Megyn Kelly Refutes Debate Night 'Poisoning,' Trump Getting Leaked Qs

Megyn Kelly took to social media on Thursday night to discredit a New York Times review of her new memoir that insinuated that she might have been poisoned ahead of the first Republican primary debate.

In the Times‘ critique of Settle for More, it was implied that the Fox News personality became violently ill — so much so that she considered not participating as a debate moderator — after accepting a cup of coffee from her “suspiciously enthusiastic driver.” According to Kelly, the malady was nothing more than a stomach bug.

The Kelly File anchor also clarified the idea that Donald Trump was tipped off about a question ahead of the debate. The Times suggested this was hinted at in an excerpt from Kelly’s memoir about the president-elect reaching out to Fox News execs the day prior after discovering her first question would be about his misogynistic language used towards women.

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  1. Poor Megyn, somebody is always picking on her. I believe she puts this stuff out, then refutes it
    just to get attention. She is working different angles during her contract negotiations. Fox New should “cut her loose” and ring back Gretchen Carlson.

    • Anita Bell says:

      yes, I totally agree! Spurned Drama Queen!

    • IntegrityAlways says:

      I hope they do let her go. She knew that Trump called Rosie those things NOT ALL WOMEN. Rosie is known for such feuds. I keep posting (and believe it) that many if not most of Megyn’s viewers are testosterone driven. Checks the boards and see how many say they watch because “she is easy to look at.” So is Maria B from Fox Business plus she’s an actual news person. Get rid of Megyn and bring on Maria.

  2. Trstall says:

    THE LYING MEDIA AGAIN!! THey are outraged America didn’t listen to them these lies will continue for the next 8 years. BOYCOTT THEM!!!

  3. Mark says:

    If Trump had the questions leaked to him by Fox News. I guess Trump was right “The system is rigged”.

  4. luke says:

    Why is she refuting what she wrote in her book? Does she suffer from schizophrenia? This is like when she claimed on her show that her first husband abused her and then, a couple of days later, denied she ever did.

    • Jenn says:

      It easily could have been the reviewer’s interpretation of her words, not the words she actually used. As a former lawyer, she would or at the very least should know that you really have to be careful about what you say in print or face being sued for libel. This particular stories says that it was the review that implied these things, not her book. My guess is that her book toes the line and never specifically states these things so she could easily refute that she wrote them, because she actually didn’t. Out of curiosity, I may just pick up this book from the library to see what she actually put down on paper.

      • IntegrityAlways says:

        Didn’t the Times just say she IMPLIED those two points. Regardless, everything with Megyn is about Megyn. She makes herself the story. Can’t watch her. Just can’t!

    • Will says:

      She isn’t. The Times didn’t portray her story properly. The Times lied about what was written by her.

      • luke says:

        Nice try, Will. But they quoted her. Based on the excerpts they posted, she was indeed claiming both things she now denies she ever wrote. Either she’s schizophrenic with no idea of what she said or did under her other personality (dangerous) or else she’s backpedaling so hard she’s at risk of breaking a hip (pathetic). Either way, she’s a joke.

  5. P cooper says:

    Who did the driver work for and who assigned him and when? Who does she think tried to poison her? Has the person who talked to Trump confirmed what was said. Enough innuendo and baseless accusations. Kelly is an attorney, she couldn’t float any of this in any court. Let’s get real and either do your homework or keep quiet, if that’s possible. If I thought I was poisoned, I’d certainly be filing a police report.

  6. Annie Sisk says:

    Up is down, down is up. I’m sorry, I don’t know wth is going on here. She wrote this book. SHE did. Not the Times. The Times just wrote about the *book.* (including the part with the questions!)

    • Benedict says:

      With such a turn of events and recollections, could her time with Fox be limited? I really think she will be at CNN soon.

      • Tony k says:

        Hopefully you are right Benedict, though she’s beautiful well spoken I believe she’s mentally fragile and just could not handle that she stepped into something that was over her head and now she just can’t let it go as evinced every night while she interviews guests she continuously asks loaded questions. I believe she thinks she is the only victim in what happened but believe me she sucked everybody into the controversy when she asked the questions at the first debate.

    • Shirley Hunt says:

      We al have been manipulated with lies from both sides. I do feel the media was biased against Trump, but for years the GOP and Fox News have known that Clinton would be nominated to run for president. They began long ago painting a negative portrait of her. Rupert Murdoch is running The Fox Show and will smear any liberal in order to protect his sleepy pockets.

      • Jimmy says:

        I believe any dem other than Clinton would’ve beaten Trump. Bern definitely would have. If Biden or Michelle ran they would have won. The fact is the GOP and Fox News didn’t need much help to smear Clinton. She’s been in the spotlight a long time even before there was a Fox News channel and the rumors about her were not positive. We all know all the negatives when she was Secretary of State. No need to rehash the lot of them.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Dear America,
    I know that there are many people upset by the election, and our new president elect. I always felt Trump was bad…and I also felt Hillary was bad… It was the lesser of two evils that someone would vote for. No one in this presidential race was respectable for many valid reasons. With that being said, I believe in America and democracy… Here in America those are our principles. America was founded on democracy. Which means that America spoke… Trump is our new president. So whether we like it or not, we should unite and move forward. I hope that President Trump can deliver on some of his more promising promises he’s made. In four years perhaps we will vote someone else in. But again, please let me remind you about democracy… and what separates us from other countries. Just because a person does not agree with the choice for the president that was elected, does not mean that it’s ok to turn renegade and rebellious and turn their back on the process… Again America was founded on democracy. It just crushes me to see these destructive protests as well as “not my president” on social media. This is not what America stands for. So again, whether you voted Trump or not, let’s unite in America and move forward please.

    • Ron says:

      I have said and will continue to say “not my president” when referring to Trump. And I am so unapologetic about that. This has absolutely nothing to do with “my side” not winning (which, by the way, only happened because of a horrible and antiquated electoral system). My chosen candidates have not won in the past and I never said “not my president” about them. I certainly didn’t want Bush 2 to win, and was pretty upset when he was reelected, but I still considered him my president and moved on. You say saying “not my president” isn’t what America is about; I say EVERYTHING that Trump built his campaign on, and ultimately won on, is NOT what America is about. I don’t consider him my president and I will not move on like before, because your inconvenience of hearing about people’s legitimate fears and concerns does NOT outweigh people’s legitimate fears and concerns. He and his running mate built their campaign on further marginalizing people like me. He and his running mate built their campaign on rhetoric criminalizing people like me, and my family, and my friends. When your campaign was built on fear mongering and blatant lies, on racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia…then no, you are absolutely NOT my president. If I am weeping and physically sick (which I was and still am) because I fear for my safety in my own country because of the dog whistle you blew to now-emboldened racists, to the KKK who are throwing a victory parade and openly marching in broad daylight, because several racists and xenophobic attacks (verbal AND physical) have already happened in my city (and across the country) “in the name of Trump”–then again I say NO, you are NOT MY PRESIDENT! So you have it backwards: his campaign of vitriol and bigotry is not what America stands for. Me exercising my right to protest and voice my moral truth of him not being my president because he stands in direct opposition to everything America is, is exactly what America stands for.

      • Ron says:

        And just to quickly add to my post, I find it ironic that you preach democracy as the reason we should support this fascist demagogue, despite the fact that he practically spat in the face of democracy every chance he got if he thought it would get him his way.

  8. Christine Price says:

    Some of you media people sure seem to get turned on with the continuing lies and bashing of President Donald Trump. Really is hypocritical and PATHETIC!!! SO UNPROFESSIONAL! ! The election is OVER!!! Get over it!! Such a turn off! !

  9. Darcie says:

    I don’t respect a woman who does not call out and ask for justice when it happens. Megan Kelly acts tough but it seems like she is a typical whining after the fact woman. Grow up and take a stand when your issue happens.