The Flash Recap: Wells, Wells, Wells....

This week on The CW’s The Flash, amid an episode that was ostensibly about two new (if not particularly compelling or dangerous) metahumans, the team took a bold step in the name of shoring up its ranks.

Because while it’s fine and good that Harry paid us a visit from Earth-Two, the fact is that he and his daughter will need to go back, just as soon as Jesse gets a few more speedster lessons. Harry’s own solution: Go reel yourself in another Harrison Wells!

So after transmitting out into the multiverse a riddle/algorithmic cryptogram/intergalactic IQ test/”elaborate Help Wanted ad,” Harry, Cisco and Caitlin field video resumes from a wealth of Wellses, including one from the Old West and a French mime. The last candidate they look at, though, from Earth-19, seems to be a perfectly acceptable, smart and quite affable doppelgänger — and yet Harry declares “pass,” because his gut says it’s not the right guy for the job.

Ultimately, though, Harry gets past his feelings about “replacability” and helps the team bring over “HR.” Then, after a new round of goodbyes (and Harry’s warning to Cisco that someone else helped Barry get out of a mirror prison), the Wellses return to Earth-Two.

As for the actual drama of the episode, it revolved around Sam Scudder, an associate of Leonard Snart’s who years ago was about to get iced by Captain Cold when the particle accelerator exploded, turning him into a meta who can travel through mirrors. Sam’s girlfriend, Rosa, in turn acquired the ability to induce extreme vertigo. Reunited, the two have a run-in with The Flash and Jessie Quick, resulting in the former’s aforementioned “imprisonment.” But after getting (secretly) sprung (by Caitlin’s frosty touch), Barry traps Mirror Master with a Snart hologram and an infinite reflective loop, while Jesse KO’s Top.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Barry and Iris struggled again to let their romance blossom, this time stymied by Joe’s interruptions/the awkwardness of making out in front of “their” dad. Barry kinda sorta talks to Joe about it, but not to Iris’ satisfaction. In the end, Barry greets Iris at “movie night” with a hello kiss, then suggests it is time for him to get his own place — and Joe vehemently agrees.

* Also getting in some Disney Channel-chaste necking this episode were Wally and Jesse, once young Mr. West got past his jitters about diving into a long-distance relationship.

* After covertly using her icy touch to free Barry from his mirror prison, Caitlin returned home for a nice, hot shower… until the water stream and stall iced up, leaving her with a streak in her hair and purple lips. Is Killer Frost taking over?

* Yeah, so Snart is still, at the very least, “AWOL” in this Flash timeline — having gone off on a “trip with some friends,” as Oliver apparently told Barry.

What did you think of “The New Rogues” — and the new Wells?

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  1. Brad says:

    Once she fully becomes killer frost it’s gonna be interesting to see what the do with her character should nice killer frost is a bad person

    • acurat says:

      I have been wondering that myself. I liked Katlyn acting nice. Changing into Killer Frost will be a huge disappointment if she then becomes a villain. Why would her changes make her evil but not Barry and Cisco?

  2. steven says:

    Soon, very soon. A frost is coming.

  3. M says:

    I cannot wait…. It’s great to witness this since we never truly saw Killer Frost come into existence. So just watching Caitlin slowly figure things out albeit secretly has been a charm.

  4. stacy030 says:

    Sigh, they must really, really, really hate Snart’s fans. I can’t think of any other reason to tease his appearance like that. It kind of makes me just not want to watch The Flash anymore. They clearly don’t want me enjoying the show.

    • Earl says:

      Deep breaths…they have the actor signed, we know we’ll be seeing him more, it’s just a matter of when.

      • stacy030 says:

        *breaths*. I know, I was just so darn excited to see him back on the Flash again. I hope he’ll have more to do on Legends, but I love his and Barry’s relationship and it would be sad for them to never have a scene together again.

    • Eric J. says:

      It’s also a matter of how much he – Wentworth Miller – wants to do! He has his Prison Break sequel/reboot. He probably won’t be around as much as he was last year because last year he signed a contract for one season of Legends. Yes he’s a “series regular” now across all 4 DC shows but that doesn’t mean he’ll be in every episode. We haven’t even seen John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) on any show yet!

      • stacy030 says:

        True. Plus, there hasn’t even been any big news about when Katie Cassidy is coming back. So, I guess I have it better than other fans. and, really, it was my fault for being so excited.

  5. TvPeong says:

    I like what they’re doing with Barry and Iris.
    Expected a little bit more with mirror master

    • Jim says:

      Well to be fair this is the first episode with him. the actor signed on for a recurring role. so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

  6. John Corbae says:

    Making out with your adopted sister in front of your step-dad, that’s a pretty big buzzkill no matter how you look at it. Get your own apartment Barry.

    • clintbrew says:

      adopted father but still pretty funny i wonder where barry moves too also not trusting e-19 HR i would have gone with the cowbow wells or the mime wells

    • herman1959 says:

      Actually, Joe WAS Barry’s foster father/ guardian. Neither disqualifies adult Barry from marrying adult Iris…we can all move on now.

  7. MattySi says:

    I don’t think Killer Frost is taking over but a hero version maybe.

  8. Jason says:

    I’d have rather kept the earth-2 Wells and Jessie. The Flash really loves to bring in characters, make you like them and then say “No! You can’t have to much of a good thing!” And snatch them away.

    • Emily says:

      Completely agree! i was so disappointed when the new Wells came through. Not only Harry, but Jesse too! I mean, we finally get to see Wally and Jesse together! I really hope that this isn’t permanent.

      • ndixit says:

        It’s not. We already have promise of a big Gorilla city episode and that can’t happen without E-2. They are basically a door away.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah but three speedsters on team Flash is too many. Hard enough to come up with threats one Flash isn’t capable of dealing with, which is why they keep going back to evil speedsters. And it’s going to be Barry and Wally. hAving Jessie along right now would take away from the development of the dynamic. It’s too bad because Jessie is adorable, but I understand why she can’t stick around.

  9. Sarah says:

    This is the first episode where, at the end of it, I haven’t been still angry or annoyed at Barry since the end of the Season 2 finale. I loved the last scene with Joe, Iris, and Barry. I’m actually gonna miss Harry and Jessie. I really hope they come back. And I don’t know how I feel about the new Wells. Lastly, I like Caitlin having powers, but I really don’t want her to turn evil so really hope the writers don’t go that way.

  10. ndixit says:

    Anyone else love the horror movie vibe in the final scene with Caitlin. It definitely looks like it’s going to be a really compelling storyline for her.

  11. Luis Roman says:

    I’d watch Tom Cavanagh read from HuffPo in a burlap sack

  12. James Edward Ott says:

    I personally thought that when “Harry” and Cisco got into the naming game that it was a needed lighthearted moment and I’m wondering what “Team Flash” is going to do when Caitlin Snow reveals that she has the powers of Killer Frost?

  13. KB says:

    I really hope that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Jesse, they need to bring her back quick… Also bring back her father, Wells from Earth 2 as HR is just annoying…

  14. I’m interesting in seeing whether they decide to make Caitlin a villain or keep her personality intact. The character Killer Frost is about to move over from the Suicide Squad to the Justice League in comics-land … a case of a criminal reforming.

    Best laugh of the night was Barry coaching Jesse, then adding, “Hey, I’m Ollie now” (or words to that effect). I want Violett Beane around full-time or full-time-ish.

    As for what Barry knows about Snart (and Rory’s) whereabouts … it’s been a while since the pilot of LoT, but I thought he was fully in the loop about the whole team’s composition and why they were leaving. It could be that he was just blowing it off because it was too complicated to get into with everyone else, but I had the feeling from this episode he was unclear on details.

  15. Jeremiah says:

    Was anybody else totally disappointed in mirror mirror? Wells. I think this new one is shady. Then they will bring back the old Wells
    Finally barry gets his own place. Much needed. He and Iris need the privacy time. Solid episode overall.

  16. chimdya says:


  17. I love the Legends shout out they gave last night and I can’t wait to find out how Barry reacts when he finds out what happened to Snart

  18. Mwaelder says:

    FYI. They are bringing back Caitlyn Snow in the comics as killer frost but putting her on a version of the Jla .. so this might not totally turn out to be the killer frost persona from earth 2.

  19. Redep says:

    I’m tired by the Wells’ problem:
    First season: a false Wells who was a sociopath with many secrets
    2nd season: a new Wells with many secrets
    3nd season a new (again) Wells with also many secrets

    The season 4 will have a new Wells?

    Sinc the beginning, there’s 4 Wells (with the original Wells)

    The actor is very good but the storyline is too similar.

  20. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good and had some funny moments. Good to see Barry and Jesse fight meta-humans together. Sad Wells and Jesse had to go back home. Hope they’ll be back soon! Hope new Wells will do good with the team. Tom did great playing the different Well from the other earths. It was good to see Snart on the show again even if it was a bit. Surprised about Caitlin at the end. She’s on her way to become Killer Frost!

  21. gg says:

    I don’t understand how Cisco’s device could fail. He did make the cold gun, right?? or did that..somehow changed and someone else made it this timeline? But to me it seems it was just to give Caitlin an excuse to use her Killer Frost powers.

    • Mo says:

      They said something along the lines of it wasn’t absolute zero which Cold’s gun could do but something more than that because of the the mirror’s vibrational thingy. So KF is greater than absolute zero and that’s how she freed Barry where the gun couldn’t.

  22. Robert Dassler says:

    Another terrible episode of The Flash. What were the odds?

  23. Lynn says:

    This episode was boring. I was on the computer and not even paying attention some of the time. I also changed the channel to the World Series a couple of times. They need to bring the original Wells back, although I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be watching.

  24. Ralph says:

    On Earth 1 Cisco is Vibe, Earth 2 is Reverb. If Snow was Killer Frost on Earth 2 what should her name be on Earth 1?

  25. Why does Caitlin have to be Killer Frost?

    Her counterpart was evil, Ronnie’s counterpart was evil, Cisco’s counterpart was evil, yet all of her equivalents are good.

    Her fear of becoming a homicidal psychopath was nice tension last season, but begs the question: Shouldn’t she be good as well?

    E19 Wells: You are handsome.
    E2 Wells: I know.
    Tom Cavanagh, national treasure.

  26. John says:

    Did they ever tell us what Harry was trying to say right before he vanished?