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Grey's Anatomy Fall Finale Recap: Alex's Fate, Jo's Confession — Plus: Kevin McKidd on Owen/Mer/Nathan

After an apartment building collapsed in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy fall finale, it looked like Grey Sloan might just follow suit — at least metaphorically.

Learning that she was being called to testify at Alex’s trial, Jo finally confessed to her former almost-fiancé that she was married to an abusive husband from whom she’d run away (and might have to again). Rather than put her through that, Karev decided — over Meredith’s strenuous objections — to plead out and go to prison for two years. (Whether he’d actually go through with it remained to be seen.)

In other developments, Richard learned from Eliza before Bailey that his role in the residency program was becoming “ornamental,” which led to Maggie teaming up with Jackson to drum up support for her dad; “human rainbow” Arizona played hilariously hard-to-get with Minnick, then agreed to have a drink with her; and, over the course of treating a two-timing husband with Owen, Nathan not only learned that Hunt had been married before Amelia, he’d cheated on first wife Cristina.

Speaking of Amelia, she left a “Dear Owen” letter and took off! Here, Kevin McKidd, who plays Hunt, discusses his character’s next move, potential reaction to Grey and Riggs’ hookup and the Megan bombshell that he hopes will be dropped.

TVLINE | Owen and Nathan made some real progress in healing old wounds in this episode. How much of that do you attribute to Owen’s “conversation” with Megan last week?
He definitely had time in that O.R. to come to terms with something that he never had. He let go of some of that anger, and that’s very significant for him. In the episode we’re about to shoot, we’re going to see Owen and Nathan sort of confiding in each other more.

TVLINE | Which, evolutionally, makes sense. Once upon a time, they were tight.
Right. Owen was going to be Nathan’s best man. They were the best of friends. So it’s really great to start unpacking that and seeing what form that friendship is going to take now. They’re both very headstrong men who are dominant in their fields. So there will obviously be clashes between them, too. But we saw in the recent episode where they performed surgery together that they work brilliantly as a team. Hopefully, we’ll see more of that.

TVLINE | How do you think Owen will react to Nathan’s sorta-relationship with Meredith?
Owen will probably be the last to know. He tries to stay out of the gossip. But I’m hoping he doesn’t take it too badly. He’s very connected to Meredith. She’s been his rock for quite some time, [and will be] especially during the disappearance of Amelia. He’s been really leaning on Meredith, so it’ll be interesting to see where Owen stands [on her and Riggs’ possible romance]. He doesn’t really have much right to be too territorial over her. He knows the hell that she’s been through, and knows more than anyone that we all deserve a chance at happiness. So you never know — in a few seasons’ time, Owen might be Nathan’s best man!

greys anatomy season 13 episode 9 recap kevin mckidd interviewTVLINE | Unless, of course, Megan turns out to be alive.
To throw her into the mix [with Meredith and Nathan] would be fascinating and pretty explosive, and Owen would be right in the center of that — mediating probably! It would be a fun thing to play with. I would love for Megan to appear again down the line. She’s really about the only person you’ve ever seen who has been able to poke fun at Owen!

TVLINE | In the meantime, is he going to be able to respect Amelia’s wishes and not try to find her?
Owen being Owen… man, he’s a hunter. You saw what he was like when Megan disappeared: He didn’t stop looking for her for years! So he’s going to be like a dog with a bone. He’s going to find out where she is. It’s hard for him, because he loves her! But she keeps doing this thing where everything looks like we’re on track, and then something happens and she pulls away.

TVLINE | Yeah, you can kinda only do that so many times.
There’s going to come a point where Owen has to confront her. He knows the cross she has to bear, but at a certain point, you have to start living your life and stop running away from it. [Of course], for Owen, the big nightmare of this situation is the baby question. He has been for many years longing to be a father, and that was not possible with Cristina. He and Amelia had the conversation before they got married, but the goalpost seems to have moved, and maybe she doesn’t want kids anymore. That’s Owen’s worst nightmare, in a sense. He thought they’d already made those agreements. Now he’s faced with the same nightmare choice [as when he was with Cristina]: Can I be with someone who potentially doesn’t want to raise a family with me, when it’s the thing that I really want to do? We’re almost up to the point of deal-breakers.

TVLINE | I know Amelia left so that Caterina Scorsone could go on maternity leave. Do you know how long she will be off the show?
I think she’s gone about three episodes. So Owen and Amelia will have the talk soon, I imagine.

What did you think of the fall finale, Grey’s fans? Are Owen and Amelia finito? Is DeLuca going to drop the charges against Alex? Are you digging “Ariliza”? Hit the comments.

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  1. Brooke says:

    I prefer Elizona…and yes…I ship them. I ship them big time. 😊

  2. Tony says:

    Good episode.

    Why in the heck did they bring Murphy back if they are taking Arizona in another direction? (Presumably, of course).

    And Amelia is driving me nuts.

    • JM says:

      Amelia drives everyone nuts. Her character was much better on Private Practice, providing her character with more structure, maturity and hope when it finished. Greys has just ripped her character apart for the sake of drama again and it’s very disappointing.

    • abz says:

      I think they brought her back primarily to raise the point about the teaching situation at the hospital and then to allow them to shake things up with this new Eliza character. And I’d rather see Arizona with Eliza than with Murphy again.

  3. JM says:

    Lol please. Can the writers come up with something better then someone fleeing their partners to go on maternity leave? This is getting ridiculous. I do shop Owen and Amelia, but the writers are treating them like pull apart pastries. They’re becoming more miserable than Cristina and Owen.

    • abz says:

      Seriously! Why not say she had to go to a neuorsurgery conference? Or maybe say she went to go visit Addison? Anything really. Having her just disappear was stupid. Why do they have to make these ADULT characters act so juvenile? Why can’t they both talk things out or go to couples counselling for help? Instead, the show has them avoid each other and has Amelia not coming home for days. The writing needs to get better.
      Same thing with Jo. I feel like the show wants me to feel sorry for her, but I’m having trouble with that. She’s so childish keeping secrets from Alex (not saying he’s innocent here, but she couldn’t just be honest with him from the beginning) and not to mention how contrived this ex-husband storyline is.

      • pinky says:

        This X100

        • MM says:

          When April lost her baby last season, wasn’t Amelia in the chapel talking to somebody about her baby , that lived for 27 min and wasn’t that someone Owen? So why doesn’t he know about her losing a baby all of a sudden?? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense…

  4. Zoey says:

    This is the definition of a filler episode, and while this entire season has been weak..this episode was painful. I’m so let down and frustrated. And can they please start making Meredith likeable again, I really don’t care about her anymore and Ellen Pompeo is one of the most brilliant actors on TV right now.

  5. EM says:

    I dislike how they are using Meredith as small book end again for the episode. This was just okay but not enough for a finale that makes me want to watch more in Jan. Meh..This episode should have been front and center Mer & Alex and it wasn’t. I have to wonder if rhimes is doing another season five George kind of not there, and a season six on Izzie not there, and season 11 of Derek not there, and season 13 of Mer not there? Maybe time to call time of death?

  6. abz says:

    Why is Meredith taking such a back seat this season? She is one of the few remaining originals and Ellen Pompeo has only gotten better as evidenced by her emotional and beautiful performance last episode. There should have been more of a focus on her and Alex.
    And I hate how childish they make theses couples. It’s not interesting drama having a wife disappear just to avoid talking to her husband. These people need to grow up. If Caterina Scorsone needed to go on maternity leave, they should have come up with a better excuse like a neurosurgery conference or going to visit Addison in California or anything else really.
    And this Owen/Nathan feels like Derek/Mark 2.0 except Derek and Mark were actually interesting and great characters. I just don’t like Owen. It’s been 8 seasons with him and he still isn’t a favorite. do feel bad for him for how desperately he wants a family and the writers keep creating obstacles and pairing him with women who either don’t want kids or are too traumatized to go through another pregnancy. But in the end, though, I find his personality off-putting and he’s just unlikable.
    I get that they were going for the emotional moment with everything standing up and supporting Richard in the end, but Eliza raised some great points in the episode two weeks ago regarding the teaching. This internship/residency program just seems so chaotic. Is there any structure to it at all? Residents fighting over who’s service they’re on. Attendings hogging residents. Do they even teach anymore? It’s mostly them talking about their love lives in the O.R.

  7. SE says:

    this is the first episode I’ve enjoyed since the premiere, and frankly it should have happened ages ago. This season has been paced so badly, there has been SO much useless filler and I’ve been so bored.

    The Alex/Jo scenes were WAY overdue, but even so, they were great and I really felt for both of them. The writers treat Jo like crap, but whenever jo and Alex actually do get screen time, both the actors really sell the scenes and are very compelling. I just want them back together. It’s such a shame though that this deluca thing and the trial is overshadowing the very serious issue of domestic violence. They have a chance for a really poignant storyline here but up until now they have completely ignored Jo’s perspective, and done her so wrong. I hope that changes now. I want to know more about her story and her motivations, and not being used simply as a prop to other characters. If they bring up an issue like DV it should be done justice, not used as vehical for drama.

  8. N says:

    Alex won’t go to jail

  9. 3dhouseovmagic says:

    Not a shipper for Owen and Amelia – they were serious for like 5 minutes then got married…and this disappearing behavior of Amelia’s although kinda lazy writing is classic Amelia if you watched Private Practice. She rarely trusts herself or feels good enough so she acts out in some way.

  10. I think it’s time for Owen to have a good marriage and I would love to see him happy for a change. The poor guy has gone through enough bad breaks.

  11. A fan of TV says:

    I think Amelia has every reason to be terrified, and erratic, over the thought of having another baby considering how unbearably traumatic her first son’s birth and death was. I don’t think it has anything to do with not wanting kids anymore, but self-loathing. I also think Amelia, being a Shepherd, with come back around and face all her fears with Owen, but maybe it’ll take another year.

  12. Tennisnsun says:

    Love Arizona’s description as “human rainbow”!

  13. Clau says:

    Can they please stop undoing every step forward Amelia makes?
    That said, I get where she’s coming from. And I don’t think she changed her mind about children. She still wants a child, she’s just too afraid about a second baby turning out like the first and she couldn’t handle that.
    Althoug as a doctor she should know how slim the possibilities of that would be. The hwole brainless thing isn’t genetic. And maybe the drugs played part too.
    She still needs to work through these issues. She can’t tell Owen she wants kids with him, but then run away because she’s scared. Knowing what the whole ‘no kids’ thing is going to do to him after Cristina.