Scream Queens Recap

Scream Queens Recap: The Green Meanie Is Finally Unmasked

Tuesday’s Scream Queens made good on its promise to reveal the identity of the Green Meanie — but that wasn’t the most surprising part of the hour.

I mean, let’s be honest: Were you really shocked when Dr. Cascade removed his mask at the request of Nurse Hoffel? Zayday is certain the killer is the ’80s baby, and we already knew the baby grew up to be Cassidy, so where’s the twist? (I suppose the entire mystery hasn’t been solved, since Cassidy claimed he didn’t commit the other murders, but to be honest, my interest in the other G.M.’s identity is starting to wane.)

Frankly, I was much more surprised to learn that Kirstie Alley’s character is the sister of the late, great Ms. Bean from Season 1, not to mention the fact that she was so willing to don the Green Meanie mask herself. We were promised big things from Nurse Hoffel, and I feel like Scream Queens is finally making good on that.

Elsewhere this week…

* Munsch attempted to break up Chanel and Dr. Holt by proving that Chanel has every diagnosable STD known to man — including “sexual Ebola” and “vaginal Zika” — but like most plans on this show, it was eventually thwarted. Not only is the couple still going strong, but Brock even told Chanel he could see himself settling for using just one condom with her someday. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

* After deducing that he’s not the ’80s baby, Zayday finally agreed to trust Chamberlain, allowing him to help her unmask the killer. (In other news, is there anything more annoying than watching characters try to solve a mystery you already know the answer to?)

* Hester spent the hour trying to help a patient overcome his self-diagnosed vampirism by — how else? — making him ingest so much blood that he can’t stomach another ounce. The crazy part? It actually kind of worked.

Were you surprised by any of this week’s reveals? Who do you think is the third Green Meanie? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Scott says:

    This was new tonight? According to my DirecTV it was a repeat

  2. Ken says:

    No surprise there that Cascade was the Green Meanie but maybe would have been a little more of a surprise if they didn’t show him last week with his mother from the 1985 halloween massacre proving he was the baby. But other than that, I highly enjoyed the episode with the laugh out loud dialogue, ridiculous over the top kills, Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts knocking it out of the park every week, and hell, the rest of the cast is top notch. I am glad that are giving Nurse Hoffel something to do and loved the out of nowhere connection to season 1. Sad this season will be over in no time. Hopefully Fox will give us at least 1 more season. I’d love to see where these characters go from here – sorority setting to a creepy hospital setting to ?

  3. Whyohwhy says:

    Great, another damn cop out. 😔😔

  4. Andrew says:

    I assumed he was the older brother of the baby after last week.

    In the previous episode, when it was revealed that Jane Hollis was his mother, she said something like, “They asked about you. Not you, exactly, but…my baby.”

    If he’s supposed to be that baby, what did the mother mean when she said that to him at the dinner table?

    • Rofair says:

      She just meant they didn’t mention him by name, since they don’t know he’s her son. They didn’t ask about “her son Cassidy” they just asked about her baby.

      • Andrew says:

        @Rofair – I thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure. I get it now, but I just thought it was a strange way to refer to somebody that’s sitting across the table from you.

  5. Angela says:

    I have a feeling that a season 1 character might be back, that would be a great twist.

  6. Angela says:

    Is it possible that the other Green Meanie is a new character that we haven’t met yet?

  7. BlittleU says:

    At this point I am only watching the show because it’s nearing the end, they really should have made it an anthology series or gone with the summer camp idea. As for the mysterious third Green Meanie, I’m going with Grace. She was a big part of season 1 but has not been seen or even mentioned in season 2. That seems odd, plus she is someone who would have a grudge against the Dean and the Chanel’s.

  8. Jenn Velasco-Cafagna says:

    I think the weeks between episodes 4 and 5 caused many viewers to lose interest in the show. And I would go as far to say that Ryan Murphy and company lost interest in the show as well; the fifth episode felt like two different episodes, and much of the humor this year focuses on the patients rather than the core cast. And still no mention of Skyler! So perhaps she is the other GM that Cassidy referred to. I hope so now, since I am also rapidly losing interest in the show, and that would be a twist worth waiting around for.

  9. sarah says:

    can i watch scream queens season 2 episode 6 plz thanks