Arrow Flashpoint Diggle Son

Arrow: David Ramsey Ponders Diggle's Reaction to 'Losing' Daughter Sara

Can you miss what you never really had?

That is a question Arrow‘s John Diggle will have to consider if he ever learns that before The Flash‘s Barry Allen tinkered with the events of the past, he and wife Lyla were the parents of a daughter, named Sara, and not tyke John Jr. aka J.J.

“I can tell you, it is important that he finds out,” David Ramsey, who plays Dig, shared during TVLine’s visit to the CW series’ set in Vancouver. And find out he may. “Secrets don’t say secrets for long on this show — or in any of these Berlanti universes,” the actor reminds.

Setting aside the how of it all — as in, what did Barry’s creation of the Flashpoint timeline set in motion that led to the Diggles starting a family sooner with a son versus daughter? – Ramsey has a good idea of how John will react should that gender-bending tidbit come out.

“Diggle can’t miss something he’s never had,” he offers. “So it’s less what we know or think his reaction might be, because we have the benefit of knowing he had a daughter.” And as such, “I think his reaction is going to be a lot more compassionate than you think toward Barry, who has this extraordinary power and just kind of recklessly used it.”

Some Arrow fans, however, have not been quite as tolerant of the altered offspring — especially since recent reports suggest The Flash won’t ever restore the original timeline.

“They were really pissed off!” Ramsey reports. “And I was like, ‘Really?’ I mean, Sara was cute, but I like little John Jr. He is cool, a little ham.” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. kate says:

    My concern has only really been two fold, one that it indicated a step toward the Star City 2046 future that the Legends saw last year and with the Legion of Doom out there and perhaps being able to accomplish some of Vandal Savage’s plans basically because that kid could easily become Conner Hawke. But, that the kid looked about four and Sara was barely a year and a half and that, if I remember correctly, John Junior related that Dig died when he was about ten. I don’t see Arrow being on for eleven years, I don’t even think that any of these particular super hero shows will be on in seven years from now, but two of them skip through time a lot and they have started to build both Jesse and Wally to take over….

  2. M says:

    No, David. The fans being pissed about Sara being replaced by a boy growing into a mask we’ll never meet is not a question of which baby is cuter.

  3. Betty Boop says:

    They didn’t start a family sooner – Guggenheim confirmed that JJ is the same age Sara was.

    My main issues with it is that they erased a young girl of color which is pretty gross and it means we can’t be sure anything we saw in the seasons before Barry created Flashpoint actually happened as we saw. We assume it did, but they planted a troubling seed of doubt.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm, I didn’t see the alleged quote. J.J. sure looks bigger. And to suggest that, all things then being equal, Flashpoint switched a chromosome is silly.

      • Alicia Kiner says:

        Genetically, yes it’s a chromosome. But, they erased a girl in favor of a boy. Why? They could have easily added the boy as a twin, or made Lila be pregnant now, or have had another baby sooner, created out of nowhere, essentially. They didn’t have to erase Sara from existence. Especially considering Laurel, a female superhero was just killed, and Thea, has stepped down from being Speedy. They went from being a show promoting strong, powerful women in superhero roles, to this??

        It’s a little disappointing

        • M says:

          Don’t forget Felicity moving on from Oliver during hiatus to make Oliver look less like a “playboy” when he’ll start to sleep around soon and her downgrade to mere comic relief. Oh and that Havenrock storyline that was over within 5 minutes and that she had to share with Rory. Isn’t it funny that she’s an MIT graduate who’s jobless because they fired her from Palmer Tech when she had just started to figure out how to use her power. But thank gof, she has a boyfriend!

        • Its a freaking baby that had like 5 seconds of screen-time in couple of episodes who cares what gender it was , this wasnt done as some sneaky stab against feminism they wanted FLASHPOINT consequences to ripple through all shows but in tiniest way possible so they picked dumbest thing to change and people are still finding way to whine about it .

      • Jen says:

      • ndixit says:

        The point of Flashpoint is that time changes randomly. That was the point that Jay was trying to explain to Barry. There is no telling why something affects something else. That’s why Barry can’t reset the timeline because there is no way for him to really know how he can reset things to exactly the same way as before Flashpoint.

      • DJ Doena says:

        Butterfly effect. Millions of sperm swimmers in the race. Ripple effect takes place and another swimmer wins.

  4. Justine Grey says:

    I have no problem with John Jr. I like that Diggle’s child is named after him. I was not at all happy that they had Diggle name his child after an associate just because she died.

  5. Patrick says:

    They need to reset the timeline. The new, darker tone sucks. They need to bite the bullet and commit to setting up a reset to end the season.

    • ndixit says:

      Darker tone? In which show? The Flash is not any more darker then it was in the back half of season 2. It’s ridiculous that people keep arguing about resetting the timeline when the only things different is that John has a son instead of a daughter, and that Caitlin is actually interesting with her Killer Frost story. They should definitely not reset the timeline.

  6. Dominique says:

    for me it wasn’t baout which toddler was cuter. i would’ve been perfectly happy with diggle and lyla having sara AND john jr. the problem for is that at the time, they named their baby after their friend who was brutally murdered. it was to honor sara lance.
    then sara came back to life and i guess after that, it didn’t matter that much anymore so hey; might as well erase baby sara since the canary version is back again.

    • Argus Bane says:

      Sara is not alive — not even in the new timeline (as far as we know). She may appear in the past on Legends of Tomorrow or as Black Siren from Earth-2. But she’s still very much dead.

  7. Lisa says:

    Yeah, ok. But will Cisco every find out that his brother was alive until Barry decided to go back in time? Because, that’s a reaction I would like to see.

  8. Argus Bane says:

    All of the complaining about Sara Diggle being erased from existence is quite silly. Besides being named after Sara Lance and being John & Lyla’s daughter, she was not critical to the show. I love Arrow, and I get really tired of people nitpicking over ever little thing that doesn’t tickle their diversity itch the right way.

    “They got rid of baby Sara! It’s a travesty! Women’s rights have been rolled back 50 years!”

    Please. It’s a fictional superhero show, not a CNN panel on how to make America gender or race equal.

    • WonderLasso says:

      @Argus Bane You probably voted for Trump, of course you would see nothing wrong with this female erasure. Dont act like fiction doesnt inform real life culture, thats ignorant.

    • Ashton Usher says:

      I actually agree… I don’t see the big deal. if the baby grew up to be a main character we saw (like Connor Hawke), then I would see a problem. Baby Sara was erased, Cisco’s brother was killed, Caitlin gained powers, it evens out to me.

      Now, if THEA was erased I would rage quit! If the show came back and Thea was a dude named Tony I’d be like “NOPE! Bring Thea back!” If Laurel was erased from history and was never born, I’d rage quit that too!

      In fact, I did rage quit when they killed Laurel, that was horrible writing. The only reason I’m watching again is because the newest season isn’t as horrible as the past two seasons and I’m excited for this upcoming 4-way crossover.

      If the baby, Sara Diggle, was a main character that was important to the story, THEN I’d have a problem with it.

      • liame says:

        Well you’ll never know now because she was erased from the show. You see, she wasn’t given a chance of an important story, I mean her birth and having parents who are main characters on the show doesn’t mean anything unless the writers want it to. :/

  9. Deb Tasker says:

    I don’t care about the baby sex or name either way, it’s weird but not important. I think this season with the teenagers is ridiculous… and very boring. I barely look up anymore while its on, i think the story line has cheapened what was an awesome show. Breaking up Felicity and Oliver was stupid as they were just about to get married… lame ass.
    one star. no longer a five star show.

  10. Ejlovely 1 says:

    Where is Andy Digglles?

  11. ginner says:

    Stupid answer