Once Upon a Time Recap: Finding Nemo

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Hook’s relationship with Henry hit rough waters, while the Purely Evil Queen planted a… rather irresistible offer on Rumple.

Indeed, Hook’s decision to secretly pocket the magical Shears of Destiny didn’t keep for long. After being threatened by his mom’s pirate paramour with a boiled mackerel breakfast :-P, Henry bumped into the Evil Queen, who taunted her son with “the truth about dear ol’ dad” — by nudging him in the direction of the garage toolbox where Hook has (poorly) hidden the shears.

Hook quickly gleans that Henry learned his secret, then finds the lad down on the docks — where their icy argument is interrupted by the surfacing of the Nautilus submarine. Taken prisoner aboard the vessel, Henry asks if Hook was even going to ask Emma’s permission to use the shears to rob her of her Savior identity — plus, why does he even care, since he’s not even part of their family? Hook comes clean about how he killed his father long ago, and in doing so orphaned his kid brother, who had been named Liam. “I can’t ruin another family,” he explains.

In flashbacks, we learn that when Captain Nemo first tried to enlist Hook to join his crew — seeing as they shared similar pasts, having lost families and then sought revenge — it was revealed that his first mate was the orphaned Liam. When Liam discovered this himself, he made a run at Hook with a dagger, but Nemo stopped in his path and took the blade in his own belly.

Back in the present aboard the Nautilus, Henry warms up some toward Hook, then proves why it’s not smart to “never search the kid” — he’s got a lock-picking kit on him, which he uses the shears free them from their room aboard the sub. Hook promptly suits Henry up to flee the vessel, knowing there is only one deep-diving helmet. After Henry dives into the drink, Liam shows up with a dagger, hellbent on avenging A) his father’s murder and B) his father figure Nemo’s presumed death, but Hook suggests that the Nautilus‘ stop in the Land of Untold Stories paused things, so he might still be around. Liam, though, is having none of that and goes to kill Hook, but gets distracted when Henry returns, allowing Hook to gain the upper hand/hook. “You said you couldn’t ruin another family; neither could I,” Henry says of his decision to come back. Together, they agree, they will find another way to save Emma from her dire fate, and to that end sink the shears into the ocean, inside a chest.

Back on land, Liam awakens in the hospital, where Hook reunites  him with an alive Nemo, whom David had found bleeding in the forest earlier. Hook then confesses to Emma his deception with the shears, but she’s cool with it — “I would have done the same thing.”

Elsewhere in the hour:

* Belle went in for her first ultrasound, explaining to Snow her confusion about how — and whether — to involve Rumple in any of the process. After all, their son looked at Rumple with such hatred during her dream.

* Rumple meanwhile chided the Evil Queen for letting the Shears of Destiny fall into the wrong hands. She surmises that he is aiming to use them to somehow alter his own family’s fate, regarding Belle and their son. At episode’s end, the Evil Queen shows up at the pawn shop to plant a warm one on Rumple — proactively sealing their deal with a kiss, as she has retrieved the shears and is giving them back to him in trade for his help in her obtaining Snow White’s heart.

* Aladdin ultimately offered to help Jasmine bring Agrabah back to greatness, even though he is no longer a Savior, Thing is, she explains, Agrabah is no more, having been consumed by a sandstorm.

* The Charmings freed Jiminy Cricket from Zelena’s farmhouse!

What did you think of “Dark Waters” and the RumpleQueen (?) liplock?

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  1. Nicky Aiuto says:

    I was pleased to see Liam 2 again and his story goes at last. It was nice to see he and Nemo don’t die.

    I so figured out that the Shears will fall into the wrong hands and not be hidden. So the shears have more unexpected side affects aside from removing the savior status and powers of a savior.

    And now with the Queen after Snow again, this I got to see. It will most likely continue till the end of the season which I will enjoy the most. Next episode sounds more promising.

  2. Val says:

    I enjoyed this episode.
    Emotionalness and message of it.
    Hook and Henry relationship, its important because they both connected to Emma, they are family and they love her and her true loves. Her boys will work together to save Emma.

    I really liked Farhan as Nemo, well acted. Good to see the show address Liam 2.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      They are not her only true loves, remember? Her parents, Baby Neal and Neal and Graham are her true loves as well too. And will you stop excluding them as well. And for the record, Hook is not a family member either as Henry pointed out.

      • Val says:

        Again i am stating her confirmed ones. Which is her son and her romantic partner.
        Hook is a family member since this episode also mentioned that too, that was the point of the episode as well.
        If you still did not get it, then please watch the episode again OR leave replying my tweets, coz even now the episode’s writer confirms her fave two scenes to writer was Henry accepting Hook as family. And the Emma and Hook scene at the end.

        • Val says:

          *my comments (not tweets)

          • Nicky says:

            And yet you sound like you are using your comments and tweets like in a fan way that make it sound like you want things your way until later on they don’t end the way you wish. You may believe what you wish, but the more one goes over the top, they end up proven wrong in the end. Just like how others did about the Oracle being Jafar and end up dead wrong later on. I for one, am not falling as a victom of these sort of situations like you lot are.

        • Nicky says:

          But not a married man and Not a new father (and might never be be forewarned. Emma’s family are too her confirmed loved true loved ones as well since revealed in season 3 finale. You’re the one who doesn’t get it. And don’t bother lying about it.

      • nina says:

        agreed! She has a big family and I don’t know why Hook is being pushed on her as the only way to save her life. it could just as easily be Regina or David to save her. I honestly dislike Hook, he forced himself on her and they show him as a “true love” ha more like her captor lol.

  3. Paula says:

    I loved this episode!… one of my faves of the season for sure. Hook and Henry bonding was beautiful.

  4. I enjoyed this episode really love the Killian and Henry scenes glad they are together to help save Emma and oh my love seeing the pirate. Really enjoying this season.

  5. laurelnev says:

    I loved the way it said “During the Time of the Dark Curse” at the beginning, like it was an actual Historical era or something. And tonight’s ep practically SCREAMED for at least an Ariel cameo! Who else thought we were going to see the origins of the Hook/Ariel friendship as a part of escaping the Nautilis?

    And is anyone else wondering with all the trips to NYC, and all the magicking…WHY hasn’t Hook looked into getting a more modern, more functional prosthetic? They could have looked into one while they were all getting smartphones…

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I was hoping for an Ariel reference too, at least a comment if not a visual. Would tonight’s “Time of the Dark Curse” Hook have known Ariel? I can’t keep track of the show’s timeline, especially with different realms and characters not aging.

      • laurelnev says:

        Well, we know mermaids can cross realms, she was friends with Belle, and she and Hook had known each other since the time Baelfire left EF via bean, so they should have. ;) Didn’t Ariel come into that Hook/Young Neal storyline? I kind of blocked most of the Neverland arc out myself. ;)

  6. JenE says:

    I loved this episode so much! Hook is such a great character and it’s always a treat to see him when he was the villain and how far he has come as he tries to bond with Henry and make amends to his brother. Hook and Henry were fun to watch as they came to an understanding and hopefully the start of a father son relationship. I was not expecting to meet Liam 2 this season and hope they do not drop him off in the same part of town as the Mad Hatter, Hansel & Gretel, Maleficent, etc who have just disappeared. I do wish there had been more Hook and Emma scenes maybe in lieu of the cheesy as hell Evil Queen. She has got to go already. What is she omniscient? How can she possibly know everything about everything? I wish Henry and Hook had kept the shears after all because look who ended up with them? All in all I have to just say a huge thank you to Jane Espenson and Brigette Hales who have written the only two good episodes this season. It really would be a lost cause without these two awesome women. Hope this episode signals more airtime for Hook which has been dreadfully low this season.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought the same thing about EQ being omniscient! How did she know where Hook hid the shears???

      • laurelnev says:

        I thought the whole Regina cutting herself in half like that is pretty ridiculous. Why wouldn’t she just snatch the EQ’s half a heart and stick it in her own chest! And I agree that unless she was actually on the Nautilus, there’d be NO WAY Regina could know it was in the cask that formerly held the key to another Verne literary masterpiece they managed to steal and bastardize tonight. I wish they’d leave the literary stuff alone…none of the time periods are complimentary..

    • Butch says:

      The evil Queen seems to know everything. She knew David’s father was murdered. Since this happened some time ago, wouldn’t Regina also know this? Why wouldn’t David ask Regina about this?

  7. N!loofar says:

    fun episode

  8. ninergrl6 says:

    I’m glad we learned more about Liam 2. That felt like a lose end that needed explaining. I hope we see (or at least hear about) Liam more. He’s stuck in Storybrooke; what better opportunity for the brothers to get to know each other? I’m also glad Hook’s secret didn’t last long and that it’s not hanging over the Captain Swan relationship. They’re better as a team. The Nautilus set and underwater effects were surprisingly well done. I’m glad they used a real set instead of CGI, which never looks quite right IMO. Colin totally slayed the whole episode, both past and present. I wish Hook didn’t have quite so much to brood over, but Colin nails every nuance regardless. I love how Hook took down 3 of Nemo’s crew with one hand. Ha! What I didn’t love was Hook and Henry’s instantly contentious relationship. They seemed to get along well in the past, but Henry’s ire was triggered by Hook tossing out his pop tart? Maybe that’s the writers’ way of establishing Henry as an angsty teenager? The “you’re not part of our family” tension seemed to come out of nowhere, especially for Henry who is usually so open and optimistic. Even though the ep was Hook-centric, the other storylines got some play too, which is good to maintain the balance of the show (thought I honestly wouldn’t mind if everything was Hook-centric). Not sure why it took EQ so long to realize she wanted Snow’s heart — wasn’t that *always* her goal in the past?

  9. ninergrl6 says:

    Note to Matt: I think Henry used the shears to pick the locking the Nautilus. Why would he be carrying around a lock-picking kit?

    • laurelnev says:

      Operation Alcatraz? (LOL). But I think you’re right.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ah. Maybe I’ll fix it later. [Shrug]

      P.S. That’s pretty stupid, then, risking breaking the shears by wedging them into a keyhole or whatever.

      • laurelnev says:

        LOL…if they HAD actually broken them, EQ couldn’t use them against them later. ;) Actually would have made more sense then sending them to the bottom of the ocean if they wanted to get rid of them.

  10. liame says:

    I don’t even bother with this mess anymore, the recaps are more entertaining.

  11. tristram says:

    THE most pathetic attempt to making believable “true love” coupling (and yes I know that’s redundant) ever. I’m SO glad I stopped watching this show. I stuck with it up until 1st ep of this season but really there’s that much I can take. There’s so much FAKE going arround. It’s painfull to what watch the actors and actresses alike FAKEing it to the bones just to please TPTB.I mean one can see from miles the forcefulness with what the creators try to impose some characters to copulate just so to imitate so delusional idea of.. I don’t even know what. I mean there’s everything in there whether it should be or not.Like Robin Hood for example. Since when is he a fairy tale character????? And how does a “family show” allow a “hero” to dump his forever just to…what…make a worse person out of the Evil ??!really?!killing wasn’t enough? let’s humiliate, diminish, belittle and deprecate the Evil Queen beyond any and everything.Let’s make her a desperate woman who can’t get a man. Let’s make her fall under the heel of an outlaw whose married and has a kid…beah
    And if we’are to watch stories of all and above fictional stories where are the vampires??!
    Just so glad I stopped watching.

  12. DD says:

    “lock-picking kit” – I thought it was the shears…
    How did the Evil Queen even know about the shears and where Hook had hidden them? Some kind of magic trace?
    “I would have done the same thing” – Emma already did when she made Hook into a Dark One to save him!!
    Freeing the cricket was very anti-climactic. – That whole scene was very strange and out of place.

  13. Asiada says:

    Episode was meh to be honest. It was saved by The Evil Queen and The Dark One sparks. I hope we have more of them.

  14. Melanie says:

    How come was Hook surprise Emma would get it? Did they all forget about two seasons ago when Emma turned Hook into the Dark One to save his life? Keeping the shears is the same