Once Upon a Time Recap: Hearts Attack

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the Purely Evil Queen threatened all of Storybrooke — unless Snow and David handed over their shared heart to her.

Coming off her first smooching of Rumple, the Evil Queen magics a sleeping Snow to the middle of the woods in the middle of the night, to taunt her with her nefarious end game. Relating an admittedly super-saccharine memory of when teen Snow got not just the pony she wanted for her birthday, but one that had been trained to bow at her, Evil Queen now covets her own “perfect day” — by finally laying claim to her arch enemy’s heart. When Snow notes that Regina cast a protection spell on her and David’s pumpers, the Evil Queen counters that the couple will actually volunteer their hearts to her. Or else.

The “or else’ comes in the form of a vial the Evil Queen slips Snow, containing water from the River of Lost Souls. If the Charmings don’t cough up their hearts within 12 hours, the whole town gets a toxic taste. No one has the power to combat the deadly drink, but fortunately Blue was brought into the storyline this week, because she happens to know how to entrap the Evil Queen — using a sapling from the Enchanted Forest that was born of the spark of true love.

After Blue conjures a beacon to locate the sapling, Regina magics herself and the Charmings to the location, where they find a trap door that leads to a cave. Inside, Snow and David lay hands on the sapling — at which instant they each share Lost Season 6-style flashes of their shared life to-date… including a moment that confuses them.

As we simultaneously learned in flashback: It turns out that Snow had once been abducted by Dan Scott (no huge surprise there!) aka The Woodcutter, and shackled in the back of his covered wagon. David, having been KO’d by this bounty hunter and unwittingly helped him track the beautiful bandit (thanks to his scene-stealing dog Wilby), eventually saves Snow by stabbing the villain, with her help — though neither of them see the other throughout the encounter. As their hands touch, though, a spark of true love flies and lands on the soil, where a sapling forms.

Back in the present: Emboldened by this realization and reaffirmation of their true love-ness, Snow and David surrender themselves to the Evil Queen, ready to sacrifice their tickers — and sure enough, the sinister sorceress happily plucks them from their chests. And yet… she isn’t satisfied. No, she wants that “bit more” that teen Snow got from her pony. So she returns the hearts to the couple, but with a none-too-small caveat: Just as they share a heart, they now share a sleeping curse, one that fells Snow right away. And yet when David uses TLK to wake her, he then zonks out. In one of her cruelest moves ever, Evil Queen has made it so that the Charmings may be alive, but they can never be together again. Unless somnophilia is your thing.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Regina arranged for Zelena to catch the Evil Queen and Rumple snogging at the pawn shop. Feeling “betrayed” (for some reason), Zelena snitches to Belle about whom her estranged hubs is now zooming. Belle later confronts Rumple — not about his “thing” with the Evil Queen, but his interest in using the magical shears to sever their son’s tie to his destiny once born. “Don’t take your son’s love. Be worthy of it,” she challenges him. “But what if a fail?” he frets. Belle says that the only thing “worse than being evil” is being “too weak to be good.”

* As Emma worried greatly for her parents’ fate (and her vision’s possible role in it), sending her tremors into overdrive, Hook “read her a story” from Henry’s book, reminding of how Snow and David “always found each other,” and how Emma inherited the strength of that love. “You can overcome these visions. You can overcome anything,” he assures her. “Remember who you are, the product of true love” — at which moment her hand stabilized.

What did you think of the episode “Heartless”?

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  1. Lulu says:

    Hey look! A season where someone doesn’t suffer from the sleeping curse! FInally!
    Oh wait….
    At least there hasn’t been any memory loss yet.

  2. Matthew Lawler says:

    I thought it was a cute twist to have snow and charming meet each other for the first time not knowing that they were each other and it sparked true love but other than that most of this episode was a big snooze fest I do like that is Alina spilled the beans so that we don’t have to deal with rumple once again having a secret on rum on bell

  3. jimmyu says:

    David just needs to use Wilby to find Snow!

  4. Butch says:

    Excellent episode. A new twist on the sleeping curse. I guess Zelena’s jealous because she doesn’t want to share the Evil Queen with anyone. Not in a sexual way but like in a only friend way where she doesn’t want her only friend to have any other friends but her.

    • Kaliera says:

      No, Zelena is jealous cause she had a “thing” for Gold herself. It was why Gold couldn’t use her to case the Dark Curse. Because the thing Zelina loved most (and needed to kill to cast the curse) was HIM!

  5. Claire says:

    I liked that Belle told Rumple what a coward he’s being, but I hope they never reunite. EQ is the worst villain this show has ever had, there’s no emotional connection in it now that there’s still a “better half” in the form of regular Regina, and we all know the EQ won’t do any major damage against the main characters because Regina is too popular. Boring.

    • dean says:

      Loving Regina didn’t stop me from wanting the EQ to kill David and being disappointed when she didn’t.

      • Laura Mameli says:

        I thought the exact same thing, just kill him already! Why give them a chance to save each other again!? Pretty soft for an Evil Queen…. and yes I’am starting to get tired of this series, boring….

  6. Matthew Lawler says:

    I wonder how they plan to keep the sleeping first storyline going considering it’s been established multiple times on the show that the true love that breaks the sleeping Chris does not have to be romantic love Emma or Henry or even baby Neal could easily break the curse or if the curse is tied to the heart /s hammel is willing to share her heart with hope to bring him back to life why can’t she simply split her heart put half in David Restore snows heart into one piece and put it back in her plus at one point weren’t we told once somebody suffered the sleeping cursed they were immune to it

    • Butch says:

      Don’t you have to eat something that was poisoned like an apple for a sleeping curse? Doesn’t the cursed one’s consciousness go to that place with lots of fire when under the sleeping curse. Can’t someone who was previously cursed go to that place with the fire in their dreams?

      I understand Belle being angry with Rumble about the scissors, but shouldn’t she also have been angry that he gave the Evil Queen the means to destroy everyone in Storybrooke ?

      Since the Evil Queen apparently still has feelings for Henry, why didn’t he stand in front of his grandparents and tell her to stop doing what she was planning to do.

      When will the Evil Queen realize that no matter what she does her revenge will never be satisfied .

      • Why does she still want revenge against Snow in the first place? It can’t be for Daniel. Is it because of Cora? Why not seek revenge against Emma and Hook for Robin’s death? It seems as if Horowitz and Kitsis are beating an old horse.

  7. A. Barone says:

    I thought that “Heartless” was one of the best Snowing episodes to date. I loved how they met before they actually met. It adds just another layer to their wonderful love story. I think that the Evil Queen’s curse is her best yet although I wonder if Emma can save them like she saved Henry. Speaking of Emma I loved her scene in the vault with Hook. Their love story is one of my favourites too.

  8. Ben says:

    “Dan Scott” I lol’d

  9. BM says:

    Whatever happened to those who have been under a sleeping curse are immune?

    • KT says:

      I guess we can’t expect the writers to actually have any continuity with their story lines. These are the same guys that used yet another sleeping curse story line.

  10. Nicky Aiuto says:

    I give it a hundred percent of it’s rate. It was much better than the last episode because it lost more ratings and because no one cares or like stories that evolve Hook alot. I mean last season obviously lost alot of ratings because of it. And it seems that this episode might earn higher rates than the last it might show us that viewers really want more Snowing. And if it does lead to where Emma gives her parents TL kiss, then it would most likely be somewhere near the end of the season. And that will prove that they are her true loves as well as Henry from the first season. That would make it a Charming Family TL Kiss. And already I am beginning to see why they call it the year of Snowing.

    • Val says:

      LOL. Hey guess what last week had the world series on and halloween holiday so the ratings was going to drop as it did for many shows across the week. So talk that into account! Not coz of one character that you keep going on about. Sure maybe this episode will get ratings since i dont think there is some big sporting event on today or what.
      Oh again Henry and also Hook are Emma’s true loves.

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        LOL. Not according to what might be hinted. What we are seeing seems to clue us that Emma might give them a tl kiss probably in the end. That would makes them her true loves as well you liar. You’re only saying HOOk and Henry are her TL because you sound like you don’t like Snowing. That makes you a dreadful liar and a troll. Your denial’s will get you nowhere. Get real. And besides, tl kiss on Graham proved that he is her tl as well. Try and beat that troll.

        Doesn’t matter about this halloween thing anyway. You wonder why they watched the world series last week as well instead of the episde, because they don’t seem to care. No more lies or phony excuses out of you. Cause it’s not getting you anywhere. Give it up.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Speak for yourself. I happen to LOVE Hook-centric storylines.

  11. Britt/Brat says:

    Anyone know what kind of dog Wilby is?

  12. Val says:

    Good episode.
    I love the love betweem Snow/Charming and Emma/Hook. The faith and belief they have in each other.

  13. N!loofar says:


  14. Aida Hernandez says:

    Totally in love.

  15. SKM says:

    I went back and looked at Emma’s death scene. Both Snow and Charming are there so they obviously figured out how to break the curse. Like others have mentioned, probably Emma.

  16. Taven says:

    Ugh, just cancel this sad excuse of a tv show already it’s unbelievably stupid! A tv show were dumb shippers dictate how the things are going to be & there are obviously some characters who have privileges who happen to be writers’ favorite pets.

  17. MLPR says:

    Anyone else really starting to hate Snow’s clothing? I thought that she gave up the Mary-Margaret “frump” and was going to become Snow again. I know it’s me just being picky, but Regina and Belle always look so chic, and Snow looks so matronly! Moms can be stylish, too!!

  18. ninergrl6 says:

    No more Snow/Charming/EQ flashbacks! They’re redundant and don’t advance the show’s mythology any more. Furthermore, what took the queen so long to go after their hearts? If she’s so motivated to destroy them, this should’ve been the first or second episode of the season.

  19. Candib says:

    In the flashbacks to Charming and his mother on the farm, shouldn’t his hair be long? He didn’t get the haircut until after he’d become the Prince in his twin brother’s place, right???