Timeless Recap

Timeless Finally (!) Reveals Flynn's Rittenhouse Agenda, Lucy's Father

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Lucy’s dad!

During Monday night’s Timeless, the historian finally gets up the courage to knock on her biological father’s door before fleeing their brief face-to-face. She probably would have run even faster had she known her pops is the mysterious Rittenhouse henchman who’s been threatening Rufus. Surprise!

The episode’s other big reveals and exposed secrets:

* While holding Wyatt captive, Flynn starts to detail some of his personal motivations. He recounts how he snooped around and followed Mason Industries’ time-travel money trail to Rittenhouse until his wife and daughter were killed. Rittenhouse then framed him for their murders, forcing Flynn to go on the run. Since he can’t go back in time and save his family, he’s determined to wipe Rittenhouse from the map. “And once I do, who knows? Maybe they’ll come back, and my girls will be there again,” he muses as his eyes start to water. (Who’s starting to feel for Flynn?)

Timeless Recap* In another tragic backstory, Lucy’s journal contains a surprisingly detailed account of the night that Wyatt’s wife Jessica disappeared. It turns out the soldier and his missus had a fight, so she got out of the car and he drove away to cool off. When he came back 20 minutes later, she was gone. Her strangled body was found two weeks later. As for who killed her, that remains a mystery, as does how Lucy knows about the events leading up to Jessica’s death. Did Wyatt open up to her because, in the future, they’re together?

* Wyatt and Rufus find out about the journal Lucy supposedly wrote, while Rufus explains that he’s been spying for Rittenhouse under duress. To resolve their trust issues, Wyatt asks Rufus to be a double agent and spy on the shady organization. Speaking of Rittenhouse…

* Back in Washington, Lucy and Rufus discover that the “doc” Rittenhouse is after isn’t a document, but a woman who was born into the group and fled it. She tells the time-travelers that Rittenhouse was founded in 1778, and no part knows what the other is doing. Even the member names are never written down; it’s all stored in her head.

Timeless fans, what did you think of the episode’s fatherly twist? Is the show’s mythology starting to come together for you?

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  1. hopemullinax says:

    I really loved this episode, but my shallow favorite moment was Matt Lanter (Wyatt) making a Star Wars joke. He was the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: the Clone Wars. That just really made my night!

    • kitsunesaru says:

      I didn’t even realize that’s who he was! Thanks for the insight!

      • hopemullinax says:

        Yeah! Clone Wars is a passion of mine! I even have a Clone Wars tattoo! I spent the entire first episode of Timeless struggling to figure out who Wyatt sounded like. I only know Lanter from his voice acting work, and I couldn’t place him right away. So when I looked it up, I freaked out! I’ve been waiting for them to drop a Star Wars joke since then!

  2. Aaron M. Brown says:

    Best episode yet! In my opinion anyway. Really loved the Laurie Partridge joke. Just hysterical. Great twist with Lucy’s biological father being connected to Rittenhouse. The show continues to get better each week.

    • Kevin says:

      Not to mention Wyatt acting like he’s Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch.

    • Drew says:

      Do we presume that the “face of Rittenhouse” (for lack of a better name for the guy) knows Lucy is his daughter? He knows Lucy from Mason Industries, and I’m sure he checked her history and knows her mother’s name and unless he’s a total jackhole remembers he slept with the mother…. so he knows he’s her father, right?

  3. I really, really, really liked the presime of this show. It’s by far my favorite this season. I just feel that with all the character and plot possibilities they have they are lacking humor. They chose the more serious route. I feel this would be a much better show if it were funnier.

  4. Greg Kerly says:

    Rittenhouse is probably an organization similar to the Masons. Supposedly with a large political,agenda and power. I wonder if it was named for the namesake of Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia., which was founded by William Penn, in the 1700’s.

  5. alisonpcook says:

    Timeless has become my new favorite show and obsession. This was such a great episode, probably my favorite so far. I never would’ve guessed who Lucy’s father is or what actually happened to Wyatt’s wife. I sincerely hope Timeless continues to improve in ratings so it can grab a second season. The writing is smart, witty, and keeps me guessing. The cast is lovely, completely believable and relatable. A truly enjoyable hour of TV.

  6. D, Zivkovich says:

    sounds like a Masonic Lodge conspiracy theory

  7. Max says:

    Surprise? Who didn’t see that coming a mile away (Lucy’s dad).
    Despite the fine comic banter, I’ve decided to cancel the series off my DVR. This was my last episode.

  8. Claire says:

    I feel like Lucy and Flynn are going to end up more connected than we think. Possibly a brother/sister scenario?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I considered the brother/sister angle too. Glad we’re finally getting some answers about how all of the pieces fit together. That overall mythology makes it much more interesting beyond the “time period of the week” premise.

  9. Asia says:

    Out of all the new shows that have premiered this fall, Timeless is one of my favorites. I hope it improves in the ratings. I really loved this episode and the humor in it. Rufus telling Lucy to stay outside and referring to her as his side piece. Lucy falling through the window and failing to free Wyatt from his handcuff “I was just trying to be helpful”, was funny. The gang’s got trust issues now but I’m glad all the secrets are out. Flynn’s story is sad but his plan is so messed up. He’s planning on destroying the US at the risk of God only knows how many innocent people’s lives. There’s no guarantee he’s going to get them back. Heck, at this rate he might even erase them from existence, it’s crazy.

  10. Kevin says:

    The best if not one of the best episodes so far this season. The moment that made me laugh is when the black dude called Rufus Kanye (LOL). Totally dig the ’70s music in the background (that was groovy) and the ending shocked me in just one gasp (Benjamin Cahill is Lucy’s father?). Timeless is my favorite new show of the season and the show feels like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park.

  11. N says:

    Conyay? I lobed this eppy

  12. TvPeong says:

    This was the best episode of the season. I am glad we now know Flynn’s motivation. The sci fi junkie in me predicts that they did something in the past to create Rittenhouse (a la the queen created Torchwood because of the doctor).

  13. OMG you could feel the tension between our time traveling trio as each betrayal was revealed. Where was Anthony this episode? I knew Lucy’s father was either the white haired man or the head of Rittenhouse. Loved this episode. I guess Lucy’s father was talking to Connor Mason at the end of the episode. When and where did Flynn get Lucy’s journal? And was Lucy born outside of Rittenhouse because her mother refused to marry her father but he kept track of her any way? And was Wyatt’s wife murdered as part of the time travel scheme or just wrong place wrong time?

  14. Lauren Craig says:

    I totally didn’t notice that her dad was “sketchy white government guy in suit.” Can’t believe I missed that!

    • DanH says:

      Don’t feel bad. When the Rittenhouse guy answered the door, my wife gasped. I asked, “What?” She said, “It’s the guy from the limo!”. I said, “No it’s not. Doesn’t look a thing like him.” We rewinded to the limo and compared him to the guy that answered the door. “See?” I said. “The guy in the limo has thicker eyebrows, thicker hair, more wrinkles, and a gruffer voice. Not the same guy.” After comparing the limo guy to the guy at the door, she agreed… didn’t look a thing like him. I think that “big reveal” was a big wasted opportunity for something incredible to happen. As it was, it was hardly recognizable.

      • A says:

        Yes! I did the same thing. When people started saying that her father was guy from Rittenhouse I rewound the TV and questioned if I was losing it because it didn’t look like the same guy to me.

      • Lauren Craig says:

        You’re right. Didn’t look a thing like him. My theory was that Flynn was Lucy’s father. I thought they were going to Blacklist us!

      • sharonnmurch says:

        I went back and forth and looked at them also, and I thought they were the same person because of a crease in the upper lip and the ears. It wil a little hard to say because all the view of the Rittenhouse guy were at a different angle. Still not 100 percent, but I think it is.

      • I went back and forth about four times looking at this guys face and I concluded that they are the same guy. He has a dark vein next to his left eye which is my biggest reasoning.

        Also, how old is Rufus?
        If 45, he could be the ‘Doc’s son.

  15. Imzadi says:

    Was I the only one who noticed the nod to Tom Cruise in Born on the Fourth of July? The guy in the wheelchair had to be Ron Kovic.

  16. Jeanna says:

    Timeless (and Westworld) are my favorite new shows. Loved this episode. Starting to see the nuances of all the players. Hoping NBC renews it!

  17. Tina Price says:

    I love the show the story line is awesome. Can’t wait to see what comes next

  18. Dan S says:

    Oh, it makes sense now….Rittenhouse is like the Free Masons. Maybe that’s why “Mason Industries”, etc. Formed before the revolution. Lucy freaks out when she realizes her family connection, and then either she is loyal to Rittenhouse, or tries to undo it, but can’t because of her relatives, which is why, as Flynn puts it, she sounds “crazy” in the journal. She is struggling with the guilt of her family having caused all of the trouble, trying to undo it, perhaps….

  19. Andrea says:

    So- if Lucy is born into Rittenhouse because her father is their henchman, then if Flynn is successful in wiping Rittenhouse off the map won’t he also be destroying Lucy’s family tree? Will she just cease to exist?