Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Recap Episode 4 Fall

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Recap: 'Fall' in Love All Over Again

Warning: This recap will tell you what happens in the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life‘s fourth and final episode, “Fall.” If you don’t want to know, click elsewhere.

I had two very strong reactions to the last few moments of Gilmore Girls‘ final revival episode: Yes! and then NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE GOD NO.

(Behind? Check out our recap of Episode 1 here, Episode 2 here and Episode 3 here.)

The Netflix continuation spends much of its fourth installment making repairs to, and ultimately strengthening Lorelai’s relationship with Luke — which is cause for celebration from this fan, who started holding men to a different standard way back when she first watched Luke pull a ratty horoscope out of his wallet. So seeing Luke and Lorelai tie the knot in a fairytale version of the already too-quaint-for-words town square feels like a perfect ending for the series.

But what about those heralded final four words? Well, they’re “Mom?” and “Yeah?” and “I’m pregnant,” and they most likely mean that Rory is at this very moment has a Huntzberger heir setting up house in her uterus. (You just know that kid’s already complaining to the management about the lack of turn-down service.) Logan? Logan?! With his French fiancée and his stupid good looks and his absolute wrongness for Rory?

And yes, I realize that Rory’s getting knocked up by the golden boy brings the show full circle: Lorelai, too, found herself inadvertently pregnant at an inopportune time after sleeping with a rich kid who wasn’t ready to be an adult. So it’s thematically perfect. WHATEVER.

At least I have that lingering look of yearning on Jess’ face. That gives me hope. And the ending to this episode? That just cries out for a little more Gilmore, don’t you think?

While you start your online petition for at least two more episodes, let’s review the major developments of “Fall.”

YOU JUMP, I JUMP, JACK | Let’s start with Rory. After a few very strange occurrences at work (Petal the pig runs by wearing a sign saying “Kick up a rumpus,” the computer screen showing a message that says “Get Ready”), Rory finds herself one night standing across the street from three men wearing gorilla masks and steampunk-ish hats and coats. “Well, I’ll be damned,” she says, smiling, because she knows exactly who they are: Colin, Finn and Robert, aka Logan’s friends and fellow members of Yale’s Life and Death Brigade. Oh, and look — Logan is there, too.

The guys are in town to show her a fun time, which they do. The evening includes an outdoor screening of Kirk’s indie film, a visit to a tango club (which Robert buys and immediately turns into a Rosemary Clooney tribute joint), and a road trip to New Hampshire where they crash at a bed and breakfast where they’ve booked every single room. (Side note: How gorgeous did this whole sequence look?!)

At the tango club, Logan offers Rory a key to his family’s empty house in Maine and says it’s hers for as long as she wants it; he suggests she can write her book there. She takes that key. Later, when he offers her another key that’ll unlock her own room at the B&B, she declines, kisses him, and runs upstairs with him.

But the morning shows us a very different Rory, who thanks him for “the perfect night” but hands back the key to the place in Maine. “I don’t need it. I know where I’m going to write,” she says, crying but resolute. And when she goes downstairs, she says farewell to the other three guys. (Are we supposed to find their man-boy act charming? Because stuff like throwing cash on the ground of Doose’s market and sighing “I love money” may be roguish and forgivable at 21, but it rarely flies in your 30s.) Logan reminds her that she can always call him if she needs help. “I think your days of rescuing me are over,” she responds kindly, and he says she never really needed rescuing in the first place. (Side note: I will give Logan this much — he seems to take her cutting ties with him rather hard.)

And when Rory returns to Connecticut, she settles down to work in the place that will serve her best: Richard’s study.

WILD N’ OUT? | Back in Stars Hollow, Luke is out of sorts. Jess makes him sit down and talk about it. As Luke lays out everything that led up to Lorelai’s decision to hike her feelings, Jess’ face gets grim: “It sounds like she’s leaving you,” he says when pressed to weigh in, and that’s exactly what Luke fears.

On the other side of the country, Lorelai fears that she won’t be able to fit everything she needs for the hike in her mammoth backpack. But it doesn’t matter the first day: She and the rest of the Wild-inspired wilderness women (book and movie) can’t hit the trail because the weather is going to be bad, says the park ranger played by Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter.

Lorelai bonds with some of the other ladies, including one played by Bunheads‘ Stacey Oristano, and then they all try again the next morning. But another park ranger, this one played by Parenthood‘s Peter Krause, can’t let Lorelai on the trail until she shows him her permit. And because she can’t find it… no hiking for her! Bummed, she goes to get coffee but finds the shop closed. So she takes a brief walk behind the building and runs smack into a gorgeous, green vista of mountains and trees and such. She has an epiphany. She pulls out her phone.

Lorelai calls Emily, which allows Lauren Graham to give an incredible reading of a monologue about how Richard made her feel better after she got publicly dumped on her 13th birthday. It’s the story she should’ve told after the funeral, and she knows it; Lorelai is crying throughout, and Emily just listens. “I just thought you should know,” Lorelai says in conclusion, and her mother thanks her, then holds the phone to her chest after they hang up. It’s a perfect cap to a damn near perfect scene.

FINALLY! | And just like that, Lorelai is ready to come home… which shocks Luke when she walks in right as he’s blowing on a steak so it’s cool enough for Paul Anka to eat. As usual, she takes way too long to get to her point, and Luke cuts her off so he can make an impassioned plea for her not to give up on the two of them. “I am not unhappy. I am not unsatisfied,” he says emphatically. “This, right here, is all I would ever need.” Other swoon-worthy lines include: “There is no one who will be more here for you than me,” “You need the space, and I need YOU,” and “You can’t leave. You just can’t leave!”

Finally, she gets a word in: “Luke! I think we should get married.”

Maybe it’s just my fuzzy memory, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen Luke look as happy as we do when he runs to get Lorelai’s old engagement ring. That he knows exactly where it is makes me happy. “I’ve gotta tell ya, before this thing goes on, the only way out is in a body bag,” he says, holding the ring above her finger. “And now we don’t have to write our vows,” she coos. They kiss. I kvell.

RED VINES AND RECONCILIATION | Rory shows up in the middle of the night days later, brandishing the first three chapters of her memoir. She asks her mom to read it; if Lorelai hates it, Rory will abandon the project. Lorelai reluctantly agrees. They make up and eat lots of food.

Rory also visits her dad, and it’s totally weird and awkward as she asks him, “How did you feel about mom raising me alone?” He makes a big show about what a force of nature Lorelai is and was, and how could he possibly go against her? But Rory refuses to let him off the hook. “You let her do it,” she says, and it seems like she’s close to tears the whole time. Christopher tells her he thinks everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to, but it does not comfort her. Before the final four words, I thought this scene was very odd and kinda superfluous. But now it seems rather clear that Rory knows she’s pregnant at this point and she’s figuring out what to do, no?

IN WHICH EMILY IS EVEN MORE AWESOME | Meanwhile, the other Gilmore girl is making some big changes. First, she quits the Daughters of the American Revolution in spectacular fashion, declaring the entire thing “bulls—t” several times and drops the word “t-ts” casually into conversation before walking out of a meeting while munching on a cookie. I HAVE NEVER LOVED HER MORE.

Then, she decides that she’s going to sell the mansion and move to Nantucket. She’s already bought a house called The Sandcastle. When Lorelai questions the twee name during a visit to Hartford, Emily deadpans, “Well, the previous owners called it The Clam Shack. I guess Vagina House was taken.” Guys! Guys! This is amazing.

Lorelai is there to ask for money to buy a property in town that will serve as an annex for The Dragonfly Inn. Emily doesn’t need convincing. But Lorelai wants to use the money from the trust for Luke’s franchise, because he has zero interest in expanding his business that way. Emily agrees, with a condition: The soon-to-be-weds will spend two weeks with her each summer and one week at Christmas every year. Lorelai’s eyes shine as she says yes. Aww.

‘STILL BEST FRIENDS’ | Now it’s time for some blasts from the past! First, Rory runs into Dean at Doose’s. He’s home visiting his folks; from their chat, we can tell he’s married and living in Scranton, Pa., with three kids and a fourth on the way. She asks if she can put him in her book, but he’s hesitant until she says some really nice things about him, including “You taught me what safe feels like.” They part, and it’s warm. And if you ever want to re-live that scene, you can probably find it in the dictionary under “bittersweet.”

Over at the Dragonfly, Lorelai walks into the kitchen and immediately knows Sookie is there. Yay! The inn’s co-owner has baked exactly 4 million wedding cakes for her pal, and they reminisce a bit… before Sookie literally sniffs around and realizes that other chefs have been on her turf. Regardless, the two of them are good. “Still best friends?” “Still best friends.”

WHY WAIT? | And then all that’s left is for Luke and Lorelai to get married! But they’re so jittery the night before, they decide to jumpstart the festivities and get secretly married right away, before all the guests arrive the next day. “You’re exhausting,” Luke says to his bride right before they take off for the town square, but it’s said with so much love that I well up.

This whole episode has the whimsy cranked to 11, and the sequence that finds Luke, Rory and Lorelai riding downtown and traipsing through a twinkly-lit and flower-filled green pulls back just in time to stop it from going over the top. (So I loved the ballerinas. So sue me.) Luke and Lorelai are married in the gazebo by Rev. Skinner, with Lane and Michel as witnesses, and it’s perfect.

Hours later, as the sun is coming up, Lorelai and Rory sip Champagne on the steps of the gazebo. Paul finally breaks up with Rory via text. “Who?” Lorelai asks. (Heh.) When Rory seems sad about her current romantic state, her mom assures her that “It didn’t fit. It needs to fit, believe me.”

And then Rory drops the preggo-bomb, which leaves Lorelai aghast as the screen cuts to the credits.

Now it’s your turn. Grade both “Fall” and the revival on the whole via the polls below, then hit the comments with all of your thoughts, feelings, reactions and such. Can you even believe it’s over already?!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Fall was… perfect.

    • Really? I hated it. I wish there’d been more between Lorelai and Emily. And a hug. I don’t think the two of them EVER hugged in the entire life of either series. Or said, “I love you.”

      • Jen J says:

        I liked it in general but I was hoping we would see more between them and their relationship grow a bit more as well. I thought the same thing; I don’t recall even once one of them saying I love you. I am all to familiar with complicated family situations and I know that is not the type of relationship they have but not 1 time? A little weird. It was cool to see Emily’s character change and go through her process, i could watch just a spin off of Kelly Bishop living in her sandcastle home, working at the Whale museum and her maids family living with her and the occasional visit from Lauren and Alexis…lol.

  2. Sabrina says:

    I haven’t yet watched the four episodes but I did find out the last four words. I’m disappointed that the Amy would choose to have Rory end up pregnant & single. I was really hoping that that would not happen in the end.

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m still not okay with the writing of Logan, but I get how they tried to make it come full circle. It’s sad it came at his expense.

    • anon says:

      Yeah, same. Kim Roots is clearly anti-Logan/pro-Jess (which is fine), but Logan did mature during S7. Amy and co not wanting that season to exist doesn’t mean it didn’t, you know?

      • EssieK says:

        I felt the absolute same and everyone who is comparing him to Chris I really don’t see that either because he did grow in season 7. I did feel it was too soon for Rory to marry in season 7 so it was okay when that didn’t happen and I could write my own eventual ending in my mind. The other thing that bothered me is people putting Logan down as a cheater when Rory is also guilty of cheating on her boyfriend (even though she keeps saying she should break up with him) and also treating another woman that way-again! It did seem that Logan would have broken up with Odette if Rory had asked at the two opportunities she had but that didn’t happen. Now for me because of the cheat, how can they have a relationship in any sequel? Trust is huge in relationships especially for when the rough spots come. So I was very sad they chose to write Logan this way after all he did go through in season 7. And in fact, given Rory’s cheating proclivities and how she treated her “boyfriend” in this series, Jess should run!

    • I agree. I think that he had a lot of character development during the original series and I don’t think these recent episodes acknowledged that very much in their attempt to make him be like Christopher.

    • TK says:

      I am so glad there are others who feel the same way I do!
      I really dislike all the comparisons between Logan and Christopher. I agree they are similar but I always felt that Logan would fight for Rory while Christopher just let Lorelai do her own thing. Yes Lorelai has a strong will but he never really tried, he’s still a lazy guy who just lets everyone tell him what to do. Logan was a jerk at the beginning but I think he and Rory grew together in a way that Lorelai and Chris never did.
      Not that it’s right that he cheats on his fiancée but I think Logan is still waiting for Rory to want to commit to him- that’s why he is taking what little relationship he can get from her. She could tell him today she’s ready and he would drop everything for her.

      • skyebright8 says:

        Agree he’s 35 not 16 and he did come when Rory kept calling him. I think Rory’s comment about Christopher not fighting Lorelai suggests she does want Logan to fight-to break it off with Odette and ask Rory again to marry him

        • Kat says:

          Yeah but even after Logan had matured in the last season of the show I couldn’t picture him living a life without money, he kind of fell apart when he lost everything, and I can’t see his character giving up his businessy extravagant lifestyle to live in Stars Hollow and go to town meetings – I mean, they do have bad cell reception and I don’t think Rory would raise a kid away from her mom and the town that she grew up in. Seriously, when he went home with Rory in season 7 he stuck out like a sour thumb. And when they broke up in the TV show it was because they wanted different things in life and had different plans for themselves. Despite his sabbatical, Logan always made it clear that he was a money man and he even said (not in so many words) that college was their time to be young and stupid before they took over their parents companies – Rory was always making her own life and following her own plain. I think they will come back together (like Lorelai and Christopher) and hopefully it will stick – I like them together… and it would be kind of weird if she ended up with Jess now that he’s her step-cousin. But he was with the french girl for a reason… either he carried for her or it was something his father pushed – if that’s the case then he’s not giving up the money for her… did that once and it didn’t work out to well – or he really loved the french chick. But it’s Logon if he wanted to be with Rory then he would have been and he clearly wasn’t going to ditch Frenchie for Rory anytime soon.

    • Sara says:

      I can’t figure out if the takeaway with Logan was supposed to be that he actually cared a bit about Odette or whether it was something that his father kind of pushed him to… because it was obvious he was still in love with Rory, and vice versa.

  4. Ang says:

    So full circle! I was always #TeamLogan anyway, so it was an awesome ending. Now I need more!!

    • Sheila says:

      Yeah, awesome that he knocked up the girl he was cheating on his fiancée with. Logan’s a real keeper.

      • Leah says:

        But then she’s a real keeper too. She was cheating on pete…i mean paul the entire time too. #Team Logan

        • EssieK says:

          Exactly Leah! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, she treated Logan badly, She treated Paul badly and she has no problem treating other women badly. I’ll say it again, Jess should run as far away as possible! :)

      • DCrunnergal says:

        She’s the one who turned down his proposal in season 7, and it seemed like if she just asked him to get back together, he woulda dumped whatsherface in a second. He’s still just as much in love with Rory as she is with him. But he learned his lesson already not to push her too hard. She’s the one always pushing him away. Just like Lorelai usually always did with most of her guys.

        • CJ says:

          Newsflash: People aren’t perfect. Characters shouldn’t be either. They should be flawed or go through rough times or do stupid things because real people do those things too. It’s relatable.

        • CC says:

          Agreed. I am so disappointed in how they wrote Rory, and I hated the ending.

        • Jen says:

          Agree SO much! He was with someone else bc Rory left him – and when she came back around, he took what he could get. They are so clearly in love with each other – I wish they had allowed Rory to overcome her commitment issues instead of becoming Lorelai 2.0. But at least they left it in a way that I can imagine she and Logan worked it out…

          • TK says:

            Yes! I think Logan would be with Rory in a heartbeat when she’s ready. Remember when Emily said Rory would do the heartbreaking- not Logan.

        • neha says:

          I didn’t get that feeling at all. Rory asked multiple times if she could stay longer or if she could fly there to be with him and he always turned her down. If he really loved her and wanted her, he could have easily said “yes, come! I’ll tell Odette I have a business meeting!”. Or whatever. She turned down his marriage proposal when she was 22. It’s crazy to think she was ready for that then.

          I also don’t even think Rory was his only mistress, as Rory asked him on the first episode if he had things lying around from other girls, implying there were more girls than just Odette.

          • KCatty says:

            Rory’s requests were always last minute and were extensions of planned trips. He turned her down in an attempt to be the less-bad guy in the situation. And it was always about Rory wanting to come to London early…he even said yes to some requests but indicated that he’d have her stay at a hotel (which she didn’t want). He was trying to fit Rory into his life in whatever way he could.

      • JKgirl says:

        I am totally still #teamlogan! And unless it comes back we may never know. Rory never asked logan to stay. She never told him how she felt.. She said no strings! he already asked her in S7 she said no, why would he take the first move again. I think it would be awesome to see them together and I think it would be awesome to see that although things come full circle doesn’t mean it doesn’t change along the way. It would be awesome neat to jump 2 more years in season 2, and logan got married she never told him and he finds out (they walked into each other or something) and go through that messy drama. There are so many ways they can spin this.. BUT it should be logan all the way. (EVEN MAKE IT A BOOK Series I WOULD DO BUY AND READ/Listen LOL to the books!)

    • Tania says:

      I was #TEAMLogan too but am disappointed how they had both Logan and Rory Cheat on thier fiancée and boyfriend and both looked sad I do like Logan and Rory as parents but I wanted them together forever

  5. yayyyyy says:

    Loved it, mostly. Could’ve done with a little smudge of hint as to what’s coming down the road, because, oh, I want to believe Jess and Rory will find happiness together some day but right now it’s just so sad that he still loves her and she doesn’t seem to really know.
    Also: I still don’t get how Logan can be the dad. How fast do you know you’re pregnant? Doesn’t it take, like, a little while? How long before the wedding were the Life and Death Brigade shenanigans?

    • Jennifer says:

      Could have happened previously. They had been together in London.

      • yayyyyy says:

        But she was drinking alcohol between we saw them in London and that last time in Fall? Right? Or?

        • DCrunnergal says:

          Doesn’t mean she knew she was pregnant when she was drinking.

          • Loved Fall...unsure about the ending says:

            But wasn’t she drinking champagne with Lorelei in the same scene as when she said she was pregnant?? Or was she just holding a bottle? Because I’m sure Lorelei would’ve realized something was up when her daughter wasn’t drinking at her wedding…

          • CC says:

            To the person above me: if you rewatch it, it shows a champagne bottle next to Rory, but Lorelai is the only one drinking. I don’t think Rory even had a glass in her hand. I could be wrong though.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Rory wasn’t drinking in the last scene. The L&DB stuff happened in early Fall (September) while Lorelei was on her Wild adventure (the PCT hikes shutdown in late Sept/early Oct due to weather). L&L got married on November 5, 2016 – so about 6-8 weeks later.

  6. Tabie bartlett says:

    Want to know why happens next now

  7. Martina says:

    Before I even knew the words I thought that those might be it, and I was right. Kinda predictable…. And technically, it’s 5 words :D.
    And I never thought Logan is the wrong guy for Rory…. I thought he was the best from all three suitors. I honestly don’t get all that fuss about Jess. He treated her like crap throughout most of their relationship and yes, he was much worse than Logan! No wonder why Rory does not want to get back with Jess. Logan wasn’t perfect either, but at least he treated Rory much better. And much of their issues came from his inexperience with realtionships… As Rory was his first proper girlfriend.
    And although it’s some kind of “full circle”, I don’t really like that ending. Why must Rory go through the same thing Lorelai did? Although I do think that if Logan knows, he would fight for Rory.

    • Tk says:

      Agreed! It’s like you read my mind!
      I don’t think Logan would bail out like Christopher.
      I just hope Rory’s story isn’t just a recap of Lorelai’s.

      • DCrunnergal says:

        The only way Logan wouldn’t be involved is if Rory doesn’t tell him and it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t. But Logan would a great dad if Rory would let him.

      • CC says:

        Agreed. And I get the “full circle” concept except we are talking about two Yale graduates in their 30’s and not two teenagers. There’s nothing keeping them apart, except maybe Rory’s immaturity as opposed to Logan’s. They clearly love each other.

        • Kat says:

          I think the point is that Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke… or he might just be her step-cousin… is that a thing? Step-cousins?

    • Lauren says:

      Why is it that Logan can be forgiven for the way he acted when he first met Rory and they started their relationship but Jess is forever held accountable for how he acted as a TEENAGER? Jess has shown just as much growth and maturity, if not more so than Logan, but it does not seem to matter. Apparently, no one is allowed to be forgiven any mistakes made while growing up; unless your a Huntzburger.

      • Ximena says:

        Exactly! Rory’s Jess is Lorelai’s Luke… The scene where he looks at her through the window it’s just perfect. And in those four episodes you can see how he was the only one who really help her by finding her way. Plus you can see how he has grown up since season 2. #TeamJess always

      • Sara says:

        How did you get that?

        I was Team Logan during the run of the series, and like many other fans of the pairing, we’re able to admit Logan has a lot of shortcomings and he pulled a lot of stupid crap. But we’re not ignoring it or dismissing it. And we’re not holding the Jess stuff against him because we like Logan, nor do I think the writers were. She was very obviously in love with Logan. It is what it is. It’s not a slight against anyone.

        • Justsayin says:

          A lot of fans have said scathing things about Jess ‘ character and treatment of Rory based on who he was at like 16. Although now he’s grown and seemingly matured into a stable and emotionally caring adult. These same fans give a 30 something man a pass for being lecherous and unfair to both his fiancee and mistress. I get it. Matt Czuchry is hot. But if the women who give his character a pass really think his behavior would be acceptable in real life, I pity them for their lack of self esteem. Just saying

      • Kat says:

        EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING THAT JESS AND RORY SHOULD BE TOGETHER!? Is everyone missing the fact that Jess and Rory are cousins now… I know the back story and the previous history makes it more complicated (Jess is my favorite out of the pick too) but fact is, if Rory did marry Jess their kids would call Luke Great-Uncle- Grandpa, Lorelai would be Rory’s aunt, and Luke wouldn’t know which side to sit on at the wedding…. kinda screws with the whole family friendly idea of Gillmore Girls.

        *side note – Obviously the baby is Logons, she clearly didn’t have anything hot and heavy going on with what’s his name, but what about the Wookiee? I mean gestation period of a Wookiee is over a year – she could be spawning some mutant Star Wars baby. LOL, talk about a plot twist.

        • Pam G says:

          She hooked up with the Wookie in the spring episode, so the timing is off somewhat for it to be his since it’s fall when she announces her pregnancy, and she doesn’t appear to be showing. When she first mentioned sleeping with the wookie, my first reaction was that “I hope you used protection,” but I soon forgot about it until the final scene in episode 4. I had to go back to see when she slept with the wookie.

      • Kate says:

        EVERYONE KEEPS SAYING THAT JESS AND RORY SHOULD BE TOGETHER!? Is everyone missing the fact that Jess and Rory are cousins now… I know the back story and the previous history makes it more complicated (Jess is my favorite out of the pick too) but fact is, if Rory did marry Jess their kids would call Luke Great-Uncle- Grandpa, Lorelai would be Rory’s aunt, and Luke wouldn’t know which side to sit on at the wedding…. kinda screws with the whole family friendly idea of Gillmore Girls.

        *side note – Obviously the baby is Logons, she clearly didn’t have anything hot and heavy going on with what’s his name, but what about the Wookiee? I mean gestation period of a Wookiee is over a year – she could be spawning some mutant Star Wars baby. LOL, talk about a plot twist.

    • flutiefan says:

      “I’m pregnant.”

      4 words, sweetie. Even technically.

  8. Jennifer says:

    It was… meh. I did like Fall the best, with Summer next (Can’t help it. Love Sutton Foster & Christian Borle.) I did love all the little cameos (Peter Krause & Jason Ritter … AWESOME). but … still. meh. I could have waited. Since i had pretty much pegged the last words anyway.

  9. Karmyn says:

    The assumption is that Logan is Rory’s baby daddy, but don’t forget the Wookiee….

    • Haddy says:

      If it was the Wookiee, she would have been like 6 months along by then.

    • Ashley says:

      I hope it’s the Wookiee. She could be pretty far along or only 4 months along. The actual timeline would matter if its the Wookiee baby.

      • Jenn says:

        Except that she would be starting to show a little bit (others might not notice, but she would have) and likely would have found out long before then. It was clear the moment she found out was the scene before she went to visit her dad. She got a phone call while her mom was exercising because Keifer Sutherland was coming to their wedding. After that, she was acting strangely and then went to talk to her dad.

      • Kat says:

        It depends, what’s the gestation period of a Wookiee?

  10. Haddy says:

    I’m so torn. I loved the entire thing but the ending was awful to me. I’m Team Jess but I could admit that Rory and Logan do seem to love each other, although this is a far too romantic characterisation of a relationship based on cheating. It’s mostly very unfair to Rory. She had her big dreams narrowed down to living in Stars Hollow and apparently being a single mother down the line, and poor Jess will keep on pining and then maybe get to show Rory a horoscope one day down the line.

    And I agree the Christopher scene is CHILLING thinking back after knowing the ending.

    • CJ says:

      It’s a TV show. Characters are not supposed to be perfect, because people aren’t perfect. They’re supposed to be relatable. I kind of think it would have been boring if she got her dream job, married some perfect dude, and had some perfect life. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

      • i think like you, she made her in the show like a perfect good girl, thank god she made mistakes in college jaj, sorry for my english i am latin from Central america.
        the point is, that rory is 32, and not always we get everything at that age, i have 32 and i studing again, i don´t have a boyfriend, and perfect fairy tale jajaja, i love being alone, and trying to find my self.

  11. Nicole says:

    Logan is Rory’s Christopher, while Jess is Rory’s Luke. Did anyone else notice how Jess is ALWAYS the one who helps her out the most when she needs it? He helped her realize that she needed to go back to school and helped her realize she should write a book. He turned out to be a very good guy.

    • Amdillae says:

      This echoes my thoughts exactly. I am a literati fan through and through and while some may think that a little baby Huntzburger (I mean there are red herrings, but it would have to be a school in play for the baby not to be Logan’s) will mess with the situation but it just increases the chance for mirroring. We can have another Dinner Boy looking after a Gilmore Girl and her child, whose biological father’s main method of coping is based on money.

      Luke didn’t get together with Lorelai until she was 35 so Jess still has a few years up his sleeve.

    • Jen says:

      Jess provided two life-guidance statements she needed to hear – that doesn’t mean he is always there for her. Anyone can do that. Logan is the one that she instinctively calls when she’s upset, he shows up when she needs him, and he makes her laugh when she needs to. I see zero chemistry with Jess – and TONS with Logan.

      I wish we had gotten some back story of how they ended up in the what-happens-in-Vegas situation. I got the impression it was her arrangement and that he would have committed to her in a heartbeat if she had just indicated she would accept. Their love for each other is so obvious while she has no romantic interest in Jess at all.

      • Carole says:

        I disagree. Although I do think that Logan may love Rory, I also think that the only way to remain in the family business, and keep family peace, is to marry Odette. He’s not going to walk away from family money, not even for Rory. He’d be perfectly happy to have his cake and eat it too, but Rory finally woke up and realized that he was never going to fully commit to her. And if the baby is his, she doesn’t want him to feel pressured into helping her.

  12. Disillusioned says:

    First half of this episode with the life and death brigade was bad. You really don’t need to rehash every group from the series, you know. They added nothing. Emily swearing made me nauseous. Palladinos, you really stuffed up your chance to end the series properly. You cheapened everyone, especially Rory and Emily.

    The second half of the episode was almost back to normal. Small comfort after sitting through 5 hours of bull s**t. Rory’s pregnant. Does she even know who the father is? Wookie one night stand? Her boyfriend Paul? Logan?

    The last 4 words should have been Loralie saying to Emily, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

    So sad that you failed with this revival and couldn’t bring us the happiness you used to. I am so angry and sad because you have wrecked something that was so special to me.

    • Nicole says:

      That part was one of my favorites! It was perfect!

    • CJ says:

      It’s not the Wookie. If it was him she would have been five to six months along. The Wookie one night stand happened in Spring.

    • Tee says:

      When every single new “guest star” was revealed this past year, I truly started to worry about the quality of the revival. The show is called GILMORE GIRLS, and although the town is an important character, I really didn’t care for seeing every fan favorite from all of the Palladino’s shows pop up. I don’t care about the Bunheads cast, their ex husbands, or Kirk, Taylor, Babette, Miss Patty, or Gypsy/Berta. Because we only had FOUR episodes!!!! Having a epsiode from the original run center on Babette’s cat’s death worked because there we 22 episodes to watch, but there were only FOUR this go-around, and I feel precious time was wasted on Taylor and his septic rank issue, the dude at the Gazette falling asleep, the 30-something gang, the musical, etc.

      • K says:

        dear lord, the musical…total waste of time. If they wanted to use town quirks, they could have had a festival or something. I actually thought the entire revival had way too much music stuff…

        • Jen j says:

          I agree…that town hall thing was just god awful. I actually fast forwarded through it. I did like the life and death barade concept; just not how they executed it.

      • Meg says:

        You may not care to see the Kirk, Taylor, Babette, miss patty, or Gypsy/Berta. but I do any true Gilmore fan would want to see everyone not just the main people. and ac is you break the show down to how long an original show length is than you got about 10 episodes. The maid of Emily was the longest running maid and their is a huge story and reason behind it. You need to start watching the entire series again and continue to do so every year for 9 years like me. After time like that will scream like me each and every character

    • Liah says:

      I am so glad you wrote this, Disillusioned. I agree. I felt horrible when Emily was swearing. Why? Why did she have to? When I read headlines like “Amy Sherman Palladino gave the fans what they wanted” I want to cry. This had nothing to do with the Gilmore Girls I knew other than the familiar faces. (And I do have to admit I liked Dean, he still seemed the same, and Jess, too.) So disappointed. All the sweetness, all the heart, all the cute quirkiness, all the things that made this show different from all the other ones … gone. Can’t believe I had been counting the days …

      • carolew says:

        I was surprised by all of the swearing, not only by Emily, but in general. Granted, not words that most of us haven’t heard every now and again (at least they didn’t drop the ‘F’ bomb every few minutes), but it wasn’t necessary, and it wasn’t missed (at least by most people I think).

        I haven’t seen Fall yet, and I nearly didn’t go beyond episode one. I felt lost after watching it. The characters were no longer in sync, the banter and dialog was ‘off’. So far, Summer has been my favorite. The characters were more like I remember, the dialog, spot on. Like the Gilmore Girls we all knew and loved (aside from the musical – which imo, went on far too long).

        This certainly won’t go down as my favorite of the Gilmore Girls shows, but it was nice to revisit Stars Hollow, even if….

      • I think that Emily swearing was meant as part of her emerging as her own character rather than being Mrs Richard Gilmore. It worked for me. It also reflects the difference between broadcast television and streaming; Emily couldn’t have sworn as much on broadcast because the network wouldn’t have let it happen.

  13. french5851 says:

    Seriously? Nothing. Happened. Until the last four words….

  14. Katie Carriere says:

    Did you seriously not get the scene with Christopher and Rory? It was at that moment I knew the last four words.

    • Megan says:

      Me too. And then when she was talking to Dean in the market, seemed like she was talking about more than her career when she said “Things are changing”. I’m surprised more people didn’t see it coming!

  15. JustJade says:

    I would’ve like to see Rory’s romantic life resolved more. I wouldn’t really care if it was Jess or Logan, but since it wasn’t I’ve envisioned my own ending: Rory has a boy and names him Richard after her beloved grandfather. And, since she’s not married, he’s Richard Luke Gilmore. Or Richard Gilmore II, or Richard Luke Christopher Gilmore…

    All in all, it was so good to watch them all again.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Richard Luke is cool, I don’t mind if he’s a Gilmore or a Huntzberger though I do hope she tells Logan and that he’s involved in his kids life

    • Sara says:

      Technically, he’s Lucas and Luke is a nickname.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      I’ve only considered Rory having a girl, for obvious reasons, but after reading your post I hope she has twins – a son named Richard and a daughter named Lorelei (Lori for short).

  16. Cap says:

    It was the Wookie right ……. oh my god the last 4 words….. I’m still laughing here…..all that jazz and then THAT ! Really Amy? I mean I know she lost it back in season 6 and she still hasn’t found her way back but man. That revival could have been SO good if she wasn’t still stuck on or in season 6.
    Winter was ok and brought back all those feelings and it was just nice to see them all again but Spring and Summer were just bad. Boring and what a waste of time. Luke and Lorelai still don’t talk about stuff especially problems and hello bad flashbacks to season 6. Rory……oh boy where to start? I was never really into her life anyway but man Logan, London, what happens in Vegas…….boyfriend and fiancee….who cares……and there was the wookie.
    Fall started of slow and again boring but once we got Lorelai back and Luke fighting for her and their relationship. SOOKIE !!!! Was SO missed throughout the entire revival. The scene with Michel, Sookie and Lorelai at the Dragonfly was the first scene that made me feel like I was watching the good old Gilmore girls again……

  17. Lou says:

    Oh my gosh, the giggles the tears the anticipation!! I loved it, Yes there were bits that were frustrating but all of these were outshone by being back in Stars Hollow. The Rory being pregnant twist was expected but only as a mirror to her mother’s story… Logan takes the role of Christopher, the unknowing distant rich father, with Jess as Luke, the ‘Mr Right’ – scared to encroach and admiring/protecting from the distance (or from the porch through the window). Still so many questions though… What sex was Sookies 3rd child?, What happens next to Emily? Did Paris reconcile her marriage? Soooooo need more of the Gilmores, hadn’t realised how much I’d missed them!

  18. Julie says:

    This series revival was a letdown. The ending was very predictable. Why does it need to be a full circle? That’s the easy path for the storyline to take.

    I didn’t like the way Rory was written: irresponsible and uncaring about whether the guy she is sleeping with is already committed to someone else. The viewers can blame Logan for being a cheater, but Rory also had an affair with Dean while he was married, so she shouldn’t be getting a pass for her behavior. Between that and the way she approached her job hunt, it felt like the writers thought Rory was still in her teens/early 20’s.

    The best part of this revival was Kelly Bishop. She was the only one with an interesting character arc. The best scenes were the ones between her and Lauren Graham. Otherwise, meh.

    • JA903 says:

      THIS. So much.

    • Coop says:

      I’d say the fact that he was sleeping with Rory meant he wasn’t committed to someone else. Also, wasn’t Rory entirely unaware he was with someone at first? I always like the full circle endings on series’, especially when they work. I thought it did.

      • Jen says:

        No, she was fully aware that he was with someone. Rory was also with someone. I got the impression their arrangement was her idea and that he would have committed to her completely if she wasn’t so stuck on no strings. Which is weird, bc she was clearly in love with him too. I think she is just a super-commitment-phobe, which I would have liked to see overcome with Logan.

    • EssieK says:

      Agree! And I totally fast forwarded past the musical. Just no.

  19. Eliane says:

    I just finished and I am really disappointed. Rory storyline is awful and don’t come up with the full circle thing. The girl went on the Obama campaing!!!!. That was one of the greatest plots from GG, but since it was not from team Palladino, they just ignored it. So now she is showing up for meetings completely unprepared, sleeping with a guy that has a fiancee, and even worse, relying on Logan to get comfort and support?!? And Jess, after so many books, couldn’t have better lines? Even Dean got great lines.

  20. Jess says:

    I loved a lot of the finale but overall I come out feeling disappointed. As a Rory/Jess fan I don’t feel like they got any closure at all. I hate the at it was left for them, with Jess looking at Rory the way he was. I never hated Rory and Logan together but I hate how they were in the revival. It makes them both look selfish and unlikeable – Logan cheating on his fiancé and Rory so casually being the other women. Not only did Rory do that with Dean but now with Logan? I truly don’t get it. Because of all that I am so unhappy with the final four words. I feel sad that I have waited for so long for this and I come out feeling so unfulfilled. I am okay with Rory and Jess not ending up together but not okay with how it was left for them in the revival. No closure for them and no closure for their fans.

  21. Jill says:

    Overall disappointed!!!! I am a Rory and Jess fan but I had pretty much come to the acceptance that they weren’t going to end up together and I was okay with that but I wish they at least got some closure. As quick as Rory and Dean’s scene was it felt so right and like it got the closure deserved. Rory and Jess get one conversation where Jess practically changes Rory’s life (again) and then nothing. A fleeting look that just makes me sad for Jess – especially now that we find out Rory is pregnant with Logan’s baby. Don’t even get me started on the fact that once again Rory is playing the part of the other women and has no problems with it. The Lorelei and Luke storyline, the Emily storyline and the Stars Hollow town storyline were all satisfying but Rory’s was wholly disappointing and left me feeling so unsatisfied at the end. So bummed.

    • Lana says:

      Jess was only a fool to make her see the light. Again! I agree with you. I wanted closure but I guess they didn’t want to give us. Disappointing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I get the full circle thing but I don’t get why it was necessary. Why did Rory need to get pregnant while not in a relationship to a guy similar to her father? I don’t understand why she had to have the same thing happen to her (just later on in life). Why couldn’t she write a book and have a successful relationship and have a baby later? Why was she ok with being the other women while the man she is with is ENGAGED? Why does Jess literally change her life by suggesting she write a book and then NOTHING! He literally got no closure – dean got a better send off than he did. Overall so disappointed.

    • Guest says:

      This actually happens A LOT! I know MANY people who end up become teen parents if their parents had them in their teens, marriages similar to their parents, and so on.

    • Guest says:

      I feel like there’s something to be said about the environment people grow up in and how difficult it is to truly outgrow that. In certain ways you are exactly what you come from. Just a psychological observation that maybe Palladino was trying to showcase. I agree I wish they had done more to expand on where Jess was at in regards to Rory. Leaving us with that lingering raw emotion stare just tore at my heart.

  23. Eliane says:

    You are so right! Dean got a better send off than Jess. Almost everyone in the revival got better lines than Jess.

  24. Leah says:

    Fall pulled every emotion from my body. It was great. And it left me wanting way more. I watched to the very end of the credits because I was hoping that there would be another episode that magically started after them. And to throw this in here…I’m team Logan and loved their scenes together. They made me angry and happy and sad and wanting more of them.

  25. AprilJo says:

    I absolutely loved every minute of it. I was awake most of the night last night tossing and turning. I was like a kid waiting for Santa to arrive and he did not disappoint. Thank you Amy and Netflix for being my Girls back. =-)

  26. Jalahyacinth says:

    A+++++ for fall
    C for the final words
    B+ overall

    Still processing

  27. I loved this so much and had been dying with anticipation to watch this as soon as I heard that it was in the making! It didn’t disappoint I watched all 4 episodes back to back and the week before I watched the entire series from 1-7 so it was awesome for me to see so many characters that you love come back into your life. I loved that you could see how much everyone had grown and changed with time but still had that Gilmore Girl warm feelings that you loved so dearly, I am going to watch this series from start to finish again, and although the ending did surprise me I hope it just means that Gilmore Girls is not finished and that there is more to come I think we need to see Rory completely grow up and become a mother since we have watched her grow up since high school! I love this and I hope and pray the directors and writers and actors have more story to tell! Excellent job it felt like the series had never ended just continued from where it left off!

  28. lisa says:

    I don’t think Rory is going through the exact same thing as Lorelai- Lorelai was only 16 yrs old,didn’t have a place to live, or a job etc etc. Rory is an adult who is writing a book, can live with Lorelai/Luke or Logan.. She has so many more options…. I really hope she tells Logan who for sure would be there for her and the baby.

  29. Amy L Trenholm says:

    Everyone keeps thinking the baby is Logan’s but who knows? Maybe it was the Wookie! Seriously though, I am hopeful that the baby is Jess’. Yeah, I know it didn’t show Jess and Rory together that way but remember Friends? Rachael ends up pregnant and you find out the father is Ross. It didn’t show them sleep together until she was already pregnant it showed them together through a flashback that we never saw. Yeah, I know I am grasping as straws. :)

    • Ashley Byrd says:

      Grasp away! After all, in addition to giving her the book idea, he also said, “You Gilmore Girls think a lot yourselves” in the context of where he was saying he thought a lot of Rory (back in season 3 when they were bargaining about kissing and a date). I also think it’s telling that the song that played during Luke and Lorelei’s wedding was from the episode where Luke has given Jess those books and he goes to Rory to run away (which, wisely, she doesn’t) but also to say that he has known they were always meant to be together. I also think it’s important that when Rory went to the Gilmore House to write, that the flashback scene when she and her mom were eating so fast happened when she was dating Jess; he was also the one to comment on the painting in Richard’s study when they went in there to discuss his black eye. Maybe I am looking for signs, but I think they all point to Jess…

    • Ximena says:

      I hope so… I mean Rory’s baby could have the chance to have his dad and mom in his/her childhood and no so many dramas like their parents had. It’s almost imposible but someone can dream hahaha :)

  30. Whatevah8 says:

    Do you ever watch something and think I loved this so much I may watch it over & over & over again? This was so good! Is Jess going to be Rory’s Luke? Things that make you go hmmm..

  31. Jenny says:

    The four chapters were great! I would have imagined another end for Rory but its kind of nice that the series ended somehow the way it started. Single mom, a dad who would come once in a while and a guy secretly in love with her being always there for her.

    Another possibility could be that Rory is expecting Lorelai and Lukes baby they never said how far they were with the surrogate thing.

  32. Rosie says:

    This comment is meant in no way to pass judgment on unplanned pregnancies, but jeesh, the Gilmore Girls was chock full of them, yeah?

    Loralei >>> Rory
    Chris and Sherry >>> Gigi
    Lane and Zach >>> twins
    Sookie and Jackson >>> third child (after Jackson had a “vasectomy”)
    Rory and ?? >>> baby to come

  33. MMD says:

    Loved it all and while everyone will find something to nitpick about, I sobbed and laughed throughout the entire thing. I was never on team anyone, and I figured that Rory would end up by herself. I just figured both she and Lorelai would be pregnant and I assumed that Rory would be more settled in her career. Kids learn what they live and while Lorelai did a tremendous job bringing up Rory on her own, she pushed people away. As for Rory being with Logan, I didn’t like him before and I still don’t and I doubt if he will be told about the pregnancy.

    I was never, ever team Jess but I have a feeling that down the road, Rory’s book is going to be a massive success and she and Jess will eventually end up together and I really hope there are a few more reunions.

    Stray thoughts: Did Michel’s husband Frederik really “order” a baby? Would love to see Michel as a father. Does Michel stay and run the Annex? If not who is? Was Sookie back for good? Did they actually go through with the next day wedding and why was Emily still in Nantucket? Paris should never be a parent!!!!! Loved the Peter Krause scene and I adore Christian Boyle in anything although the musical was a tad long. So many thoughts to process although the scene with Michael Ausiello was outstanding and award worthy!

    What tore me up the most was when Rory opened the door to the office and we saw Richard sitting in his chair. As with death as much as it sucks, life goes on and cycles get repeated. If I can pry my swollen eyes open tomorrow, I plan on re-watching the year all over again.Just loved it and while it had its peaks and valleys, so does real life. Can’t wait to spend another day in Stars Hollow.

  34. Chad says:

    “Rory is at this very moment has a Huntzberger heir setting up house in her uterus” I know it’s a holiday down there in America but does that really mean no one could take the time to proofread this article?

  35. Youry De Jong says:

    I choose to believe the look through the window was Jess reminiscing on the wonderful night they spent together after their liquid lunch at the Gazette. He knows she’s pregnant and gets out of Lorelai’s house before she kills him once she hears the news. So there.

    • I’m going to believe this as well.

    • Ashley B says:

      After all, in addition to giving her the book idea, he also said, “You Gilmore Girls think a lot yourselves” in the context of where he was saying he thought a lot of Rory (back in season 3 when they were bargaining about kissing and a date). I also think it’s telling that the song that played during Luke and Lorelei’s wedding was from the episode where Luke has given Jess those books and he goes to Rory to run away (which, wisely, she doesn’t) but also to say that he has known they were always meant to be together. I also think it’s important that when Rory went to the Gilmore House to write, that the flashback scene when she and her mom were eating so fast happened when she was dating Jess; he was also the one to comment on the painting in Richard’s study when they went in there to discuss his black eye. Maybe I am looking for signs, but I think they all point to Jess…

  36. She had a one night stand with a Wookie. Maybe it’s his baby.

  37. Ashley says:

    I hope that she just pays no attention to her cycles and the baby is the Wookiee. Timeline could work for the baby being the Wookiee’s. I don’t mind that baby being logans but story wise it would be better if it wasn’t. Both Rory and Logan said their goodbye to that type of relationship. Rory won’t give enough of herself to Logan for him to disregard his family again. She did give him more than any other boyfriend but not enough. I think it should be the wookiee because no history to work through, is not known so could be more sure of himself (unlike Christopher), and overall become the better story. He has a chance to really be a part of his child’s life without things being throwN in his face. No one knows anything about him but that he dresses like a Wookiee.
    I have never liked the character of Jess. He was needed I guess but only thing I liked about him was that he got Rory back to Yale. But season 6 and 7 I try not to think about to much… I’m glad we got another season but hopefully more will happen since questions about Rory’s life with a baby and the Jess thing they put in.

  38. Cindy says:

    Fall was wonderful hopefully they will do another year.

  39. annmpatrykus says:

    In one of the many interviews leading up to the revival, Milo said he was in 3 of the 4. Well, 2 of the 4 turned out to be true, and so little in the 4th, and practically no time with Rory. Quite disappointed in that. I have been Team Jess all the way, but there is a lot of feeling between Logan and Rory. I thought Winter was by far the funniest, I laughed and cried at the same time. The song solo that Lorelai cried at before deciding to go hiking was absolutely beautiful. I don’t judge harshly the affairs by Rory or Logan because there are people we know who are hard to quit. To continue the daughter mirroring mom theme, I think Lorelai had to get her act together before daughter can. For a tv show, the ending was not happily ever after, more like let’s make more movies.

  40. Danielle says:

    Did anyone else catch the music from “A Chorus Line” that Emily turns on while at the Nantucket cottage?

    • Sissy says:

      When Emily gently touched the now right-sized painting of Richard in the Nantucket cottage, I lost it. I couldn’t figure out the Emily shoe thing, maybe I missed something? Also, why wasn’t she going to the planned wedding? I know she had said Lorelai would back out, but I expected her to arrived by limo with Berta and family as well.

  41. Teri says:

    Perfect! I laughed, I cried! Team Jess!

  42. Cas says:

    #teamlogan even though they tried real hard to assisinate his character.

  43. Chrissy Sparkle says:

    I think this was completely, utterly, heartbreakingly soul-destroyingly perfect. I have loved Gilmore Girls since the very first episode and I haven’t stopped watching it since it went off the air. I will readily admit, I was SO very nervous and pessimistic about this mini-series…I was just so scarred after the fiasco that was season 7 and so reluctant to get my hopes built up again only to be dashed to nothing….but they DELIVERED!!!!!!!!! THE PALADINOS DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!

    And as for that ending – WOW. Just amazing. I honestly have no idea what all the people complaining about the ending are going on about. Of COURSE it’s not an ideal situation, of COURSE it’s not how things were planned – that’s the whole POINT!!! Lorelai’s pre-determined life as a rich college-educated yuppy was planned for her from the moment she was born, and she actively rebelled against that to the point where she dissociated from that life altogether to follow her own path. Rory’s life may not have been planned for her in the same way – Lorelai never wanted her to be a rich, snobby, vapid person – but it WAS planned: going to Harvard (or Yale), becoming a journalist, taking the world by storm, and being a success. And even though she’s not ACTIVELY rebelling against that plan, her decisions in work and in romance have left her in a very different place to the one “the plan” had set out for her. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think that is AWESOME. Because that’s what life is like!!! It throws you curve ball after curve ball, and sometimes you might think you’ve failed because your life didn’t go to “plan”, but it just takes a while to realise that this WAS the plan all along! (And if that new plan includes a predictably absent baby-daddy-Logan and a long-pining Jess who takes a decade or so to reveal his true feelings to Rory and then eventually marries her and helps her raise her child in a book-filled bunker for the rest of forever while they write together, then all the better. In the immortal words of Michael Scott, “I think we are one of those couples with a long story when people ask how we found each other. I will see her every now and then, and maybe one year, she’ll be with somebody, and the next year, I’ll be with somebody, and it’s gonna take a long time. And then it’s perfect. I’m in no rush.” That’s how soupsnakes are born, after all.)

    Gilmore Girls, I goddamn love you. <3

  44. DZ says:

    I guess I’m team Logan, it’s my main interest is for that to come full circle and have them be together. I really think he loes her, and knowing about this baby would clinch things and have him take a stand. But he really needs to be the one to take the stand however…she made hers, but now with this baby…but even without the baby, the ball is in his court. He’s not going to be happy, he will miss her. I hope they play it out in another episode series, I very much enjoyed these.
    Agree there were too many side characters that were wasting time however…

    • Cas says:

      The scene where he came with his friends and took her out was easily the best scene of the series. I think he holds back because Rory keeps saying “the deal” like she cares about it and doesn’t want to be with him.

  45. michelle says:

    I need more. I need it. Jess and Rory are meant to be

  46. Laurie says:

    You hit the nail on the head with your Christopher scene an analysis. We thought it was odd too before we heard the last four words. Can’t say I was a fan of the whole engaged Logan/ Rory situation. I did love the way Jess looked at Rory through the window. I said the same thing about the LDB Boys. They aren’t 20 year olds. I lost it with Lorelai’s recollection of Richard. And finally, finally I got my Luke and Lorelai happy ending.

  47. Kaneen reed says:

    Please let the whole show play out . I would like to see what rory does. Don’t leave this up to imagination. This whole show kept me afloat during a very awful year. My mom died 3 months after my brother died then 6 months later my dad died . Finish the story.

    • So sorry to hear about your family tragedies :'( . I agree with your comments. Shows like this are a comforting and entertaining escape from reality so we need them to provide that satisfying ending and closure. That’s why all these years later we all still have an opinion of which Team we think Rory should be on – the main series never gave closure! We want to see the relationships develop further and/or have closure – give us a well written ending where we can actually see them successful and happy! (Before the revival I pictured it ending with a scene in Lorelai’s house with cold weather outside and inside she and Luke are there with Rory and Jess who are snuggling on the couch and Rory’s pregnant. Something like that!).

  48. When Rory first mentions writing her book, what was the talk of Rory being “left in a bucket in a hardware store” supposed to mean? Did they get really dark there for a minute?!

  49. Charlotte says:

    Pretty obvious from the rest of the episode, that in the full-circleness of their situation, Logan=Christopher (aka the rich kid baby daddy who brought out the fun side of Rory but ultimately won’t be around to raise his kid) and Jess=Luke (aka the friend and confidant who is pining for her and probably will be around to help her out when Logan isn’t – who in my mind she will ultimately realize she’s also in love with and end up with.) The longer I sit and think about it, the more OK with the ending I am.

    • Cas says:

      Logan loves Rory so I personally believe he would drop everything and be there for her. That is the difference between her dad and him. Honestly if that isn’t the way it would go then ASP ruined his character.

  50. BrianR says:

    MORE …………MORE……………..MORE MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!