Bones Final Season Premiere Date Cancelled

Bones Final Season: Fox Announces Premiere Date, Teases Wedding

Call it “The Beginning in the End.”

Fox has set a premiere date — Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017, at 9/8c — for the 12th and final season of Bones.

The farewell run promises to “celebrate the inventive series and bring the storylines of Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz) and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show’s loyal fans to say goodbye to these indelible characters.”

Fox’s press release also teases “the return of fan-favorite guest stars and squinterns, as well as an old flame from one of the team’s past” (aka Eddie McClintock’s Tim Sullivan). Viewers can also count on “a wedding, an “epic serial killer storyline” and a new undercover mission set at a lumberjack competition.

Oh, and you’ll also see “Booth and Brennan’s marriage get put to the test.” Hmm.

“From the very first season, Bones was called ‘The Little Engine That Could.’ So we could not be prouder of ending up as Fox’s longest-running scripted drama,” series creator Hart Hanson said in a statement. “And we got there because of an insanely loyal, loud, lovely, lively audience.”

Are you ready to bid farewell to dem Bones?

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  1. Hazel says:

    Thanks for the update, can’t wait. I was worried I was going to have to wait until April. This is so much better.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yea! Only 68 days!!! But “Booth and Brennan’s marriage get put to the test.” Again?

    Still can’t wait. Finally caught up on all the episodes on NetFlix. (missed a couple of seasons). So happy!

    • Melissa Jensen says:

      That what I thought haha. Put to the test again? I’m confident it will all work out happy though. Still makes me a little anxious.

  3. Lynda says:

    Please DON’T LEAVE BONES!!!!

    My husband, Bill, & I really enjoy watching our Favorites!!


  4. H says:

    What is Fox planning to fix Thursday? Prison Break?!

  5. Hazel says:

    Will it always be on Tuesday nights? Thanks

    • kmw says:

      Apparently so. According to Deadline FOX is moving their new realty show somewhere else. Its fitting that Bones started on a Tuesday and ends on a Tuesday( next to Emily’s sisters show no less). It would also be fitting if their series finale ended on a Sunday since that is the only day it hasn’t aired on. I look at Tuesdays compared to Thursdays and it is a better night at least to me

  6. digitalred93 says:

    Having a hard time accepting that this last season is the end. Sure, the show’s had its ups and downs, but the cast of characters has made even the weakest episode an enjoyable watch, and the most powerful episodes can be breathless (especially the season finales). I’m both looking forward to and dreading the new season because after that, Bones will be off the air.

    In addition to being fond of all the main characters, my fingers are crossed that they bring back Gordon Gordon, give Caroline some meaty scenes, and that Aubrey finally gets his squintern. :-)

  7. Courtney says:

    Glad to see there’s a premiere date. My only questions now are: Will it be a consecutive air run, IE all 12 episodes in a row or will there be re-runs aired before the series finale? Fox has had other shows with shortened final seasons end with a consecutive air run when premiering mid-season. Also, will there be any doubling up of episodes? IE will they air two episodes one one night?

    • Melissa Jensen says:

      David Boreanaz posted on his Twitter that all 12 eps will run consecutively so that will be nice! I’m not sure about doubling up though.

  8. Staci says:

    Already crying. Of course FOX had to move Bones to another day yet again. Otherwise, let the countdown begin!

  9. heather says:

    Another move doesnt bother me


    It’s the last season and they still have to stir it with Booth & Brennan’s marriage put to the test??

    Which can mean *anything* granted. But it’s just nasty to put that out there with no context.

    • kmw says:

      I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Given that Brennan is going to have a tough going personally I would think it would be from that point of view more than anything else( Sully will be a reminder that Brennan did the right thing by staying) And as far as a move? I think its only premiering that night I don’t think its switching but even if it is it wouldn’t be the worse thing. Didn’t Bones initial series premiere happen on a Tuesday? and FOX’S Tuesdays stink even if they moved them there it would be better than what they have right now. And as far as everything else I could care less about Cam and Arastoo’s wedding and hope they don’t make a big deal of it. and hope Angela and Jack are in a good place and that Zack isn’t the killer( no matter his demeanor it would not make any sense for him to be the killer). now that we have a premiere date it will start to sink in that this little show will be gone soon. Really going to miss it

      • heather says:

        Like a said the move doesn’t bother me. Bones always gets moved. It started on a Tuesday so why not end it on a Tuesday

        BUT I am *sick to death* of Fox framing B&B relationship like it is in some sort of peril every single season, I thought we might of been spared this for the last season ever, silly me.

        It’s a pretty mean spirited way to promote B&B in the final season with no context of what they are referring to.

    • Margaret Harris says:

      I agree. Leave them alone. They have to end with them together and happy.

  10. Kevin K says:

    Final season of Bones on Tuesdays? Wish it should be on Thursdays @ 9 even though Pitch has done poorly in ratings.

  11. Omar B. says:

    Wow, a full circle.
    It premiered on Tuesday and it will end on Tuesday.

  12. Luis Roman says:

    It will be a very sad goodbye

  13. Couch Mom says:

    Glad for a final season, but will miss “dem Bones!”

  14. Anne Normandin says:

    Has been one of my all-time favorites. Will miss this show and the cast immensely. When I see all the other junk on tv, what a shame is going.

  15. kmw says:

    no I am not ready but at least now we know when we are going to get it. Cannot wait to see what they have in store. Booth and Brennan’s marriage being ” tested” Well with only 12 epiosdes I doubt it will be anything serious. I can do without Cam and Arastoo’s wedding but hopefully it wont be too big of a deal. A lumberjack competition sounds fun and cannot wait to see who the ” real” serial killer is because it isn’t Zack. Still sad about whoever the deaths are going to be but I am sure it will all make sense. I also like that its premiere is on Tuesday, it should do marginally better than what FOX has there now

  16. Shaun says:

    Kill off the dope FBI partner and put Brennan back in the field!

  17. poodleshark says:

    No. especially with the dearth of well written and developed characters on television.

  18. Mary Pearl says:

    Know I’m not ready to say goodbye, Bones will away be a part of my life, and excellent show all around, thank you!!❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  19. Margaret Harris says:

    I hate to see this show end. It’s been my favorite since the beginning. They have to end the series with them happily married! Don’t mess with the loyal fans that way.

  20. Lynda says:

    Will BONES continue on another channel??

    Can’t imagine not watching this WONDERFUL SHOW!!


  21. Sarah says:

    I’m so conflicted about all of this. First, I’m not ready for it to end. And secondly, the timeslot. I’m glad it’s not on Thursday anymore, but I don’t like it going against This Is Us and Bull. I just hope it does better than Scream Queens.

    • Kay says:

      I don’t know how much the ratings really matter anymore, other than wanting it to end on a high note. It’s ending either way. I plan to watch Scream Queens, Bones, and This Is Us, through the magic of Hulu :)

  22. Lore says:

    And now…its getting real… this is really happening, im gonna miss them soooo much

  23. Nannette says:

    I’m sad to hear it’s the beginning of the end but I look forward to these 12 episodes very much. A good way to start off the new year if you ask me! It’s been enjoyable tv whenever I catch an episode even in reruns!

    B&B’s relationship is always ‘tested’. I think the first major ‘test’ will be about Zach. I can imagine Brennan will come down on Zach’s side and Booth will be on the other! But in the end they always find common ground. I love that about them! The wedding of Cam to a squint isn’t very important to me. But I want to see Gordon Gordon, Caroline and Max etc… And I hope B&B and Hodgins and Angela all end in a good place!

  24. Mariana Vidal says:

    Wonderful news! I have been a fan of this awesome show since the beginning and I am already feeling sad that it is coming to an end. I could have been watching it forever. All the characters are fantastic. Booth and Brennan sold me on the show since it began and the rest of characters cemented my admiration and loyalty forever. Who could ever forget any of them each and everyone of those actors gave their best to make BONES unforgettable.

    I will just have to be happy watching the seasonal DVD’s that I was fortunate to collect. Year after year I told my friends that I absolutely love the show and every year for Christmas I received the complete season on DVD.

    A heartfelt thanks to every person who made this incredibly entertaing show possible. From actors, producer(s) director(s) camera people etc., Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

  25. Brenda says:

    I need to catch up, somehow it fell off of my radar, probably because of scheduling. I know Ralph Waite passed but it would be nice if there was a scene where Booth was showing his photo to his kids and saying how much he missed his Grampy. Also looking forward to Cam and Arostoo’s storyline. Would like to know Daisy and little Sweets are going to be ok.

  26. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I am like ALL OTHER FANS: 😭SAD😭SAD😭SAD😭💔💔We have to bid BONES farewell. I am thankful Fox is giving us these 12 episodes , but FOX, sorry, you lost a fan for any other shows on your network. I don’t understand how (NBC/can keep SUV on for 18 yrs), but FOX doesn’t want to keep BONES on????I too am looking forward to S-12 with Excitement & Sadness. THIS THE BEST SHOW ON ANY NETWORK TV. THANK YOU BONES, MS REICH’S MR. HANSON, CREW BEHIND THE CAMERA, WRITERS, DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS, OTHER CREW MEMBERS….AND MOST OF ALL THE OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED CAST. You have brought US such GREAT JOY.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Amen to that Ruth Ann. I am devastated by the impending end of the show. Everytime I read a comment, the sadness of it all overwhelmes me. What am I going to do without the best weekly show on television?

    • rose says:

      I totally agree Ruth Ann – Bones has given such enjoyment to our family – it makes me so sad wish another network would pick it up

    • kmw says:

      Bones ending seems mutual to me and not just FOX wanting to get rid of it( although I know they don’t push or promote the show anymore but that has as much to do with the age of the show as FOX not wanting it anymore) also I believe David and Emily are ready to move on. They and all the other actors have given an enormous amount of time and energy to this lovely show Bones and they have other things they would like to do as well as young children. I definitely will miss David and Emily’s chemistry on screen as Booth and Brennan but I am very happy to have found this show and to have had the pleasure of enjoying it for so long. Not many shows get the chance to make it this far. I wish nothing but the best to everyone on the show and am holding out hope that David and Emily will work together again someday because they are so good together.. Saying goodbye will be tough come March( I am assuming that is when it will end if not interrupted) Bones rocks!!!!!

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        KMW, I could not have said it better myself. You express yourself very well and although we all know that every member of the cast is ready to move on, we will miss them greatly because they gave their talent and commitment to the show for a long time.

        Frankly, the show could not have been what it is without any and all of them. Farewell, Brennan, Booth, Ms. Montenegro, Hodgins, Ms. Saroyan, my darling sweets I do miss you a lot.

  27. rose says:

    It makes me so sad that Bones is ending I love the show – I got my son an daughter hooked on watching it an they got their friends to watch – it also – they all started on Netflex so they could start from the beginning -I enjoy all of the actor’s I was so sad when sweets died but I enjoy Aubrey he is so funny – I am so looking forward to the ending – but also so sad that it is ending I wish it would be on for another few years – I am going to miss it – But thank you Bones for giving me an my family such enjoyment (FYI my granddaughter started to watch it with me an now she wants to be a bone specialist just by watching it )

    • My theory is that Aubrey will be the serial killer because he has always been such a nice guy and I think he has been hiding something all along. Maybe he lost someone in the past that he blames B&B for. Crazy people are always good at hiding things until they are ready to act out.

      • Mariana Vidal says:

        Really Shirleen? You think Aubrey is the serial killer? Wow! That would break my heart I really like the guy. I truly hope that you are mistaken. It took a while for me to like the character but he grew on me sort of speak and now he is another favorite.

        Have a very nice evening, Mariana

  28. Pixie Barber says:

    No I’m not ready for Bones to go off the air :( just one more season after this one to help me with my withdrawal knowing this will be the end :( PLEASE!!!!

  29. Angie says:

    I’ve watched Bones since the beginning. I really am sad to see the show go off. I l♡ve all the characters on the show. I can’t believe there will be no more Bones & the gang.

  30. teri says:

    Well, at least Bones got a final season unlike Castle. Their network cared about the fans. ABC crapped all over a last Season for Castle by thinking it could go on without Beckett That is why am done with ABC.

  31. J says:

    Started watching Bones at the very beginning didn’t know what I was getting into. But I could not stop watching it. I’m still watching the old seasons. They take off the good shows and replace them with junk. I think you need find out why SUV and Criminal Minds keeps going and you (Fox and ABC) can’t keep a show together. Now i have to put in the same category with ABC and not watch anything on your network, at least you are treating the cast and viewers better than what ABC did to Castle. Network TV won’t be around too much longer especially when renew good shows like Bomes and Castle. Later Days!

  32. John NYC says:

    More all powerful and all knowing serial killer?



    [not really]

    • kmw says:

      @John NYC says. Um it is probably still the same serial killer they started last season not a new one. I don’t like their serial killer stories either but I highly doubt this one lasts past their 4th episode. I say this because I don’t believe for a minute that Zack is the killer. Just like Booth and Brennan’s ” test” Wont last long because they only have 12 episodes. Even at the height of Pelant they only focused on the on the killer story once every 8 episodes and I would assume this would be even less. But even if this isn’t the case a serial killer story isn’t going to dampen Bones last season for me.

  33. You just can't spell Bones without number one. says:

    Counting down the days now. Mark it on the calendar. All I’m thinking is the season four finale. Only twelve episodes left.
    Bones is going to be that show that all other shows in the future compare themselves too. Some even today, or yesterday (Castle)

  34. laura c says:

    I’m missing it already knowing the countdown begins. Besides B & B I will really miss Angela &Hodges, Wendell, Cam, the lady prosecutor. I miss Sweets, never cared for his replacement. It made more sense to have a shrink, not another FBI guy. I’m glad to see Zack back though. They need to leave B & B marriage alone. I like Thurs better, nothing else I watch then, but I have followed this show through all their moves and pre-empted scheduling.
    I still watch TNT repeats. Sad, hope they do justice for faithful fans sake. It is like losing family.

  35. Nancy says:

    Is the talk about a serial killer in addition to the puppet killer that ended season 11?

  36. No another one of my favorite shows being cancelled

  37. Kimberly says:

    I’m not ready for it to end.

  38. Ksthy says:

    Well written and smart. Entertaining and educational. I won’t miss it as I own it all, but , yeah, I will.

  39. Diana Golliday says:

    another good show hits the dust, i loved this show, but all i can say it better not air on Tuesday nights 8;00pm, i will not give up n.c.i.s.

  40. Crystal says:

    I have sincerely loved watching Bones. I am sad it’s ending, but it’s ending when they want not cuz we got tired of them. It’s been a pleasure. I’m glad I bought all the seasons on DVD.

  41. April Rooks says:

    Do not take off. Love this show…

  42. Judy Horne says:

    Why is the show ending ? I’m not ready to say good bye to the series Bones. I’ve been watching since season 1. I also watch all the reruns. How about a made for TV movie once in a while.

  43. reddkl says:

    I can’t wait to see Zack. Definitely will miss the show. Putting their marriage to ANOTHER test? Please!!!

  44. Donna D'Errico says:

    How sad. With tis departure TV choices will be severley limited for viewing fans.

  45. John Oren Craig Sr says:

    I am piss off my show going off the AIR

  46. cindy martin says:

    i am but i’m not i will miss the show bones i always looked forward to watching every week.

  47. wanda hitt says:

    im so sorry 2 c bones canceled. its intelligent funny + thought provoking material is one of a kind.

  48. Susie says:

    I thank you for Bones, best show ever, sorry it’s going off. Wish they could come up with something to let it continue .You don’t get to many shows as good as Bones has been.probley never will again.

  49. Anita Rudkin says:

    No, I look forward to that show all week and so does my 41 year old daughter. We love the, What does that mean? saying the end. I think you have plenty of things write about and look this last year. We in real life had so much going on with the election. You can get more creative with this show, I know can. COME ON NOW! We need BONES to watch. I enjoy all of it. PLEASE!!

  50. Katen says:

    No, I love Bones. I never will understand why a lot of the good clean, wholesome shows are cancelled.