Barack Obama, Samantha Bee Share Scary Stories About Trump Presidency

President Barack Obama and Samantha Bee got in the Halloween spirit on Monday, gabbing about the nightmarish thought of a Donald Trump administration.

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During a sit-down with the Full Frontal host, POTUS, dressed for the holiday as “what happens when young people vote,” discussed his fear of low voter turnout come November 8 and how it could sway the result of this election.

“Donald Trump could be president,” Obama declared without hesitation.

Bee, in an attempt to one-up her guest, followed up on his “spooky story” by touting the possibility of a “Supreme Court Justice Corey Lewandowski.” Lewandowski, as you’ll recall, was a former Trump campaign manager who is currently employed by CNN as a political commentator.

“I’m not sure I’m going to sleep tonight,” Obama said in response.

During the interview, Bee also pressed Obama about what he thinks the “female equivalent” of saying the president wasn’t born in this country would be for Hillary Clinton. 

Press PLAY on the interview segment above to get Obama’s answer, then let us know what you thought of Bee’s chat with POTUS.

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  1. Collette says:

    Can’t wait until he’s gone from the spotlight. As for Bee, she’s part of a vulgar, classless trend in female personalities along with Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Lena Dunham etc. This too shall pass.

    • john kelder says:

      wow. what a lousy human you are.

      • DanS says:

        Wow, what a judgemental human being YOU are. Evidently, only remarks that you approve of are valid in this world–oh wait, that’s not true. SMDH

    • Mary says:

      Wow judgmental much. Does this mean you are not voting for Trump because has proven to be vulgar and classless more than any of these women have. As far as Obama that man has more grace than anyone I have seen considering the attacks he had to endure both professionally and personally. Maybe you should do some self examining yourself before going after others.

  2. Walkie says:

    It sucks but signs are pointing to a Trump victory. Hillary blew it.

  3. Bella says:

    What show haven’t the Obamas been on, especially the last month? You’re the reason I can’t afford health insurance anymore. Get off the stage!

  4. pickles says:

    Bye Obama! Your legacy will be the mess that is Obamacare.

  5. David New says:

    This comes from a man who has set our nation back a decade. Glad he will be gone soon.

    • Jeremy says:

      Says the person who is voting for the man who wants to send our country back to the 50s.

      • MelodyAZ says:

        I just wish some of these people here would own up to their racism. The fact that they’re voting for someone who is connected to the russians makes them traitors too. Trump supporters remind of those Germans who supported Hitler.

        I think the fact remains is people hate change. They do want to take the country back 50 years. I bet some would like to see slavery brought back. I bet they would like to see LGBTs sent to prison or reeducation camps.

        And when people are sick and dying…I bet they would support death squads. Since they are against health insurance…it must mean they don’t care.

        These poor angry people trying to cling to some sort relevancy as the world changes around them. I pity them.

        • Allison says:

          I agree with you 100% MelodyAZ! I have to say that I watch all that is happening and while I understand that some of these Trump supporters may have felt marginalized and silenced, the hate, the viciousness, the hostility that exudes from them leaves me feeling fearful of the direction a Trump presidency would take this country. He is so manipulative and conniving and he knows how to cater to his audience. He is vindictive and could not let go of a grudge if his hands were covered in butter. There are so many of his supporters that are blinded by their hate and they call it pride, they call it patriotism, but it is a fear that that they are losing “their” country and Trump is the only one that can save “their” country. Just like you, MelodyAZ, I pity them because that man has proven time and time again that the only one he cares about is himself. Whatever way this election goes, I hope that we all can unite and stop all this bitterness and divisiveness that has been so prevalent and has really come to boiling point during this election.

          • meleliot says:

            I’ve been on many websites and have read 100s and 100s of comments related to politics, and by far the hatefulness emanates more from the liberals than from the conservatives. And, even more so since this last October surprise. The libs are getting more and more desperate and some are absolutely apoplectic. While Trump wasn’t my first choice, I think a president who is not under FBI Investigation is what’s best for the country. No one can argue otherwise.

          • Mary says:

            I still with her 100%. These so call E-mails, which even Comey stated might be nothing. Duplicates in fact. I don’t think it is call desperation but definitely unfair for him to release without any information one way or the other. Sorry he has made a mockery of the FBI because policy has been you don’t comment on active investigations. You know in this Country one is innocent until proven guilty, which sorry the first several investigation proves she wasn’t. I’ll take my chance and if something does materialize I still rather have Kaine move into that position than a clueless sexual predator or his bigot side kick. Sorry nasty and hateful comments are made by Trump’s minions. Have you watched any of his rallies? The fact is she has been attacked by all sides for 30 years. Is she perfect, no but at least she has some experience. See I am not willing to burn the house down and send us back a few years just because I don’t agree with the way things are run. The majority of the problems is because both sides forgot the word compromise and then you throw in some uneducated tea baggers who sole purpose is to be disruptive. If people really want change then they need to vote all the congress out who has been there forever. If you knew anything about how the system works you would comprehend that.

  6. Shae says:

    Great interview. Thank You President Obama for being a great man and role model.

  7. MMD says:

    Samantha really brought it last night! Plus I don’t think I have ever seen Obama smile as widely as he on her show. He’s so counting down the days and can you blame him?

  8. HAP says:

    Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.