Trump Wins: AP Projects Donald Trump as Winner of 2016 Presidential Election

Hillary, you’re fired: Donald Trump is projected to become the 45th President of the United States.

The Associated Press made the call at 2:31 am ET early Wednesday morning after projecting Trump as the winner of Wisconsin, a key swing state with its 10 electoral votes, giving him the 270 needed to clinch the presidency.

(Trump’s opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, trailed with 218 electoral votes, with several states still too close to call.)

Trump’s win marks the end of an unusually bitter presidential campaign, which began more than a year and a half ago when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy back in April 2015. She held off a primary challenge from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, while Trump emerged from a crowded Republican field of more than a dozen candidates to claim that party’s nomination.

Trump’s celebrity status and headline-making rants stoked interest in the 2016 election, driving ratings for the three Clinton-Trump debates to record highs. (The first debate drew a Super Bowl-esque 84 million viewers.) The election also boosted Saturday Night Live, which hit an eight-year premiere high thanks to Alec Baldwin’s parody of Trump.

Still to come tonight this morning/later today: Trump’s acceptance speech from the New York Hilton, and a concession speech from Clinton, who didn’t join her campaign’s victory party at New York City’s Javits Center. (She did call Trump to concede after the AP call.)

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  1. D says:

    Ding Dong The witch is dead!

  2. Chris says:

    Disgusted. Absolutely disgusted.

  3. Milo says:

    This is unfathomable, I’m numb !
    My heart goes out to all my fellow women, minorities, Black folks, Muslims, Latinos & other foreigners who are feeling very nervous, displaced and uncertain right now. This was a really close race indicating that there’s still hope, never stop fighting for your right to exist & to be treated fairly. If ever you need to go away for 4 years, we’ll welcome you with open arms here in New Zealand. My heart bleeds for the good people of the US.

    • Guest says:

      My heart bleeds for you and the unfortunately small brain you have in that head of yours. The working class of America won today. I’m so sorry your hope for more unlawfulness with no consequences will shortly be at an end. Boo hoo.

      • Milo says:

        This is the exact type of mentality that Nazis had when they chose Hitler. Hitler sold fear & prosperity to the average working class and the masses scooped it up and shoved it down their throats much like America did today. The fact that you think your way of life is under attack just shows how primitive your way of thinking is. But where there’s hope, the human spirit will always persevere, hate & fear may have won today but tomorrow is a new day. Lets see how the next 4 years play out.

        • mamamitzvah says:

          I am so sick of this type of speech. You are all ridiculous if you compare Mr T to Hitler. There are absolutely no means of comparison. Maybe read more about him before making such silly comments. Stop relying on the MSM for all your information.

      • Pedro says:

        Working class won higher taxes for the poor, tax-breaks for the reach, cuts in Education and Health and increased spending in war,

      • Angela says:

        I’m working class and I sure as hell don’t feel like I won anything today. I hate that so many fellow working-class voters were taken in and so horribly duped by a charlatan, and let fear and ignorance rule the day.

    • Rachel says:

      Good gosh. I’m a bi woman and I’m going to be just fine here in America, thanks. I live in Texas too – spend time talking to people outside of your small sphere and you’ll see the way most of Trump’s supporters voted had NOTHING to do with all that and everything to do with being sick of Washington insiders and their back room deals. All the people over reacting on twitter saying half of the country is racist have spent too long listening to the fear campaign mounted by the mainstream media.

      • H says:

        You make too much sense! Women must vote for the female candidate because feminism! Katy perry and Madonna told me so! and Whoopi!

        • Mary says:

          Wrong us Women didn’t vote for her because she was a Women. We voted because we believe in equal rights for ALL. Pure and simple. A President with NO CHARACTER is not one many Americans wanted. He appealed to the rural crowd when many usually don’t vote and promised the moon. Let’s see if he delivers and how disenchanted they will be when they don’t have the jobs coming back because guess what they won’t be. All the cheap products you purchase expect an increase to cover the tariff he will impose. The fact is technology has replaced many workers and unfortunately many uneducated has the desire to be retrained or the capability. Time will tell but good luck in trying to unify the nation because I think it is more divided.

    • H says:

      Liar! New Zeland does not accept immigrants!

    • D says:

      Legal immigrants have nothing to be worried about, only the criminal immigrants.

    • mamamitzvah says:

      Oh please. Stop being a drama queen. This will affect you in absolutely no way.

  4. Hail to the King #MAGA
    France is next.

  5. N!loofar says:

    his youngest didn’t care

  6. Angela says:

    I have never been so ashamed of my country. Holy hell, people, what on earth is wrong with you all? How stupid can you be?

    • Piers says:

      The only people on the Democratic side are there for the freebies. The Democratic gravy train just got derailed. Hallelujah! No more Syrian refugees, prison for repeat illegals, no path to early citizenship for the parents of anchor babies, dissolution of Obamacare, and new requirements for gov. aid for food stamps, ADC, etc.

      • Angela says:

        The only people on the Democratic side are there for the freebies. – Wrong.
        No more Syrian refugees, prison for repeat illegals, no path to early citizenship for the parents of anchor babies, dissolution of Obamacare, and new requirements for gov. aid for food stamps, ADC, etc.
        Yes, how dare those of us who aren’t rich or lucky enough to have jobs with good benefits ask for a way to go to the doctor when we need it. Soooooo selfish, right?
        And how dare we try and extend sympathy to refugees and immigrants who are fleeing scary situations and looking for a safe place to calm home and get a second chance? God forbid we show any sort of compassion for people who fall on hard times and need help. Better to just call them “anchor babies” or people who “want freebies” and make them feel like dirt instead.
        Your attitude is precisely what’s wrong with this country right now.

    • Yikes says:

      In Trump’s own words from People magazine 1998:

      “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They are the dumbest group of voters in the country. The believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I’d bet my numbers would be terrific.”

      Guess he was right.

  7. Michael Summerset says:

    The media made this possible. They were so focused on ratings that they gave Trump a lot of attention he wouldn’t have got otherwise.

  8. Kevin says:

    Trump as POTUS until 2020.

  9. V.E.G. says:

    Congratulations, Donald Trump! Well done. The people are crying over the defeat of Clinton. Well, tough noogies! Thank God.

  10. V.E.G. says:

    I am so happy, Donald Trump won! Tyrone Woods is happy from the heavens and Woods was the cousin of a the professor, Dewey Wesley Grantham!