennesy reflect on my No. 5 favorite moment from the Gilmore Girls revival. 

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  1. Dannie C says:

    That scene was freaking epic!! Kelly is just extraordinary in every single scene. GG 3 Leading ladies are amazing and I don’t know what we did to deserve them or Amy & Dan

  2. CourtTV says:

    I appreciate the General Hospital connection in the scene: Julie Marie Berman (former Lulu) as the trophy wife and Carolyn Hennessy (Diane Miller) as DAR chair.

  3. c-mo says:

    Even though Kelly Bishop has always portrayed Emily as classy-snooty, I have to agree with Ms. Hennessy, she’s one of the all-time great broads!

  4. wgsecretary says:

    I could not stop laughing! It was a great scene! But, I thought she was at “the club” and not DAR. Though, I admit I was confused. She was talking about taking the meeting with the lady because she was the new wife of a member. So, that would, of course, negate the DAR. But, I thought I recognized some of the women from the DAR. Plus, they let women into the DAR in the original run if they could prove their lineage. The meeting with the woman didn’t seem to have anything to do with her lineage and it wasn’t mentioned at all.

    • wgsecretary says:

      Ok, I went back and watched the scene again. It seems to not fall into line with the DAR from the previous run. But, they did say it was the DAR. But, since when do they just meet with people because of who their husbands are? That’s not really what the DAR was about. And they kicked Emily out to boot. They seem to have forgotten the prime membership requirement.

  5. MMD says:

    Awe Michael, you’re really just a spring chicken!

    Kelly Bishop totally stole that scene, You could see her just practically jumping out of her skin at the BS the others were spewing because for her it was so superficial and condescending in comparison to her life now.

  6. Brock says:

    Highlight of the entire revival!

  7. Margie Barkley says:

    In the first seven years we saw glimpses of the cracks in Emily’s mask, especially with Richard’s mother- the original Lorelei. Perhaps this contributed to her deep sense of failure when Lorelei got pregnant as a teenager. We also witnessed Emily rally when she put Logan’s mother in her place. However, she did sincerely love Richard. (And Richard may have had his own “Christopher”or “Logan” with his own university sweetheart.) Emily was always more complex than we gave her credit for. And so — despite her grief — being widowed gave her a kind independence that was not possible when she was a young woman. She could speak her mind and she did! She stripped off the veneer with salty language which is maybe why she wants to live by the sea. I would love to see her as a great grandmother advocating what could only be another Gilmore Girl. I wonder if Rory will name the baby Emily?

  8. Uau, isso pedaço de escrita é bom, meu irmã mais nova
    está analisando estes tipos de coisas, assim vou dizer ela.

  9. Sherida E Glover says:

    Our theory is that Richard knew Emily needed someone to watch over her, and he sent Berta. The only way someone would be able to handle Emily would be if they couldn’t understand the stuff she says to her maids. It makes sense to us.

  10. Kate says:

    Ooh I like that one. My take on Berta and her crazy huge family which kind if ties in with this scene is that Emily’s old life makes no sense to her anymore, she understands everything in theory but it brings her no comfort or sense of purpose. Berta provides the opposite, Emily has no clue what they are saying She can’t understand them yet they provide her comfort and look after her and help her find her purpose or at the very least support her during her searching.

  11. Kelly Bishop is AMAZING! I loved all her scenes in the revival!!!