Arrow Recap Season 6

Arrow Recap: Star Wars — Has Prometheus Been Revealed?

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Prometheus drove home his point in taunting the Emerald Archer, Felicity spilled a secret and, in flashbacks, Oliver finally came face to face with his target.

On the heels of Prometheus icing Tobias Church (and then taunting Green Arrow with a fiery “So It Begins” message), Oliver and Diggle set out to learn more about their adversary, while keeping the recruits in the dark. But when Prometheus targets a random mom followed by someone else, news breaks — courtesy of Oliver’s girlfriend Susan Williams — that a “Star-Throwing Killer” is terrorizing the city.

Team Arrow is irked that they’ve been kept out of the loop — and then downright spooked by what comes next: the discovery that the “random” victims’ names are in fact anagrams for the lawyers, bankers and other white-collar nogoodniks that were on Ollie’s original “kill list.” Rene shrugs off the news, while Evelyn is most affronted, seeing Oliver as a hypocrite for forbidding her vengeance against her parents’ killer.

When Felicity and Curtis match up other “kill list” names to a half-dozen possible Star City residents, the team members split up to scout out each situation. Aboard a subway train, Evelyn winds up scuffling with (and slashing the right forearm of) Prometheus, before Oliver intervenes with an explosive arrow, scaring off their prey. Oliver, Evelyn and Prometheus’ target then float out of and away from the rigged-to-explode train, via the suspect physics of a parachute arrow.

At episode’s end, as Rene, Rory, Curtis and Evelyn head into a music festival that Thea threw together in a highly speedy manner, Felicity arrives with alarming intel on the throwing star she pinched from boyfriend Billy: it’s made from melted-down old arrows of Oliver’s. Meaning, Prometheus has access to the SCPD evidence locker. And on that note, we cut to Lance waking up from his latest bender to discover a gash on his right forearm, and a throwing star in his possession!

Elsewhere in the hour:

* After seeing Oliver get called on the carpet for not being forthright with the recruits, Felicity opened up to Billy about her job working for Green Arrow. His reaction went from shocked to impressed to all-out fanboy, peppering her with 100 questions that she needed to hush with a kiss.

* Susan reminded Mayor Handsome that “the clock is ticking” on not just the month-long free ride she is giving him as a reporter, but the number she slipped him(/Human Target).

* Yep, Quentin has been off the wagon this whole time. Never climbed back on, even after scoring the deputy mayor gig.

* If Evelyn is in fact just 17, the director needs to tell her not to look at Oliver the way she does during heart-to-hearts, yes?

* In flashbacks, Oliver went “full douche/playboy Oliver Queen” to pose as an investor on Konstantin Kovar’s new casino. He got caught and KO’d in the midst of planting a bomb, though, and woke up to find Kovar (Rocky IV‘s Dolph Lundgren) prattling on about turnip farmers or something. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” the hulking Russian told his captive.

What did you think of “So It Begins”?

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  1. Shaun says:

    Quentin is obviously a red herring. No way he’s Prometheus. Obviously a setup because Lance is a drunk.

    • bob says:

      ya true also just a way to keep it going since its a long season

    • Michael Summerset says:

      He’s definately a red herring. I’m leaning more and more into thinking he’s a Flashpoint created Tommy.

      • Amelia says:

        This would probably only work if Prometheus is unmasked for one episode. The actor that played Tommy is a regular on Chicago Med.

      • Wooster182 says:

        I’m convinced it is a Flashpoint Roy or Oliver. Last night really had me thinking it’s a second Ollie. Follie?

        If it is a cop, Malone is obvious.

    • Quan says:

      Clearly. No way they’re revealing Prometheus’s identity this early on. This is just like in Season 3 when they tried to trick us into thinking Roy was responsible for Sara’s murder.

  2. bob says:

    this season getting so good love the prometheus mystery

  3. brenna says:

    I don’t think it’s Lance. I doubt we would find out this quickly. Interesting mystery and interesting villain. Loved when Oliver shot the arrow into the end of the gun.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Right? How has he not done that before. (Or has he?)

      • kath says:

        No, it’s the first time for that trick.
        The parachute arrow has been done before (but makes no sense in terms of the laws of physics since there’s no way the arrow could have been shot with enough force to pull up three people like that).

  4. Dan says:

    Where is Malcom merlyn???

  5. Avet Ventura says:

    2 Possible Prometheus Identity
    2. Ra’s al Ghul (potential comeback)

    Skills (archer and ninja skills) wise ,physique and grudge to the Arrow :)

  6. clintbrew says:

    its earth 2 robert queen

    • Lysh says:

      Hahaha that would be hilarious but hopefully not. Glad Arrow’s taking a page from Flash’s book with a decent mystery though.

  7. Mark says:

    I think it is Lance… obviously he is drinking himself unconscious every night… and his drunken state is acting out his sub-conscience thoughts that it is because of The Hood… not Oliver Queen… that he lost his girls.. He blames The Hood specifically… and you can tell he only blames Hood, because he KNOWS that Oliver is the Hood.. he he wanted he would attack Thea or Felicity to really get to Oliver.. jmo

  8. FlashbackSucks says:

    ihate the flashback in Arrow,zzzzz

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I record the episodes and ff thru the flashbacks. Makes watching the eps way easier.

    • edyn says:

      I like the flashbacks because they relate to the story and how he uses what he learned to be the Arrow. With Kovar, it was to ask for help when things get hard like pulling up the big turnip. At first, Oliver did not want to bring the team in until he knows what is happening, then they find out there are a few potential targets for Prometheus and the girl almost gets killed. The flashbacks are always related either by lesson or character he knows, but forgotten. He thought Slade was dead and no more mirakuru.

      • Lisa says:

        I so agree! And I love to watch the fight/kill scenes with Oliver, no mask! Besides, the flashbacks finally got his hair right! :)

  9. Mark says:

    Any episode that has a Babylon 5 reference is automatically a win!

    • kath says:

      It was a good reference but let’s not stop there:
      – add villains that are seriously scary at a soul level like The Shadow who looked like giant insects;
      – after the first season, add new characters slowly and develop them completely before adding more;
      – shift characters from bad to good and vice versa through the seasons (e.g. G’Kar seemed a villain in s1 but ended up a spiritual leader) instead of just adding more and more;
      – make the season’s Big Bad part of the larger arc of the series and don’t make them so obvious Bads;
      – realize that having the lead pair (i.e. Sheridan and Delenn) together and fighting the bad guys together through the seasons is more satisfying to viewers than breaking them up for a stupid soap opera reason.

  10. Dude says:

    What if flash point changed more than just diggles baby??? If Flash Point turned caitlin into killer frost maybe Quentin is Prometheus!!!

    • Author says:

      Only Barry would know about the things that are different though, so I guess if Quentin had been acting weirdly for all the time since Ollie came back they wouldn’t put as much trust in him as they do.

  11. Tiffany says:

    If You wanna know something interesting, Look Up Prometheus on wikipedia

  12. Suspicious says:

    If it is Quentin…WTF? Flashpoint change?

  13. dean says:

    Remember that it has to be someone that would have knowledge and access to the list in Oliver’s book. I don’t see Quentin having this kind of info. An earth 2 doppelganger males more sense.

    • nicbruh says:

      Malcolm Merlyn.

    • edyn says:

      I love all these different theories, but i also thought it is Lance. I see Lance being used to do the bidding while the real Prometheus fights and shoots like Ollie. It is someone definitely close to Oliver because they have knowledge of the list, exactly who is on that list. Oliver never really shared the list. They know about the list. The one who he did share with was Laurel. What better way is there to get something other than heartbroken drunk police officer mourning for his girl who happens to look like Canary and have throwing stars made of the Arrow’s arrows? We do not what relationships are defunct in Earth 2 and what they know now since Barry changed the timeline. Barry wore wingtips and Iris became a cop on Earth 2. Anything can happen now, but we do know that Black Siren is alive. It can also be Oliver himself, but why he would he go and hunt his doppelganger? At one point, i thought it was Bratva because of the flashback.

  14. isaac kalama says:

    Love the show great fan I’ll love to hear from you welcome

  15. Quan says:

    I hope I’m not jynxing anything, but this is the most I’ve enjoyed Arrow since season 2. The recruits have been a breath of fresh air and I’m surprised by how much I enjoy the Quentin-Thea dynamic.

  16. hank ronson says:


  17. Dominique says:

    this was a really good episode, i’m truly enjoying this season so far!
    no way quentin is prometheus, that’s an obvious red herring. he’s been on so many benders now it owuldn’t be hard for prometheus to sneak in, cut him and leave a star.
    i still think it’s tommy. we don’t know what flashpoint did with his character, but even if he still died, malcolm could’ve taken him to nanda parbat and used the larazus pit on him.
    we know talia al ghul will appear this season, and honestly; what’s the point of introducing another al ghul if ra was killed two seasons ago, and they don’t have anything to do with the league of assassins anymore.
    also; if the lazarus pit was used for tommy, he wouldn’t have soul, right? they needed constantine to bring back sara’s soul, so if no one did the same for tommy after he came out, he would be really screwed up.

  18. michael says:

    My money is still on Tommy Merlyn, who survived (thanks to flashpoint) and has turned on Oliver for leaving him there to die. kind of red hoodish aka Jason Todd

    • Author says:

      But wouldn’t Oliver know that Tommy is alive, considering Barry is the only one remembering the original timeline?

    • Author says:

      However maybe Malcolm found out the hard way about what the Lazarus pit does to people you bring back from the dead by bringing Tommy back just to find out he was no longer the son he once knew.

      • Those who come out of the Lazarus pit aren’t decidedly evil; they’re feral and violent. That’s not Prometheus’s M.O.

        My money is on a Flashpoint change in which Oliver didn’t realize that Tommy actually survived when he got left behind. Also, keep in mind that Prometheus probably already who knows that Oliver is Green Arrow due to the way he killed a very forthcoming Tobias Church with absolutely no hesitation. So if it’s Tommy, and I really do think it is, he’s gonna be piiiiiissed!

  19. baz2a says:

    Unless Dr alchamy is bringin the lance from flash point to this earth!!

  20. Angie says:

    Prometheus walks and fights like Oliver. Wonder if it could be an alternate Earth version of Oliver?

  21. Sasha says:

    If as they say its someone from the SCPD or who has access to SCPD evidence then its either the new BF (he’s too good to be true no?) or the DA.

    I do not think its Quentin.

  22. nashieb says:

    No way Quentin moves like that

  23. Mark Bailey says:

    I believe its tommy. Where has Malcom been?? Makes me wonder

  24. unknown says:

    correct me if wrong but wasn’t that list of people that were doing the city wrong that’s why Oliver would say you have failed this city weren’t they all bad people

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      They were immoral people that the hood killed in cold blood.

      • kath says:

        Who he first gave the opportunity to mend their ways. Only if they didn’t give back the money etc. did he target them, and usually didn’t kill them (e.g. Adam Hunt). Saying he’s a serial killer is like saying Trump is a business genius.

  25. As for Evelyn and Oliver: I’ve thought she looks at him a bit longingly, sure, but it doesn’t seem to be crossing any sort of line. Oliver — as the adult — doesn’t look at her the same way.

    It brings to mind Thea’s crush on Tommy Merlyn from season one, if anything. She got drunk and tried to kiss him, he put a stop to it, then took her home when she got sick later. Nice moment, established him as one of the good guys despite his last name.

    This week’s episode was a good one for helping develop her character a little more, I thought.

  26. Lorenzo DE Magnificent says:

    Yea the way that Artemis was looking at Oliver suggested something totally inappropriate if she is supposed to be 17. Mr. Terrific is used horribly again; at least they’re trying with Wild dog and Artemis. He’s just there to let us know that he is gay and tell unfunny jokes that even the character don’t laugh at in the show; where’s the effort?! Also Prometheus is probably Felicity’s boyfriend I don’t believe for one second that it is Quentin.

  27. Ashbash says:

    My guess is that Prometheus is Felicity’s boyfriend Billy. He’s been featured way to heavily to not be either the main villain or someone who is going to kick the bucket. His lack of reaction to Felicity working for the Arrow makes me think he already knew that and that he probably already knows Oliver’s identity as the arrow. I also that the guy is either Bratva or related to the Bratva

  28. MaryMaria says:

    Could Prometheus be a woman? For some reason something about the way “he” walked toward Artemis was feminine.

    I also think Tommy being Prometheus would be interesting. He could have been revived by the Flashpoint incident and turned into a psycho, like Sara Lance. When he learned that Laurel has died, he decided to take out Oliver, whom he blames for her death.

  29. Meil says:

    I think this real poormetheus just make lance looks like him. And queen will judge lance.

  30. Author says:

    If I had to guess I’d say that Prometheus might have some kind of hypnosis like his comic counterpart and controlled Quentin into “being” Prometheus, this would make this early reveal far less weird and would keep it fresh and interesting as Prometheus could control almost anyone into doing his bidding.

  31. Brigid says:

    Finally! Best episode of the season. I love the friend dynamic of the team with no romance junking it up! Season 1 enjoyable!!!!

  32. nicbruh says:

    I bet it is actually Malcolm Merlyn

  33. ktc1986 says:

    Just read a great theory on Reddit about Quentin. Basically he’s not Prometheus but he’s being controlled with the drug that Malcolm used on Thea to kill Sara, he uses his contacts to get into evidence lock up and steal the arrow heads and is used by the real Prometheus to be in different places at once. That’s why a novice like Artemis was able to cut his arm.

  34. DD says:

    Matt, you put the wrong word in italics… “that Thea threw together in a highly SPEEDY manner”!!
    Also, how had Kovar heard of Oliver Queen?

  35. DD says:

    Matt, can you confirm that The Flash took into consideration that due to election night, they would be an episode behind Arrow for a while (especially heading towards the big crossover…), so we don’t end up with the same continuity mess as last season?!?!

  36. Robbzilla says:

    As long as it’s not Tommy Merlin back from the dead, I’ll be somewhat OK with whoever it is…

  37. pjanep says:

    could it be slade?

  38. Argus Bane says:

    Here’s a thought: What if Earth-2 Laurel Lance is Prometheus?

  39. dpman says:

    I highly doubt it is Quentin, but leaning more towards a Flashpoint created character. The questions I asked myself were where is Malcom? Is Slade still in Purgatory? Also have to keep in mind that Dhark is dead as well as Rhas. The league is disbanded (so no one can be trained at Nanda Parbat anymore either) so i don’t think it is anyone from the League. In the most recent episode we find out that Prometheus is a villain created by Oliver from his actions in season 1. Another possibility is that it is Felicity’s new boyfriend, Malone. He seemed more intrigued to find out the she is working for the Green Arrow than upset which throws a big red flag up. I’m not opposed to thinking it’s an Earth 2 Oliver either. When Oliver shot Prometheus on the train, Prometheus immediately knew it was explosive arrow. These are just my thoughts and guesses! Let me know what you think!

  40. Jame says:

    Damn Flash, he messed everything. God knows Prometheus is a new character or someone else in previous episode because of Flash point.

  41. Maurice says:

    It can’t be lance. He doesn’t know anything about the book of names Oliver has. There has to be more to it.

  42. Ehsan says:

    Did anyone notice sarah lance use the throwing stars in legends of tomorrow?

  43. Cari says:

    I wish Tommy were Prometheus, but with him being on Chicago Med, there’s no way that would work.

  44. Thomas says:

    Producers say it’s someone from the first season. Guy knows about the book. Which lance and everyone else mentioned doesn’t know about. Also it’s a skilled fighter that knows olivers tricks. Only one conclusion. It’s Roy.

  45. Linda says:

    The actress playing Evelyn would look at Jensen Ackles the same way when she was on Supernatural; like a love sick school girl.

  46. andrew says:

    Prometheus is the DA for this sole reason: Okay so remember the train scene with arrow and Artemis when he got sliced a few times, well in EP 7 of arrow (season 5 obv) after the DA interrogates that women, he and oliver walk down the hall. If you look carefully you will notice the DA has a slight limp, thus from being attacked the previous night. And he’s always stated how he hates vigilantes etc etc and he has kind of the same low gruff voice. I’m just not sure his connection with olivers past etc. So stoked

  47. Bandara says:

    Curtis Holt is the Prometheus.