Sarah Paulson Debuts Hillary-Themed One-Woman Show on Samantha Bee

Emmy winner Sarah Paulson made a surprise cameo on Monday’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, donning a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt while unveiling her one-woman show comprised of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The American Horror Story: Roanoke star managed to keep a straight face while reciting some of Clinton’s tamer communications with staffers, including those about her struggle with printers, her hankering for gefilte fish, and her inquiry about when to watch TV shows like Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife.

Earlier in the broadcast, Bee threw her full support behind “Hillary Godd–n Brilliant, Badass, Queen Beyoncé Rodham” in a segment that documented the Democratic presidential hopeful’s own Good Wife-ing of sorts, and how her alleged lack of authenticity can be tied to how she tried to help husband Bill Clinton achieve his political aspirations.

What did you think of Sarah Paulson’s one-woman show? Thoughts on Bee’s Election Eve edition of Full Frontal?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dan says:

    I didn’t get to catch Sarah Paulson’s one-woman show, sorry I missed it. Did she cover Hillary smashing her phones with hammers to avoid prosecution or how she bullied rape victim Juanita Brodderick? Did she have anything on taking millions of dollars from the same Suadis who funded 9/11 and ISIS? Did they cover how she wants to get us into a war with Russia under false pretenses like W did with Iraq? Did she cover how her foundation spent money that was supposed to go to Haitian children devestated by natural disaster to pay for Chelsea’s wedding? Did they cover Bill meeting with Lynch on the tarmac? Did they cover that million dollars she rec from Qatar that she hid? Did they cover her insider trading and cattle futures scandals? Did they cover her glee over getting a pedo rapist client off for his crimes and setting him free to potentially reoffend? Did they cover her racism, her use of the N-word and her belief that black people are super predators? Did they cover the mandatory sentencing laws that sent an entire generation of black people to prison for long stretches for virtually nothing? Did they cover how she colluded with DWS to rob Bernie then hired DWS after shehad to resign in disgrace?Did they cover her “Mexican trash” comments? Did they cover Jay Z and his F-bomb and N-word filled vulgarities at her rally after deriding Trump for his vulgarity? Did they cover how she treats her Secret Service detail like trash and with contempt? Did they cover her domestic abuse of Bill Clinton? Did they cover her absolute devotion to Wall Street and Banking interests? Did they cover her having her maid print out classified information? Did they cover any of that?

    • Travis says:

      Hi Kellyanne! Good to see you’re keeping busy.

      • dan says:

        I’m not kellyanne though if she hates Hillary Clinton I stand with her. And no, I’m not a Trump supporter either. I’m a massive Bernie supporter who is voting for Gary Johnson.

        • George says:

          Lol, Dan doesn’t even know who Kellyanne Conway is. Worthless troll is worthless.

          • dan says:

            Hillary Clinton’s hide is worthless and so are her apologists willing to look the other way no matter how corrupt and vicious her actions. I don’t give a damn about Trump or any of his staff and what does that have to do with my post? Typical garbage from weak minded Quislings who can’t attack the argument so they attack the arguer. Didn’t have anything to say about any of my points did you, George? What does she pay you CTR schills anyway?

        • HAP says:

          What’s Aleppo? A wasted vote.

    • Dave says:

      Post of the year. I didn’t see it either. Of course though, none of what you mentioned would be covered. This is liberal Hollywood. Complete and total garbage. But you know what? We will have the last laugh. That’s because tomorrow, we come together and prevent that woman from getting into office. We go to our voting location and vote for the only person on the ballot capable of turning things around- Donald Trump. And we will win. Don’t let fake polls fool you. We have the momentum and we are winning. Tomorrow night will shock pundits and pollsters and yes, left leaning liberal weirdos. They will all be shocked. And humbled. By this time tomorrow, Mr. Trump will be announced as our President and Killary can begin her slow ride into the sunset of some assisting living facility. She will pay for that by the way with the money she made for her soeeches…. So no worrying. No fear. No pessimism. It all ends tomorrow. #maga #trump

    • Mary says:

      Well I will say that you have all the talking points down to a tee, but the majority have already been debunked. You mention Jay Z and the F bomb and N word. I guess you don’t comprehend hip hop which is okay, but it was acceptable that Ted Nugent grabs his balls oh that is right Trump likes to grab p…y so it is A okay. It is quite obvious your hatred for her is never going to change but just remember fools believe everything they hear with absolutely no evidence to back up. Carry on and vote for Johnson just what we need more Air heads in the game. I bet you voted for those tea baggers also.

  2. Lisa says:

    That would be because a solid 90% of the transgressions you listed above have been factually disproved or delacred inaccurate and the people that actually have brains in this country are tired of explaining that to the mindless trump supporters that follow a monster like some cult simply because they believe everything he says and cant stand the idea of a liberal woman running out country. Educate yourself

    • J k says:

      Uh, Lisa, pretty much everything listed above hasn’t even been disputed by Hillary or her camp. Just because you choose to watch only those media proven to be completely in bed with Hillary doesn’t mean all the stuff they refuse to talk about isn’t true. You can actually go on YouTube right now and listen to audio of Hillary giggling about getting a child rapist off easy. The media tried to twist the story, but listen for yourself. Educate yourself!

      • Cas says:

        LOL youtube. No you just have no idea what is truth and what is not. She never laughed about getting a rapist off. She laughed at the fact that she thought a polygraph he took would show his true colors. She wasn’t aware (being young and naive at the time) of how polygraphs work and that someone could easily pass even while lying. But okay believe what you want. And I could probably look up the facts aka truth about everything you claimed she did but I don’t have all day to educate you.

  3. E. says:

    Parks & Rec and The Good Wife? Hillary has great taste in TV!

  4. ragnar51 says:

    Can we hope/wish/pray that samantha bee will be joining the exodus of “notables” like sharpton, amy schemer, etc. who are going to Canada?