The Flash Recap Season 3

The Flash Recap: Wally Whirled

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Wally West had his speedster fate dangled before him, Caitlin confided her secret and a frightening new threat surfaced.

For a show about speed, this particular episode seemed to draaaaaggggg until the final act — and even then, the directing of the climactic sequence was so frantic (and CGI-heavy), it was hard to get a grasp on what (and who) was happening. So, forgive if I flub any (perceived) facts.

Setting the hour in motion, Wally was having dreams of being “Kid Flash,” so Barry decided to come clean about the other timeline, where he was in fact Central City’s resident hero (and sister Iris assisted him). Everyone — Joe especially — had reservations about Wally pursuing that path, seeing as it’d mean getting in bed with Doctor Alchemy. Lest said baddie get his mitts on Wally, everyone agreed with H.R. to lock him up in the Pipeline.

Yet even there, Alchemy was able to mess with the lad’s mind, creating great pain — to the point that Iris unlocked the door. Wally then tried to make a run for it, but his sister laid him out like a deck of cards. The team then took Wally’s idea to use him as bait, accompanying him to Alchemy’s lair inside an abandoned subway station. Once Wally came face-to-beak with the baddie, the team sprung their trap, rounding up the assorted robed “disciples” in the room. But then someone/thing, leaving a trail of lightning, entered the fray, distracting Barry and making him vulnerable to (what I will call) a zapper stone in Alchemy’s hand.

Joe eventually used a ray gun on Alchemy, forcing loose his zapper stone. Though seemingly bested, Alchemy warned Barry & Co., “You have no idea whats about to begin.” And sure enough, just as Wally gives into temptation and grabs Alchemy’s zapper stone to find his “power,” Barry is assaulted and pinned against the rafters by a large, metallic being. “I am Savitar, the god of speed,” it growled while flicking open a Wolverine-like blade from its fist. Wally, meanwhile, turned into… a pillar? [Shrug]

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Caitlin confided in Cisco that she has cold powers, then begged him to “vibe” her future — where he saw himself, as Vibe, battling her, as Killer Frost. Cisco at first fibbed that he saw nothing, but eventually came clean. He also shared Caitlin’s secret with the rest of the team, initially infuriating her, though she later apologized for her outburst. (Anyone else think that Vibe is actually the villain in that vision, and Caitlin is trying to stop him?)

* Upon learning that Earth-One’s Harrison Wells is a confessed killer, H.R. uses his handy facial transmogrifier to make him look his Earth-19 partner Randolf Morgan to the rest of the world, so he can freely step outside — to, say, flirt with Joe’s new girlfriend Cecile at movies-in-the-park.

* The rather meaningless Meta of the Week was dubbed “Shade.” I hope that actor wasn’t planning on having any lines.

* Julian has a girlfriend (or at least claims to). Earth-19 has “many” sentient gorillas a la Grodd. Those two facts are not related.

What did you think of the episode “Shade”?

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  1. KayCeeCee says:

    This episode was amazing! Every major character had a story line with emotional punch. It seemed like the rest of this season was filler in preparation for this episode.

  2. dasein314 says:


    * There better be a Frozen joke next week, even if it’s only Killer Frost whistling “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

    * Savitar looked good, but I wished they could’ve gone one year without a speedster as a villain.

    * When Wentworth Miller comes back, I really want them to set up a Cold v. Frost showdown.

    • Jake says:

      Technically ,Savitar is god of speed but his power make unlike any speedster. He can protect himself in a null-inertia force field, give speed and kinetic energy to objects or people, even those in a rest state, he could also heal his own injuries almost instantly.

      • dasein314 says:

        The Wally West version of the Flash (pre-New 52) could do a lot of those same things. It’s not out of the question for Barry (or down the road, Wally, Jesse, etc.) to develop the same. What I think they should draw on is the idea in the comics that Barry is the source of the Speed Force (eventually becoming the very lightning that gave him his powers in the first place).

        In any case, my original point is that I wish they would use a big bad whose main power isn’t related in any way to speed. Abra Kadabra, maybe?

  3. ndixit says:

    This was a slow but deliberate ep. Savitar looks cool and it sounds like he is either tag teaming with Alchemy or they are against one another. I am interested in how they are approaching the Killer Frost storyline. I guess Caitlyn’s resentment towards Barry is a refreshing change. The only complaint I have is that they aren’t doing much with the standalone villains.

  4. herman1959 says:

    Granted, it was a little chaotic at the end, but I still enjoyed the episode much better than last week’s. I still haven’t warmed to Julian, but based on the fact that other characters are noting his absence, I’m guessing he’ll turn out to be Alchemy. And, it will turn out that Alchemy is not all evil after all.

    • Enrique says:

      Julian is for sure Alchemy. In the comics, Alchemy’s identity is Albert (forgot last name) which coincides with Julian’s last name. Also, Alchemy was a scientist with a double personality so it’s possible Julian isn’t aware he’s Alchemy. And finally, As a scientist, Alchemy worked at CCPD Crime lab and didn’t like get along with Barry. EXACTLY how Julian is now.

      • SuperBlawks21 says:

        granted, your reasons are quite good. but i believe that the cw making alchemy flash would be too…. obvious. the villains of the flash have been mentors of Barry (not Julian), close friends with Barry (definitely not Julian) and make it a big reveal, rather than something a little more along the lines of obvious.

  5. I was not expecting Savitar to look like Megatron.

  6. Karen MT says:

    Wally’s going through terragenesis! And huh, did not think of Vibe being the bad guy.

    • dasein314 says:

      If it occurs during the crossover, that’s probably down to the aliens’ having mind control (in the trailers you can see Flash & GA hiding from Spartan, who’s apparently being controlled), so the idea of Vibe being controlled isn’t too far fetched. What I find interesting is that Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost — all have powers related to molecular motion/vibrations.

      • Rook says:

        I didn’t think of that. I was thinking more of a Cisco finding a way to get his brother back and going rogue and Caitlin is trying to bring stop him from doing something he’ll regret.

  7. tp says:

    I’m trying to stick with this but I haven’t really liked it since the Flashpoint changes. My love for the team has me hanging in there though.

  8. Butch says:

    To me the most important moment was Barry finally confessing to Caitlin that because of what he did Cisco’s brother died. Not sure how they will set up Caitlin telling Cisco, but Cisco’s reaction should be epic. Will that turn Cisco evil? Maybe Cisco and Caitlin team up. Maybe as Matt said ,what Cisco vibed was him attacking Caitlin after he finds out.

    • ndixit says:

      I thought it was fairly obvious to the team that Dante was alive in the pre Flashpoint world based on Barry’s reactions in ‘Paradox’. I don’t think they will go on a subplot where both Cisco and Caitlyn would turn evil.

      • Jerry says:

        I thought that too. Looking back Cisco only talked about Barry going back as nge things. It never crossed my mind until tonight. Barry never told him.

      • Butch says:

        When Cisco asked Barry to go back in time to save his brother he was unaware of Flashpoint and that Barry went back to save his mother. Cisco was angry at barry when he found out that Barry tried to save his mother but refused to save Cisco’s brother. Nobody on the team including Cisco knew that his brother was alive before Flashpoint until Barry told Caitlin. I can see if Caitlin goes all evil next week and Cisco tries to stop her or help her that she tells him about Barry. However Cisco apparently helps Barry bring Supergirl to their world the following week so if he finds out and is angry it doesn’t seem to last long or it won’t happen until after the crossover.

  9. cool says:

    I hope alchemy is still the main villain this season, not another speedster, why are the producers obsessed with speedsters to be the big bad every season?

    • dancmh says:

      Probably because it’s a special effect they’ve already figured out and doesn’t cost much more money to have another speedster running around. The same reason the new Vixen spams the Grodd button on her totem every week on LoT.

      …or it’s just lazy writing. Something like that.

  10. lordofluck says:

    I am just not a fan of Wally he was improving but after Flashpoint I’ve been hoping he’ll be killed.

  11. Lynne says:

    This episode was so much better than last week’s seemingly nothingness.
    I never thought about the possibility of Vibe being the villian in Cisco’s vibe, so that is an interesting take on the Frost/Vibe fight. I love Frost and Cisco, so to choose one to be the villian and eventually meet their demise is impossible for me to do.
    As someone mentioned above, once Went comes in again, having a Cold/Frost battle is A MUST!!! I thought about that during Cisco’s vibe, that would be epic! Cold has to get pissed that someone else basically has what he does, but just in actual abilities unlike him needing his coldgun.
    I know so many have said that Julian is Alchemy and I’ve been dead set against it, but the fact that Barry says that his phone went straight to vm when he called before the crew went after Alchemy pretty much sealed it for me. I still hope he isn’t, but I will admit defeat if I’m wrong.
    Now next week MAJOR FROST EPISODE!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hemanth says:

    t seems like “Tom Felton” character Julian Albert is the alter ego of Albert Desmond / Alvin Desmond version of Doctor Alchemy. In this episode we can see the new element, Elemento, a magnetic light,[discovered by Albert Desmond] and the Philosopher’s Stone.

  13. Michael says:

    Okay is it just me ?
    When I heard Wells call his device that changed his looks a Transmogrifier you instantly remembered the cartoon strip Calvin & Hobbes ???

  14. Cordell Garrett says:

    I have to confess the thought of Cisco being controlled by the Dominators cool can’t wait to see if this plays out

  15. Dominique says:

    this was a areally great episode, so many things happening but it wasn’t too much. not a big fan of having another speedster be the main big bad, so i hope we still get to see alchemy a lot. i thought it was a little too on the nose to have barry make that comment about not beging able to reach julian, on the exact night they battle alchemy.
    i’m not a big fan of the west children whining to barry about not telling him about the events of flashpoint. they didn’t WANT to know, so now blaming barry is annoying, though not unexpected since they’re really good at putting the blame on others.
    i hadn’t thought of vibe being the villain here instead of killer frost, that would be such a nice twist.
    can’t wait for the next episode!

    • Butch says:

      You would think with all the speedsters Barry and the team have faced that they would have a plan to take out any new speedsters based on past experience. You know lets take this guy out like we did Zoom. Arrow has a similar though, not as bad, with all the archers he has faced.

  16. Ryan says:

    I’m interested to know what’s going on with Julian, if anything. The show clearly wants us to think that he’s either Alchemy or Savitar (since they mentioned that he hadn’t shown up to work, something that he apparently never does, right before the big showdown with Alchemy and Savitar), but is that just a red herring?

    • Butch says:

      The producers have said that even if you guess the identity of Alchemy and say everyone is correct and its Julian, that they will come up with an unexpected twist. I think we find out who Alchemy is in the winter finale which I think is the week after the crossover.

  17. safistikaytdlayd says:

    This was a good episode!!! I too, had to stop and rewind several times towards the end of the episode. I just wanted to know does Caitlin have to become evil? I never read the comics(though I wish I had and several others too!!!) so I don’t understand how getting her powers turn her evil. It looks like they’re painting Julian to become Alchemy. The idea Vibe could be the baddie would be a great twist to the storyline. I loved how Iris knocked Wally out!! !BTW WHAT HAPPENED TO WALLY??? Is that some sort of cocoon?

  18. That little machine that HR had in his hands to change the way he looks….looked like the machine that was used in the Men in Black movies…the one where they make u forget….Loved the episode too….Can’t wait for next week and and the Crossover with all four shows….Going to be Epic!

  19. Dave says:

    Totally assumed that Vibe was the baddie in that vision and that Caitlin was fighting him off. Of course, Cisco is written as way too smug and self-obsessed character to ever consider that possible.

  20. Jake says:

    Thought this episode was great and the thought of Cisco being the villain is interesting. Really hyped for next week’s episode. So did Caitlyn hatch from a husk or did they just develop ? Also I think Cisco could relate with the hiding powers thing that since that’s what he did last season. Wish there would be more Jay. Miss him.

    • dasein314 says:

      I believe the implication is that they just developed, in the same way that Jesse’s powers manifested later. What’s interesting is that apparently they’re trying to say that Flashpoint erased the fact that Caitlin didn’t have the metagene, as established in the episode where Cisco reveals his powers in order to find Doctor Light. Apparently, now she does.

      Which also makes me wonder, why aren’t they using that meta detection app more?

  21. yuka says:

    Is it possible that Julian is really alchemy?

  22. Conor says:

    “Zapper Stone”? If you’re going to pay someone to review a TV show at least make them pull their weight & do some research first so they don’t come across under-qualified.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Please, illuminate me, “Conor.” You seem to be sitting on factual intel that could help a brother out 18 hours after the fact!

      • dasein314 says:

        I believe it’s supposed to be the Philosopher’s Stone (i.e., alchemy). I myself was hoping for a Harry Potter reference in relation to that.

  23. Luli says:

    Dr. Alchemy reminds me sooo much ot the Witness in 12 Monkeys!

  24. jerichoroa says:

    it is nice to watch ?? tell me???

  25. Sterling Raymond says:

    It was damn awesome! U guys are the best!Thanks a lot for The Flash! I appreciate it.

  26. Mario says:

    Julian is the new Harrison Wells

  27. Omer says:

    I know who savitar is its Ronnie ramone