Rachel Bloom Vote Video

Rachel Bloom Leads Star-Studded, NSFW 'You've Got to Vote' Music Video

Crazy Ex-Gilrfriend has got a crazy Rolodex, as evidenced by the Rachel Bloom-led, star-studded and expletive-filled, “HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got to Vote)” music video.

Passionately and at times profanely urging people to vote in the presidential election (on Tuesday, Nov. 8!), the FunnyOrDie video features The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bailik and Melissa Rauch, Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jason George, Jane the Virgin‘s Jaime Camil, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Glee grads Jane Lynch and Naya Rivera, Parks and Rec alum Adam Scott, Tony winner Patti Lupone, singer/songwriter Moby, film star Elizabeth Banks, geek goddess Felicia Day and many, many others.

And in addition to its “vote!” message, the lyrics and visual editing also spoof the “We Are the World”-style videos that became a thing in the mid-’80s.

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  1. MrMank says:

    You really have to laugh more at the desperation of all these celebrity election videos than the actual videos themselves. It’s become truly pathetic.

  2. Mr. Smith says:

    Sorry, but if they are trying to get us to not vote for Trump by voicing expletives, they are not going to convince most of us. Like it or not, Trump is a vote for TRUE, political change, tossing out the money grabbing people and instituting a government for ALL people.

    • Tai says:

      Who’s all people? Because I hear him say that but then he talks about people of color and says nothing good. So I’m just confused as to who’s included in this all people idea. Because by increasing police presence in urban neighborhoods and bringing back stop and frisk, all sure as heck isn’t including African Americans and Hispanics.

    • LK says:

      If you are rich and white his government might be good for you… at least until he gets pissed off and nukes some minor country cause of some made up insult.

      • That’s more racism and division coming from the left. Only one side has suggested defending hate groups and undermining the police, which would lead to more deaths of minorities, not less.

        But hopefully this site can stick to TV and not politics.

    • Meg says:

      To paraphrase Chris Hayes, maybe we should be looking at who the self-proclaimed Nazis and Klansmen are voting for and go int a different direction.

  3. KM says:

    vote or not vote, it was fun video.

  4. Daya says:

    All the Trump fans complaining in this comment section seem to forget it’s a Funny or Die video and are taking it too freaking seriously. Just say “die” like they would on the site and spare us your uptight rants!

  5. ncmacasl says:

    Can’t wait for the Republican Party Response to the video!!

  6. Don’t care what anyone says this video is fricken hilarious! For all those people who keep attacking celebrities for getting political, deal with it or don’t watch. Celebrities have just as much a right as we do to put their opinions out there. Plus whoever wins this election will affect them too. I mean for goodness sakes thanks to Youtube everyone wants to be famous and let their opinions known. At least these people are actually funny about it and in a scary world right now, it helps to laugh sometimes. Please vote!

  7. LK says:

    Amusing video.. but the stakes are real… Trump would be a disaster and anyone voting for him is making a colossal mistake.

  8. I’m embarrassed this is the best Rachel Bloom could come up with.

    Also, you want us to be offended by what Donald Trump says, and then you have multiple celebrities calling him things worse than he’s ever said?

    • Christoffer Rasmussen says:

      Sexual assault speak louder than words, fam

      • Exactly, which is why I cannot support Hillary Clinton, who stood by her husband when he did it multiple times.

      • Nichole says:

        If Trump really assaulted the women that are coming out of the woodwork in the last two weeks to say he did sexually assault them, why did it take till now for them all to speak up?? Between the primary and general election process, they’ve had about 18mths to come forward. None of the accusations have been confirmed as legitimate, I’ve heard nothing about police investigations into Trump as a result of them and the timing just a few weeks before the election is even more suspicious. If I where a victim of assault by Trump, I would have been shouting it from the roof tops during the primary process to ensure he didn’t win the nomination, not two weeks before the main election.

        • Simon Jester says:

          In a deposition in the 1990s, Ivana said Donald raped her. Jill Harth’s accusation comes from a 1997 lawsuit. Neither of these came to light “two weeks before the main election”… though I’m pretty sure you’ll find a way to rationalize them away, right?

  9. icevolcanoes says:

    Dear TVLine:
    Would potential First Lady Melania Trump vow to end the meanness of social media, in her speech yesterday, kill this comment section?

  10. William Sims says:

    Dumb-ass actors who feel OK about bombing everybody as long as the ratings are good. GARY 2016..losers.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Which of these actors actually bombed somebody, again? I didn’t realize they gave celebrities that kind of firepower.

  11. Tom says:

    That was entertaining

  12. Tommy says:

    Is this this the new norm. Because if it is we’re showing the world what we have to offer, crap. I find it distasteful and arrogant.

  13. John Garcia says:

    Ladies and germs. Just get over it, it was a “Funny or Die” Video. I found the choral arrangement AMAZING and had no idea some of these people possessed that talent. For those people slamming the video because of the stars voicing their opinions, get over it, its called the first amendment, feel lucky you have it as well, at least for the time being. I think they should make a non x-rated version immediately and release it everywhere.