Secrets And Lies Recap

Secrets and Lies Recap: Crappy Anniversary

Is it just me, or is Secrets and Lies‘ Detective Andrea Cornell in serious danger of becoming interesting?

Set exactly two years after the death of Cornell’s former partner, Sunday’s episode peeled back an unexpected layer of Juliette Lewis’ stoic character, thanks largely to a troubling visit from her ex-husband Ethan. Within 30 seconds of his arrival at the precinct, Cornell was making a damn scene, screaming at him (“Stop shrinking me!”) in front of her co-workers.

Ethan also forced Cornell to relive the death of her partner, a case that remains unsolved to this day, and appeared to be encouraging more destructive behavior from her. He told her she seemed dangerously close to having another episode, but if you ask me, he wants her to have one.

Here’s a rundown of everything we learned this week…

* Greg filed for divorce from Amanda weeks ago. They’d been having fertility issues, and she wasn’t willing to go the adoption route, even though Greg wanted to.

* The unidentified woman (Glee‘s Romy Rosemont) from the security footage was finally ID’d! She’s Belinda Peterson, Charlie’s adoptive mother, and she met with Kate hours before her death to tell her to stay away. Mark, Charlie’s adoptive father, then strongly suggested that he thinks his wife could have killed Kate — like, right in front of her face. It was real awkward.

* Melanie is Crazy Town. Last week, I asked why the Warners seem to dislike her so much — and this week, I got my answer: “I fight for what I want,” she told Eric through a clenched jaw. “Never thought I’d have to fight you. … You hurt Patrick, I’ll hurt you.”

* Speaking of Melanie, Belinda thinks she messed with the security footage from the night of the party. Via a flashback, we saw Melanie wobbling out of the security office — though I feel like she was walking, as Ariana Grande would say, “Side to Side.” (If you know what I mean…)

Still speaking of Melanie, Eric’s secretary revealed that Kate caught Neil having sex with Patrick’s wife in his office.

* And then there’s Patrick, who was involved in some seriously shady business — which Kate was onto.

Any new theories about Sunday’s revelations? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I didn’t watch the 1st Season but wow! The 2nd Season is so good! :0)

  2. MiaB says:

    I still think Eric’s secretary is the killer.

  3. Gfunk405 says:

    Did anyone else laugh when Melanie was trying to threaten Eric?

    • GoogleMoogle says:

      Yes! Such bad acting! She is so far from inditimidating (which I know is her character). She needs to get out in her place. #trash

  4. Kris says:

    I believe the killer is Eric’s sister Amanda( the attorney). I could also see Eric’s dad being the killer too but If I had to pick just one person it would defiantly be Erics sister for a few different reasons.

    #1. The one thing I find odd is the past couple episodes they’ve been focusing ALOT on Erics sister and her relationship with her husband or soon to be ex husband. Supposedly the reason they are separated/ getting a divorce is due to her wanting a child but was unable to get pregnant even after she starting using treatments to try getting pregnant as well.

    #2. After Eric caught her husband at lunch with another female Eric met with him and he made a comment to Eric saying that they think their family is close but they never talk to each other. ( I know they make it look like he’s speaking about the separation and the multiple failed attempts at trying to get pregnant but I still feel it could mean something else).

    #3. Also in a flash back they showed Kate and Erics sister Amanda getting there nails done and she called kate “little Ms. Perfect” multiple times.

    I could see a couple different reason why she did it.

    – With not only the fact that Amanda couldn’t get pregnant in which she so desperately wanted but on top of that her marriage is falling apart causing her to be extremely emotional and having a hard time with her own personal life. I could also see somehow Eric’s sister Amanda finds out the night of the party that Kate had given a child up for adoption and because her personal life is falling apart and being the one thing Amanda wants most in life is a child she can’t understand how someone could give a child up for adoption and she reacts in the heat of the moment by pushing Kate out of anger and not realizing or wanting to actually kill her.
    I don’t think she meant to kill her kate at all but only reacted off of her emotions due to what’s going on in her personal life.

    I could be completely wrong I just feel they’ve focused so much on her personal life that it will soon tie into why they are doing so

    I just remember last season on every episode they had a storyline where we all thought they completely killed her/him and by the end of the episode in would somehow prove that person wasn’t. Every episode they want us believing that’s the killer and it’s then someone you wouldn’t expect.
    First couple episodes I was somewhat thinking it could have been Eric’s brothers wife Melanie and she killed her because of jealously that the family hates her but loves Kate. But now they have been focusing on her too much that you can tell the producers want us thinking she did it that’s why I dont believe she is the killer now.

    There’s only a few people they haven’t focused on much and that’s Erics sister and father. But I’m more convinced it’s the sister.

  5. Kathy says:

    I think it’s the Secretary!

  6. Kathy says:

    I agree ,it’s the Secretary!