Arrow Recap Season 5

Arrow Recap: Double Double-Cross — Does the Team Have a Mole?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, a new Vigilante (with a capital V) got Oliver to questioning his efficacy, but he found reassurance in a new (ahem) “friend.”

As if being vexed by Prometheus isn’t enough, this week the team got wind of a new costumed crimefighter, dubbed Vigilante. (Zero points for creativity; where’s Cisco when you need him?) Of course and understandably, the mystery man’s M.O. stirred some debate among Team Arrow, seeing as he’s  removing “scumbags” from existence. But Oliver argues that his colleagues can’t have it both ways, having recently roasted his nuts for playing “judge, jury and executioner” during his days as the Hood.

When “ski goggles” targets and starts picking away at a crew of bank robbers, Team Arrow eventually gets the idea to pose as the thieves and draw out their prey. Vigilante gains the upper hand on Curtis, though, and holds Mr. Terrific at gunpoint in the name of scoring some quality time with Green Arrow. Vigilante contends that there is a “war” to be fought, and Green Arrow must not have lost somebody or else he’d be fighting dirtier. Oliver, though, counters that he has lost almost more than he can bear, and that he is well aware of the “war” — but he is resolved to fighting it “the right way” (as encouraged by reporter Susan Williams over their first drinks together).

Having stated his case and tied up Vigilante, Oliver goes to unmask his new foe… only to be repelled by an explosive, allowing the guy to get away. As for Prometheus, he is MIA for nearly the entire episode… save for the very final scene, where he meets up with Evelyn aka Artemis, on a rooftop. “Nobody followed me,” the teen assures him. “They don’t suspect a thing.” 😮 Yes, the one with a mole is a mole.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Presented with his resignation as well as the truth about his staying far off the wagon, Thea pays Quentin a visit at his apartment, where he comes clean about his blackouts and the bloody hands/throwing star he recently woke up to. Is he being mind-effed by Prometheus? Whatever the case, he’s “damaged goods,” but Thea refuses to write him off so easily. Instead, she leads him to a proper rehab facility, assuring him that the deputy mayor gig will wait for him while he makes Laurel proud by drying up. Thea later loops in Oliver on everything, leading her brother to surmise that Prometheus knows Green Arrow’s true identity.

* In the course of shaking down the crew of bank robbers, we (and Oliver) saw Adrian Chase get a bit hot, revealing that he has “been to hell.” Hmmm.

* Diggle was very much on edge this episode, because, as he revealed to Curtis and Rene, he was missing J.J.’s second birthday, being he’s on the lam and with U.S. Marshals camped outside his home. But in a  truly delightful scene, Diggle is working the bags really hard at the lair when Rene surprises his mentor with a visit from J.J. and Lyla.

* After the grueling events of this week, Oliver sneaked out for a midday date with Susan.

* In flashbacks, Kovar pressed Oliver about his agenda in Russia, and how it relates to island girl Taiana. Kovar gobsmacks his “guest” by revealing that Taiana’s mother is his housekeeper, that he gave her a job when her children went missing. “The truth is about perspective,” the Russian attests, before dropping another bombshell on Oliver: the Bratva has merely been “using” him. Oliver brushes off the suggestion and briefly holds Kovar at knife point on his way out of the place, but one Ivan Drago-caliber beatdown later, he is presented with the hard truth: Bratva is playing him.

* Bulletproof blanket arrow!!!

What did you think of the episode “Vigilante”?

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  1. steven says:

    Hopefully Quentin being in rehab means that he’s not Prometheus.

  2. Kate says:

    I know who the Vigilante is. Just unmask him so we don’t have to roll our eyes every time Oliver and Adrian are face to face.

    I doubt Evelyn is actually a mole. Its too early in the season to let us in on the secret.

  3. Brad says:

    She’s gonna double cross promethus at one point though loving the flashbacks

  4. SG says:

    Curtis is never going to be good at the salmon ladder.

  5. The Kaibosh says:

    Wow. When they’re not bastardizing Batman plots and concepts they retread Teen Titans ideas. In this case “The Judas Contract” But instead of Terminator and Tera it’s Prometheus and Artemis. There is no creativity on this show.

  6. Liz says:

    What a boring episode apart from the twist at the end. I feel like I wasted four years watching this show and getting invested in characters and now they’re pushing all these new ones. I just don’t care. Oliver confiding in a reporter makes him absolutely idiotic, what’s new, but also just doesn’t ring true. Not great at all.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah the only good thing about this episode was Evelyn working with Prometheus is Oliver stupid to confiding Susan Williams she is a reporter at the end of the day if she interested in you have to see if she trying to get a story after. When she used Oliver and he get hurt he is the only one to blame because his sister and Quentin Lance told him not to mess with her.

  7. ktc1986 says:

    I love that Oliver can tell the team he has a date without them doing the old cliche zoom in on his ex or them even making it a thing with Felicity. For me that shows the writers are growing up a little bit and the death march of “Olicity” is well and truly in full swing.

  8. Karen MT says:

    I just want to know what Curtis is telling his husband about his injuries. I mean, he’s *got* to have questions.

  9. Dee says:

    I’m loving seeing more and more trick arrows!!! I like Arrow because Oliver just gets new toys without explaining how or who had time to come up with it. Poor Ollie doesn’t know Susan is digging into his past with her contacts in Russia. With the end of the episode tho, it makes me wonder if Artemis was the one who actually went to Quentin’s apartnent and planted the stuff and scratched his arm.

  10. DAMN says:

    Seriously though, what’s with Curtis and his instant braids?
    So annoying.
    When they get the call he has his Afro, then in the next scene his hair is fully braided.
    Unless everyone is waiting around for Curtis, there is no way he gets his hair done in the time it takes everyone to get suited and booted.

    • Roscoe says:

      I think it’s their way of separating Curtis from the comic book version of mr. terrific by showing that he’s not quite there yet because without the braids he basically would be identical. it does irritate me though I wish they would have found a different way to do that

    • Jim says:

      Obviously he invented some high tech insta-braider he can just run over his hair and he’s gtg.

  11. karl says:

    this episode of arrow is quite boring

    • Rania says:

      My husband and I were saying that last night about this season. It just seems to be dragging on with crappy bad guys and the identity of Prometheus being the only thing keeping you interested.

  12. Jason says:

    Bring Joanna back as the new black canary. that would be pretty cool

  13. Nik says:

    I’m a little upset Mitovich, you didn’t mention Rory’s quips. I realize there was a lot to unpack with this episode but come on. Ragman’s Ahab reference at the beginning was great and was a great moment for both Amell and Dinicol. Add to that his quips during the bank heist and i think that deserves at least an honorable mention. That said, how awesome is the liberal use of trick arrows this season.

  14. Luis Roman says:

    The mayor is now dating the reporter who was just kicking his ass on TV a couple of weeks ago? Does the woman have a boss? Does the mayor have a clue?

  15. abz says:

    The flashbacks bore me so much. Can someone explain to me what Oliver’s goal is in the flashbacks? Why is he against this Kovar guy and wants to kill him? I know he joined the Bratva to get closer to him but what is the reason behind it? And how did he even get to know the Bratva guy (I think his name was Anatoly?) in the first place? Who is this Taiana girl? Is she that woman in the flashbacks from last season? I know I’m missing some details probably from last seasons flashbacks which were boring as hell too.

    • Nik says:

      Anatoly was a prisoner rescued from the Amazo in season 2, and everything to do with Kovar was from last seasons flashbacks With Taiana telling Oliver about her life before the BS with Rider and the magic idol.

    • Dave says:

      hang in there, this is the last year of flashbacks. and it will most likely connect to Prometheus

  16. fatalsin says:

    I think Prometheus is gonna be slade..

  17. Dave says:

    why did it have to be her? she’s not only better than Laurel ever was (still far behind Sara though), but also the best of the new team members. hope it’s some brainwashing sh*t and she’s actually one of the good ones.

  18. Rania says:

    What if Prometheus is the Arrow from another timeline? Sent to this timeline due to Flashpoint as a warning to Oliver in the current timeline? hmm Idk but the suspense is killing me to find out!

    • Michael K. says:

      I highly doubt it. they would be stupid to make flashpoint a major element of Arrow. don’t even get why they changed Diggle’s baby from a girl to a boy. pointless and stupid. nothing good is ever gonna come from Flash.

  19. Dominique says:

    hmm i thought this episode was rather boring, a lot of phye and not much happening. rory is definitely stepping up his game, i love his one-liners and click with the rest of the team. that little surprise birthday party was really cute and very sweet of rene to arrange. adrian chase is boring me.
    that vibe between lance and thea is getting weirder though! what are they trying to accomplish here?
    interested to see what will happen with evelyn.
    btw; the one with a mole is the mole? kind of a weird thing to say.

  20. Dominique says:

    hmm i thought this episode was rather boring, a lot of hype and not much happening. rory is definitely stepping up his game, i love his one-liners and click with the rest of the team. that little surprise birthday party was really cute and very sweet of rene to arrange. adrian chase is boring me.
    that vibe between lance and thea is getting weirder though! what are they trying to accomplish here?
    interested to see what will happen with evelyn.
    btw; the one with a mole is the mole? kind of a weird thing to say.

    • Thea’s gone a long time without a father figure … her dad died, then Walter disappeared off the face of the earth a few seasons ago but he also wasn’t really a father figure she’d chosen — he was imposed upon her. I think she’s seeing in Lance a father figure, and maybe he’s seeing in her a stand-in for the deceased Laurel and the essentially missing Sara. I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but that’s been my thought this season.

  21. Someone mentioned Walter, Oliver’s long-absent stepfather, as a possible Prometheus. That would be an interesting zig where we expect a zag.

    I’m wondering if it could be Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. If something happened in the Flashpoint and post-Flashpoint continuity to turn him against Oliver.

    Alternately, I’m wondering if it could be Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, in disguise … she hasn’t shown up to complain about someone else killing her father instead of her … and working with another young woman who felt her vigilantism was interfered with by Oliver would make sense.

  22. samj says:

    Have not read the comments yet, so don’t know if someone has suggested this. SPOILER ALERT! Like a theory that may be a spoiler alert in the future. SO… spoiler theory alert.

    I’m pretty sure Vigilante (with a capitial V) is Adrian Chase. Don’t know if he is Prometheus but I am pretty sure he is Vigilante.

  23. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I’m kind of annoyed by Vigilante saying GA hasn’t lost anyone. Even not knowing about Sarah (even if she came back, she *was* lost), Oliver’s parents, or Tommy… Laurel’s identity as Black Canary was made public, her connection with GA is well-known, and she’s quite dead, even after Flashpoint.

  24. does any one notice that in the final part of the episode, prometheus has a eye patch in his right eye???
    could be slade wilson!