Supernatural Recap

Supernatural: Is Mary Hiding Another Secret? And Is Mom On Her Way Out?

This Thursday on Supernatural, the Winchesters go where everyone knows their name — a hunter’s wake — and Mary gets a very tempting offer.

At the gathering, where Dean and Sam are bombarded with questions about being “dead, like, four times” and being possessed by Lucifer — someone send these fanboy hunters a set of Supernatural books! — a secret about Mary’s past comes out. As a young boy in 1980, the now-dead hunter was saved by Mary, meaning she was still hunting after she and John got married and had Dean. As much as she wanted to get away from it, Mary wasn’t quite as retired from monster-killing as her children — and viewers — were led to believe.

Meanwhile, tensions between Dean and his mom are at an all-time high. “So you’ll text us once a week, maybe, but you’ll drive all the way to Canada to see some dead guy?” Dean snipes when Mary shows up at the wake.

But the problem isn’t Dean or Sam. It’s that poor Mary just doesn’t feel like she belongs on Earth, which Billie the reaper instantly recognizes. “You hate it,” she says, before offering Mary a chance to go back upstairs. And my goodness, it looks like Mama Winchester is going to take her up on it, but then Billie reminds her that reapers collect, not kill. My first thought: So Dean or Sam will have to off their mom?! Way harsh (but totally something this show would do). Or will Mary hold off until she dies on the job?

Either way, Billie is “just going to have to wait,” Mary declares. Until then, mom’s going to eat a lot of bacon with her boys. (Maybe all the saturated fat will do her in?)

While I’m curious to see if and how Mary will actually say goodbye — it seems inevitable that she will, no? — there’s another question burning a hole in my brain: What is Mary doing in her time away from Dean and Sam? She says she’s retracing John’s steps via his journal, but why? What is she trying to fill in? Why does she still need “a little more time” away from her sons? Could she be hiding something?

Supernatural fans, am I overthinking Mary’s offscreen adventures? Hit the comments with thoughts/theories!

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  1. Who gives a hell?! gives the HTGAWM recap!!! OMGGGGG

  2. James R. says:

    “This Wednesday on Supernatural”


    • Vlada Gelman says:

      I’m still in last season, clearly.

    • I think the show should keep Mary. Be like Jodie that appears once a while. An anchor the boys could go back to. They already lost John, Ellen & Bobby. Dean needs to be able to call someone to talk once a while. I know the show is driven by angst but don’t let Mary’s death be another one. Her death had been hanging around the boys for ages.

      Let her have a new life & if there’s an ending, bring back JDM for a moment.

  3. Jim says:

    You would think those anti-possession tattoos Sam and Dean have would be standard for all hunters. Though, to be fair (and yeah I’m throwing the writers a bone here), crossroads demons are generally portrayed as being a lot more powerful than regular demons.

  4. ninamags says:

    Great episode. I, too, thought for a moment that Mary was going to go back to heaven.

    I was horrified when it looked like they might kill Jody! I was saying, “They better not kill Jody!!”

    It was cool to see all these other hunters! Dean and Sam are celebrities, ha!!

  5. Tracy says:

    This is not a recap! A recap is supposed to fully recap what happened in the episode! Where is the detail?

  6. Tracy says:

    I hope Dean kills Billie!

    • geegee says:

      My thoughts exactly, I mean she is obsessed about finishing them. I hope she turns out to be a Big Bad, or connected to it/her/him this season.

      I miss Crawley and Cas. Wanna see their adventure in catching up with the devil.

  7. CindyB says:

    Maybe just me, but a little gross to be discussing eating bacon with 3 dead hunters being salted and burned 10 feet away from you…

  8. Trey Hardy says:

    Jesus I hope they kill off Mary. Such a buzz kill actress and a poorly constructed character. I was excited when Billy was pushing to reap her…and then O was let down flat.

  9. Gift says:

    Pls someone tell I’m not the only one here who wants the brothers to find love on their part who is will to accept who nd what they do. I love these show but why won’t the writers make room for that. I can’t wait to see the kind of girl they fall for especially Dean. Lol.

  10. Amber says:

    I just want them to kill off Mary. She doesn’t fit in story or brothers. Semantha isn’t good. Actress is too old for young mary role. I like Sam & Dean being each other only family. I was so so much hoping that she takes the offer of Billie.

  11. dean says:

    I liked this episode, especially Sam telling Jodie what kid of chick Dean is.

  12. Lisa says:

    Love the recaps and the pics!!! I have been a fan since day 1, and a fan of Jensen Ackles since his Dark Angel days, Jared since Gilmore Girls. I really wanted to like Mary and be happy they have her back, but it seems the show is sadder, or something, whenever she’s in the episode. We’ve had very few of Dean’s (Jensen’s) natural humor. (Was it a good Coke?” “She’s gonna need ALL the therapy” This ep started great. Love Kim Rhodes! She has truly been like a mom to them. Then Mary showed up and the whole show shifted. Mary needed to witness how close Jodi is to them and how much they love her. Their ease with her. How, exactly did she get home? Couldn’t she have gone for bacon, too? I LOVE this show! However, I’m still waiting for the “Yellow Fever,” “French Connection,” “Baby, “Mystery Spot” “Just My Imagination” type episode, and so far I’m just not feeling it.Love my boys and will never give up, but I hope the writers start letting them call their own shots again. Plus, where’s our season 4 Castiel we were told about?

  13. Lisa says:

    Where’s the latest recap? :( I look forward to reading these!