Was Walking Dead Picnic Sick or Treat? Designated Drinking Game? Was Pitch's Indians Dis a Miss? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Timeless, The Flash, Grey’s Anatomy and The Voice!star-trek-kirk-gorn-delete

1 | Did the gizmo MacGyver made to blast through the train couplings (cylinder + shavings of something + igniter/fuel) remind you of the cannon Captain Kirk jerry-rigged to take down the Gorn?

2 | Short of Tom Hanks joining the cast of Saturday Night Live outright, can we at least get a Night at the Roxbury-style movie featuring David S. Pumpkins?

3 | Why do the Westworld staffers wear those hazmat suits sometimes when they’re in the park, anyway?

4 | On Madam Secretary, even though it wasn’t Halloween-related, wasn’t the hacking of the McCord family home’s electronics pretty spooky?

5 | Was it cruel — or a kindness — of The Walking Dead to include that cheerful fantasy scene at the tail of its harrowing Season 7 premiere? And how much more vile did it make Negan that he cracked bad jokes while brutally murdering [Spoiler] and [Spoiler]? Also, did you for a hot minute there think the premiere would try to go the full hour before confirming his victims?

6 | Does anyone really believe that Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick had zero idea who would be dying on TWD? (If so, there’s a bridge down the street from TVLine’s NYC office we can get you a sweet deal on.) And since there had been reports of possible rain, how was there no tent on Once Upon a Time Aladdinstandby to shield the after-show’s guests?

7 | No, Once Upon a Time‘s Aladdin doesn’t “have to” sound Middle Eastern, but what was that accent he had going on??

8 | Wouldn’t you like to see Quantico’s Caleb back soon, if for no other reason than to spar with Harry? (Verbally or physically; we’ll accept either.)

9 | Is Supergirl no longer keeping her human identity secret at the DEO? How else to explain Kara working on an article at HQ before changing into her supersuit in front of everyone? And is it any wonder POTUS got attacked, with all those random civilians on the tarmac and barely any security nearby?

10 | Did The Voice hire American Idol‘s maddening director/camera operator — the one who was obsessed with closeups of J.Lo singing along to performances — and ask him or her to give the same treatmenttv-q-s-gotham-delete to Miley Cyrus?

11 | When Captain Barnes’ skin began crackling on Gotham, did you almost expect Michael Chiklis to turn into The Thing? (Do you think Marvel’s lawyers lunged for the phone?)

12 | Is Timeless‘ Lucy going to hit on in the past every week? And should someone keep a scorecard for Timeless/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow overlap, starting with Mission to Keep Atom Bomb From Entering WWII Too Early! and Team Member Who Boasts of Speaking Several Languages?

13 | Weirdest sight in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls trailer: Kirk sitting down for Friday night dinner, or Emily Gilmore in a T-shirt and jeans?

14 | This Is Us‘ persistent Toby: sweet or annoying? Also, now that we’ve seen the aftermath of William’s death (sniff!), how long do you think he has left in the present storyline?the-flash-hr-wells

15 | The Flash wouldn’t dare go 3-for-3 and have Earth-19’s seemingly goofy H.R. Wells wind up Primal Fearing us, would they…?

16 | When you repeatedly punch Arrow‘s Mr. Terrific in the face, do you get gobs of grease paint all over your fist? And how is Curtis explaining his facial bruising to the husband?

17 | Is there a (dangerous) drinking game for every time a Designated Survivor character starts a sentence, “With all due respect…”?

18 | Is there a more uncanny mother/daughter casting than Frequency‘s Devin Kelley and Peyton List?

19 | Which part of Grey’s Anatomy made you lose it more — A) the doomed mom-to-be imagining what a great baby daddy her BFF would make, B) said BFF breaking down in front of Alex, or C) Amelia recounting the sad story of her baby’s 43-minute life? Or were you too irritated that Jo and DeLuca were being pushed together to be affected by anything?

20 | How to Get Away With Murder wouldn’t kill Connor — would they? WOULD THEY? Also, raise your hand if you found the inevitable Laurel/Wes sex scene more awkward than hot.

21 | What are the odds that The Great Indoors‘ tent-bound staffer will be like Home Improvement‘s Wilson — aka heard but never fully seen?tv-qs-legends-steel

22 | Gillette’s “Stronger Than Steel” spot: Savvy ad placement during Legends of Tomorrow‘s Citizen Steel reveal, or pure coincidence? 

23 | Yes, Pitch exists in some alternate reality, but didn’t the framing of the Cleveland Indians as a “joke” team when 20 million people are watching them in the World Series — on Fox — every other night this week seem like an incongruence that could have been fixed with some dubbing? And as much as you were feeling for Blip, didn’t Oscar’s speech about pro athletes being well paid for life upheavals make all the sense in the world?

24 | [Heavy sigh] We’re going to get Mario Lopez as Bye Bye Birdie Live!‘s Conrad, aren’t we?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!


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  1. Kevin K says:

    #12 – Lucy Preston from Timeless knows history and the leader of the trio along with Wyatt (the soldier) and Rufus (the pilot and techie). Really hope it gets a full season order soon by NBC (fingers crossed).

  2. Penny says:

    #23- Oscar’s speech was spot on! I actually loved last nights episode and that part was so great to throw in there. It works for any professional sport really.

  3. Drew2k says:

    #3 Westworld: my guess is they wear the suits not to protect themselves, but to avoid contaminating the Old West with anything that may fall from their clothing. (Doesn’t explain though why everyone doesn’t always wear them!) My big question about WW is where are the guests when the hazmat suited workers descend on Main Street?

    • Wordsmith says:

      The guests probably go back to some sort of lodgings at night (like in Disney World), unless they’re out on overnight treks like William and Logan (I guess the techs must have borrowed Dolores from their campsite and put her back before morning.)

  4. CAN says:

    #18. At first I thought it was the same person with “aging” makeup.

  5. LADY_in_MD says:

    7- I kinda got a weird Scottish accent maybe

    8-I’m thinking Caleb might already be there as a terrorist under a mask

    11-all I kept thinking about was him turning into The Thing from Fantastic 4

    14- I think Toby has good intentions he doesn’t want Kate to be a loaner now that Kevin is gone I can see how some people find him annoying and pushy but I think that’s was Kate needs is someone to push her out of her comfort zone that she has built around her taking care of everything for Kevin and not living her own life plus maybe he is scared she will just sit at home and eat all the time instead of living her

  6. Eric says:

    Was it ever a secret at the DEO on Supergirl? Everyone who worked there regularly knew it was the guests who didn’t.

  7. Bigdede says:

    14) Annoying!!!! He’s been annoying since episode 1. Who tells a woman’s brother thats he’s trying to have sex with his sister?????

    19) I’m pissed they’re trying to put DeLuca with Jo because it makes no sense other than to make us hate them and love Alex. It’s Jo fault DeLuca got his behind whipped yet now he’s attracted to her? So we won’t get any resolution to Alex/Jo relationship and the secret that she’s married? Oh and I care nothing about Amelia and her dead baby especially after she killed that patient. why didn’t her stupid butt do a CT scan? Idiot

    20)Why couldn’t Oliver die. He’s good as a secondary character but not a full time character. I care about Connor not Oliver

  8. skrable2a says:

    10. MileyCam is annoying, certainly, but the question I have is whether they could convince the impressive Faith Hill to join a coaching crew some season.

    And speaking of women wearing high heels

    What is with the footwear of Pauley Perette this season on NCIS? A scene with Abby, Bishop and Quinn in the observation room showed Abby at least six inches taller than the other two.

  9. Gerald says:

    15. Wouldn’t Earth 19 miss their own Harrison Wells? Seems kinds selfish to “borrow” that one, and a lame attempt to keep Tom Cavangh on the show (even though I love him)
    17. I think we got our first Jack Bauer “DAMMIT” moment this week on Designated Survivor.
    20. Awkward, so how pregnant is present day Laurel? This was less than 3 weeks before the fire. Still Frank’s baby?

    • Grey'sFan says:

      I’m convinced Laurel possibly ending her first trimester already, notice the actress has been dressed in baggy clothing the past couple episodes?
      After the Laurel/Bonnie scene, Laurel had the look on her face like she knew Bonnie and Frank had slept together, thus she didn’t owe Frank any loyalty (sex-wise). Her “seduction” of Wes screamed of a woman looking to find someone to pass off as her baby father.
      There’s also the added mystery to why Laurel keeps calling Frank (and he listens to her messages) — I’m thinking they saw each other AFTER the shooting in NYC and were (at least at first) working to clear Frank’s name so he could come home. If Laurel really didn’t want contact with Frank why give him her new cell number (she changed it to avoid her dad)?
      I also believe the male victim in the fire was dead BEFORE the fire. Laurel might’ve gone back to try and save him or she was hiding in the house (snooping?) and no one knew she was there.
      I’ve been convinced the body #underthesheet will turn out to be Connor since the beginning of the season. Wonder if Connor is the one who betrays A in next week’s preview?
      It will be very interesting to see which of – Connor, Wes, Nate, Frank – they reveal to be alive at the end of next week’s show.

  10. J says:

    7. Pretty sure he’s doing a Birmingham (England not Alabama) accent, why? I do not know. It’s awful and really distracting

    • Wordsmith says:

      You might be right, but I was hearing Liverpool. Every time he spoke, I could only think “Beatle.” I’d understand if it was his native accent, but I don’t think so…

    • Ellie says:

      Definitely at attempt at Brummie (Birmingham). I don’t know why, but unfortunately it reminded me of that Fox News commentator last year saying Birmingham was an ‘entirely immigrant’ (or something similar) city.

  11. Jimmy says:

    #5. That scene was the most heartbreaking part of the episode for me. As hard as it was to watch Abraham and Glenn get beaten to death, and for a split second, think that might happen to Daryl because of his attacking Negan, it was even sadder to see what could have been. That’s the part where I truly broke down.

    #11. It’s great to see Gotham finally doing something with Barnes other than have him get angry with Gordon and Bullock, and yell at everyone. They dived into his character a bit last season and that was easily one of the highlights of season 2. So I’m glad they’re utilizing him in an interesting way this season.

  12. Brian says:

    #23 Where exactly was the dig on Cleveland in last evening’s episode of ‘Pitch’? It was just mentioned that Blip was an outfielder on their radar. As an Indian’s fan in Cleveland I didn’t notice a dig on Cleveland as a garbage team in this universe. Maybe they edited it for the Cleveland broadcast……. In fact Blip kind of is the same type of player, veteran, lead-off hitter, fairly priced, center fielder that Indians CF Rajai Davis is. I thought it was more meta than insulting. Maybe I missed the insult?

  13. Wordsmith says:

    9) With Supergirl being openly sisterly with Alex at the DEO, it’s not like her identity was all that secret to begin with.

  14. Wordsmith says:

    15) Alt-universe hipster goofball Harry is totally going to turn out to be evil. Or the show will work hard to make us think he’s evil and then pull the rug out by having him get murdered by Alchemy.

  15. tallsy says:

    3. I’m going to assume on Westworld that some of the bodily fluid might be risky.
    8. Getting rid of Caleb was a really strange decision by Quantico.
    20. They’re not killing Connor on HTGAWM
    24. Mario Lopez as Conrad would be insane. They’ll pick someone much younger.

  16. Gwen Loomis says:

    #7 – Sounded Australian to me!

  17. dancmh says:

    16 has been bothering me. If anyone is going to have a real relationship on the show, I want it to be Curtis. (Everyone can see Felicity is dating Prometheus, right? it’s the CW.)

  18. 9. Everyone at the DEO seems to know Supergirl’s name is Kara and that she’s Alex’s sister so I’m not sure if it was ever a secret

  19. 7 – It sounded like a droll Liverpudlian to me, but wasn’t very convincing!

  20. Maxsmom says:

    21. the unseen cast member is another reason the pilot did not work for me; the fact that the show should be called The Great Joel McHale is the other…

  21. padraicjacob says:

    14 – I have found Toby annoying since the first episode. He was way too pushy about the sex jokes in the beginning and now he doesn’t fully listen to her when Kate tells him things, insisting that he knows what’s best or ignoring what she says to him. I think he has good intentions and maybe if they had taken more time to gradually introduce him it wouldn’t be so bad, but dear god I want them to break up soooo bad.

    • SusieT79 says:

      That might be the point. She picks guys that aren’t good for her because they (in her opinion) are the only ones interested. Obviously I don’t know her past, but I know those types and I have been that type. You think you are unloveable so you take the first person that shows any interest. I wasn’t bothered by him at first, but this episode where he pretty much forced her to forgo her tradition (twice!) is where I have had it.

      • queensgirl says:

        Yup, he rather irked me in this week’s episode. She said she wanted to watch by herself!

        • Trey says:

          Agreed! Why does Toby always have to get his way every single time instead of letting Kate have even just a little bit of space? The show seems to be presenting Toby as the voice of reason for her, but he’s really just a selfish jackass.

  22. Maxsmom says:

    24. the movie actor is a horrible choice but Mario Lopez would be worse; My suggestion: Drake

  23. Antoinette says:

    16 | When you repeatedly punch Arrow‘s Mr. Terrific in the face, do you get gobs of grease paint all over your fist? And how is Curtis explaining his facial bruising to the husband?
    So yeah I dont think we have seen yet all the ramifications to the Arrowverse from Barry creating Flashpoint. Curtis may not be married in this reality. But I have fell asleep on some of the episodes sooooo LOL :)

  24. Jerry G says:

    #23. Loved the response Oscar had to Ginny’s idea. It also should be a lesson to Ginny that maybe having a celebrity-based agent isn’t always as good as having one that knows how sports works. A good sports agent would never have suggested that conversation.

  25. Anna says:

    14. Hoping that William at least gets this whole season with the family before his death. He is such a warm and wise presence – loved his bonding with Kevin this past week – and after the confirmation that Jack is dead, I think it’s clear that Randall needs more time with his biological father before he passes as well.
    19. Brigid Brannagh killed it as the doomed mom-to-be this week. I always liked her, but imo, she delivered the best performance in the episode.
    Also, Jo is gross and awful (I can’t believe she sat there and let DeLuca call Alex a bad guy when she knew Alex was acting in her defense – even if his actions were way over the top), so I need her as far away from Alex as possible. I understand why DeLuca feels that way – as the person who was attacked – but Jo is just a pathetic excuse for a person at this point, so if dating DeLuca keeps her away from Alex, so be it.
    20. I feel there is absolutely no possible way HTGAWM would kill Connor unless Jack Falahee wanted out of his contract. He is one of the best written characters on the show – it’s clear that TPTB put a lot of attention into his character.

    • Jared S says:

      I have always been kinda lukewarm about Jo. I don’t hate her, but I wouldn’t really care if she left the show. And I get where she’s coming from regarding her hesitations about Alex because of her abusive husband, to a degree. But this is getting ridiculous now. At no point this season has she even mentioned the reason Alex went off on Deluca, not even when Edwards was trying to get the story out of her. And, yes, Alex was totally wrong to beat him senseless the way he did, but her acting like he’s an abusive guy is taking it too far. He was trying to protect her, which she knows. I’m sorry for ranting, this has just been driving me crazy for weeks. It feels like unnecessary drama to give her a reason to be onscreen. I don’t know if she’ll get with Deluca because bringing up her husband and her not wanting Alex to know seems like it was a waste.

  26. Jennifer says:

    24 | [Heavy sigh] We’re going to get Mario Lopez as Bye Bye Birdie Live!‘s Conrad, aren’t we?

    Oh Dear God, please no. Not in this lifetime. Please. Grant Gustin would be good. Right?

  27. Larc says:

    Sorry, but I just can’t buy Wes and Laurel as a pair. They are too unalike in temperament. As for who is under the sheet, I think it’s Frank or more likely Nate. Annalise’s reaction and talk by cast members about how “horrible” the loss is smell a bit disingenuous to me. They are apparently trying to make us think it’s Connor or even Wes, but I don’t believe it is. The loss of either would damage the storyline too much.

  28. dasein314 says:

    #15 – I really hope they kind of use the new Wells to make fun of themselves and the “trust the guy, but he turns out to be evil” trope that they’ve beaten into the ground. Like have him trying to be evil, but none of his “evil” is anything more than annoying. Like maybe he commits the dastardly deed of putting the roll of toilet paper on backwards.

  29. Matt Ceccato says:

    #13-Kirk at Friday Night Dinner. Definitely.

    • misery chick says:

      Emily…in jeans…and a T-SHIRT, FOR GOD’S SAKE 😶

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah but after she loosened up occasionally over the course of the original series, this didn’t surprise me. Kirk has no reason (that I can think of) to be at Friday Night Dinner. It was just out of place (which made it hilarious).

        • misery chick says:

          Sarah, I stand corrected, you convinced me! In a Stars Hollow/Gilmore Girls universe, Kirk partaking of Emily’s Friday Night Dinner is def more shocking and hilarious (love it that Emily asks to remind her again who this person is 😆).

          Realized I was coming from a place of Emily Gilmore world, aching to see how she’s adjusted since Richard is gone.

          Again, you’re right! Emily and KIRK?!?!?!

  30. DavidJ says:

    6. Yeah that started to irritate me after awhile that they didn’t at LEAST have enough umbrellas on hand in case it might rain. I know these actors are probably used to working in the elements by now, but I’m sure they would rather not get completely soaked in their nice clothes on their day off.
    9. The strange part to me about that was Supergirl flying up into the sky to look for the attacker first, instead of straight over to the President to protect her. Since she was clearly the target of the attacks.

  31. 14 – I don’t find Toby annoying at all. He seems sweet and caring. I like the fact that he isn’t afraid to live life…at any size.

    There are guys out there who are romantic & funny. Who make jokes like that, which some women find funny.

  32. Rusty says:

    #17 I am surprised no one mentioned the glaring mistake in Designated Survivor. In the final scene of the flag draped coffin, the flag was wrong. The field of stars is always over the left not the right of the coffin ie over the heart of the deceased. As a veteran, who has lost a few friends, I was dismayed at this lack simple fact checking that could have been done to ensure proper etiquette and respect for a fallen hero (even a TV one).

  33. Amy says:

    #13- Emily in Jeans and #14- annoying

  34. clintbrew says:

    11, the fantastic four film rights belong to fox which make gotham so marvel cant do a thing about it

  35. Tom says:

    23 | Yes, Pitch exists in some alternate reality, but didn’t the framing of the Cleveland Indians as a “joke” team when 20 million people are watching them in the World Series — on Fox — every other night this week seem like an incongruence that could have been fixed with some dubbing? And as much as you were feeling for Blip, didn’t Oscar’s speech about pro athletes being well paid for life upheavals make all the sense in the world?
    To be fair, most of those watching the World Series probably aren’t watching for the Indians.
    24 | [Heavy sigh] We’re going to get Mario Lopez as Bye Bye Birdie Live!‘s Conrad, aren’t we?
    I hope not but, yeah, I’m afraid too now.

  36. amysue4772 says:

    Had you actually watched any of the World Series, or any of the playoffs at all to this point for that matter, you would know that TBS, Fox and every commentator on both networks hates the Indians. They have literally been bashing Cleveland nonstop, so this is nothing new

  37. Jason says:

    5) It wasn’t cruelty or kindness toward the audience as it wasn’t about the audience. It was about what was in Rick’s mind’s eye. The framing device of the entire episode was his inner perspective so every image that flashed on screen, from the alternate deaths to the dinner tableau were the thing going through his mind. He looked back at a zombie eating the little remains left behind and his mind conjured up an image of the Sunday dinner Negan described to him as he lay on the camper roof. This is why I was also pretty sure they wouldn’t hold the victim’s identity until the end. To complete this tragedy, they would have to return to the clearing. And if they did that before telling us what happened, it would hard to shoot without spoiling things.

  38. Stacy says:

    13. Definitely the weirdest thing was Kirk at Friday night dinner. I didn’t think he’d ever been outside Stars Hollows town-limits. Can you imagine Kirk’s wonder at a grocery store large than Doose’s?

    19. Grey’s Anatomy: None of the above. It was Alex initiating “Waffle Sunday until he goes away”. Something about that moment really punched me in the gut. (Although Brigid is always a fantastic actress, and I love seeing her in guest roles.)

    • Np20 says:

      I was excited for Brigid – had a moment when I thought she might be on for a while. Disappointed

    • Lisa says:

      Completely agree, it’s the Mer/Alex moment that really counts. Not because of the possibility of a romance (dear god aka Shonda, please no) but because of the history. They’re family.

  39. lrdslvrhnd says:

    2) Why would you want to do that to Tom Hanks? Has *any* SNL movie without “Wayne” in the title been even semi-decent?
    7) Aladdin sounded like a weird cross between Doyle from “Angel” and the Ninth Doctor.
    11) Yeah, I was totally expecting him to Thing out.
    15) Yeah, the new HG (or whatever he said to call him) is gonna totally turn out to be evil.
    21) I could see them going that way.
    23) I’m just glad they weren’t making the Red Sox a “joke” team. And kinda surprised.

  40. kmayne says:

    21 Hope The Great Indoors does not last long. Found it dull

  41. A fan of TV says:

    Re: This Is Us…my worry is they time jumped during Kevin’s monologue and that’s that. Seemed an odd place for a flash-forward, is all. Also, not annoyed by Toby remotely. No one would automatically assume that watching football on TV is really sacred without being given a reason, and it’s not the first time Kate’s been evasive and he’s broken her out of her shell by being a good if persistent guy. And it worked again, because it appears that’s Toby and Kate.

    • Jamie says:

      They definitely time-jumped during the monologue since we didn’t see anything indicating that William is already dead in the next episode. And it seemed like the perfect place for that flash-forward since Kevin was talking about how people are born and die, but that doesn’t remove them from the painting. That the painting of life doesn’t begin or end.

  42. Nat says:

    You missed one: Did last week’s Very Special Episode of Hawaii 5-0 miss any angles on the Great Gun Debate? Steve and Danny’s latest bickering session laid out the calmer arguments for both sides, and then the perp of the week’s tactics and motive illustrated several more.

  43. Wilbust Hizazz says:

    For “Negan”….You scrawny pos,your struttin’ ,overdone BS isn’t going to fly..

  44. dean says:

    That accent was HORRIBLE! Please recast Aladdin now!

  45. SoMuchHope says:

    19) Too irritated with the whole JoLuca thing to really care about the rest of the show’s storyline. Where is Jo’s crazed/abusive husband, anyway? And when/if he shows up, should we prepare for a second Deluca beat down? 20) Laurel and Wes’ sex scene was super awkward and please not Connor.

  46. Phillip says:

    #14. Dear GOD!! I thought I was the only one thinking that. He is so ANNOYING!! Hopefully he’s only in the first season. He’s really the only problem I have with the show.

  47. 6. I do believe it. He’s said before that he never watches an episode very far in advance of taping Talking Dead because he’s really bad at keeping secrets and the weight of carrying those spoilers would drive him crazy.