Supergirl Sneak Peek: Kara's Caught Off Guard by Alex and Maggie's Connection

The indestructible Kara Zor-El is about to have her mind blown.

The Girl of Steel joins Alex and Maggie at the scene of an alien murder on Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c), where she quickly realizes what fans already picked up on last week: These two have serious chemistry.

Supergirl finds herself at a loss for words, as Alex and Maggie finish each other’s sandwiches sentences without hesitation — a stark contrast to the ladies’ hostile meeting just a few days earlier.

While we can’t necessarily confirm that Alex and Maggie’s relationship is heading in a romantic direction, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has revealed that a “significant character” in the Arrowverse will come out this year — and our money’s on Alex.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Alex and Maggie’s special connection.

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  1. Brian says:

    Gotta love Kara. I’m sure she’ll be supportive of her big sister. Digging the Alex/Maggie connection. Perfect match.

    • Stacie says:

      Gotta agree. I liked the connection last week, and already I like the connection this week between Maggie and Alex. Maggie is strong, knowledgeable and is just as tough as anyone else. I think it’s a great pairing. I also gotta say Andy, I saw that FROZEN sentence you put in there, loved it….anyways though, Alex really hasn’t had a lot for herself these 2 seasons, she had a little storyline here and there, and the one with her Dad has been in and out of the story, so I like that she gets a little love and attention now.

  2. ninamags says:

    Ugh, so it’s not gonna be Wynn that comes out?

  3. marm says:

    Lol, that was hilarious. I love the almost instant connection and respect between Alex and Maggie. Also I really like how Maggie isn’t just ridiculously enamored and impressed with Supergirl, like everyone else who meets her. That gives her extra points in relation to Alex, who has always felt inferior to Kara/Supergirl.

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    This seems gay and as a lesbian I’m overjoyed. Not as overjoyed as I would have been to see cat and kara together but this is good too.

    • jtrattray says:

      Why did you want Kara in a relationship with a vicious bully who treats her like crap? At least it’s a step up than those who ship her with Lena Luthir, a murderer.

      Your femslash is not progressive when it erases a black man.

      • Katy says:

        Ummm Lena hasn’t killed anyone (yet)

        • jtrattray says:

          She killed someone in the first episode, or did she just shoot them?

          Her entire presence makes me furious. Typical of The CW and Adler and Berlanti to give us a disabled comics character but make her able bodied, and hire a mediocre actress to boot. It’s disgusting.

          • Katy says:

            She did in fact shoot a man who was trying to kill her and Alex however Cadmus saved him and turned him into Metallo.

          • jtrattray says:

            So she only attempted murder… she’s vile.

          • Mary says:

            Defending the life of yourself or another person isn’t murder or attempted murder. Would you consider yourself a murderer if you found yourself in the unfortunate position of having defend your own life or would you just let the person kill you?

          • fabulost says:

            To be fair, there are continuities where Lena is able-bodied, just as there are continuities where Supergirl isn’t Superman’s cousin. It’s unfortunate that there’s no representation, but they’re drawing from various source materials. And perhaps, after Wells/Thawne in season one of the Flash, it’s nice that another villainous type isn’t shown to be disabled?

          • Jill Rattray says:

            So we’re erased from existence? GTFOH. Don’t you dare patronise disabled people and try and tell them how they should be represented.

            So Lena Luthor’s good enough as a love interest for your white fave but god forbid she uses a wheelchair, we can’t have that. That’s not the right representation. We’ll decide that, not able bodied people.

            Berlanti and his cronies like to pat themselves on the back for diversity, and most white journalists let them, but they suck at it. Thin, cis, straight white women are not diversity. And erasing disabled people means none of these shows are diversity.

          • Momo says:

            You clearly need to watch the BBC Merlin. Katie McGrath is an amazing actress. She’s about as far from mediocre as it gets.

          • Christopher D. Johnson says:

            Lena Luthor was only a disabled character in a few issues of Adventure Comics (2009) where she was a vegetable cared for by her daughter and couple appearances in the New52 (the 2012 reboot).

            Prior to that, dating back to her creation in 1961 Lena Luthor was an able-bodied young woman who was a recurring character in the Supergirl comics.

            God forbid the creators of the show pull from the classic version of the character who regularly interacted with Supergirl and has been around for FIFTY years instead of the version that had nothing to do with Supergirl that’s only existed for a few years.

          • lichcoin90 says:

            The hired killer she shot had a hostage. Any cop/fed worth his/her badge would take the first possible opening to shot him to save the hostage. Would you be so quick to call them disgusting murderers as well?

      • Kaitlyn says:

        @jtrattray my femslash has nothing to do with being progressive, I enjoy the chemistry between the characters and the two actors, simple as that.

      • DoubleLL says:

        People can ship whatever they want. They shouldn’t be forced into shipping something they have no interested in just because it’s interracial and it’s not racist at all. Especially since she’s a lesbian who don’t often get good representation.

    • KC says:

      Having Supergirl gay would be far and away from canon, whereas Alex is a clean slate, so I think its good choice of character to bring in that diversity without pulling too far from canon. I think this relationship will be cool to watch evolve.

      • jtrattray says:

        It’s not progressive to have LGBT relationships by erasing people of colour.

        • Katie says:

          Dude, jtrattray, what are you even talking about? Where is this super defensive race argument even coming from? How would Supergirl being gay erase James? Because he doesn’t have an identity beyond that as Kara’s love interest? I don’t think that’s true. He doesn’t have chemistry with Kara, but that’s neither of their fault. We’re about to see him in a supervisor role and I’m excited to see where that goes for him. Automatically assuming that a (possibly!) white poster thinks that Kara and Cat make an interesting pairing only because theure both white sounds racist, frankly.

        • Ashley says:

          Who got erased? Last I saw, James was promoted and will become Guardian.

        • Kaitlyn says:

          @jttrattray I’ve never before been invested in a fictional (potential) couple based on whether or not they are progressive. I’m emotionally invested based on where I feel there is chemistry. I don’t wish at all to see James erased as a character and I said nothing that hinted that I do. I mentioned a pairing I like. I didn’t hate on or make negative comments about anything or anyone. If you don’t like the pairing of Kara x Cat, that is fine but I shouldn’t be judged for what I like. I’m free to be invested in what I please as are you, please don’t shame people for their pairings, it’s an emotional response becoming invested in such a thing, I shouldn’t have to apologize for what I feel. One of my best friends who is also a lesbian is a POC from the island of Mauritius, her Tumblr is basically dedicated to Kara x Cat, it has nothing to do with race for her as it doesn’t for me.

        • DoubleLL says:

          People can ship whatever they want. They shouldn’t be forced into shipping something they have no interested in just because it’s interracial and it’s not racist at all. Especially since she’s a lesbian who don’t often get good representation

      • Kaitlyn says:

        You can be interested in girls and not be gay. Having Kara in a same-sex relationship doesn’t turn her into a lesbian. Benoist has had chemistry with some of the female actors on this show, why should that be discounted just because we’ve never seen supergirl with anyone other than a man before?

  5. Phun says:

    Poor Kara feeling like the third wheel. LOL

  6. ToyCannon says:

    I still think it is going to be Harrison Wells 3.0 that comes out as gay.

  7. DCFan44 says:

    Getting really sick and tired of writers pushing the gay agenda..and politicizing good shows at every opportunity!!! So over it! Should be comic book stuff for kids with fun and action. Way to ruin a seriously good show.

    • KCC says:

      Exactly how would showing a gay couple be “pushing the gay agenda?” The existence of gay people is not an agenda. I doubt Supergirl will become The L Word.

      • Johnny Styles says:

        Card carrying conservative here, so I should be all over the “pushing the gay agenda” thing, but I just don’t get that vibe here. It was never established in S1 that Alex was straight (a few undercover dates with Max Lord notwithstanding). Maggie Sawyer is a character that’s been a lesbian from the first time she was introduced in the comics, so her character is remaining consistent. So what if she and Alex become a couple? It’s 2016, okay? It’s not like we’re going to see a full-on hot lesbian action (TM Eric Bischoff). At most, they may kiss. Gasp! Hide the women and children! KCC is totes right – Supergirl is NOT going to become The L-Word, so if you are turned off by the potential for an Alex/Maggie couple, then please feel free to watch something else. You do have that ability, y’know. :)

        • Jim says:

          Cop out response. The old dont watch if you dont like. But people want to watch shows without all the PC stuff. Why is that wrong?

    • Pedro says:

      There’s no connection between being gay and politics.

    • Judiwb says:

      Unfortunately–you won’t win this argument. You must comply!! You can’t have your own opinion!!

  8. Luis Roman says:

    Oh yeah, this is love.

  9. LostSoul says:

    Love the Maggie/Alex connection…Wonder if they realize yet; cause, Kara seems to see something there!

  10. opheliablack says:

    There’s no video!

  11. Carl says:

    I have no problem with Alex finding a new friend in Maggie, BUT if this relationship goes lesbian then it will be a major turnoff for me. Too much, too early!