Bones Final Season Trailer: Booth Fears Zack's 'Going to Kill' Brennan

Seeley Booth is on the warpath.

The first extended look at Bones upcoming 12th and final season (bowing Tuesday, Jan. 3 on Fox) finds David Boreanaz’ G-man reeling from the disappearance of Emily Deschanel’s Brennan, who in last May’s finale was presumably abducted by ex-squintern Zack (Eric Millegan).

“He took her and he’s going to kill her,” Booth rages in the above extended promo, before vowing, “I’m going to get my family back.”

The 40-second teaser also takes a quickie trip down memory lane, interspersing a number of vintage Booth-Brennan clips that are sure to pull at your nostalgic heartstrings.

A recent press release for the show’s farewell season teased “the return of fan-favorite guest stars and squinterns” including Eddie McClintock, who played Brennan’s ex, Sully, Betty White as Dr. Beth Meyer, and Stephen Fry as Dr. chef Gordon Wyatt. Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and Hal Holbrook (Evening Shade) also will show up in Episode 3 as a wise guy and a Marine veteran, respectively.

The final run will also feature “a wedding,” an “epic serial killer storyline” and a new undercover mission set at a lumberjack competition.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so sad that this is ending. It’s still one of my favorite shows. Love the ensemble and how they all (seem) to work so well together.

  2. kmw says:

    That was ( finally) a nice promo. I am looking forward to it and yet dreading it at the same time Hard to believe we only have 12 more episodes of Bones. As far as Booth believing Zack is the killer? He may be thinking it but I believe they will all come to the conclusion he isn’t the murderer. Cannot wait till Jan 3rd!!!!

  3. andrew hass says:

    I don’t think Zack kidnapped Brennan to kill her but maybe he’s trying to protect her and/or he needs her help for something.

  4. anon says:

    That was wonderful!!

    And why these two, Booth & Brennan are so great.

    Regarding Zack he separated Brennan from her team and kidnapped her, all the clues pointed to him…part of me won’t be mad if he is the puppeteer, he was Gormogan’s helper, the guy is no innocent, like some fans see him.

    • kmw says:

      No he isn’t innocent( and I am not a big Zack fan) but to me it is inconceivable that Zack was able to leave and be gone from his institution for any length of time to be able to do any of that. I am of the opinion he saved Brennan but him saving her has as much to do with why he needs to talk to her as actually saving her. Zack’s scar on his forehead and the lie he told is what he will be talking with Brennan about. Its pretty likely within the first 20 minutes of the premiere everyone will know he didn’t do it( my bet is on that creepy psychologist or someone from first season) But if in fact they name Zack the killer I don’t know how they would deal with that and that doesn’t sound like finishing business like they have been touting since finale. I still see Zack being one of the deaths whether its by the serial killer or some other way. Either way poor Brennan, she is going to have a rough time. Hopefully Booth and Brennan’s ” test” wont be too bad

    • Rose says:

      Agree, I know people keep saying that Zack is trying to “help” her but he’s going about it all wrong, now instead of looking for the actual serial killer Booth is not distracted by looking for his wife who thinks is in danger. Couldn’t he had figured out a better way of “helping” her if that is what he is really doing than kidnapping her? Like I don’t know calling her or Booth or Hodgins sending information to them.

    • Bill White says:

      Zack was innocent. He told Sweets a long time ago that he never killed anyone.

  5. The shock would be if they actually went through with Zack being a killer. I’m pretty sure everyone believes he is being framed.

  6. kia says:

    This makes me so sad and emotional. i’M not ready to say goodbye, my heart aches :(

  7. Preacher Book says:

    Ed Asner is still alive?? And little Zack is going to kill Brennen? WTH?? What kinda mushrooms was the writers’ room eating?

    • kmw says:

      Really you didn’t know that Ed Asner was still alive? Whatever but Zack most certainly is not killing Brennan, especially since at Comic Con they said everyone at the table was going to be alive at the end. The two deaths are characters from early seasons NOT the main cast. Cannot wait to see whats coming

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m not ready for the end either! I don’t think Zach is the killer. He better not be and I believe Booth will find Brennan by the end of the episode!

  9. mrsfoxxe says:

    So Happy to se this show end! Never could stand her & her whinney voice

  10. mrsfoxxe says:

    Glad to see it go. Like him ,couldn’t stand her!

  11. Brenda says:

    So sad ” Bones” final season !!! Loved Dr. Brennan and Dr. Hogins. Maybe someday they will have a “Bones” reunion.

  12. digitalred93 says:

    Huge fan, but I’m disappointed in that trailer. Not one frame of new footage. Booth’s dialogue line is from the episode where Bones ran off with Christine and he’s talking by to Max.

    I can buy Zach kidnapping Bones, but his hands are too damaged to do the detailed work of the Puppeteer. What I’m betting is that Booth breaks in and shoots Zach before finding out the truth. That will cause conflict between B & B for several episodes until they discover the truth.

    As crazy as it sounds, I’m gonna miss this show way too much.

    • kmw says:

      Yes its not the best trailer they have ever done but what do you or all of us Bones fans expect from FOX. This network has been trying to kill this show for years now and stealing from them as well. FOX is going to do the bare minimum to honor their longest running drama. Imagine if Bones had stayed on one night instead of five. Oh well at least we get to say a proper goodbye. And I get that Zack kidnapped her but I still don’t think he is the killer for the reasons you stated as well but I don’t think Booth is going to shoot him. He is supposed to be around for three or four episodes. I think Zack’s scar is an issue with his health and I also think Brennan is going to have trouble with Zack’s lie about not killing that man from season three. if Brennan would kick Booth out of the house for lying I cannot imagine she is going to handle that lies from Zack very well. Zack whether intentional or not saved Brennan from the killer and Booth will be grateful, Brennan wont see it that way at least not for awhile. And I am with you I am going to miss Bones way too much

      • digitalred93 says:

        Totally agree. What’s crazy about how Fox shuffled the show around is that the ratings still stayed fairly solid. If they’d kept the show on the same night for twelve years, yes– I do think it would have done even better. Maybe not NCIS level, but downright impressive.

        I think the reason why I speculate that Booth will kill Zach before Bones can explain what he’s doing is because the showrunners hinted that there will be a big test in their relationship (B&B). If Brennan (and the audience) knows Zach is innocent, but Booth comes charging in (not knowing), it’s going to make for quite a tense moment that could go a few different ways.

        That is, if they drag out Brennan’s captivity for several episodes. If they wrap it up in the first episode of the season, then you’re right. Booth won’t kill Zach (since the actor is slated for several more episodes).

        All I can say is that thank god for Netflix. I’m rewatching the previous seasons like mad. I’m finding it interesting that things that bugged when an episode aired don’t bother me on rewatching. I even ‘get’ why Brennan becomes more stiff as it happens in the season after Zach is incarcerated. Knowing her background, of course she’d pull back from everyone and be more stilted. She built a higher wall to protect herself.

        • kmw says:

          That an interesting theory but they cannot drag her being kidnapped out especially since the show runners have stated everything is going faster than normal because they only have 12 episodes. And yes they stated Booth and Brennan’s relationship will be tested and maybe Zack’s situation is a part of that but I really think Brennan is going to have an issue with Zack’s lie and her tough going emotionally is going to be more of their test than anything else. I am glad somebody else finds it interesting that old episodes that I once thought were bad aren’t so bad after all. Sometimes their seasons are better after you have watched them more than once. For instance while I still dislike immensely the 10th season some of those episodes have grown on me and I also dislike their eight season and now I like it.. I can say that Bones has given me really pretty decent entertainment and I cannot say that for a lot of long running shows I have watched. Going to miss them

  13. paniz says:

    why isn’t bones in the hot shows section anymore? at least wait until it ends…

  14. Amanda says:

    If the key is in the 1st two seasons, that probably means the focus is on Brennan’s parents. I think maybe her mom isn’t dead after all and they’ll bring her in during the final season!

    • kmw says:

      Nice idea about the mom issue but I think they let that chance sail. Brennan is more likely to have issues with either her father or brother. Bones doesn’t have enough episodes to deal with her mother again and actually the one thing I am disappointed with Bones with is their lackadaisical ending of Brennan’s story with her parents back in season 10. one episode and poof that is why Max and her mom ran off. But that is a minor quibble and am really looking forward to what they have in store

  15. Olivia Goodwin says:

    It all seems true about Bones

  16. Bill White says:

    Zack isn’t the killer. He knows who it is, and escaped the psycho ward to protect Brennan. He’d never hurt her. She and Hodges were the only two people who understood Zack and connected with him. Remember, he told Sweets several seasons ago that he never killed anyone. He just felt responsible that somebody died. Zack has a doesn’t have the ability to harm people, even if being manipulated.

  17. John Doe says:

    Is this show still on the air?? I thought it was cancelled years ago; since they long ran out of anything fresh to do.

  18. Nyree D says:

    does anyone know the song in this trailer?

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  20. BB says:

    I saw at comic con that Sully will be returning. Someone has to be the Puppeteer and my bets are on him. No way it’s Zack.

    • kmw says:

      Sully isn’t the Puppeteer that story is over in the first episode. Sully is being brought back to interfere in Brennan and Booth’s marriage which no Bones fan asked for

  21. De says:

    Who makes these awful decisions. Bones is one the most intelligent while entertaining shows on the air. Castle, House, and others and the list goes on…every intelligent, funny, entertaining show gets cancelled and we are bombarded with Crap like Bachelor/ette, Survivor, Honey Boo-Boo and so many others. Please re-think cancelling any more “good” shows maybe ask the fans once in a while…I will miss Bones I’ve been a fan since day one and NEVER missed an episode.