Lucifer Recap Linda Learns Truth

Lucifer Recap: Face Time

Lucifer‘s Halloween Night outing was full of treats (Maze taking Trixie “for a walk”) and tricks (namely a final scene that would seem to mark a turning point for one character).

Fresh off killing his brother Uriel, Lucifer spent much of this week’s episode on a rip-roaring bender, doing whatever he could to offset his supernatural metabolism with plenty of booze (and babes). This left Chloe confounded, having never seen her partner in crime-solving so unfocused. On top of that, Chloe had a Halloween emergency to contend with, when Maze (and her toys) accidentally scared off the babysitter. At Trixie’s suggestion, Chloe asked Maze to take her daughter trick-or-treating — which the demon did with gusto, eyeballing neighbors until they ponied up plenty to “the President of Mars” and even wowing Trixie with her makeshift “costume” (aka her real, half-gnarly face).

Elsewhere, Charlotte tried to help Amenadiel deal with the chain of events that have unfolded since her arrival on Earth, up to and including Uriel’s death. To do that, she led him to where Lucifer had buried their brother, urging him not to hold himself, but her, accountable. She also avowed that his father (Father?) would be proud of who he has become and what he has accomplished. Their scenes seemed to be leading somewhere quite specific… but we didn’t get there just yet.

Lucifer’s guilt-ridden antics came to a boil when, in the course of helping Chloe catch her killer, he begged the sniper — repeatedly — to shoot him instead of his next mark.lucifer-season-2-maze-trixie And yet Lucifer came away unscathed, due to the killer’s “code.”

At episode’s end, while Chloe came home to find Trixie and Maze zonked out after a busy afternoon of trick-or-treating, Lucifer had a session with Dr. Linda, where he went on and on about his role in Uriel’s death, Azrael’s dagger and what not. Fed up with his “metaphors,” Dr. Linda demanded that Lucifer once and for all be honest with her about who he is. And that he did, revealing his true, blood-red, veiny, eeeeeevil countenance to her — leaving the good doc speechless, a bit blubbering, and maybe even petrified.

What did you think of the episode “Monster”?

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  1. Slh says:

    Maze’s acting is pretty bad.

    I didn’t really get into the episode until the latest ten minutes. Linda’s reaction to Lucifer, wow! Now this season is picking up.

    • BM says:

      I’m getting confused about humans and divinity. Amenadiel’s big issue last season was that human’s can’t know divinity exists because no one knows what it’ll do to them and three who got proof became insane – the killer from the first episode, the guy who stole Lucifer’s wings and Malcolm. And now it’s… okay?

      • Steven says:

        I think it has to do with context. The other people who have been exposed to Lucifer’s divine countenance were driven insane because his intent was to punish them. With Linda, Lucifer did not intend to punish her, he simply wanted her to understand that he was never speaking in metaphors–that everything he has ever said to her was the exact literal truth. That’s why she didn’t end up screaming and trying to bash her own skull in. She was still affected, however. The sheer weight of the revelation was enough to paralyze her with fear, even despite his attempt to ease her into it. From the previews for the next episode, we see she isn’t insane, but she isn’t sure how she can continue on from where they left it. To be fair, that would be a lot to process!

      • PatriciaLee says:

        The show uses heaven & hell characters and setups of many country histories, mythologies, philosophies, religions, etc., a little from here and a little from there. It’s got to be confusing, sometimes, for the writers. Maybe, they wrote themselves into a corner, and what the h….just wrote themsleves out of it. shhhh….maybe, we weren’t supposed to notice?

      • BadPenny says:

        It is not about it being “okay.” Lucifer is emotionally confused right now and he is not thinking rationally. When people are in emotional turmoil they make bad decisions. So he showed her; but he has shown glimpses of himself to many people. Based on next week’s preview she obviously makes it through.
        I actually wish the show would explain the transformations. Do all angels have this weird appearance? Why is Lucifer all demonic looking but his wings are all white and pure looking? He would actually look fairly stupid running around all red with those white wings. So do all the other angels get to look human except for Lucifer? Is that his punishment? But even within the show Lucifer was not sent to watch over Hell as punishment; it was just his job.
        I really think they need to figure a few things out.

        • Maybe he showed his demonic look to make the doctor believe that he is the Devil, since angels are so humanlike.

          • edyn says:

            I do agree. She did not believe him no matter how many times he told her the truth. Being a fallen angel ruling hell would deform him in some way. Maze is ruined because she is a demon in hell. As for people going blind or psychotic when they see heavenly beings, I believe Lucifer and others are losing some abilities. Amenadiel is no longer feared and Uriel saw through it. I am surprised that it was not Decker Lucifer showed himself to because of her seeing what he can do and things unexplained.

          • Actually, from the comics Maze’s face is ruined before she gets to Hell and meets Lucifer.

        • hmnikbatamo says:

          I thought Lucifer lost his wings when he fell from Heaven (aka before becoming all red) but he was just keeping them around in storage?

  2. CaptMediocre says:

    This episode did absolutely nothing for me.

    For a show that was a lot of fun last season, It sure has been taking itself (way too) seiously this season.

    I thought having mom around would be cool – nope.

    It’s kinda like they “Sleepy Hollow’ed” it.

  3. Hannah says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with “CaptMediocre” above. I’ve been really loving this season *because* of how serious it’s been, and the excellent work it’s given the actors–Ellis, Woodside, and German especially. I think it shows real growth for this wonderful little show, but you have to admit that even season one had a lot of seriousness to it–the wings, Father Frank, Malcolm, etc.

    I’ve loved the addition of “Charlotte,” although I wish they could find a way to better balance her interactions with Lucifer/Amenadiel/etc with the core friendship dynamic between Lucifer and Chloe — they’ve been working together just as much, of course, but I miss their real talks and meatier scenes from last season. That’s my main gripe.

    Well, that, and I agree with “Slh” above: Maze has never landed for me. I’m not sure if it’s the acting, or the character herself, but I can’t find myself warming to her even in these new scenes with the adorable Trixie. They just unnerve me together.

    On the whole, I thought this was a wonderful episode with several intriguing plot advancements. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Sharon says:

      I don’t get it! I love Maze and especially with Trixie.

      • Michael says:

        I’m with Sharon. I like Maze’s acting. Her character is standoffish and emotionally flat, but it works, it isn’t an acting flaw IMO. I enjoy nearly every scene she’s in (although I didn’t like the Amenadiel-Maze romance line). And surprisingly, I like the kid too. Trixie is always a lot of fun.

        With Trixie we get an enthusiastic naivete and basic goodness, and yet it resonates with Maze and Lucifer. Her “Cool!” reaction to Maze was another example of that.

        And it is sort of ironic that both Maze and Lucifer tend to come from “the wrong place” or “wrong motivation” but when you see their interactions with Trixie, you see them actually treating Trixie with more respect than the adults, taking her and her desires seriously. It could be because they are actually more empowering and good than the normal adults. Or it could be they completely lack the superego and don’t understand the point of boundaries, parenting, etc. But the interactions and the contrast make the show more interesting.

        Sometimes the parents are “right” conventionally and Maze and Lucifer are doing too much. But sometimes, like tonight, it is not paying attention and having the costume that was wanted for last year, and not the costume that was wanted now.

        In both the case of Maze and Trixie I think it works because they are used mostly sparingly. Consistently so we have a sense of who they are and how they fit, but not the full feature of the show.

        • Dez says:

          Nailed it.

          What makes Trixie’s interactions with Lucy and Maze so fun is that they treat her almost exactly like they would an adult. Sometimes it’s cringeworthy, sometimes it’s sweet and it’s almost always hilarious.

          Part of that is their failure to relate to humans in general, but I wonder if it’s in part because they’re so old they don’t quite grasp the difference in maturity between human children and adults that necessitates they be treated differently for their own good.

          I also agree about the acting. I’ve never seen the actress in anything else so I can’t comment on her overall talent, but I’ve never looked at Maze and thought “bad actress” I’ve always just considered the things some complain about as part of the characters otherness. She’s not human and doesn’t feel like a human. It works.

          • edyn says:

            The first time i saw Brandt was in the Spartacus series with Liam McIntyre. She played a slave named Naevia and the actress who plays the forensics girl appeared on Dexter as a babysitter. I still watch Dexter on Netflix. I did not recognize Brandt at first, but the name sounded familiar. I thought she did well on Spartacus. It is nice to see her try new shows.

  4. Tai says:

    I loved this episode. Season two has been all about shaking up what we saw last season and it’s been great. Loved th interactions between Amenidal and their mother, though I wished she included Lucifer in her whole grief counseling, if it was even about that.

    I personally adore Maze, so watching her and Trixie together was a treat. Especially when she showed her real face to Trixie and was accepted. It was a contrast to Lucifer showing his real face and being rejected.

    For me, this season took everything I loved about season one and took it to the next level. Every episode so far has been really engaging and I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out with their mom and Uriel’s death.

    • Daya says:

      Trixie has accepted both revelations because children are more free with their thinking and less jaded than we are as adults.

      …and then there are those of us who have watched enough devilish movies (or End of Days periodically for seventeen years, in my case) that we have specific “proofs” in mind should we ever come across someone claiming to be the devil. ;)

    • Rumble says:

      But do remember as Uriel mentioned…. There’s something sinister about mother, she despises humans, sends disasters but still yet there’s something even more that even her own child wanted to destroy her…

  5. Trixie brings out the best in the actors playing Lucifer and Maze — and the reaction when Trixie saw Maze’s true face, from both the child and the demon, was a quick but rewarding exchange.

  6. James D says:

    great episode. although I wanted horns. Mephistopheles needs some horns :) seriously though loved the last scene should through a wrench into the spokes. While this show isn’t much like its comics counterpart I still love it. mostly because Ellis is so great in this role.

    • Bark Star says:

      I get why people would want horns but honestly, to me that was the best part of the whole episode. The “real” Lucifer we saw didnt look monstrous or … well, devillish. He looked lost and small and alone. Wich is an absolutely brilliant move.

  7. Narase says:

    Lucifer’s session with his only Therapist was ever so very intriguing to me, it is as if that Both the Mortal plane and the Immortal plane diverge into one path it is as if that both Fantasy and Reality becomes one, What we believe and What we do not. (although it is a work of fiction nonetheless!) I begun to think that this revelation will have a key role to more of the upcoming events, let us say Linda is the catalyst will it do her good? will it do her bad? There is always something in every Human of the world to get clarity with the Divines with every religion, if they really do exist why would they just watch and let the world plunge into such sufferings? Is they are not All-seeing? All-powerful? Dr. Linda sure is lucky to finally sought the Ultimate Truth that all humans want to know.

    Are We Just Here to Wait for Death? Are We Just Here to Wait for Life? Some must be lucky? Some not so Lucky? Why are there people who are chosen? Why are there people left to their fate? Why? Why? Why? So many questions I assume being a Psychologist and Psychiatrist Dr. Linda was the most in depth in this kind of things if she know a lot about what is going on in one Human’s Life, Human’s Condition, Human’s Set of Thinking, Feeling etc. Ain’t the Divines feels like they are also Humane? It feels like WE created the Divines? SO many thoughts is swirling into Linda! What will happen to her? She is at the verge of Chaos and it will break her! I hope not! She has an important role to play!

    I was really waiting for this, I was waiting for this exact clarity!

  8. Imagecrafters says:

    I loved this episode and find Lucifer very intriguing. Yes sometimes I miss his impish ways on coercing people. Contracts coming due,etc. But I think the evolution of the show has been great. Ellis is awesome portraying the depths of his character. And because I use closed captioning, I can see the lyrics and titles of the background music which has been so appropriate to the character and scenes. Great job all!

  9. Slug says:

    any1 know the song Lucy played on piano-shazam was useless

  10. Preacher Book says:

    Season Two has been good because it’s adding layers to all the characters and “fleshing” out the cosmic structures they operate in. It’s hitting hard on the parallel narratives of what a good parent is and isn’t, plus how does the individual define themselves, particularly in relationship to the parent.

    My hypothesis is Uriel acted on his own (he “knew” what Father “needed”, not what He wanted) and thus brought about the situation of his own death. Lucifer was acting in defense of Chloe and Maze. Where Lucifer has grown is when he acts for the good of others and not himself. Personally, I would like to see him do something nice for Maze.

    Mom on the other hand is setting up a major conflict in that she is convincing Amendiel (splg?) that Father is the actual cause. I suspect her true motive is to overthrow the Celestial ruler and put herself in.

    Anyway, good times coming.

  11. jill b. says:

    Best episode yet!

  12. edyn says:

    And I dub thee unforgiven….I loved the show and playing Unforgiven by Metallica on the piano made the icing on the cake. I recognized the song immediately and it was fitting as Lucifer blames himself for the mess they are in. If he would have gone back to hell, mom would not have escaped and Uriel would be in heaven. I do see where his punishment by keeping mom human comes into play because he is the only one who likes living with the humans. Seeing his family suffer in human bodies is his punishment for them. He is the one who deals out the punishments and no one tells him how to.
    I thought it was a nice Halloween touch that Maze and Lucifer show their real faces in the open, even if it just for a day. I feel bad for the therapist because all this time, she thought he was lying. It would be hard to face him for awhile, knowing who he truly is. I thought it was a great show.

  13. Rafael Lima says:

    A question, why does Lucifer have a demon face when he is the most beautiful angel? Why does he even have a demon face if his the an angel?

  14. edyn says:

    Maze, Amenadiel and mom are stuck there because of Lucifer. Maze’s acting is bad because she does not want to be in a “meat suit”. I think she does it well. If you are doing something by force, you would loathe doing it because it is not what you want. We all do it and we suck it up and do it anyway. She would rather be punishing in hell where she can be herself than hold back and be human. Lucifer encourages them to try the human world and see it like he does, but they do not want to. Maze recently decided to take advice and be somewhat human because she knows she may never be in hell again. She abhorred taking Trixie to get candy, but did it anyway and maybe liked it a little.

  15. Geoffrey Smith says:

    I think that season 2 is developing really well and I am always waiting for the next episode as soon as one has come out! One question I have however is why does Chloe not believe Lucifer is actually the devil, she has seen so many superhuman things happening and she has seen his face in the mirror in season 1 epsiode 4 where she says “what are you?”. Then the throwing a guy through a glass wall with one hand in season 1 episode 3 where she says “how did you… what?”. And the icing on the cake being her seeing him being shot over and over Jimmy Barnes and survived and then she visited Jimmy and he was completely insane and bashing his head in. These are just a few cases which Chloe has witnessed, how has she not just accepted it yet?

  16. Chris H says:

    Just watched the latest episode and had to laugh at the Halloween movie references put in….Dr. Loomis and ‘Strode’ Pharmaceuticals…anybody else notice them???