Gilmore Girls Last Four Words Netflix

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: What Did You Think of the Final Four Words?

Warning: This post contains discussion of the famous “last four words” of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Do NOT read on if you don’t want to know what they are. And we repeat: Do NOT read on if you don’t want to know what they are.

This is your last chance to hit the nearest exit! OK, we warned ya!

“I’m pregnant.”

With those four little words, Gilmore Girls got turned on its ear — and the mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore came full-circle. (FYI: Our recaps of “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Fall” are now live.)

Sitting in the iconic Stars Hollow gazebo in the final moments of “Fall,” the two drank Champagne and talked about growing old together. Lorelai teased Rory for being in love with Pee-Wee Herman as a kid, and Rory got a break-up text from her forgettable boyfriend Paul. (“Who?”) But Rory seemed distracted, and Lorelai asked, “What’s going on in there?” Rory said wistfully, “I want to remember it all. Every detail.” Then she dropped the P-bomb on her unsuspecting mother. We saw Lorelai’s shocked face, then… Bam! Credits.

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has teased us for years that the ending she dreamed up for Gilmore Girls (before she left the show prior to its final CW season) consisted of four words of dialogue. And fans have furiously speculated for nearly a decade about what those words could possibly be. But in retrospect… it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?

Gilmore Girls ReviewOf course the final four words would be between Lorelai and Rory — the core relationship that the entire series was built around. And of course it makes sense that, since the show began with a 32-year-old Lorelai and her 16-year-old daughter Rory, it would end with a now 32-year-old Rory having a child of her own, continuing the circle of life. (And making Emily a great-grandmother!)

We are still left with a few lingering questions: Like, who’s the father? (It’s easy to assume Logan, but they broke up at the end of “Summer”… and Jess was staring pretty longingly at Rory through the window at the end there.) And does this mean Rory will quit jet-setting and settle down in Stars Hollow, where her kid can nibble on waffles at Luke’s Diner and annoy Michel at the Dragonfly?

All in all, though, the last four words were a lovely summation of Lorelai and Rory’s unbreakable bond — and a tantalizing hint of all the stories still left to tell.

But what did you think of the last four words? Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments to share your thoughts. (And yes, you can use more than four words.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    It has to be Jess! Why else end with him looking at her that way?!?

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Because Jess is her Luke. Logan is her Christopher.

      • napasut says:

        I was furious about the ending until I have seen your comment… Thank you!

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Logan has a spine. Jess is a jackass, plain and simple. I don’t care how much he grew up, he’s irredemable. There was nothing romantic about him in season 2 and 3. Even after they got together, Jess was nasty to everyone, he was barely nice to Rory. The only one Luke is nasty to is Taylor.

        • Steph says:

          A spine, and a fiancé. No redemption for Herr Huntzberger.

        • Nicole says:

          Rob- you did notice that Jess changed and because a good guy, right?

        • Florence says:

          I remember Jess not being the nicest guy and the things he did, even though they are way in the past, may be irredeemable.
          Logan maybe isn’t as much of a jackass (except for his cheating and the obnoxious snobbery earlier in the series – he really used to be quite jackass-y too and kind of still was in the end), but I definitely don’t see how he has a spine since, if I got this right, he is marrying a girl for “dynasty” reasons? And he uses Rory, throws around with his family’s wealth wherever he can and he cheats on his fiancé. Actually, even though Logan turned out somewhat likeable, I’d say his main attributes are: mature, rich, and terribly spine-less. And let’s not forget that Rory (not always an angel either) didn’t need those fluffy clouds Logan or Dean always offered her. Ultimately she turned into a strong and independent woman who stands on her own.

          • Sara says:

            A strong, independent woman who has been cheating on her boyfriends or helping her boyfriends cheat since she was 17 years old. As you said, Rory isn’t an angel.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            He grew up by the end of season 7, but that growth was dismissed in these episodes.

          • klksufjka says:

            rory is a slut, she has always been sleeping around with guys that are involved with other people

          • sportylady says:

            Looking back on the series, Lorelei and Rory are very self-involved, selfish women. Rory’s been cheating on boyfriends since kissing Jess behind Dean’s back. There’s that moment when they are looking at puppies and Rory talks about how Lorelei couldn’t be bothered to care for a hamster and laughed as it died under a mound of kleenex. Neither of them are shown doing anything for others–Rory helped build a house for her college applications. They’re takers and out for themselves.

        • I am guessing it’s Logan’s. I don’t think her and Jess slept together. He’s grown up and would be/is there for her. I would love to see her and Jess together. I do have a soft spot for him as I have met Milo and he is so lovely.

          There was one scene that really put me off Logan. They both are to blame for the affair, no doubt. Rory realises that Logan can’t be who she needs. She can’t turn to him when she needs him. So she told him it was over. What does he do, understand and let her get on with her life. To find sone one who can be there, no he tries to seduce her back to being a mistress. I have no doubt he loves her, but not enough.

          The last four words were predictable, especially after the talk with her father.

          • trock7 says:

            He was not seducing her back, he was helping her figure things out. That’s what he does. He encourages her and builds her up. He gets her out of her head. He offered her a place to write, which is when she realized that she had a place she needed to go to start her book off right.

          • Lizabeth says:

            Trock7, I understand that view point and you’re probably right that he was offering her a place to write out of generosity, but I couldn’t help but take it as an offer to put her up in a house so he could still have his girlfriend – a loveshack.

          • Pam says:

            You’re also forgetting a little detail: Logan wanted to marry Rory. She said no 9ys ago and throughout that revival she never said anything to show him she changed her mind. That’s why he didn’t push her to be more than what they “mutually” chose to be. But I bet that if she asked him to stay together for good he would have dropped everything for her.

        • Brock Harder says:

          Logan is a douchebag.

        • Tina-Louise Widmann says:

          If you look back, most of the good things in Rory’s life happened because of Jess’s advice. The latest being the book she is writing. Yeah, he was a punk kid; but he grew up to be the most adult guy in her life. Dean and Logan both cheating with Rory at one time. #Teamjess

      • bgpotash says:

        That actually makes a lot of sense.

      • Wooster182 says:

        Perfect summation. Baby seems to obviously be Logan’s and I think she knew she was pregnant when she talked to Christopher. She wanted to know she was doing the right thing by cutting Logan out of the baby’s life.

      • K says:

        I said the exact same thing! Jess will be her Luke…could also explain why she went to visit Christopher.

      • yeahhhh... says:


      • Nicole says:


      • Oh my God, thank you!! It ALL makes sense now!! You saved me from a long night of bad dreams :D thanks!!

      • Cheryl says:

        sorry but I think Dean is her Luke, not Jess.. She did say she learned to trust from Dean. and she never learned anything from Jess except bad boys dont change..

      • marivera17 says:

        That was exactly what I thought and completely balled my eyes out l

      • abby says:

        yes, exactly! this! it’s perfect.

      • It has never been said better! I never realised it but you’re totally right!

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      I wonder if it’s the Wookie guy. But in all honesty, this is classic ASP being obnoxious. She thinks it’s funny to leave all of us hanging. Well, it’s not.

      • Lisa says:

        Honestly, I get your feeling. She cut to black in the middle of a conversation with no explanation and very little chance for a sequel. It’s annoying.
        Closure? There’s is none.
        But then again, Gilmore Girls was never about giving fans what they wanted, it was about telling the story of lives, human, imperfect, messy lives and that’s what she does here too. The only real closer a human can get is death, whenever something finally works itself out, another problem (or just element) rises. This is what happened here, Lorelai and Luke finally got married but that is neither the end of their story nor is it Rory’s, they’ve still got their lives in front of them.
        I want more, I want to know what happens after, always have and always will. It sucks that we won’t probably ever know but the ending was not only philosophical and infuriating (I wanted better for Rory), most of all, it was realistic.
        And that, is obnoxiously genius in my opinion.

        • I don’t get how it’s obnoxiously genius when this would have been the same last four words had Amy ended the show in season 7, or if it would have been cancelled in season 5. Or that it’s ending now, 10 years later. How can it always have been the last same 4 words regardless of character arc, storyline, or journey? I just don’t get it.

          • Haddy says:

            True. Rory grew up to be a mess, but I feel sorry for her. She’s not prepared to have a baby by 32, how was she supposed to have a baby by 20? And with all the work she’s done to try and make her professional dreams come true.

          • Lisa says:

            She probably envisioned a time jump or something. Let’s remember that ASP wasn’t involved in the last season, that’s not how she intended for it to go, the last four words didn’t make sense then but they might have had she set it up the way she wanted. In this case, as disappointing as it is because that’s not how we envision Rory and what her future would have been, it does work. She an adult, she’s involved in relationship(s), unplanned pregnancies occur.

        • JosiahBartlet4President says:

          I agree with your point that ASP was never trying to please the viewers and tie things up in a neat little package. I tried to keep my expectations low in light of this, but it was going so well, that I kind of forget to tamp down my hopes.

      • Chaosrainz says:

        Yeah, the problem with Wookie guy is that he was random and her conversation with Christopher seemed to indicate it was probably Logan. It could be forgettable Paul, but I doubt she’d worry about whether or not to tell him.

      • Jerry says:

        The quickie with the Wookiee happened in Spring. It’s now November (according to the wedding banner).

    • Marcie says:

      The father is the Wookie guy. It’s the only way to tie up the show.

    • Haddy says:

      I don’t think you can get a girl pregnant through staring. :( Unfortunately, the baby has to be Logan’s.

  2. Janneke says:

    Now we need another revival, because we need to see this!!

  3. Sabrina says:

    I have to say that I’m disappointed with the last four words. I was hoping that the show would not end up with Rory single & pregnant.

    • Sheila says:

      Me too! And when did everyone in the show drink so much? After all the nonsense about cheating, she’s having a ‘whenever I’m in town’ fling with an engaged man? So much anger!

      • Wooster182 says:

        I agree. With all the drama she caused by cheating with Dean, I was really upset with her that she did it again.

        And her mom worked so hard to better Rory’s life so Rory turns around and does the exact same thing.

        • Stacy says:

          And at 32. Lorelai was half her age when making her decisions.

          • Wooster182 says:

            Agreed. I’m 30 so I feel like I grew up with Rory and I found myself judging her pretty harshly because I could find myself deciding what I would do if I was in position. I have been in several of the positions she was in this season and I made totally different decisions.

        • Hb says:

          It’s totally different. At 32, very few consider becoming pregnant a mistake. Many still feel teen pregnancy is life-ruining.

          (I am, btw, 30. If I found myself pregnant, it would be life changing but not ruining. If I was 16? Well, different story.)

          • Wooster182 says:

            Not so much mistake as a 32 year old with a Yake degree should know better than putting herself in a position to have an unplanned pregnancy.

      • Sara says:

        Not to mention the random Wookie sex.

        II think ASP forgot who Rory was.

        • Sigh, such a letdown says:

          There was so much wrong with the revival. It’s as if AS-P didn’t know how to handle time passing. Lorelai didn’t evolve at all in her relationship with Luke until the very end of these episodes. How did they not learn to communicate? How did she not learn to be less selfish? Even in Winter when Lorelai and Emily have their spat, it takes Lorelai 4 months before she actually talks to Luke about having kids. Rory seemingly survived the last 10 years without knowing how to get a job or act professionally. Then the cheating – with Luke – on Paul – uggh why make Rory suck in this revival? At least we all know that Season 7 would have been off the rails whether it involved AS-P or not.

          • Ben says:

            I feel kinda similar… IMO only Jess seem to have changed to improve. But i understand the idea.. normal people doesn’t really change that much (seriously, just exceptional people are well adapted nowdays) specially when they are comfortable in their own space (and what could be more comfortable than Star Hollows no?). The 30-something gang killed my older siblings and myself… we used to watch the show when we were younger and they are just like there.. it seem to be something generational xD.

        • Sara says:

          I would disagree that ASP forgot who Rory was as a character. Dean and Rory originally broke up because she had feelings for Jess and was essentially emotionally cheating on Dean. And then she had the cheating scandal WITH Dean. And now she is doing this mistress thing with Logan. Rory has a long history with being involved in cheating scenarios. There is just something in Rory that seems to search out these situations time and time again. She somehow cannot handle steady relationships and searches out the drama.

          • Stacy says:

            It’s a shame Rory never joined in that therapy. Maybe she’d make some progress on her daddy/relational issues.

          • Wooster182 says:

            I agree. I think I am disappointed because I hoped she would grow up rather than continue that behavior into adulthood. All of the Gilmore Girls have problems with self destruction and selfishness.

          • ejdax37 says:

            Rory has always had this thing for the not quite available guy. Dean was all in, they were in 10th or 11th grade and he was picking out curtains and naming their kids. She fell for Jesse because he was the pull back guy just out of reach. She feel for Logan the same way, verses Marty who was also someone very available to her and wanted to be with her and only her. Logan at first said it had to be a friends with benefits thing, until he fell in love and wanted to be all in. When he proposed and was willing to give up all his family stuff to be with her she said no. Now he is safely engaged to someone else she is free to be with him without it going anywhere. I am sure a therapist could have a field day with that and what is says about her relationship with her own father when she was little. (Never really there always coming and going etc.) Cheating is a safe way for Rory to experiences intimacy with out the risk of a full time relationship. Even with Paul she picks the most forgettable person every then never sees him.

        • Stacy says:

          I disagree. I think people remember Rory as more likeable than she actually was at times. Sure, she was the kind book nerd, but she was also blindly privileged and self-centered and often unwilling or unable to confront people and situations until they escalated.

      • Hb says:

        Because the original show dealt mostly with an underage Rory and her POV. I’m 30 so I grew up with the show. The amount of drinking on the original corresponding with what I saw adults doing at the time (i.e. When I was a teen). Now, at 30, the revival corresponds with my life–the drinking, the “when in vegas” fling, repeating mistakes from teen years as an adult (the cheating…the fighting with mom…) which brings in a whole new dimension, everything–either personally or people I know who are my age.

        The revival showed a quintessential millennial’s life 100%.

        • Jennifer says:

          “The revival showed a quintessential millennial’s life 100%.”

          If that is the truth, I shudder at the future of humanity.

    • analythinker says:

      At first I thought that too. But that’s the ideal world, right? That Lorelai didn’t want Rory to end up like her, hence the Chilton and paving the way to Yale thing. However, I think what Rory experienced is just very relatable in real life. A smart girl from a great school ends up with no job and getting pregnant by that ex she just can’t seem to get over/let go?

      • Stacy says:

        It was more that she wasn’t getting her dream job. She was never unemployable.

        • analythinker says:

          Oh, of course! But that’s just to leave the door open, right? I know some of us are content with these four new episodes, but some want more, and this could be the door to new possibilities. Rory may not be in the right headspace for now, because of the pregnancy.

    • I agree. In my head, those last four words never happened. I am beyond disappointed that this was ASP’s end game all along. Rory at 22, single & pregnant or Rory at 31, single & pregant. BLECH.

      • skyebright8 says:

        Yeah I guess Lane got Rory’s plot line of a 20 year old getting pregnant. I guess I wouldn’t be so against Rory being single and pregnant if she had solid employment and financial stability, and she was financially and emotionally mature enough to be able to purely focus on a child.

  4. Grace Catherine says:

    I don’t think it’s Jess, just because it’s built up to obviously be Logan as the dad

  5. Kaite says:

    Now the conversation she had with Christopher makes total sense. She was trying to figure out whether or not she should tell the father.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I figured those would be the last words, but would ASP really have Rory get pregnant right out of college? or would there have been a flash forward? And I can honestly say that I would like those 6 hours back, So not worth getting up at 3 am

    • Ginny says:

      I know a lot of people assumed would end with pregnancy, but had hoped not for that reason. It’s disappointing now and would have been disappointing then.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      I kinda figured that it would have been a flash forward had it occurred in the original series.

    • Disillusioned says:

      My thoughts, too, Jennifer. Having Rory pregnant straight out of college would’ve been upsetting. Even now, why did she have to be single and pregnant? Why did the show have to come full circle? I would like 5 of the 6 hours back. Such a disappointment.

      • sntindall says:

        She’s not actually straight out of college. She graduated college 10 years ago.

        • Annie Sisk says:

          She’s talking about if AS-P hadn’t left and the four words had come at the end of the series, as originally planned.

          • sntindall says:

            lol I got that like 30 minutes later. I didn’t even think of that and now it pisses me off. Instead of growing from where the series ended, she was just stuck at season 6.

          • Annie Sisk says:

            LOL, no worries. I guess I don’t see it that way. I mean, if the series had ended in a flash-forward, it wouldn’t have necessarily … ah, you know what? I’m sorry y’all didn’t like it. I loved it, and I’d feel awful if I were this big a fan and didn’t enjoy the movies after so much excitement and anticipation. But I’m not gonna try to talk anyone out of their opinion. You have my deepest empathies.

        • Jennifer says:

          I think you misread. We KNOW she graduated about 9 years ago. What we SAID was that had Rory gotten pregnant then, it would have been MORE upsetting, because she was so career and goal oriented. Even now, having ASP write Rory like that was a disservice to the fans. At 32, you should not still be drifting and sleeping on couches. Rory was much more put together than that. I was unbelievably disappointed in the whole series. I understand grief does horrible things to people, but to have Emily descend to that? No. I can’t accept this.

    • Leslie Bartley says:

      I want more season it’s open to continue another amazing story. People and families need this story back. It so amazing can’t wait to see more please!

    • Fairmont1955 says:

      She said, I think in the winter ep, she’s 32. That’s not right out of college.

      • wgsecretary says:

        No, but these were the final four words that ASP had wanted to end the original series with. Rory was right out of college then.

        • Edward says:

          Not specifically her out of college, Amy just wanted those four words if she had continued with the show after Season 6 for all we know she could gave done a flashforward.

          • KCatty says:

            For all we know, the final four words might have been the same, but it could have been Lorelai saying them instead of Rory…. ;)

          • Jo says:

            Kcatty it couldn’t have originally been lorelei saying it because it was always meant to be the two of them talking to each other at the end and Lorelei wouldn’t call Rory mom. The final 4 words are “mom, yeah, I’m pregnant”

          • wgsecretary says:

            In an article on TVLine since this one was posted, AS-P has said that yes, she would have had her pregnant right out of college. For the first time, I’m glad they left the series when they did. I think that would have been awful to do just for the sake of symmetry.

  7. Ann says:

    Rory’s last scene with Logan was in Fall (the b&b). Not summer. Her conversation with Christopher makes it pretty obvious Logan is the dad. Her relationship with Jess was purely platonic on Rory’s side, unfortunately for Jess.

    • Cheryl says:

      Did the writer completely skip the first half of Fall??

    • bgpotash says:

      I think so too. When I saw that she’d gone to speak to her dad, and then what she asked him about his feelings about not being in her life early on, how she reacted to his answers. I was like “she’s pregnant.” Its obviously Logan’s kid. Now the question is… what will they do? I guess like life its open to anything happening. Rory may raise her child alone, with Logan showing up at Christmas like it was with her own parents (Logan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would completely abandon a child of his). Or maybe Logan won’t be as passive as Christopher was and want to be make a family with Rory and the baby. It is shockingly obvious how much Logan cares about Rory, but as it might have been sadly predicted, he ended up doing what his father wanted, just like Christopher ended up doing what his father wanted.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I don’t know. I thought that it was pretty clear that ASP was setting up a Gilmore Girls: The Next Generation kind of thing where Rory is the new Lorelai, the new baby is Rory, and Jess is Luke. Logan is Rory’s rich, never the right time, what could’ve been, Christopher. Jess loves Rory and will always be there for her. She just sees him as a friend right now and is oblivious to his true feelings. We already know what happens next. Just rewatch Gilmore Girls. The full circle theme was mentioned 3 or 4 times by the characters.

        • Stacy says:

          I completely agree. Except the next generation is a little bit sadder than its predecessor.
          Lorelai was 16, Rory is 32.
          Lorelai met Luke years after Rory’s birth. Jess has been around & shown to have matured 10 years ago, and Rory was still choosing to be Logan’s sidepiece.
          Lorelai learned the value of truly hard work providing for her young child. Rory still has that sense of entitlement, IMHO.

          • YES! All of this. To me, it’s unfortunate that Rory seemingly learned nothing over the last 10 years.

          • skyebright8 says:

            I’m with Elibu, I think Logan will break it off with Odette and marry Rory. She publishes her book and maybe gets her masters and teaches at Chilton. Jess moves on and finds happiness elsewhere like Dean

        • Izzy says:

          Logan is not Christopher. Chris and Lorelei were really young and Chris was trying his best to keep up with her which Lorelei had deem not ready to be a father. Logan was always there when Rory needed him, granted mostly spending money, but he is always supportive. My take on their recent ‘casual’ relationship is that Rory is the one that wanted to hide it, she doesn’t want to be Mrs Huntzberger or anything to do with the family. Logan is nearly 35, the family would demand him to get married and have kids, and it appears Mitchum doesn’t care about Rory as long as Logan is getting married to a family approved girl.
          While I would love to find out what ASP’s plan for Rory, I am not sure there’s enough story to continue the next phase. (Netflix is labelling it as Season 1, ep 1-4!) There may be some drama to milk on when Rory tells Logan but he is more than likely to walk away from Odette even after they got married, because he loves Rory and loves taking care of her, he was devastated when Rory decided to cut tie with him. It’s not over for him. Kinda like Prince Charles and Camilla. LOL.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            I can see your point, but I would argue that if Logan wanted to be with Rory exclusively then he already world have. He was the only one with any kind of real commitment. A commitment that he was unwilling to break off. Also, all he did was throw money at their problems. With the exception of when Richard had his heart attack in season 7 I can’t think of a single moment when he was there emotionally for her. I don’t think think that Logan leaves Odette as it’s already been established that Mitchum is fine with affairs, so I doubt that an illegitemate kid in another country is that much worse to him as long as it’s kept quit. And everything in Logan’s life has been about not upsetting daddy. The only way that Logan and Rory end up together is if Odette finds out about the affair and the kid and leaves Logan because Logan doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to his father.

          • Elibu says:

            I think Rory was the one afraid to be with Logan and so he went along with whatever she would give him…and the basically arranged marriage his parents wanted. Rory loves Logan and came to regret their arrangement, but wasn’t able to tell him that. But I don’t think the parallel to Christopher and Lorelai works because they were children themselves. I can’t see Rory hiding the pregnancy from Logan (it’s not like Chris didn’t know) and I don’t see Logan going through with his marriage once he finds out. It’s obvious that he loves Rory. At 35-36, I just can’t see him walking away from the woman he loves and his child. He stood up to his father when he was a lot younger. Jess may be longing for Rory, but I didn’t see any romantic feelings on her side for him.

      • Stacy says:

        In a way, that portrayal is sad. They all ended up replicas of their parents. Logan joined the douchebag dynasty he resented, and Rory is going to raise her child on her own.

  8. Micky says:

    Like mother like daughter. Jess is Rory’s Luke while Logan is Rory’s Christopher.

    • Mendez says:

      Yes!!! This!!!

    • Philipp says:

      You hit the nail on the head there! That stare from Jess is something we’ve seen from Luke in the past. Logan totally is her Chris.

      • Becky says:

        No.. that longing stare proved that Rory is Jess’ Lorelai.. there was nothing romantic whatsoever from Rory’s side the entire revival… Jess isn’t over her, but I saw NOTHING to indicate that Rory wasnt over him…

        • Wooster182 says:

          That doesn’t mean that she can’t develop feelings again. She was too in love with Logan to have feelings for anyone else but that relationship was clearly unhealthy. The one person she listened to that changed her direction was Jess. I felt like the show left their relationship open ended whole closing the door on all the others.

          • Lena says:

            But look, it’s just like people say here: It’s supposed to be a “circle” – and why do you think it’s impossible for Jess to be “Rory’s Luke”? Luke and Lorelai also started being friends. :-) ;-)

        • Gern Blanston says:

          By that logic Lorelai never would’ve ended up with Luke. She only saw him as a friend that she could always turn to count on until season 4. That’s the position that Jess is in now.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Exactly. And also this, which I think a lot of the people unhappy with this turn of events may have overlooked, possibly: This isn’t Rory repeating Lorelai’s mistake. Not even a little. Lorelai was sixteen. Rory’s 32. Hell, I had my first kid at 33 and that felt a little late, honestly. (It’s not, really, I’m just saying it felt that way.) I had to think about this one awhile but my answer is: I love it. It’s *very* “circle of life” in a totally Gilmore-ian way: Rory’s her own person, and they’re all making new lives for themselves, even Emily.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Yes, but that storyline is old. If there were more episodes to come, it wouldn’t be very entertaining to see a Christopher-Loralie-Luke rehash with Logan-Rory-Jess.

        • Annie Sisk says:

          Sure it would, I think. Because Rory *isn’t* her mom. That’s the other side of the larger thematic point. Even if we do repeat our family stories, we’re always gonna put our own unique twists on it because we can’t help but be our own people.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The big difference between Christopher and Logan is that Christopher never had a spine whereas Logan did. Jesse isn’t the bad boy and he’s not like Luke. I don’t know why anyone finds Jess remotely likable.

      • L. says:

        I don’t understand how you see Logan as having a spine. He is a Huntzberger “dynasty” tool even marrying for the sake of the family. If he had a spine he wouldn’t go cheating around with Rory but go against his parents’ will and marry her, if that’s what he preferred. The reality is that he didn’t stand up neither for his fiancé (whom he cheated on) nor Rory (who he just used). Not having a spine is the entire problem with him, even I liked him otherwise in the end.

        • Rhonda says:

          Actually in the series he asked Rory to marry him but she turned him down.

          • Logan asked Rory to marry him & ruined her graduation. He NEVER stopped to think that Rory might want to have some input into the whole moving to California thing. Logan cheated on Rory & is now cheating on Odettte with Rory. His offer of the house at Martha’s Vineyard was more about having a booty call place than anything else.

        • Kayla says:

          Never liked Logan but in his defense, he was willing to go against his father and marry Rory. She turned him down and at that time rightfully so. I think he cheats with Rory because it is the only way to keep her in his life. Remember she said that was the arrangement she made with him. I think Logan feels he has put himself out there with her before and she should make the next move. If Rory called him and told him to end it with Odette he probably would. What burns me is that she considered not telling him about the baby. It is never right to cut the father out unless he is unfit.

      • Gosh, you have a problem, always bashing jess. You know what, i’ve been #TeamJess since ALWAYS. And now, after watching the Revival, I’m proud to have been Team Jess.

        As always Jess was the one to give Rory inspiration, at a time when she was lost. As always his potential, and he always believed in her. Jess KNOWS Rory. Plain and simple.

        I think Rory was kind of a mess in the beginning of the revival. She was lost, sleeping in sseveral houses, not being happy about her career, and this situation with Logan just sseemed a plus fact in all this. When she started to write her book, it was when things ggot better, and those last four words..well, i didn’t saw coming but what i can say..FULL CIRCLE.

      • Jennifer says:

        Pray tell, WHERE does Logan have a spine? HE is the one who runs away after he graduated college and screwed up the business deal. He went to Vegas to “blow off steam.” Really? that’s how a grown up handles a mistake? If Logan is redeemable, why isn’t Jess? Jess grew up, got a good job, WROTE A BOOK – without a college degree and before Rory graduated. Logan – the way he is written in this crappy revival – is ENGAGED, but still sleeping with Rory (and as implied, others as well). HOW IS THAT REDEEMABLE???

  9. Screamed out in anger. What in the world!!!

  10. Anon says:

    Would have been better ten years ago. 32 single and pregnant is not the same as 22 single and pregnant.

  11. Mairead Victory says:

    Still not sure how I feel about that ending… Was hoping it would end at Luke and Lorelai’s wedding and that Jess and Rory would get to dance together….

    What I want to know, now that I have seen all four episodes is – What was it the AS-P was annoyed about in season 7? I remember reading that there was something in that season which kind of ruined her plans for the revival, and I cannot figure it out….

    Anyone have any bright ideas? :)

    • Zaph says:

      Possibly the changes they made with Logan then. He actually evolved during that season. Now he became a cheating fellow again.

      • Stacy says:

        That could be. If ASP’s plan was to end end with Rory telling her mom she’s pregnant and painting Logan as the new Christopher, then showing him mature and propose marriage likely wouldn’t have fit in that narrative.

  12. LauraB says:

    Now we need a new series just to follow the new story! You can’t leave us like that, specially not knowing who the father is

    • Whiskey says:

      So agree! The challenge is that Milo likely wouldn’t be available (and also, who knows if playing across from his now-married ex-girlfriend would even be something he’d want to do?).

  13. Its clearly Logan, as signposted with the talk with her father about telling him. If she tells Logan the ‘Dynastic Plan’ is down the drain. She slept with him in Fall.

  14. TOTALLY called it. It’s a generational show. How could it end any other way? Not that I’m disappointed. Because it’s a perfect ending. And leaves PLENTY of room for follow up.

    And, actually, I’m not all that concerned about who is Dad. I know that’s kinda terrible and that Rory cares, but the show has the thread of these formidable women running through it. It’s in the freaking title “Gilmore Girls”. So, Rory being pregnant and giving birth, Rory and a baby, Rory and a toddler. And Lorelei both supportive and freaked about Grandmother status.

    So much territory to plum.

  15. Teresa says:

    History repeats itself… to me she is pregnant with Logan baby, that’s why she went to Christopher and asked all that questions about fatherhood, because she knows she can’t grow up her baby with Logan, just like his dad did. But Jess is there for her, he was always there for her, and he will be there for her child too, just like Luke did for Rory.

    • Rory hasn’t even told Logan about his child. She contemplates not doing so. Logan hasn’t had the screentime to react to the news. So we don’t know what way it will go

    • Cheryl says:

      Was Jess really always there for her? Didn’t he run away multiple times?

      • Teresa says:

        I meant in this revival, and absolutely he wasn’t in the past, and both of them did their fair share of mistakes, but they were pretty young at the time, even Luke did his mistakes with Lorelai, that’s why I have the feeling that the message is that history repeats itself :)

        • Rachel Smith says:

          Even with history repeating itself, though, I want to know what happens next. Even if it’s in blog posts… Maybe that Stars Hollow website will tell us something?

      • Bonnie Winslow says:

        Jess visited Rory at her grandparents’ home, showed her a book he wrote and brought her to her senses about dropping out of school. Afterward, Rory visited him in Philadelphia because she wanted to get even with cheating Logan but Jess didn’t take advantage of her. In one of these seasons, he visited her at the newspaper and inspired her to write the Gilmore book. I think he grew into a very supportive friend.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Jess has always been there for her?

  16. Eliane says:

    I just finished and I am really disappointed. Rory storyline is awful and don’t come up with the full circle thing. The girl went on the Obama campaing. That was one of the greatest plots from GG, but since it was not from team Palladino, they just ignored. So now she is showing up for meetings completely unprepared, sleeping with a guy that has a fiancee, and even worse, relying on logan to get comfort and support?!?

    • Izzy says:

      Mitchum might be a jerk but I agreed I never felt conventional journalism is the right career path based on her personality and with the print medium dying a slow death, always thought a pretty girl like her would have a better chance with tv journalism. Everyone agrees Rory is a great writer, writing books seems a much better fit.
      Rory enjoys the benefits of being rich by proxy but doesn’t like the restrictions/’responsibilities’ of the rich. She loves Logan but not enough to married his family nor be the one responsible to ask him run away with her (which BTW Logan asked her to back in season 6 before he left for London). I am more annoy with her dealing with her boyfriend Paul, whom she clearly doesn’t even care for, that’s just cruel.

      • Jen says:

        If Iremember correcty Logan didn’t go to London at the end of the original series; it was California. He got that job working for a start up. That is where he wanted to get the house with the avacado tree in the back yard, etc.

  17. spindae2 says:

    I thought it would be the other way around.

  18. Sy says:

    Hated it. Actually completely dissapointed in most of the story

  19. You are missing “hated it” as an option.

  20. Nan says:

    Said perfect b/c they have to continue, leaves us hanging more than original series but bothers me that she is pregnant & not married. ( not a prude, just to much of this lifestyle) what if the one night stand! Started slow, each season better and wow! Fall blew me away

  21. Valentina says:

    That’s not an end ok?! We waited 8 years for an end, and for Rory to finally choose between Logan and Jess and we had NOTHING! And Logan is not like Christopher. He grew up so much, and she rejected him when he asked her to marry him. And he don’t know about the baby, but Chris did.
    I’m so mad right now! 6 hours wasted. 8 years waiting for an end that it’s not an end!

    • Ezra says:

      This is probably why Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t like the final season (which she had nothing to do with). That season made Logan a lot more likeable and actually ended with him wanting to settle down with her.

      Sherman-Palladino probably wanted Logan to stay more of a player-type, like he was in earlier seasons and like he was in this revival (cheating on Rory while planning to marry another girl).

      That way, Logan became Rory’s Christoper (they loved each other, but they just weren’t a perfect match), with Jess becoming her Luke (a good friend who secretly loved her).

      However, the 7th season made Logan too nice and too likeable. The Logan from season 7 would not have acted like the Logan from the revival. It just didn’t mesh well IMO.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Which is why I like season 7 more than the revival.

      • Rose says:

        From the way the actor played Logan, I felt that Rory didn’t give him much of a choice. It’s clear, especially from the scenes in “Fall” that he completely adores her and she walks all over him in trying to add distance between each other. If she were to say “chuck Odette and be with me” he would do it in a heartbeat. Remember that Rory said ‘no’ to the proposal…and it seems from these last 4 episodes that she didn’t really let him go. He will take as much of Rory as he can get and he’ll play by her rules…just saying. He is not leading her astray…she is…

        • Sarah says:

          Totally agree with this. Logan isn’t using Rory, she is the love of his life. But, Rory didn’t want to marry him and he had to move on. I can’t understand it, as Rory would never have agreed to share him before. If Logan knew about the baby though, he would drop the fiancée in a heartbeat. The ‘dynasty’ thing doesn’t make sense either because his father told Rory years ago that the family thought she was good for Logan. Poor Jess still has feelings for Rory but her feelings are purely platonic. I really don’t get this Logan is Christopher and Jess is Luke comparison. It’s obvious that Logan has been there for Rory and would be if she tells him about the baby. If I’m disappointed in anyone, it is probably Rory. I thought she was tougher than this. I hate her using and depending on Logan, thinking that jobs are beneath her, having one nighters, dating men she barely remembers, having sex with engaged men. She is 32, not 22. It’s about time she grew up, stood on her own two feet and got her life together.

          • Izzy says:

            Rory was always too focus on everything being perfectly planned. Alas life doesn’t work like that and she is finally making mistakes in the adult world and lives with the consequences. I agree Logan will not let Rory cut him off her and the baby lives like Lorelei did with Christopher when he finds out and if it’s a boy I don’t think Mitchum would either! Rory may be strong willed but I’m not sure that enough against the Huntzberger.
            Jess and Rory might be soul mates, doesn’t mean they are destined to be together. Luke loves Lorelei, but he barely understand her and yet there’s no denying they belong together. If anything Logan and Luke are more alike, they both view the girls are the love of their lives, always try so hard to make things better because they want the girls to be happy and felt helpless see them sad. While Jess and Christopher might have matured since, they were always a bit more temperamental and self centred during their relationships.

          • Susan says:

            Here is the difference: Jess is Rory’s ‘true north.’ He comes into her life every time she is at a stall – he knows her in a way no one else does … and his truth has always frightened her bc he demands she be true to herself. Yes, he was a rough cut as a youngster but he evolved, as we all do (well, almost all). At his urging she is writing a book, and 10 to 1 he will be the pubisher.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Jess is a screw up. He’s not her true north. Remember when he came back into her life and told her to go away with him. He didn’t know where, he didn’t have any plan, because he’s a loser. There’s nothing romantic about the guy. He mistreated her at every single step of the way, just as he did everyone else.

          • skyebright8 says:

            I like Jess and I hope his publishing company does publish Rory’s book, but I think it’s cruel to make his storyline replicate Luke’s. Rory’s 32 and having another guy’s kid who she can marry and always calls when she feels she needs help. Jess might be better for her to make her grow up, but that doesn’t mean it’s fair for him to raise someone else’s kid that Rory was having an affair with. He can do better.

      • David Rosenthal was ASP’s HAND CHOSEN SUCCESSOR to run the final season of GG. ASP is a total control freak & I would bet that DR wrote Season 7 based on ASP plot lines & notes because while he got some things wrong, he did get some things right. After all, ASP is the one who totally ruined Season 6.

    • Lana says:

      He grew up so much? He was cheating on his fiancé with Rory like it was nothing.

  22. Tom says:

    Ok, this comes from someone who has never watched the show, only the four words because I admit the hype got me curious, and from my perspective it felt more like a cliffhanger because of all the questions it raises. But if fans are happy with them, then that’s good I guess

  23. Sue says:

    I think is Logan’s baby, but that he is going to be kind of a Christopher. And, if there’s some kind of movie/season/something afterwards, Rory in the end will end up with Jess.
    By the way, I kind of like the new life of Emily, but I don’t like her maid and all her family living at Emily’s expenses.

  24. Sol says:

    I hate the ending. So unfair for Rory character!! Why going full circle? To do it all over again?

  25. Emily says:

    I totally didn’t expect this ending. However, I should have seen it coming because it makes complete sense. Coming into the revival- I was absolutely hoping for a single Rory ending. I got that and more! To me, Rory’s pregnancy signifies another generation of Gilmore Girls and closeness between her and her child similar to her and Lorelai, which makes me so happy. In addition, I have a feeling of completeness now that was lacking in the original finale of season 7. I love the Gilmore Girls and I think those final four words represent so much specialness.

    • Kay says:

      I agree, completely. I always hoped for a single Rory ending, too. The show was never about a woman needing a man to complete her and give her a happy ending. It was about strong women forging their own paths, and about family in a generational sense. I think the ending was perfect.

      • peter says:

        i loved this ending too but seeing jess looking at that window with thoses puppy eyes makes me a little sad ! i would be ok with rory and jess !!

      • Stacy says:

        I’m on board with ending the series with a single Rory, but as for “strong, forging her own path”. Meh. She was Logan’s girl on the side and couldn’t even bring herself to bring up with this guy she cared nothing about and whom she was cheating on.

        • skyebright8 says:

          Agree I’d have nothing against a single Rory if she had her own place and a solid job with maternity leave and she was financially and emotionally ready to look after a child on her own. Right now she isn’t, she’s unemployed living at home and always calling the guy she’s having an affair with. At 32

  26. DJ Doena says:

    Wait, whut? She’s drinking champagne while telling her mom she’s pregnant? Great mothering there!

  27. Jamie says:

    I think the show should end here, another revival would ruin the perfect ending of the relationship between Lorelei and Rory coming “full-circle”. These were created to be the last four words and they should stay the last four words. Our journey with the Gilmore’s is now complete.

  28. Leslie Bartley says:

    I want more season it’s open to continue another amazing story. People and families need this story back. It so amazing can’t wait to see more please!

  29. Temperance says:

    I totally called that one. I’ve never cared on bit about the Words (seriously, who cares), but the hubub was over something utterly expected. It’s called the Gilmore Girls, right?

  30. keniri says:

    So, before anyone else has had a chance to watch the movies and despite please from the cast not to do so, TVLIne just decides to flip everyone the middle finger and say screw off? Way to go, Writer Dave Nemetz for spoiling ti for everyone.

    • kmw says:

      TV LINE warned everyone in advance if they didn’t want to be spoiled then DONT read the article. This warning was on their reviews of all these episodes

    • jj says:

      You seriously came to this sight today without watching the episodes first? Seriously?? Sorry but that’s on you. you knew they would write about it. Dumb move on your part.

    • Jennifer says:

      Are you kidding? If you didn’t want to know, DON’T CLICK THE PAGE. The title says it’s a discussion on the last four words. If you didn’t watch it, DON’T COME TO THE PAGE.

  31. peter says:

    the only thing ok 2 things i did not like was that was no wedding party and jess and rory should at least had a moment in ”this party ” that should have happened the whole town dancing and having a good time and them after that rory and lorelai talking like it happened at the end

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree. Like Luke & Lorelei did at Liz & TJ’s wedding.

      I will say it again, this was a CRAPPY revival. It’s like ASP was giving the finger to all the fans.

  32. Kim R says:

    I liked my ending better and when Roy started writing her book I really thought it was going to go that way. Alas, I was wrong. 😊

  33. While I didn’t love the writing of Logan in the revival and thought his character development in the original series had moved him beyond this point, I did like the final four words. Logan is not Christopher and I’d like to believe he would be a better father once he finds out.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you very much . I don t understand why everybody thinks Jess is Rory’s Luke . Jess always Run away . I don t undestand it sorry .

  34. I was hoping Lorelai would be pregnant with a late in life surprise baby but I’ll take this too! And I can definitely see Rory, Jess, and Logan raising the baby (but Logan would be more involved than Christopher).

  35. Michelle says:

    How about “those are five words”?

  36. John036 says:

    I don’t think Jess and Rory would end up together if there were more episodes. Remember early in GG when Christopher proposes and Lorelai turns it down, causing Rory to get mad at her? I think Rory and Logan would end up together. Rory is a family oriented girl. It’s clear that Logan and Jess still have feelings for Rory. Without a doubt in my mind, Logan would ditch Odette as soon as he hears that Rory is pregnant and he’s the probable father.

    But who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . We’ll probably never find out who Rory ends up with.

  37. Judy Zimmerman says:

    I hope this means there will be another sequel!

  38. Rachel says:

    I get the Logan/Chris and Jess/Luke thing. But this revival was an assassination of Logan just like season 6/7 did Chris. Very frustrating

  39. Emily says:

    A gimmick to bring back the show in another 3-5 years.

  40. Cris says:

    I Hated. Very disappointed.

  41. Cas says:

    So I just started watching and decided I had to know the last four words. Well I am pretty disappointed that this all ends with Rory single and pregnant. Like so much I am not even sure I care to watch.

  42. My biggest question in all of this was who’s idea was the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” plan between Rory and Logan. I got the impression that it was actually Rory’s idea and not Logan’s. I wish she would have flat out asked him to leave his fiance and then we could have seen how he reacted. Similar to Lorelai and Chris, I think Logan loves Rory more than she loves him. I think the baby has to be Logan’s. They definitely slept together at the beginning of fall.

  43. Heather says:

    I loved the revival overall and thought this could have easily been a full season of 10-12 episodes. I’m disappointed we got so few scenes with Chris, Sookie, Jess, etc while getting a lot of other filler type scenes. I thought Richard’s death was handled very well and it actually didn’t feel like he was even missing since so much of each episode featured him. I called the final 4 words after Winter. I’ve always been a Chris fan so if it is Logan’s, I’d like to see him give up everything for Rory. Chris did it a bit too late with Loralei but fortunately salvaged his relationship with Rory. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they made Loralei pregnant at the same time.

    • Lisa Wagner says:

      I always actually liked Chris also I think he should have not gotten so mad in season 7 when Lora Lei wrote that letter for Luke so he could keep partial custody of April. Chris should of stayed and fought for his marriage with Loralei

  44. Sue B says:

    I hope this means there will be more episodes .

  45. Coop says:

    It’s pretty amusing seeing a bunch of people angry about the revival because Rory didn’t end up with (insert character here). Didn’t get the ending they’d always dreamed of and now they’re going to stop their feet. Reminds me of people being mad when the Lost ending didn’t match up with their finale predictions. Aside from the town musical, which was a terrible, unfunny waste of time, I thought the four episodes were very good. Really appreciated how big of a role Richard played in Emily, Lorelai and Rory’s struggles and overall arcs.

    • CAS says:

      I mean she ends up alone and pregnant. Not sometbing you would expect from Rory. Also, i was more annoyed she was having an affair with Logan. She didn’t learn anything after Dean? In the end we all know she will end up with logan.

      • Coop says:

        Very similar to her mother, but she has a strong support system around her. Generational growth. I wasn’t surprised by the ending at all because Rory is her mother’s daughter. While I didn’t think about it at the time, I tend to agree with people who suggest Logan is Rory’s Christopher. Also, wasn’t Rory in the dark about Logan’s relationship status as they were initially sleeping together? He seemed like he was just in that relationship because his family wanted him to be. And yes, I realize I just watched all four episodes and am already having trouble remembering everything. :p

        • Stacy says:

          No, Rory knew. We, the audience, didn’t know fully at the beginning. Rory has always known, but dismissed it because she didn’t want to fact it, and Logan & Odette weren’t living together. It showed Rory very uncomfortable when the conversation included Odette. Rory clearly wanted to stay in her bubble where their real life choices didn’t impact her & Logan.

        • Cas says:

          Doubt she was in the dark. That is why she gave the whole “what happens in vegas speech”. It seemed to me like she wanted that and Logan loves her. Rory showed no signs of loving Jess. I think the difference between Logan and Christopher is that Logan actually loves Rory. I don’t believe Christopher ever loved Lorelei.

          • skyebright8 says:

            Agree they were 16 years olds who weren’t careful, I think Christopher should’ve always been with his partner and the kid they had and the focus should’ve been on his and Rory’s relationship with each other. Logan is 35 and does love Rory, he can break off his engagement and marry Rory

    • Erin says:

      Totally agree

    • jj says:

      I complete agree. Not sure why people were expecting everything in the lives of the Gilmore Girls to be perfect and end perfectly. The whole point of the original series and was continued in the revival is that their lives (like most people’s) have ups and downs. That’s why people watched the show to see how they navigated the ups and downs in their lives. So why now assume that everything should be perfect and be exactly how they envisioned it to be. And you’re right the town musical was a massive waste of time, so painful to watch and so pointless.

      • HristinaB says:

        “Not sure why people were expecting everything in the lives of the Gilmore Girls to be perfect and end perfectly.” –> Because the original series tended to do that. Almost every problem in the girls’ lives would get solved by a deus ex machina (usually Emily’s and Richard’s money, but also Logan’s money or, my personal hate, Jess showing up like a knight in shining armor, saving Rory from herself). I rewatched the whole series from the beginning before taking on this (terrible) revival and that realization hit me pretty hard. Lorelai and, most notably, Rory, hardly ever worked their way out of trouble themselves — it was almost always other people (or plain luck) doing their job for them. I didn’t mind it, because I never viewed GG as a representation of real life — to me, it was always about this quirky, fun, weird, sugary and colorful world, where most problems would get solved by a trip to Europe, wealthy relatives or guys who would do anything for their girls, because said girls are just too darn cute not too be rescued.

        All in all, if you really, really think about, it, only Lane really had the guts to follow her dreams, with practically no help and not much of a support system.

    • kaye says:

      Nah, I couldn’t care less about whom Rory ended up with. I’m angry that ASP chose to be bitter and stubborn and flat out ignored the character development that happened in Season 7

  46. mooshki says:

    You didn’t have an option to vote for: “Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

    • Bonnie Winslow says:

      These four so-so episodes could have been condensed into two really good episodes by deleting scenes such as the musical, the surrogate, the life and death brigade, the pool, the bathroom scene, the DAR interview, the Wild parking lot get together and so many more filler scenes that added nothing to propel the story. Nice to see some of the familiar faces but so unnecessary and a waste of air time.

      • Jo says:

        The life and death brigade was the highlight of the entire revival for me. They could have dropped the rest of the filler though!

      • Jennifer says:

        I agree with all your points, except the DAR interview. I really loved that scene. Everything else could have been chucked. ASP was just getting faces and bodies in to get publicity and “show off” her favorites. I LOVE Sutton Foster and Christian Borle, but they were totally unnecessary here.

        Did we really have to rehash EVERY storyline from the series?

  47. Eva says:

    Although Jess is clearly not over Rory, she sees him as only a much cared for and respected friend. At no time during the 4 episodes does Rory show any romantic interest in Jess. Logan however, is obviously the “one” for her. She was not over him when the original series ended, and, based on their relationship (and blatant shared feelings) she is still not over him. Logan IS the father!!!

    • Coop says:

      Logan is surely the father, but the Jess = friend in the present doesn’t mean much to me. Luke and Lorelai were close friends for a long time too. Much like Luke with Lorelai, Jess was the catalyst for Rory making key decisions both in the original series and revival. I’d like to add that I couldn’t have cared less who Rory ended up with at the end of the series. :)

  48. Valentina says:

    Were is the ‘disappointing’ option? ‘A smack in the face’ could also work. The point of the series, in my opinion, was that it didn’t have to come full circle, instead here we are, another Gilmore single mother (the fact that Logan doesn’t know and we have no idea whether Rory will decide to tell him drives me insane, but that is probably my Team Logan heart speaking)

    • Exactly. Why is full circle such a good thing? I really don’t get Team Full Circle people because ASP would have had these be the last 4 words no matter when the series ended. Regardless of character arc or story lines. To her, it’s the destination and not the journey and, to me, that’s just a slap in the face to the entire rest of the series.

  49. Bailey says:

    Guys, it’s frankly obvious. Logan is Rory’s Christopher. Jess will become Luke.

    • James says:

      I can see that but I think people are assuming that because Logan: Chris and Jess: Luke, she is going to end up with Jess because Lor picked Luke.

      Rory could very well pick her Chris. Just because Lor wanted Luke doesn’t mean that Rory will want her version of Luke over her version of Chris. Maybe Rory is meant to play out the life Lor never got, which she did in 1-7, and that would mean ending up with her Chris over her Luke.

  50. Diggy says:

    Could it be the wookie’s baby?

    • kpmom says:

      Can’t be. She slept with the Wookie in Spring. She would have been 6 months pregnant by the wedding if it was his kid. The baby has to be Logan’s from their last night together at the B&B in NH.