Supergirl Video: A Thanksgiving Crasher Spoils Alex's Coming Out Speech

The whole Danvers clan convenes for Turkey Day on Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c) — plus Winn, James and Mon-El. And, you know, minus the dad they just found out is alive.

Anyway, Alex intends on using the dinner as an opportunity to come out to her mother, but a surprise guest — if you can call what appears to be one of The Flash‘s Vibe-created breaches a “guest” — has other plans.

Meanwhile, James and Winn attempt to exploit Kara’s festive mood and earn her forgiveness (in advance) for their Guardian-related shenanigans. And Mon-El… well, let’s all just be thankful he’s staying relatively sober this time around.

Hit PLAY on the clip above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Dave says:

    is that a portal from the flash?

  2. Cordell Garrett says:

    Cisco you dirty dog. Oh my god, I just peed on myself

  3. KET says:

    Good thing Barry and Cisco didn’t just become Danvers family table ornaments. The things Alex says she can do to others with merely her little finger… :)

  4. Kel says:

    God I love Alex Danvers. More and more every week.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Good clip. Excited to watch crossover episodes next week!

  6. Phun says:

    Damn, Alex! You put James in his place! LOL! A drunk Alex at the dinner table is a normal Thanksgiving tradition! :)

  7. Tracey M S says:

    Ah yes! The annual Awkward Danvers Coming-Out Thanksgiving! And the return of wine drunk Alex! Bless her beautiful gay heart.
    I know she doesn’t know about Kara/Supergirl/Superfriends yet, but I kind of wish Maggie was invited as well. It would’ve made the event all the more awkward than it already looks like it is lol.

  8. NC says:

    This season has been 100x better than the first. Can’t wait for the crossover event!!

  9. Brian says:

    Alex is the best character on the show. Love her!

  10. Kate says:

    Welp im guessing that’s the Flash coming back.

    I feel like Alex isn’t gonna actually be able to come out to her until like the end of the episode.

  11. R.O.B. says:

    Can this show go back to being about Supergirl saving the city again please? I was watching with my daughter last week and it was like a freaking after school special. There are plenty of conversations we need to have with her, but is a little innocent escapism in the form of a superhero show that really does not have to address sex too much to ask for?

    • Christian says:

      There’s no sex on the show. What the hell are you going on about?!

      • BadPenny says:

        Mon El almost having sex in the copy room is certainly sexual; an Alex is certainly going that direction. There are things you do not want to have to explain to your 8 year-old simply because they want to watch Supergirl.

        • AU says:

          I’m a parent who watches Supergirl with my kids. Did you watch season 1? Kara had ~steamy~ make out sessions and at least three different potential love interests. Remember Winn having sex in the closet/the obvious blow job that he got? Why didn’t you have to “explain” all that to your 8-year-old?

          Oh and Alex is going in “that direction”? Just because she’s realized her identity? Just because she’s fallen in love with another woman? How does that suddenly sexualize her? Suddenly she’s risque and inappropriate for children because she’s a lesbian? So what if she kisses another woman, so what if we see it more down the line? What about all the heterosexual action we always get, on this show (Kara/Mon-el is definitely coming up eventually) and on every single other show? Why is Alex any different?

          If you’re a parent, then do your job and be a parent. Kids are absorbing information every single minute, there is no “escape” from their sponge minds and it’s your 24/7 job to do the explaining if need be. I’m proud that mine have a show like Supergirl to help form their world view, heck I was proud to have a conversation with my youngest daughter about Alex coming out the other week, and I was proud that she thinks that “wow Alex is the real superhero of this show” after watching the episode.

        • All Alex has done has kiss someone. Do you need an explanation for that?

        • Techgirl67 says:

          Here’s an explanation for her: love is love, stop making it something bad.

        • Lindsay says:

          I don’t think an 8 year old should be watching…

          • Starbuck84 says:

            Seriously. This is an adult show, full stop. If you’re letting your 8 year old watch this, I’m sure there’s a lot more you’d have to be “explaining” to her other than characters maybe, possibly having love lives since episode 1. There’s nothing more ridiculous to me than people acting like violence and dark themes are something they’re totally fine for their kids to watch, but LGBTQ characters are just too much for them to handle.

          • Bill says:

            there is no problem with a kid watching this show… what the heck is wrong with you americans?

    • rodline says:

      There is something you can do, STOP WATCHING. How is that?

    • Or maybe stop letting your kid watch adult shows

    • dancmh says:

      You mean someone isn’t tailoring a network television show just for your kid? Really? How will you go on?

    • R.O.B. says:

      Surprised how much vitriol I got here. I don’t care for ANY of the sexual sitiations on this show, gay or straight. My point is, it is Supergirl. SUPERGIRL. Sex and sexual situations are just not necessary on this show, and all I am saying is it would be nice to have a superhero show like this provide a refreshing departure from it.

  12. Ellen says:

    On this lovely Thanksgiving day I am thankful for Alex Danvers (and Chyler Leigh) and this clip!

  13. patricia says:

    i can’t wait. i’m so excited.

  14. Lame says:

    Alex is hot regardless, a drunk Alex is even better.