Walking Dead Recap: Home Invasions

As Negan and the Saviors pillaged Alexandria in Sunday’s The Walking Dead, Gabriel tried to cheer up Rick by suggesting — no, insisting — “We’ll find a way to go forward.” The preacher even seemed to believe what he was saying. And, by the end of the extended episode, an unlikely duo had given us reason to hope. Who was it? Read on…

‘LITTLE PIG, LITTLE PIG, LET ME IN!’ | As “Service” began, Michonne stole out of bed with Rick, retrieved a shotgun hidden in the fireplace of their home and snuck off (not without her lover noticing) to practice her long-distance shooting. Unfortunately, she was a whole lot better with her sword than with the gun — she fired and fired at an approaching walker, and the only thing she actually hit was a deer that she (or at least I) hadn’t even seen behind it.

Meanwhile, Negan, Dwight and the Saviors showed up at Alexandria’s gates ready to take what they (felt they) were owed. “Uh, who are you?” asked Spencer, risking his neck to be a smartass. When Rick pointed out that the Saviors were early, Negan cracked, “I missed ya,” then bashed a walker with Lucille as a demonstration of the “service” he and his army provided. Rick tried to talk to Daryl but, predictably, was forbidden. “He’s the help,” Negan noted.

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-4-recap‘I WOULD NOT HAVE MESSED WITH THAT GUY’ | While Negan forced Rick to show him around Alexandria and its “embarrassment of riches,” Dwight tasked Rosita and Spencer with going out to retrieve Daryl’s bike. As if to make sure we weren’t softening toward the scarred Savior at all after “The Cell,” he also took their guns, poured out all their water and even snatched Rosita’s cap off her head, the bastard.

In no time, Rick learned that Negan didn’t want the half of Alexandria’s supplies that had been set aside for the Saviors. He wanted… well, whatever the hell he wanted, including most of the mattresses in the community. When one of his flunkies brought him a camcorder with a bearded Rick’s initial interview with Deanna on it, Negan marveled at how dangerous his opponent looked. Too bad “that’s not you anymore, is it?”

‘DID YOU JUST THREATEN ME?’ | Next, Negan wondered aloud about Maggie — or, as he referred to her, “the sick girl.” Guessing that she’d been married to “No. 2,” the scumbag said, “Widows, especially ones that look like that, are special… They are just empty inside but usually not for long.” Before he could get any grosser, Gabriel appeared out of nowhere, asking if Negan would like to pay his respects, and helping Rick sell the lie that Maggie hadn’t pulled through.

Later, a shot rang out — oh, Carl. Upset that Davey and the Saviors were taking not half but all of Alexandria’s medicine, the teen had thought with what Negan marveled were “giant, man-sized balls” and pulled a gun. Alas, “half,” Negan explained, “is what I say it is,” so Carl had to back down… or else. Worse, his outburst had reminded the villain that Alexandria had an “assload of guns.” Naturally, “they’re all mine now.”

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-4-recap‘THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW’ | At the armory/pantry, Negan, upon meeting Olivia, cracked that “I can’t be the only one to notice that you got a fat lady in charge of keeping track of rations, can I?” Since Alexandria had so little food, anyway, the Saviors wouldn’t bother to take any. So “how about a thank you?” Negan said. Little by little, Rick was glaring harder at his nemesis and beginning to use a tone of voice that he probably shouldn’t have.

In the woods, Spencer easily located Daryl’s bike, right where it had been left near the train tracks, and complained nonstop that “this is where we are,” thanks to Rick. “We just gotta learn to live with it.” Rather than listen to him whine, Rosita headed into the woods and stabbed some walkers, eventually dispatching one that had a gun — unloaded, unfortunately. Still, she was using her head, having predicted that the Saviors would take all their firearms. “This is not our life,” she argued. Or, if she could do anything about it, it wouldn’t be.

‘I HAVE FAITH IN US’ | Back in Alexandria, Savior Arat informed Negan that they were short two guns on Olivia’s tally. As you’d expect, he wasn’t pleased. “I don’t enjoy killing women,” he told her. But if those firearms weren’t found, she’d have taken her last inventory. Immediately, Rick held a town meeting, at which he pleaded for the guns to be turned in and made it painfully clear that “I’m not in charge anymore, Negan is.” When Eugene noted that not everyone was present, Rick deduced that volatile Spencer was the holdout.

the walking dead season 7 episode 4 recapSure enough, while Gabriel was giving his “I feel like I know this is going to work out” pep talk, Rick located the hidden weapons — as well as some rations and booze. (Spencer, you jackass!) When he ran outside to deliver the guns to Negan, Davey was creepily messing with Enid over her green balloons — a bittersweet remembrance of Glenn. Finally, the Saviors were about to head out when Michonne returned. Miraculously granted a moment to speak with her, Rick ran to her side… with Lucille! Negan “had me hold it,” he groaned.

‘I’M NOT LOSING ANYONE ELSE!’ | Though Michonne protested mightily about turning over the shotgun that hadn’t been part of Olivia’s logbook in the first place, Rick insisted, delighting Negan. “This is reading a room and getting the message,” he said, adding, “You, sir, are special.” Since Rick had proven they could follow the rules, he asked if Daryl could stay. “Maybe Daryl can sway me,” Negan suggested. But given the chance, Daryl didn’t utter a word.

Upon Rosita and Spencer’s return with the motorcycle, Dwight told Daryl, “You can have it back — just say the word.” (And, after last week, we all know what word — name — that is.) After retrieving Lucille and describing in I’m-pretty-sure-unprintable detail what it was that Rick was saying thank you for, Negan at last departed. But Rick’s awful day still wasn’t over. Next, he got into it with Spencer over his stash, and Deanna’s son made a crack about how “lucky” Glenn and Abraham were that was so nasty, Rick threatened to break his jaw if he repeated it.

‘THIS IS HOW WE LIVE NOW’ | Having overheard the confrontation with Rick, Rosita gave Spencer an earful herself and argued that “this doesn’t have to be our life.” Her plan to change it? As the plus-sized episode drew to a close, she showed up on Eugene’s doorstep with a shell casing. “Make me a bullet,” she said. Meanwhile, at Casa Grimes, Rick was making up the floor (since the mattress was gone) and trying to shut down Michonne’s argument that, “Everything we have, we got from fighting.”

When she suggested that they team up against Negan with The Hilltop — foreshadowing? — he noted that the Saviors still had the numbers. Finally, he told his girlfriend about Shane… and how he knows Judith isn’t his, biologically, yet she’s still his daughter, and “I’ll die before she does.” So could Michonne please accept their new way of life? “I’m gonna try,” she said. It wouldn’t be easy, though. The next day, she followed smoke plumes to discover the mattresses that the Saviors had taken, burned and discarded.

So, what did you think of “Service”? Who do you think is gonna snap and get themselves killed first — Michonne, Carl, Spencer, Rosita? Hit the comments.

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  1. Gina says:

    As much as I love JDMs Negan, he needs to go. There’s no way our group can keep living like this, right?
    I feel like even if Negan gets it, his people wouldn’t be that angry. Sure, they’ll be a few upset Saviors, but I have to think that majority of them are just doing his will to stay alive.
    Seeing Rick be so submissive to Negan is just so foreign to me. Make it stop!!!

    • Jim says:

      That’s the thing, they’re a cult of personality, right? If Negan dies they fall apart, right? I know he has them all say “Who are you? Negan!” but it doesn’t seem to have much force or conviction. We haven’t seen any of his top lieutenants look like they’re anywhere near as capable as him. That’s the problem with breaking the people you recruit for your army. They’re broken.

      • schunjo says:

        I’m not a reader of the comic, but Negan is proof that comics don’t always translate to TV. I’ve loved TWD since the first scene. But I’ve gotta admit, Negan (or the actor) is making me lose interest…FAST. His so-called humor and the way the actor kind of pulls backwards every time he cracks a line got annoying very fast. I found myself looking at my phone every time he was on. Counting the days til he is killed off!

        Don’t see any reason why this episode had to be extra long. Lotta filler time.

    • Whatevah8 says:

      I agree! The whole show is about him and i don’t care about the comics, never read them never will. I knew they were going make our group look weak but this is getting BORING!

  2. Walkie says:

    Strange episode.

    Why are the pretending that Maggie died?

    JDM is over the top hammy as Negan. He says every line half as slow as it should be said. I get the guy is supposed to be a prick but it’s too extreme. It’s not interesting to watch that.

    All this episode did was reinforce what we already knew from the season premiere. It didn’t push the storyline forward.

  3. AngelWasHere says:

    Those “smoldering gravestones” were mattresses. Just saw it on Talking Dead.

  4. Gina says:

    Also, are you sure about Michonne watching the smoldering remains of gravestones? Their loved ones are buried INSIDE Alexandria. She was very clearly not inside the walls. It looked like burned mattresses to me. Just a giant F U to them.

  5. Jax01 says:

    Not smoldering gravestones. Their mattresses.

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    I’ll be glad when Rick gets his balls back. He should be devising a plan.

  7. Here I am says:

    Someone needs to tell Spencer to take several seats because I just can’t with him. I don’t know why he’s blaming Rick on what has happened. He obviously voted as the other members of their community did for them to go after the saviors. So why play the blame game now? And he’s sorry behind is quick to fault Rosita for having hidden a gun while he hid two guns that almost got Olivia killed. I noted he didn’t care that the saviors would’ve killed Olivia – oh and he hid some booze and food as well. Real class act he is. I can totally see him not making out of S7 and no, not because of Rick’s threat. Rick finally tells Michonne about Judith I liked that scene. He’s never talked about who the father of Judith is to anyone else. Glad their bond is getting stronger. Negan srsly needs to stop with his monologues and leaning back every time he thinks he’s made a point or something. It’s getting really old. Carl and Rosita are pissed. I’m sure they will in their own way fight back. Rosita has already started by asking Eugene to make her bullets. Hopefully Spencer doesn’t throw her under the bus that she has a gun to Negan. Looking forward to the next episode so we can see how Maggie and Sasha are doing.

    • Ryan says:

      “Its getting really old”??? We’ve essentially seen the guy for 3 episodes. How “old” can it be? Negan haters… JDM is a fantastic addition to the show. He plays the role wonderfully. I hope he stays around for at least a couple seasons and I look forward to seeing his back story.

      By the way…thanks for the recap. We all watched the episode just like you did. My apologies if you’re just a kid.

      • Here I am says:

        It’s called an opinion everyone’s got one. And if you don’t like mine, then keep it moving. Stop assuming, throwing words around and name calling if you don’t have something constructive to contribute to what was posted.

      • schunjo says:

        Wow, you’re quick…Yea, he’s been only on three episodes, and I agree, it is very annoying. So, yes, that leaning back is already old!

  8. blah says:

    Did the saviors remove the tombstones from their cemetery and destroy them?

  9. Carie says:

    The end of the episode Michonne found the mattresses the saviors took had been burned and were smoking, not gravestones as said in this recap.

  10. Ian says:

    Just such an oppressive episode. I need to see some sort of resistance begin to come together, or I’m going to have to take a break from the weekly watching and just read recaps. It gets to be too much to have to sit down and watch through all the abuse. My god.

    • Couch Mom says:

      Me too. I know they need to get to the point where they band with The Hilltop, and we have to get Carol and Morgan back in the group, but these eps are really hard to watch,

  11. Alex says:

    Beyond frustrated and disappointed with the narrative decisions in play this season. I usually try to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, because producing a TV series is a daunting task, but my patience is wearing thin. They’ve spent four episodes telling separate stories that could have been weaved together for the sake of advancing the plot. With only 16 episodes per season, there is just not enough time to divide these stories up week to week. It made sense in season 4B when the characters were separated after the prison, but the writers have continued to use this tactic well beyond its creative purpose. I miss the ensemble storylines. Yes, it requires a certain amount of sacrifice to character development, but it also keeps the overall season trajectory alive. So far, the character of Negan is way over-the-top and does not translate well into the show. What may have worked in the comics does not come across the same on screen. Too many endless monologues, but no real substance. I really hope the season can recover, but I won’t hold my breath.

  12. JP says:

    I am about to get ripped in the comment section, but so be it. This episode was a somewhat perfect analogy to what’s going on today after the election. Rick and Co thought they had this figured out, now all of sudden someone comes to turn it completely upside down. What we thought we knew about the world is wrong. How do we grapple with this? How do we fight back? When do we fight back? I know people are here for the gore, but the political analogy (unintended as it may be) can’t be unnoticed. As I’ve been a fan since the beginning, slow episodes aside, I am always intrigued on the human element. What happens when morality is gone, when the world you thought you knew is no longer the same? I feel like this episode spoke a lot to the people who feel despair currently… good thing is, there is always a resistance and a way forward.

    • Allie says:

      Yes. This. xoxo

    • AngelWasHere says:

      Wow I never thought of it that way. Interesting! You get a thumbs up from me. :)

    • Hest says:

      Yeah its called accepting the will of the american people and moving on. Resistance? Lol. What are you going to do take down the government like rick is eventually going to take down trump?

      • JP says:

        There is always some resistance. Look at past 8 years in the government. The GOP has blocked a majority of things Obama wanted to do either via fillabuster or other tactics. Not advocating taking down government, but just expressing opinion that there is always resistance to both sides. People have a voice to express dissatisfaction with the current situation. Look at Rick and Michonne. Both have fundamental disagreements with each other on appropriate response to Neegan. We just have to wait and see how they choose to respond to this new world.

    • rob d says:

      well that depends who you voted for. But TWD sometimes has some slow episodes which I’m hoping they ramp things up.

  13. Gord says:

    Those were their mattresses not some gravestones. Good job, glad you’re being paid to pay attention.

    • Tim says:

      I had no idea what they were.

    • Jim says:

      It was very unclear what they were. I came here just to find out. Blame that on the show, not us.

    • Confused... says:

      I was confused with the mattresses/gravestones as well. Mattresses definitely makes sense where gravestones does not -but if you look carefully, it looks like there are letters on the pile of whatever. Also, a smoldering pile of mattresses should have burned down much more than what we saw. Where’s is the ask? Why is there such shape to the objects. It definitely looks like tombstones but again, mattresses makes much more sense.

      • Nadia Vera says:

        Nahh definitely mattresses, if you look closely most of what is left are the metal springs/frame :) That’s why they’re still holding their shape. To be fair, I had to watch the scene twice to figure out what they were. The first time I didn’t even notice the smoke, I just thought that Michonne had heard something!

  14. Derrik says:

    I agree negan is so repetative. He shows up, has the same 5 or 6 lines, makes a few bad jokes, tales stuff, maybe kills someone, and then leaves. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    And its all about him. I just have a bad feeling the writers are going to stretch this out longer than they did with governor. Hopefully they dont forget the backlash they got when the governor got away at the end of season 3. And i thought the governor was a lot more interesting and nuanced.

    I will say that neegan is threatening and jdm os doing a good job with the performance, but i really dont like the direction the show is going and im already tired. The best episode so far this year was the kingdom episode by far.

    • Walkie says:

      JDM is a pretty good actor so if the writers could give him better material, he could do somethign with it. Right now he is a once dimensional bore.

      • AnnieM says:

        Agreed. Hopefully, they will give him more depth than comic-book Negan, depending on how long they plan to keep him around.

  15. John Jacob says:

    I really used to love this show. It has gotten so boring. I tuned in tonight and I find myself not caring less about the goings on. 50 mins of Negan making jokes and making Rick small. We get it, we get it. Meanwhile, Wesworld is AMAZING!

  16. Oliver Covington says:

    i’m thinking The Hilltop Alexandria and the Kingdom against Negan.. the three communities would outnumber him and of course when carol finds out what’s been happening to darryl she’s gonna go bananas

  17. Stevie11 says:

    i was bored to death. show lost me this season.
    negan isn’t bad ass, he isn’t even scary. he’s just annoying as hell.
    they knew psycho fonzie was coming. why didn’t they hide half of the guns somewhere else?
    I don’t even care anymore. chief blabbermouth could lucille half of alexandria and I wouldn’t even care.
    go westworld!

    • mrmcgee says:

      Half of the plot was looking for some of the missing guns, so that wouldn’t have worked. ..

    • Jay says:

      That’s genius -physcho fonzie-that’s exactly right-I think if he is used like last week as this omninous outside lurking threat, he can be a little scary. More than 5 minutes of screen time, however, and he is annoying as hell. Also, stop standing so close to people-dental hygiene can not be good in post apocalyptic America

    • Missy says:

      He came earlier than he was supposed to. They didn’t know he was going to show up that day.

  18. Daniel snow says:

    After two weeks I finally get an episode I want to watch. No offense to The previous two episodes but I honestly didn’t care what was happening with Rick and co that’s all I want to know and I finally got it.

  19. Bobby C. says:

    Can u use the shell of a magnum 44 in a beretta rosita just found ? Just asking !

  20. Ann says:

    Can someone explain to me the deal with the electicity? Thanks

    • AnnieM says:

      The houses all have solar panels. It was mentioned when ‘our’ group first got to Alexandria, but probably not since then.

  21. Doug says:

    ISIS are scary.Negan and his gang are a bunch of ‘cartoon’ characters.Oh … it is based on a comic book.I have watched from the beginning but I think it is time to move on.

    Negan is boring!

  22. Max says:

    Just putting this out there, but wouldn’t a suburb as large as Alexandria have several mattress stores they (Rick & co) could loot? And as close as Alexandria is to DC, why haven’t we seen it yet? I haven’t read the comics, so this may be addressed there.

  23. Mike Parker says:

    CORRECTION: The firearm Michonne had wasn’t a shotgun; it was a rifle. (There’s a significant difference between these two types of weapons.)

  24. Jermey says:

    I know Neegan is supposed to be a fan favorite in the comics, but so far on the show he’s just annoying and obnoxious (not to mention over the top). I hope Rick and the gang will take the savior a down sooner rather than later, because I’m really not enjoying this season so far.

  25. GreggBrent says:

    I agree with many of these posts. I’m getting bored of Negan. Very one dimensional. He saps up too much air time and it’s all very predictable. Those drawn out jokes, the monologues, his going from threatening to fake friends…etc etc. it’s like enough already. Seems all so lazy.

    And agree that WestWorld is Awesome!!

  26. time lord says:

    TWD is nothing less than a zombie soap opera. The show is getting old and ho hum boring. (Yawn) let’s use the time slot for a show with smart fresh dialogue and fast pace action scenes. After negan whose the next villain? A twelve year old with bad breath & alien abilities?

  27. Sam says:

    I just fast forward through all of the Negan seemingly endless monologues. I have not missed anything. I guess the good thing about having him around is TWD is no longer appointment viewing for me so I can watch the football game and I get through the episodes a lot quicker when I watch it on Monday.

  28. Bored Fan says:

    Season 7 of the boring dead makes cleaning the bathroom interesting.
    Clearly, Bub the headphone wearing zombie from Day of the Dead is script writer now.
    Been watching since day one and will give it one more episode I’m afraid.

  29. Prateek says:

    JDM is an absolute marvel and a delight to watch. I know we are supposed to Hate Negan but he makes it pretty damn hard with his irresistible swagger and style. Absolutely superb watching him.

  30. Janis tiley says:

    They ought to get their heads out of that dark place and kill him, began. Rick needs to man up.

  31. Lisa says:

    I’m over Negan and the whole storyline with him and his following. At least the governor had multi-facets, the saviours and Negan are just over the top bad and annoying. I’m tuning out during Negan scenes and finding that a formerly must watch program is now skipable. And Kirkland serious said that we’d all be cheering for Negan if we followed is story from the beginning?

  32. Earl says:

    Mr. Mason:

    That was not a shot gun Michonne took. It was a rifle.