Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Recap: It's All Relative

Having rescued Sam from the British Men of Letters, Supernatural returned to telling a good, old-fashioned ghost story this Thursday — albeit with a family twist.

Dean and Sam are no longer the only Winchesters on the Things That Go Bump In the Night beat. In fact, it’s Mary who discovers their latest case and insists on getting in on the action. While the increased prevalence of technology holds her back at times, Mary’s instincts are still spot-on.

But even a good hunt isn’t enough to make the Winchesters’ resurrected mom feel like she belongs. Nor is her and Dean’s shared love of bacon, even when it’s cold. (“We are so related,” he notes.) But they do make the cut for our gallery of the hour’s best moments, which also includes Dean’s surprising reaction to Mary’s unexpected news.

Elsewhere, Lucifer tries to stave off the aging process with magic — imagine a Real Housewife with a witch at their disposal — while Cas and Crowley take on a power couple alias to track down the fallen angel.

Click the gallery above to relive the episode’s highlights, then hit the comments with your favorite scenes.

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  1. George says:

    Not to be that guy because I’m a huge fan of this site but was that supposed to be a review? Kinda just jumped across the whole episode.

  2. V.J. says:

    Just a couple of days ago I was wondering when they will kill Mary off/send her away. Got my answer, I presume.
    Also, I don´t find Deans reaction surprising at all. The guy has huge abandonment issues. Maybe it would have helped if they sat together and talked a little bit to catch up and get to know each other?

  3. ninamags says:

    Ugh, I hated what they did. Poor Dean. Poor Sam. I knew, realistically, that Samantha Smith wasn’t going to be in every episode but her leaving like this is horrible.

    The ghost case was sad as well. I’m kinda sad to see Rick Springfield leave as well. He was good.

  4. Rowanda is so going to catch hell when Lucifer returns

  5. Morgan says:

    Probably one of the few episodes I turned off before the end and I like the monster a week episodes, but this was just crap.

  6. jr. says:

    Not understanding Supernatural any more. If god and his sister are okay ( not fighting ) and in heaven, and everything has been sort of reset, are Sam and Dean just hunters again with no real :’puzzle’ to solve? And why is Castiel using cell phones and driving cars? I thought he was fully recharged and fixed? IMO this season seems to be just ambling along, and even the characters just seem confused and unfocused.

  7. Lynn says:

    For goodness sake TV Line do something about your pages keep reloading because I’m about done with this site until you do. I like this site but it’s annoying. I can’t even post a comment without it reloading. I had to type this somewhere else and copy and paste. This season has bored me so far. I walked out of the room to do something and missed part of the episode and didn’t really care that I’d missed it. I knew their mother wouldn’t be staying so why bring her back at all? If they wanted to do something for Dean why not let him talk to his mother one more time and then she goes back to heaven. I did like Cas and Crowley working together. Finally something for them to do!

  8. Pat says:

    Mary’s leaving was a terrible thing to watch, because of the pain that poor Dean was dealt by this and in fact, he just looked devasted. Sam, also looked hurt. I almost wished that they hadn’t brought Mary back, because all she has done now, is hurt both her sons, by not wanting to stay around and get to know them. I know this is done by the writer’s and producer’s but for goodness sakes why bother bringing their mother back, if this was your plan.

  9. Liza says:

    I didn’t find Dean’s reaction surprising at all. His entire life he has wanted his mom back, he finally does, and she’s leaving him again. Granted the first time was only sort of her fault, but, she is leaving him again. Jensen Ackles managed to say a hundred things with just the broken look on his face. Had me crying…

  10. Alexandros Anastasiadis says:

    Wtf was that?She sees her boys after so many years and she feels “empty”?Plus by leaving she doesnt really give a damn about their feelings and their try to be whole again?I mean i know women are selfish bi*** but not so much-i believe overall her motives dont make any sence…