The Walking Dead Poll: Did the Violent Season 7 Premiere Cross the Line?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

We knew going into the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead that it wasn’t going to be pretty. But did any of us really expect the AMC drama to push the envelope as far as it did in terms of sheer brutality?

At this point, most viewers of the show are probably pretty blasé about seeing walkers bashed, beheaded and splattered across their screens. We’re even semi-used to the violence perpetrated against (and, at times, by) the series’ humans. Yet nothing prepared us — and maybe nothing could have prepared us — for what we witnessed in “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”

As if Abraham’s death-by-Lucille hadn’t been disturbing enough, TWD then not only showed us the dent in Glenn’s noggin after Negan’s first blows with his barbed-wire-covered bat — and the poor guy’s bulging eye — it later lingered on a shot of his still-twitching body, his head reduced to a pulpy mess. Which begs the question, did it go too far?

Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments to explain why you feel that the gruesomeness was justified… or why you feel that it was unnecessary.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Seriously? Did you expect a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire was going to make rainbows fly out of their heads?

    • Adam B says:

      Your comment literally made me laugh out loud.

      Can someone with Photoshop skills please make the rainbow thing a reality?

    • Anna Lee says:

      I too need a Photoshop of said rainbows

    • AnnieM says:

      Sir, tonight you win the internet. :-)

    • TV Gord says:

      Ooo, barbed wire rainbows!

    • Karen Richard says:

      Now that was funny!

    • They didn’t have to show each and every blow to the point that my wife was sick and now refuses to watch another episode.

      • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

        Next week when TWD is due to start put on one of the Human Centipede movies, I’m pretty sure your wife will be happy enough with TWD after that.

        • kateeobrien says:

          I’ve seen all 3 human centipede movies and I still was sick to my stomach about this, I don’t know if it’s because I felt so attached to glenn but the way they deformed his face and he could hardly talk was too disgusting and unnecessary really

          • Michele says:

            For sure!!!

          • Jay says:

            I believe the main (and only) driving factor to the “violent” aspect is the fact that glenn was a fan favorite, if it were some other character who wasn’t as popular with the fans a majority of the people would not care and say it isn’t impactful enough.

          • Rick says:

            Went over the line. I will be curious to see their ratings. I know I will never watch it again!!!

        • I watched Human Centipede 1 and 2, but TWD was worse, because people used to like those characters.

          • MizzMe says:

            Oh, puh-lease!

          • Jay says:

            So the only reason why people are so agitated about the blood is because they liked the characters, if any other character would have died then nobody would bat an eye. Personally i didn’t really care when they died, i felt more like “well that’s two more off the count, who’s next?”
            Imagine if Maggie was the fan favorite of the show, and negan had forced glenn to gut her and tear out her unborn baby fetus, that would be gruesom, but just seeing 2 people’s heads get turned into puddles of blood and chunks of flesh is hardly sickening, they should’ve at least made some clear shots and showed more blood flying around.

      • Shulamit Hanover says:

        I entered the living room when Glenn was reduced, and my husband signaled me to not make another step. He told me – not in many details – what happened and to who… I will not watch such brutality… They went way too far with that killing…

        • Missy says:

          Good gosh, it’s just a show! It’s not real. But, I’m so happy your husband was there to shield you from such horror. You poor, feeble woman.

          • Whatevah8 says:

            Don’t be nasty. Some people don’t like watching that stuff. You do, that’s what makes the world go around & she has a right to post what happened at her house.

          • Missy says:

            Whatevah, I can’t hit reply to your comment, but, I wasn’t trying to be nasty. And if “some” people don’t like watching that stuff then why are they watching a show the a MA LV rating?

          • Gospino says:

            Don’t be disingenuous, Missy. Of course you were being nasty (and snotty, rude, etc.), and you meant to be.

          • Missy says:

            Maybe a little sarcastic, but come on. If you can’t handle this type of stuff, why watch this type of show?

          • Riku Salovaara says:

            Missy the moron. Sad for you, Missy :(

          • Lilly says:

            Ok, Missy was definitely being snarky. But c’mon. I’m one of those who doesn’t watch horror flicks that are too gruesome. And I watch TWD more for the moral quandaries and the threat to human decency caused by the zombie apocalypse. But I still didn’t need my husband to protect me from what I knew was coming. I just lowered my own eyes and missed most of the blows. At 54 years old, I no longer hide my head in a man’s shoulder. I, like Missy, am scratching my head why someone who has watched 6 seasons of this show thinks last night was any more violent than many other deaths. It just happened to two very good men.

          • Granted says:

            and I’m sorry that you’ve completely lost your humanity. Live some life and learn.

          • Granted says:

            Uh, Missy, TWD has had its moments of violence but if you are saying it’s always been like what we saw Sunday evening then you are irretrievably desensitized to the violence around you.

          • Nicole Williams says:

            Why all so serious? Missy, I think your comment was hilarious, some people need a sense of humour! :)

          • Missy says:

            Thank you to those with a sense of humor and who actually agreed with me. And to those that keep saying TWD has never been this violent/gruesome/whatever…..what about when Hershel’s head was cut half-way off? What about when they ripped walkers open with their bare hands? What about the walker that ate Lori…that scene was worse to me than anything I saw on S7E1. What about the trough at Terminis. Did men having the back of their heads bashed in and their throats slashed so their blood can drain into a trough not turn your stomach, just a tad? Where’s the outrage for that???!!? There have been PLENTY of cringe -worthy moments on TWD. This isn’t something new for the show. Those that say they will no longer watch because of this ONE episode, were never true TWD fans to begin with.

          • Missy says:

            LOL, thank you so very much!

          • Juston says:

            get off missy’s tail you all she is right..the show is a Zombie Apocalypse show..why sugar coat the situation..I agree don’t watch the a how at all if you can’t take it..and did anyone read the Damn Comics..this is what was supposed to happen

          • john says:

            I agree. If people cant see the show for what it is, dont watch. Saying they took it too far is ridiculous for someone watching a show depicting human nature after such catastrophic events. I respect the art and talent of those who created and captured such a dreadful moment.

            She says they took it too far but is probably more interested in the show now than the whole time in between now and terminus, if not longer. it was getting rather stale and im interested again, for now at least.

            i really dont get why people are afraid to see things like that in fiction. it wasnt done to anger SJW’s or people with baby eyes, its out of realism/immersion and tone – to make you feel sorry for the characters you have come to like….and now hate.

            Glenn wasnt just murdered, he was murdered in possibly the most horrific way one can be clubbed to death, by a man who clearly found it humorous. that memory is a part of these characters forever and will push them going forward.

        • Chris says:

          If the violence bothers you that much why are watching a show about the zombie apocalypse that has been super violent since day one ?

          • GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

            I can’t answer for Shulamit Hanover but feel compelled to share why I watch such a violent show even though it is almost way to graphic for me to watch without varying degrees of emotional pain, disgust and frustration. Simply put, based on some of the people involved both in front of and behind the cameras I had a pretty good inkling from before the show actually aired it was going to be well written, well acted and well produced show about humanity’s amazing will to survive with a variety of characters to get invested in. Added to that it was being filmed in my ‘backyard’ so to speak.

            So, despite my tendency to be squeamish and appalled by realistically portrayed violence, I checked it out when it premiered and I’ve stuck with it ever since, because it delivered everything I expected and more, albeit wrapped in a gory and graphic package that can leave me wound up so badly I have to take a couple of hours to cleans my psyche before I can go to sleep.

            I watch because it is a damn fine show with some of the best storytelling and most compelling characters I’ve ever watched. I care about these characters and their stories, even if I sometimes have to hide my eyes, or spoil myself thoroughly before watching to survive the gore and violence [and emotional impact those things have on me].

          • Whatevah8 says:

            Missy I get what you’re saying but “You poor, feeble woman” was kind of, well, I guess you’re right it was sarcastic. Sarcasm is kind of my thing so you’re right, sorry. I can’t reply to you either. Chris Glenn’s eye popping out of it’s socket was downright gross and the violence was over the top. I didn’t say I didn’t like it (I didn’t) but I won’t quit watching the show because of it. That’s what hands in front of the face are for. Especially with a show like this.

          • Missy says:

            Glenn’s face post-Lucille was taken directly from the graphic novel…..that’s why they showed it, I think, just to try to make that scene come alive.

          • Granted says:

            It hasn’t been nearly this violent until now and you are a LIAR if you say it has been.

          • Michelle L. says:

            I totally relate and get exactly what you are saying! Well put, I feel the same exact way! I despose horror/gore and will not watch “scary” movies at all, but this shows story telling intrigues me. It took me 2 seasons to get past the blood and gore when the zombies were stabbed, etc. This episode was way more violent and gory than anything else I remember seeing in previous season’s! It physically made my stomach churn and made me ill. It was “overkill” in my opinion. We all react in our own ways and can still appreciate a show even when we don’t enjoy all aspects of a show. I will keep watching as long as this extreme violence and gore doesn’t continue this way. I won’t watch a show that makes me physically ill repeatedly. I need little breaks of “happy time” every now and again to break up the misery and doom of their situation! ;)

        • Doug Bolantis says:

          you didn’t even watch it, yet have the gall to pass judgment? some people…

      • Missy says:

        They didn’t show every blow. They only showed like 9ish or so….out of the 20ish or so blows.

      • MLO says:

        Oh, tell your wife to go watch AFHV!

      • A says:

        I’m. it sure what your wife would expect from a show depicting the zombie apocalypse…. I am also female she just needs to grow up.

      • Tristan says:

        I’m 16 and I’ve already watched it thee times. Lol

      • AG says:

        Same here. My wife can’t handle it.
        I myself am fine with it, part of the journey of the show. But now my wife won’t watch.Well she says she won’t. We’ll see I guess.

      • Granted says:

        I’m sure that she won’t be alone. The show has been on fumes for a while, so now they have to resort to these debasing images.

      • Mike Robison says:

        I am with your wife. I have been a loyal watcher since the beginning, but any fun I had watching was ripped away in the most violent way. I won’t be watching anymore either.

      • Michele Goebel says:

        I agree with William Huddleston

      • So, she shouldn’t watch. No one is forced to tune in to this sbow,

      • Joe Bundens says:

        I saw the scene and I know walking dead promotes the show as a zombie thriller so you have to expect some violence. But it tries to be much more than that. It is a show about survival in an apocalyptic society. So there has to be some show of violence, because in the real world that is what probably would happen. Now I think there is a point at which the scene did go a little bit too far especially when they show glenn’s arm twitching with his brains smashed like jello. Was that really necessary, probably not. Like the propellor guy in the Titanic, was that really necessary. I think the eyeball thing and Glenn telling Maggie I love you, I’ll find you, the emotional sadness was already there. To pile on again was too far. I think HBO for its reputation of being no holds bar on sex and violence they tend to hold back when someone is completely getting their brains knocked not showing every piece of flesh. But this is really a testament on society I think. I know this is entertainment and make-believe but somewhere in the real world this stuff actually happens and do we need to see this. For people to think that this is ok or acceptable says something.

        • Guy Smith says:

          The fact is that there is enough of that same violence in the world today,and I really dont want it in my entertainment.I want a break from what is really going on in the violent world I live in.

      • Annie C says:

        @ William~ your wife wasn’t the only one sickened to the point of quitting the show. I did too, but have since reneged on my vow and caught a couple more episodes of Season 7’s TWD. BIg mistake! This show is it’s own “walking dead.” The characters are moving around, acting out the aimless scripts TWD’s writers are grinding out, but “there’s no one home.” By the time this season is over, the show will be, as well. AMC has killed TWD. It should get a decent burial, but I think it’s too late for even that. What a sad ending for what has been such a great show!

    • Troy says:

      Thank you! Everyone was complaining about the season finale and how we didn’t get to see the person’s head getting bashed in and now that we actually get to SEE it and Walking Dead is pulling back NO punches and people start complaining that it was TOO violent! You can’t win! Yes it was violent but it needed to be. Negan is a violent person. It’s no worse than some of the stuff I’ve seen on Game of Thrones. I feel like Walking Dead was making up for the fact that so many people were upset over the finale that they threw all caution to the wind and said “Here you go! Here’s the violent bloody mess you wanted to see! Watch it!”

    • Jeremy Hyde says:

      No I didn’t Jason, duh.
      BUT they ‘do’ still have a choice as to HOW much they will show,,,especially for a prime time TV show with large audience.
      Sorry but this was no better than a ‘snuff film’ and I don’t want to think anyone feels that is ‘acceptable’. What we’re saying then is that it’s Ok to take the sort of graphic content from a movie like Saw or HOSTEL and air on one of the most viewed prime time TV shows (one that produces TOYS for kids & teens BTW). NOPE!
      I am NOT about ‘censorship’ but there is issue of ‘format featured within’ and mostly, there has to be boundaries for TV…even in this already declined and depraved culture we’ve allowed to creep into our standards as Americans.
      These were not walkers or even humans with normal level of violence depicted in show, this was a VERY reality based scene and it ‘did’ cross a line with Glen’s scene.

      • Vanessa says:

        Snuff film involves actual murder and since this was fiction it was most certainly “better” than a snuff film.

        • Michelle says:

          A snuff film is also fiction or do you believe that the murder depicted is actually happening in those movies?

          • cRyan says:

            Real snuff films do exist. For one, ISIS makes new snuff films everyday.

          • Guy Smith says:

            never seen one

          • cRyan says:

            There seems to be a lot of goading and ridicule of people who thought this episode was too graphic and extreme. No need. If you weren’t familiar with the characters and this was the FIRST episode you ever saw, you would realize that the level of violence here was no different than any other episode. The difference is that the viewers had a strong emotional connection to the characters. That’s why they’re traumatized. Nobody’s reaction is right or wrong. It’s their normal reaction.

      • A says:

        They make toys for collectors. If any child is watching this show I think that the problem is the parents NOT the show itself. On my television guide it rates the show MA LV “IFFY for 16”.

      • Shad Olds says:

        I feel Jeremy summed it up right on target! You nailed it when you say
        “These were not walkers or even humans with normal level of violence depicted in show, this was a VERY reality based scene and it ‘did’ cross a line with Glen’s scene.” Had it been a lil less than what it was,minus the constant non stop bludgeoning,minus the extent of the guts and eye popping out and the heinous BS making them watch it,mind you Carl who is a teenager at only 17 years old,hell no is this scene even appropriate for him let alone my son who is only 14! Its not just the gore,it is this form of POW torture lining people up to be executed! Heaven forbid who was a POW was watching this that suffers PTSD! They crossed the line,maybe compared to the past it wasnt overly crossed,but they certainly did cross it for a TV audience that is by no means monitored,theres no guarantee who is watching and I already know of many kids that watched the show that shouldnt have been exposed to this!

    • Gospino says:

      Not as clever a comment as you think. Of course no one here is that foolish, but there’s a big difference between showing graphic images and cutting away, for instance.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Ugh, I’m so sick of this rebuttal attempt, anytime anyone even raises the issue. All day. All over the web. Look, here’s the deal. What the people complaining about the gore in last night’s episode are saying is NOT “we don’t want violence, at all, ever.” Trust me – they’re OK with violence. I mean, it’s TWD, it’s a zombie show, I PROMISE you, they get it.
      But there is a HUGE difference between creatively whacking zombies each week and literally bashing the brains out of two non-zombie characters you know and (at least in one case) seriously love. The shot of Glenn’s twitching body with a completely destroyed head – why was that necessary? What hadn’t already been achieved with the sheer fact of his death?
      So yeah, in short, there is a rational argument to be made for saying it crossed a line. Belittling the people making that argument and deliberately misstating it just so that you can mock it more easily only makes you look like a jerk. I don’t know if I personally feel that way, to be honest. I’m a little on the fence about it, especially that lingering close-up of Glenn. But at least I can recognize that it’s a reasonable opinion to hold.

      • Jeremy Hyde says:

        well said

      • Whatevah8 says:

        Great comment Annie! Two thumbs up!

      • Murlin43 says:

        That’s my revulsion to this episode. Seven years of a beloved character being brutally killed and off the show is hard enough for a fan to take, but to turn his death into an excessively violent, overkill worse than anything I’ve seen on TV in recent memory was really affronting to me. My stomach was already flipping with the violence to Abraham and I’m not generally squeamish about blood and guts when they are in context. I think they took it too far. Great acting. I’m even okay with the shot of Glenn telling Maggie, “I’ll find you.” with his head already bashed in. (Hated it, but kind of knew it was coming.) It was the continuous bashing and Negan jumping up and down, turning them to hamburger that I thought was disgusting. The shot of his twitching hand. By the time the Carl scene was happening I was just about barfing. That’s not entertainment in my book. That is gratuitous sadistic crap.

        • Shad Olds says:

          Darn right,it sure was Sadistic! My husband NEVER bails out,and just like you,my husband opted out by the time Carl was put down to get his hands severed off,he said that draws the line! Hes a father to 3 sons and of course 4 girls so any kid regardless their age is disturbing. But this was a scene for the sick hearted,i like scary flicks and horror,but i also do have morals and a heart and that wasnt up my alley either. It was overkill,the constant bludgeoning,the gore,the inhumanity of making others watch was the worst part of it all! You imagine that being your family and it not only sends a shiver up your spine,but it also seeps into your emotions and what 1 can take. Human Torture is worse than slaying zombies,a shoot out war and yadda. Its more of a norm to watch the bad guy get taken down,but good family oriented people,one who is pregnant and a teenager,they had no desire to kill other living beings unless it came down to self defense and sparing their own lives,that crosses the norm what is moral and human nature there last night!

          • Michele Goebel says:

            I totally agree!

          • Annie C says:

            @Shad Olds: I agree with everything you’ve said. There are a significant number of us TWD fans who have appreciated the character development in TWD and have come to care about them. This is the hallmark of well-written fiction of any genre. I can accept that the premise and setting of the show would set the stage for some violent content, but I was totally disgusted and turned off by the Season7 premiere’s tortuous, sadistic crap! Now, those who share my reaction are taunted and insulted, in this forum, by fans who liked it, and we are told to “grow up.” The ones who say this should take their own advice. I do not believe that getting a kick out of watching torture and sadism is a mark of maturity. Quite the opposite IMHO!

        • Michele Goebel says:

          Yep, like Robert Kirkman said he has no emotions. I usually watch a prem9a few times. This was so morbidly vulgar and sadistic I covered my eyes i still can’t watch the entire bashing the first 2 hits I was crying. First time my fiance said whose going to hold me because I was crying so hard. This was over kill!!

      • Shad Olds says:

        Well said! It reminded me of what the POW’s went through and heaven forbid they have PTSD and seen that! They did cross that line,maybe compared to what they usually do,they didnt overly cross i,but they did!!!!! Especially on national TV when parents both work these days and some allow it but i would bet had they even known it would of been like that,theyd in some cases oppose it. Heck,Carl is only 17 yrs old,idk if that was even suitable for him,i think the only reason why he did,his parents allowed it but as a parent do i feel he should of participated in that-NO! In a way,its worse but hey,thats for them to deal with,not my business!

        • A says:

          First of all IT WAS NOT REAL. Chandler Riggs was not actually watching Negan bash in anyone’s actual skull. Second of all, Carl’s character shot his own mother he was A LOT younger then!

        • Pam says:

          I fast forwarded through alot of it because I can’t stand to watch torture like this. I knew the episode was said to be the bloodiest ever but I was caught off guard. I kept telling myself it was just tv but it was very real. I guess that means it was well done. I don’t mind smashing zombies but this over the top for me. I’ll dvr the rest of the season and fast forward through the gore because I want to see them get their revenge.

      • Abby says:


      • Lucifer says:

        A well-liked character’s head got popped like a grape in a closeup on Game of Thrones, brains, blood, and skull flying everywhere. They didn’t cut away like they did with TWD after the first 2 blows and then show distance shots or the aftermath. And just a few weeks ago where American Horror Story gutted someone with a hook and pulled his intestines out. Compared to the majority of graphic violence on cable and premium cable today, TWD’s head-bashings were ridiculously miniscule.

        • Annie Sisk says:

          AHS isn’t equivalent – not a well-loved character, being brutally slaughtered onscreen in a show that doesn’t (for all it likes to pretend otherwise) routinely brutally slaughter non-zombie characters. GoT, I can’t speak to as I don’t watch it but if that’s truly an equivalent scenario then I’d also argue GoT fans would have a legitimate gripe with it.

          • So it’s only okay if the character isn’t loved by the audience? Sigh…if they had killed the new character from Alexandria (Aaron) instead of Glenn people would have been outraged that the main characters have too much plot armor. Nothing is ever good enough

          • Annie Sisk says:

            That’s … not at all what I said.

          • Guy Smith says:

            No,I dont need to see that degree of violence depicted on anyone

      • Donny says:

        Exactly, thank you.

      • Granted says:

        RIGHT ON!

      • Michelle L. says:

        Very well said, Annie! I understand both sides of the issue considering the subject matter of this show. It was way too graphic/gory/violent imo and a line was crossed. I understand those saying it established how evil Neegan is, but it made me physically sick watching. I am hanging in there because I have to see them defeat Neegan, but if they continue show this level of violence I can’t and won’t be able to keep watching. Sad, because I love the storyline (most of the time) and the way the main characters connect with each other. I’m really way too invested in this silly show to stop watching now! Hours and hours I spent binge watching the first 4 seasons to catch up with my son who started watching the first season.

      • Chris7d2 says:

        You are spot-on with your comments! My wife and I watch TV to have fun, be amused, and feel good. Zombie slaughtering is fun and entertaining, but watching humanity at its worst over and over is just too depressing. We are done with TWD!!!

      • Mike Robison says:

        Well said! I also think they crossed the line. I watched this show for the good writing and great acting. Both were poor on the past two episodes. All of the characters were kneeling there shaking and quivering. Add in the unbelievably convoluted way they ended up there and you get a show that seems to now be trading shocks for good drama. I’ll pass.

    • Frank says:

      It was much too violent, We wonder today where people, kids, get ideas to commit violent acts on others? This is it. “Lucille” will soon become an attack weapon I’m afraid in some soon to be news article. Remember the shower scene in Psycho? That’s 50+ years ago and people are still talking about the shower scene and how it accomplished such fear with so few visual effects. And then you have last night’s opening episode of TWD. God help the world. It could have been done with one swing of the bat not 30 or 40 or whatever it was.
      In real life, one swing like that would have been enough to practically behead someone, heaven forbid. We are becoming numb to violence. Where will it end? I won’t watch another episode. They have gone way too far for me and that’s a real shame because the script and story lines in of themselves, have otherwise been excellent.

      • Shad Olds says:

        Frank,that is exactly what i was thinking as well as far as someone in society mocking this killing! I feared it! We know how creative people are becoming these days and they get alot of it from the film industry! So it will either be some wacko that already has these tendencies or someone who falls mad at the election for example and then the Lucille idea has made the news! Sickos thrive on that stuff,the look for new sick ideas and its frightening they put this out there! It is a Prisoner of War execution and done so brutally by a very sick heinous person,so what if its fake and not real,because the sickos in society ARE VERY REAL out there among us!

        • Michele Goebel says:

          Well said again Shad Olds!!!

        • Juston says:

          please watch Season5 episode 1 again and tell me how it’s any different than people getting there treats slashed ect..why all the wah wah wah now…you can change the channel as glenn would say “Dumb As*”

      • You do realize that swords and stabbing weapons have existed for thousands of years, right? I would bet my entire life savings that you (or anyone for that matter) could come close to decapitating someone with a baseball bat.

        If you’re afraid of this weapon hitting the streets, wait until you find out how easy it is to buy hunting knives, swords, bows, and firearms. OH LORD SAVE US!

        If you think they’ve gone too far you need a reality check. Google “ISIS beheading video” or “ISIS shotgun execution”. This show literally childsplay compared to the real world. Not to mention, we live in the LEAST VIOLENT TIME PERIOD IN HISTORY. Our ancestors would be ashamed at how squeamish people have become. I know I’m disappointed.

    • betsymac says:

      ^^ THIS!!!

    • Sara Keihl says:


    • Saujan says:

      Jason Castleman is the man here. Everybody taking the news like women. GOT crushed a guy’s head for god’s sakes.

    • Bliz says:

      Ppl overreacting whining about the premiere for the violence proves three things i always knew about nearly half of walking dead fans: 1. They are ignorant about the source material and style; 2. They are ignorant of the zombie horror genre and style; 3. They thought they were watching a dramatic soap opera.

    • my words excatly!! what did everyone expect with Negan’s weapon? Come on people!!

    • Amanda A says:

      Lol…love this!!! If you watch the news it’s more gruesome than this and it’s real.

    • yoob says:

      Honestly though, do you think a person would be able to utter a word let alone form a complete sentence after getting bashed in the head with a baseball bat?

  2. Betsy says:

    I feel like a worse person for having watched that torture for an hour.

    • Melissa Diamond says:

      Yes, they probably went too far! But, I think I could have handled the gory overkill and even losing one of my favorite characters, more than I can handle knowing that if I choose to watch the show anymore, I will have to endure Neagan’s horrible character every Sunday. So, no I will not watch it anymore. This character is just too much and his arrogance and sickening personality honestly made me want to vomit more than the gore and violence. After never missing a single episode……I’M DONE! And I hope many more fans take a stand and let AMC know that Neagan’s character is just too much!!!! It’s very sad because up until this episode TWD was my all time favorite show. Now, I’d rather sit in silence and stare at the walls than see this character ruin what was once a great show!!!

      • Shaydryn says:

        Seriously? How moronic can you possibly be? Society has collapsed. There are virus-infected cannibals by the hundreds of millions roaming the landscape. Those not infected are subject to the most base, anarchic, and (dare I say) HUMAN form of law that always rears its head in dark times. Negan is exactly what you would get. See human history for a virtually unlimited source of even more evil and barbaric examples.

        So please, stop watching, and continue to live in denial about what you are, and what humans are capable of.

        • Tj says:

          Thats not really true humans are societal animals. In any apocalypse we would mostlikely band together, and people like negan would be lynched by the group. Rebuilding society doesnt make good TV though so we get meniacle despots

          • Jim says:

            Untrue. Negan’s just another warlord, like Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun or Charlemagne. His “army” is one tribe making war on another tribe. It isn’t civilized. It never was. What we witnessed tonight is what happened all throughout human history, except often it was even worse. Yeah, we’d get past this eventually and rebuild a more civilized society. But you’re kidding yourself if you think this wouldn’t happen first.

          • Laura says:

            Are you being serious right now? Look at what people do to one another on Black Friday for a TV or an X-Box… just imagine what would happen if we ran out of water, let alone an apocalypse. Humans are capable of evil, vicious things for far less than primal survival

          • what world do you live in.? I am sorry but the show only depicts where society would go in this instance. If you don’t believe it to be an actual depiction, just watch the evening news. our society is cruel.

          • MLO says:

            @Laura – you are so correct. Race riots, riot’s based on sports teams and security guards killed by stampeding shoppers. Humans have the ability to very quickly devolve. And as for the brutality of the killings, I had a harder time watching Noah get eaten alive by the hoarde of walkers than I did watching this. I’m glad they didn’t pull back and Disneyfy it.

          • Terriea says:

            That’s is the dumbest thing I have ever read people would come together…no way in hell humans are only out for self “negan” is a perfect examples le of what we would get

        • Joe Gonzalez says:

          See you next week – HAHA

          • Victoria says:

            Call me old-fashioned, but I can watch zombies getting their skulls bashed in, but can’t tolerate cold-blooded sadist murder.

        • Judy says:

          Wow. Not really neccisary to call someone a moron because the have a different oppinion or thought. I think the violence they showed is all about keeping their ratings and staying on top. Regardless of whats right for society

          • TV Gord says:

            Not everything is about ratings. I think it was important not to sugarcoat Negan’s brutality. After everything these people have been through, this had to be something that would shake them to their core.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            100% agree with TV Gord. This had to be done. I can only speak for myself but I felt Negan’s horror while watching so I say bravo, well done!!!! And what will be truly satisfying, done he road, is when Rick and co. get their revenge. Personally, it has to be Maggie that gets to take Negan out though.

        • Eurydice says:

          Watching fake gratuitous violence on TV while you’re safe at home doesn’t give you special some understanding of how the world works. If you want to feel what humans are truly capable of, try going outside where people are actually killing each other.

        • Shad Olds says:

          You actually believe there would be a bunch of barbed baseball bat bludgeoning freaks around heinously killing people? Your nuts! We all know thats what guns are for! We are modern times people,we dont utilize such weaponry,we would likely use guns these days,heaven forbid,society breaks down. Swords and knives would only be used as a last resort if ammunition was to run out or be stolen. I think a gun would take that bat out alot quicker,and Negans highly populated gang is far from reality,in the show he has like a hundred people and its not that easy to go round up hundreds of people who is fully aware of ones brutality on others and are going to be “ok” with it. Not a sadistic way like that! A war is a 1 on 1 sort of thing- a somewhat even amount of beings for example: 20 vs 30 or 100 vs 120 but NOT 80 vs 11 lol,thats called a execution and that is NO example of a war if that is what some are implying lol

      • Hey Melissa, yes I agree with you. It’s almost like they heard the show had been getting too predictable so they went overboard trying to shock everyone. With all the evil already in the world, this was just too over the top. I may continue to watch just to see this evil SOB get whats coming to him but if it continues in this same vein…….that will be it for me. I felt like I was getting an anxiety attack watching it.

        • Jordan says:

          No it’s more like this is what happened from it’s source material with a few change’s had nothing to do with show being predictable and go overboard glen get’s his head bashed in the book which the show is based off of right. Please just stop watching rather not have what could be a great season ruined by cry babies like you watching a zombie apocalypse show.It’s all good to see a guy like Noah get ripped apart right but god forbid we see human on human beating.

          • Ashley Malone says:

            It’s a comic. Not a book.And Noah wasn’t around from the very first season. SO yes, it WAS harder to see Glenn and Abraham be murdered. than it was Noah, who was killed in a predictable way by zombies. Fear the living, not the dead.

          • Veronica says:

            It’s a graphic novel, not a comic, dear Ashley. Don’t go correcting someone when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Dodge says:

            Lmfao they think the show is gory and bet none of them touched the comics! Haha Glenns death in the show was a cakewalk compared to the books. Bunch of crybabies.

        • Katy Latessa says:

          I’m with you Donna Thiessen. You said it all for me.Thank You!

        • Unique says:

          The thing is in the comics Rick just inprisons him he doesn’t kill him so you won’t get the revenge you’re waiting for .Morgan buolt that prison for a reason.Sign or foreshadow.

      • I absolutely agree, I thought I’m going to get a hard attack. I’m sure there were people who got sick. They should of had double warning in the beginning. Thus was too much and went too far. Beside loosing 2 great characters, but the character of Negan’s is sickening, and this is just starting. Although I am very attached to the other characters, but because of that evil psycho I might not be able to watch it. Too bad, after BB was my second all favorite show.

      • L Winton says:

        I agree 100%. Will not be watching.

        • Joe Gonzalez says:

          See you next week – HAHA

        • Walkie says:

          Yes you will.

        • Chris Rivera says:

          It was totally necessary and it made the show a whole lot better! If the show can’t do these kinds of things, it wouldn’t be realistic enough! People are so sensitive to things like this, I don’t get it. Don’t take it so literal. This made me like Neegan a whole lot more because it really shows that he has no mercy! Do more things like this so we can get more of a “wow factor!”

      • Crystal Kardos says:

        I agree 100% It’s not who died someone always does It’s was too much. I understand people like blood guts and Gore but they went too far.

      • Maria Loida Cantoria says:

        I 100%, I’M DONE! I didn’t watch it yet and after reading all these comments, I can’t watch it! I refuse and I will delete from my TIVO. It became very comical! I wished Glenn just died last time…it’s not relaxing anymore and certainly not entertaining!!! It’s kinda stupid!

      • Michel S. says:

        I agree entirely with every word you’ve written. This is simply too graphic, too violent. I want to be entertained, not shocked out of my eyeballs. After 6 seasons of faithful watching, I’m done. Enough violence already in the world.

      • It’s your loss – Negan is a great character and I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan

      • Janey Moen says:

        I agree with your sentiment about Neagan. He reminds me too much of a certain piggish presidential candidate, is just a #vulgartalkingyam with a tool named Lucile. I don’t expect AMC or TWD to respond, however. They made their choice, I’ve made mine. I thank the cast and crew for several years of great entertainment and bid them adieu.

      • Whatevah8 says:

        Melissa I’m right there w. you. If I hear Chris Hardwick say one more time “you know to Negan our group are the bad guys” to make it okay for this villian to exist I’m going to kick my tv in. And i really don’t want to watch Rick cowering in the corner while Negan does what he wants. Heck in one shot of the upcoming season people are kneeling as he walks by. Ugh…

      • Missy says:

        You’re crazy. JDM did an AMAZING job portraying Negan, and his character is necessary to continue the storyline. I guess if you can’t handle the truth of what society may become in such an apocalyptic event, then please, keep yourself sheltered.

      • Lin Kay says:

        Totally agree with you. I’m done with watching this show. Way over the top violence.

      • Couch Mom says:

        Ah, that’s how he is written in the comic. He uses the “f” work frequently also. He’s a sociopath, and has no remorse. In an apocalypse, there will be a breakdown of society, no law, no morality. Look at what has happened after any major disaster in the country. If you can’t be ready to kill to defend yourself, you will be killed.

      • A says:

        If you can drop a show simply because you don’t like a new character than you were never truly a fan to begin with. Good Luck with shows more your style, I’d assume Paw Patrol?

      • Sam says:

        I agree with you. Been a loyal fan since the very beginning and I’m DONE watching this horrible show. Zombies need to die, not humans there is too much of that going on already.

      • Jon says:

        You feeling sick means the creators did their job phenomenally. They want you to hate neagan and his personality. The violent scenes weren’t meant to show viewers just how awful and ruthless of a person neagan actually is. For people who love realism, and can appreciate the harsh realities that would occur in TWD, this episode is horrendously beautiful.

      • Mike Robison says:

        I’m with you. Seeing a zombie get his head cut off and seeing a beloved character get his eyes popped out are two different things. I know Negan was a character in the comics, but even there he had a set of morals, although quite twisted. Unfortunately, we may never see this on TWD. Also, the show doesn’t always follow the comics, but for some reason they had to show Glen like in the comics – I suppose they did it just to show that they could. I’m also done with the show – but as much for the bad writing as the over the top violence. I mean, look how they ended up there – Maggie getting sick so they had to go to Hilltop (how did the Saviors know this?), getting cut off at every turn, picking a random place in the woods to cut through on foot, only to have the Saviors somehow know EXACTLY where they were headed? Daryl somehow getting ambushed by loud Saviors? What would have happened had she not gotten sick? Add in the sickening violence and I just can’t watch. Plenty of other shows on – Masters of Sex, NFL football, Parks and Rec reruns…

      • Mrgrumpy says:

        Familiarize yourself with the source material. AMC did not create Negan and Lucille. He is THE BIG BAD. And they have actually toned down the character bit, but he is, to date, the biggest threat to the group they have faced. People complain when the show strays too far from the comic…now they complain when it mirrors the comic too closely…lol.
        Negan really is the worst of humanity, they showed us his ugliness in an ugly way. His gleeful hopping and joking show us his violence and unpredictability perfectly. And that sickness and disgust you are all expressing….well…..that’s what they wanted you to feel. It was not meant to be a happy moment. It was meant to devastate an audience by taking out 2 favorite characters in the worst way imaginable. Job Done

    • Donny says:

      I feel ashamed for having watched it

      • Walkie says:

        Good grief.
        Get over yourself.

      • Josh says:

        It was ridiculously stupid. No interest in watching anymore. Sounds and the aftermath would have sufficed. People don’t need to see someone’s head bashed in like that. Even Quentin Tarantino’s version of this in Inglorious Basterds did not contain this type of brutal gore. My wife and I have watched every episode and we won’t be watching anymore. Everyone knows they had ran out of things to do probably back in Season 5. Goodbye TWD!

        • Leo says:

          Im a fan from the beginning. Ive watched every episode. Of course I dont like negan but who does. Its not about the character for me but about glenn. I personally have feelings for all the characters and to me the death of glenn went too far. He was the sensible person of the group. He had a baby and a wife. Something no one else still had. Plus maggie already lost everbody so whats the point now. At this point I no longer care. I just want to know how or when it ends and im hoping its soon. They got rid of the most important character for me and ive lost feelings for the show. Im indifferent to it now. At this point nobody means anything to me. They’ve lost me when it comes to feelings. I wont feel anything anymore for their deaths. To me its just like oh well.

          • Murlin43 says:

            That’s true too. It’s really hard to give a crap about any of the characters now. I was in Rick’s head saying “just shoot us already, you #$#K. I hate movies with all that over the top gratuitous violence and gore and there isn’t much to care about in this show anymore for me. It isn’t that I don’t care about the survivors. It’s just I’ve lost interest in just watching a show that has no redeeming points. Oh yeah, one eyed Carl gets to keep an arm. I can put away my barf bag now.

    • Paul Wisely says:

      What ISIS is doing to people is literally worse if you watch their videos. We need Donald Trump!

      • Matt D says:

        The real question. I see this question in a very different, and concerning light. Of course this is a world filled with Zombies and Insanity, so yes it will happen. It is expected if we are to consider its reality, as stupid as that is.. Thats not the point. The point to me, is that we have come to a crossroads in society where we sit around with popcorn and watch characters get their head smashed to piles of goo (and far more) for Entertainment?

        Its concerning to me honestly. I have watched since day one. Been a loyal fan, and Im not some thin skinned worm. But at what point does one question themselves when watching shit like this. This was brutality on a level never seen on Television.

        Another reality, the show isnt all that great. The storyline is one directional, acting, though good for this episode is usually ok at best. The writing is at best average.

        I purchased season 7 on Amazon prior to it starting. If I had it to do over again, I wouldnt have. I was about over it when the Finale let us down last year. Now I think I am. This is the first time in my life I have ever been a little disapointed in myself after watching a television show as a result of gratuitous violence. I’m done.

        • Judy says:

          I agree. If the show could make this many people comment that we kinda feel ashamed for watching it, that tells us something. It went to far and crosses the line.

        • Janey Moen says:

          Right there with you. Hitchcock’s famous slashing shower scene proved you can suggest violence without showing smashed body parts. More importantly he was wise enough to know better than to brutally and gratuitously massacre a beloved character. Glen was the Opie Taylor of TWD. In staging his death as they did, TWD writers and producers exhibited a level of arrogance that matches that of the Negan character. It was that arrogance that made them think they are kings of the universe who can yank around the audience however they please, all the while yammering about how important the audience is to them. They failed to recognize that it’s MY dime, MY time.
          They wanted a reset and will get it, but with at least one fewer viewers.

        • Clint says:

          Seriously? I was honestly more shocked by episode 1 of season 5. When those people were getting their heads smacked with a bat, throats slit, and blood drained into the trench drain. Just because it wasn’t one of our group having it happen didn’t make it any less brutal to watch. That scene was ULTRA violent. That was the first time I ever said, “Wow, I can’t believe they’re showing this on TV!”
          I watched the death scenes in the season 7 premier probably 50 times over. First of all, Abe’s death scene was NOT that bad at all. Secondly, if you’ve ever read the comics, the death scene of Glenn jumped right off of the pages, almost frame by frame. It is the most iconic death of the entire comic book series, and they would have REALLY lost fans if they didn’t do Glenn’s death justice. I enjoy it for the art behind it. The camera angles. The visuals. The lighting effects. The reactions of the other characters. It was executed brilliantly. I grew up watching horribly violent movies, and I’m a very non-violent person. It’s never even crossed my mind to kill another person (not for real, anyways). This was the best death of the entire series so far. Also, don’t worry. It won’t get any more brutal than that one, that I know of, at least. I don’t believe the comics have a more brutal death. In fact, they probably won’t top that death for a long time. It was so highly anticipated, and people were so pissed about the cliffhanger, that they finally just said, “Okay. You asked for it. Here you go.” All the people who are claiming they are done with the show over this are not true fans. You have to remember that this is one episode. You can just skip it if it’s too much for you once the season is on Netflix or you own it on DVD/Blu Ray.

          • Jay says:

            I agree with you on most of what you said, The episode at it’s core was very good, the whole idea and execution was also very well made especially considering they almost had to follow a preset line. Personally though I didnt find it violent enough, after having such a cliffhanger in the last season and such a long wait I found myself feeling distant and less interested in the show and the characters, so seeing Abraham and Glenn getting their heads bashed in had no emotional impact on me, and as for the violence it didn’t get to me either. I’m not a violent person, but I would even say it should have been MORE violent, as in force glenn to cut open maggie and tear out her intestines and unborn baby, but i think TWD would get banned after something like that so it’s understandable they wouldn’t do it. I was more schocked by Denise’s death if I have to be honest, it was something very sudden, and she was a character who was terribly similar to my girlfriend at the time so it made a strong emotional connection, seeing her get killed was like a huge punch in the face to me especially because it was so sudden just as she was starting to develop herself positively.
            Apart from my personal opinion that it wasnt violent enough to make up for the cliff hanger, it was well executed, especially the acting.
            Also people are acting really pissed off towards me because i didnt find the scene paticularily violent, and are telling me to stop watching and such garbage, hope people here are diffrent.

        • Michele Goebel says:

          I agree

        • I think you’re forgetting that entire sporting arenas were created partly to watch people kill eachother for real. Gladiators ring a bell? We watch actors pretend to be killed using visual effects is more civilized but also satisfies our morbid curiosity. It’s completely normal.

      • Wendy says:

        Woah, now you’ve gone too far.

      • I agree that what ISIS does is worse but the last thing we need is Donald Trump. He is a psycho

      • Walkie says:

        We need Trump to go under a rock and stay there. Thankfully that will be happening in a couple of weeks.

      • Murlin43 says:

        I would never watch those ISIS videos. They want us to watch. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Sick people.

    • Missy says:

      So, since I watched it when it replayed, does that make me a doubly worse person?

    • Lorie dowd says:

      I have been a loyal fan from the beginning. After last night no more. The writers and producers went too far and I am done. Glen was a beloved character from day one and how dare you show us his eyes bulging out talking to Maggie and then letting him suffer between that and the next blow.Then to show his body twitching. You guys have big balls to small us viewers in the face like that,screw you. And also poor Abe .you guys have been sucking the big one for a while. When Andrea died it was ok because that is how it goes in a zombie apocalypse. When Lorie died that could be expected. Hershel , tyrese, Beth, even Dale and Noah . Again all acceptable. But with Glen he was like a family member I welcomed in my home every Sunday. You guys must be pretty desperate to stoop that low just to keep ratings going. I hope you lose so many viewers from your egotistical brazenness that you lose your show

      • Mirer says:

        Lol. This event was coming for years. It’s from the source material. The entire point of the show is that in a world full of monsters the biggest monsters are human beings. The zombies are just the setting the moral relativity is what makes the show. Negan is just a sociological creation and Glenn’s entire purpose in the show is to be the guy gruesomely killed by Negan.

      • Shad Olds says:

        Ill agree with one thing,Laurie and Shanes,even Sophias,Dale and Andrea,T Dog and Tyrese,Noahs and even Beths,Deanna and Reggies,Hershyls (debatable lol) to Lizzy and Mikas,ALL these deaths were all fairly done in a rather suiting way. I am not all that crazy about Hershyls and Reggies decapitations but last nights execution on Glenn and Abraham was definitely out of hand! It wasnt necessary to that extent! I do believe they did it that way to please all those who thrived on dark things and werent satisfied who also mind you… Threatened to stop watching the show as well! talk about being bigots lol,those who are making fun of and bullying the ones who werent happy with last nights outcomes,are the SAME ones who also spoke them same words about not watching the show anymore! Talk about the Pot that called the kettle Black! I feel bad for these producers,its a constant mind screw what should be done and to please who. You get people who become bored without enough killing and gore and then you got the others that feels its too much! I truly believe had they still gone with their original plan and just left out the heightened extreme brutality,the non stop bludgeoning over and over with a eye popping out and making others watch it in that way and then they pushed it farther by Carl being put down to get his hands severed off which was the boiling point for many even though it hadnt happened. Negans wicked nature was a major turn off obviously for some,but thats not the problem,the problem was the endless sadistic sick torture among the group and the non stop meat beating and i think had they not show the first blows which made it so personal,it wouldnt have traumatized so many. Some things just werent necessary,not for AMC! My advice to them,be very careful when it comes to your very sick and gore needy fans and critics,the worse thing would be for the show to get canceled by a law or a network,rather than loosing a few who is never happy and needs sadism in their lives LOL

    • erin says:

      I am with you!

    • Annie Sisk says:

      I do understand you feeling that way. I’m not sure how I feel about it, TBH. But I do get where you’re coming from.

  3. Too far? If you can’t handle the gore, stay away from zombie, sorry, WALKER shows.

    • Ty says:

      Luke, Imagine a world of a zombie apocalypse where the only survivors were Cersei Lannister and Joffrey and Tyrion. Now imagine Tyrion dies. Are you still interested in seeing the journeys of Cersie and Joffrey?

      Glenn was a light in a darkened world, his very existence and decency generated a desire to continue on with the group in the hopes that somehow he would make it through. Now that light has been snuffed out with a creature of such malice and evil ascendant the entire journey of the show is diminished. It has become like a never ending obstacle of horrors and evil men to deal with, where is the hope and light in this world? At least with game of thrones there is some sense of hope, the only sense I get from walking dead is that the ones that do eventually survive will simply get to hop into a new frying pan or horrors. Glenn kept many people like myself pushing forward, but with him gone there is just less of an anchor.

      • Taz says:

        It’s based on a comic where in said comic negan kills Glenn.

        Get a grip

      • Missy says:

        True TWD fans knew Glen was going to be killed by Negan.

      • Manders says:

        Very well said, Ty. With Glenn gone now there is nothing left to hope for in the show. He was the glue that held it all together and the only good thing left in that dark world. Goodbye TWD.

      • What a terrible analogy. Despite how awesome Tyrion is, nobody would be watching the show if it was only those three. Are you forgetting about the other characters?

        Regardless you’re acting like Rick is dead. RICK IS STILL ALIVE, Carol? Morgan? Carl? Maggie? Are you watching the same show?

    • It’s not the gore it’s the sadistic violence. Zombie gore is tolerable but when human on human violence is this sadistic and someone is getting pleasure out of such brutal violence, well that is really unpleasant to watch. This type of story line works better in comics where it’s a cartoon and not so real. It doesn’t translate well in this medium. I’ll keep watching for now but if this type of sadistic violence continues I’ll find better things to do with my time.

      • Missy says:

        I doubt the level of gore will continue, as far as Negan goes. I’m sure he will continue to kill, but I believe they made it extra gorey so that the audience realizes just how crazed Negan really is. It WAS for the shock factor, but it was to shock the audience into seeing that TWD has taking a completely different direction. It will not be the same show it once was. That doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, it just means the characters are going to shift and evolve.

  4. sntindall says:

    I stopped watching with the Glen fake out and now that I know what happened I won’t start again.

    • Big Mike says:

      That’s nice.

    • peterwdawson says:

      I hear you, that fake-out really annoyed me. I didn’t even watch the episode, the finale annoyed me enough with how they shot it I was done. Just here because I was still curious about who died but not gonna watch anymore.

      • sntindall says:

        Honestly it stresses me out too much to where I can’t enjoy it anymore. Glen was my fave though, had he survived I may have picked it back up but I’m over it. Glad someone agrees with me!

        • Missy says:

          Glenn was destined to die just as he did in this episode.

        • Lorie says:

          The only way to redeem yourselves is to make last nights episode a nightmare that Maggie had or Rick . Again you guys suck!

          • Missy says:

            lol, that won’t happen. It ‘really’ happened. Well, I mean sorta….if you know how the graphic novel ends, then well….anyways, at this point in time in the storyline, this actually happened.

          • Murlin43 says:

            Haha, I keep thinking the ending will be Rick waking up after having been in a coma and he dreamed the whole zombie apocalyspe. That would really bite it. I do hate them for killing Glen. Favorite character. Hope in a dark existence.

          • Shad Olds says:

            Haha too funny! Sadly i doubt that will happen! I just had to repeatedly remind a friend of this last night as she doesnt believe this either,that on The Talking dead afterwards,its all been confirmed that its real,that Glenn and Abraham are done,dead and gone off the show. Its confirmed in the Memoriam and by the shows producers and cast.

    • Melinda says:

      The point of the fake out was to lessen the blow of Glenn’s actual death. They let us grieve for him ahead of time knowing how traumatic this death would be. I cried for three days after that and was p*ssed off but it helped me prepare for the real death which I think shows a lot of thought on the writers part.

      • Murlin43 says:

        Nah, I knew he was under the dumpster. Never for a minute did I think he was really dead. I wholly expected (and hated) that they would follow the graphic novel and it would be Glen and Lucille. It’s just the way they kept going with Negan turning him to hamburger that I really disgusted me. Seriously? Way to really macerate the Glen fans, you sick psychopathic expletive deleted show runners. (I really hate them right now. Can you tell?)

  5. Sharon Wade says:

    That level of violence with all of the horrors we see today, i.e., Isis beheadings, was waaaay over the top. Personally, I will be watching the show again.

  6. G R says:

    I won’t be watching walking dead anymore. I’m tired of the constant turnover of cast members. We get used to people and they die

  7. Knott Sayin says:

    As noted this show has graphics that may not be suitable for everyone, being so forewarned, I think it was gruesomely perfect. People that think the graphics were over the line need to go to the start of the show and read again the graphics warning, and find something more to their liking, like maybe….spongebob?

    • luv2cook says:

      There’s a warning and then these gore just for the sake of gore. I didn’t even bother with the first 35 minutes of the show. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the show very much but the level of detail in the beat downs would have most definitely losing my cookies. I don’t need or want to see that stuff so I just bypass it.

    • Kfay says:

      Haha spongebob! Seriously people, this is a show about the zombie apocalypse, what’d you expect? FYI, I hate to burst your rainbow and sunshine bubble, but there really are people that evil in the world. In real life, not just on tv.

      • Manders says:

        Ya, with all that evil in the real world, why would we want to see it on tv too? Tv shows are an escape from reality and while the blood and gore and really upsetting deaths can be entertaining, this was just sick in every sense. I don’t watch tv to get more stressed out and depressed.

    • Chris Rivera says:

      What makes me more sick is the fact that people are so sensitive to what happened to glenn and abraham. It was a perfect way to establish the worst character possible! If this wouldn’t have happened, it would have been just another boring episode of Neegan talking about what he could do and maybe just killing off Abraham. IF they would have just killed Abraham, it would have been the same repetitive “kill off one character every 6-8 episodes crap” People who really take this to heart aren’t looking at the realistic side of the show. If this was a real apocalypse WORSE WOULD HAPPEN. Get ahold of yourselves. This episode made the show great

  8. Davidj says:

    Yeah it was brutal, but still completely in character with the show we’ve been watching all these years. I mean hell, we watched Hershell’s head get hacked off for Christ’s sakes.

    If it’s hard and painful to watch someone like Glenn die, that just means the writers and director are doing their jobs properly.

    • Anna Lee says:

      I think particularly in Glenn’s case, it needed to be violent. I think we will see the group appear to be broken but we know them all too well. We needed to see the level of brutality Negan would incur to subjugate people, and we also needed to see what Maggie saw that made her determined to fight.

    • Jordan says:

      Thank god someone has some sense,lol we watched Rick bite a guy’s jugular out and spit it lol These people are crazy knowing what happened on last episode knowing it’s based off a comic book.Personally I was choked having to wait 6 months but episode was so good was worth it

  9. Tony says:

    As I said elsewhere , I love the show. Warts and all. I’ll still be watching next week. But it did border on needlessly gratuitous

    • Jake says:

      In the comics it gets a little less gratuitous after the events that happened in this episode. Without going into spoilers we’re heading for war.

      Yes it was very VERY hard to watch at a lot of points, but I think they adapted one of the most shocking moments of the comics perfectly. Plus they added to it in ways that made Negan even more threatening than he is in the comics.

      Negan needed to be introduced this way, to neuter him any more than they already had to for tv (which wasn’t much aside from removing F-Bombs), would have done a disservice to the character in my opinion.

  10. Kermit says:

    For better or for worse, I think the fans forced their hands on it based on reaction to the finale.

  11. Alissa says:

    I will consider after the next couple of shows. It was not entertaining, and quite sickening.

  12. Sherry Bierbaum says:

    I’ve have loved this show from the beginning, but disappointed in the obvious..wish they would have gone a different route off the comic book. Expected more, instead of the deaths we all knew from comic books. Lost some excitement from season opener.

    • Gigi says:

      I agree… I was hoping the writers of the show wouldn’t start catering to the graphic novel fans who lose their minds when the story fails to meet their expectations. The book and the show are two different animals at this point and the comments here prove it. The writers are making a mistake gambling with TV-only fans who I’m sure are the majority of viewers, including myself and everyone I know, who all say they’re done watching after last night’s episode. All I expect from this season is sitting through the sick anticipation of Rick’s hand being cut off at some point, among other torturous scenes, until Negan is killed. Then we’ll have to suffer through Rick’s mental state and all the drawn out scenes of everyone’s personal memories and suffering over the loss of Glen and Abraham… sigh.

      • Mrgrumpy says:

        It was the governor who chops off Rock’s hand in their very first encounter, so I think his hand is safe (no guarantee, lol). I thought they did a great job of showing the unpredictable violence that is Negan. That Glenn’s loss is being talked about and felt so strongly, I think is a testament to a phenomenal job by the actor, in becoming Glenn Rhee to so many of us. I will certainly miss him, but it needed to happen, to take the story in the direction it needs to go.

    • Shad Olds says:

      i know right! And they always said that they wouldnt follow the comics,because they wanted their own twist to it and they also agreed that would just be a continuous spoiler as well. They suck for following the comics this time!

      • Clint says:

        This is the first time that an iconic comic book character actually received their famous comic book death in the show. The show is essentially the same story, they just switch up which characters die and when. Had they done it to Glenn, they would have lost the majority of their comic book fan base. Let’s be real… if not for their loyal comic fans, this show never would have gotten off of the ground in the first place. Not to mention the fact that Glenn has escaped death multiple times in every season! It was time for him to go… and I do like him. I hate seeing him go, but it was his time, and it the comic death scene just jumped off of the pages almost frame for frame in the show. Amazingly done.

  13. KLS says:

    The hand twitching was a little much, but it was almost too much and looked fake. For some reason I was more affected by the sight of Glenn’s brains hanging off of Lucille (?) when Negan walked away. I’ll still watch, but hopefully they’ll get back to what they are good at and not just gore.

    • Missy says:

      Yes! That’s the one part that had me feeling a little queasy. I kept waiting for him to swing the bat and sling the brains on everyone…..

  14. Sally Lewis says:

    My husband and I were horrified…much too graphic and crossed the line. I love horror, but the sadism is sick. Won’t be watching more. It was too gratuitous. Loved the series until last year, but with this, have had enough.

    • Chris says:

      Serious question. What exactly were you expecting to see with someone’s head getting bashed in with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat? You don’t love horror at all if what we saw was considered too much.

      Anyways, you aren’t going anywhere. See you next week

  15. Loved the show up until this episode. I am done! They crossed the line into teenage boy territory. I feel as if they are pandering to those who have no attention span unless they see action, blood and gore. ( and yes, my husband is one of them) I guess they are going for shock value and ratings – too easy! And now, they must continually up the ante for this audience who will need their next fix fast or risk getting bored. In my opinion, it’s just a typical slasher film for the teens or the adult who is easily bored.

    • Dean says:

      Read.The.Comics. If you didn’t know the show before you started watching it, then you had ought to catch up. This was perfection via the comic book. You’re watching the wrong show if you think it crossed the line by DOING WHAT IT ALWAYS DID in the first place. It was crossing that line you hug to so much long before it got on TELEVISION.

      • LaDonna says:

        I agree, Dean. My husband, who doesn’t follow the comics, was really shocked that they went so far with the prostheses in the make-up…particularly the eye-bulge on Glen. I had to explain to him that this is a highly iconic frame of the comic. For those who haven’t seen them, this was pretty shocking. Heck, I was ready for it, and I was shocked. But it really was in keeping with what this show has been all along. I expect nothing less.

  16. Heather says:

    honestly it did make me sick to my stomach a bit…but i wasnt overly emotional… not in the “i was bawling my eyes out!! OMG!!” way. Glen…wow…..i feel he should have just died under the trashcan at this point why draw it out?, id have to say his death was pretty messed up. but i think that was as graphic as it should be? idk… they //could// have left out him trying to talk to maggie but that //wouldnt have been glen// or whatever. abe…well pretty much everyone saw it coming if youve read the comments sections “its either abraham or glenn!!” so why not do both!? oh wait…yeah they did #shocker but not really. people were expecting one or the other so why not shock them with both?! lol, if you didnt expect it then that sucks for you.

  17. Joyce says:

    I was not disappointed! It is hard to believe, that anyone who waited as long as we did ,knowing what was going to happen ,was shocked at the Negan attack !!

    • Mrgrumpy says:

      I knew it was most likely coming, and it was still a shocking, gut-punch.
      It was horrifically terrific! They still managed to stun those who were expecting it ….. I say Bravo! And I say goodbye Glenn, a beautifully acted role for 6+ years, well done.

  18. Megan says:

    Love horror, but that crossed over into the lazy genre of torture porn. Very disappointed. There were smarter ways to make that episode and they eschewed them all and went with straight up gratuitous gore. I’ve been hate watching the show for a season but now it’s not even worth that.

    • I completely and totally agree. I am done too.

      • kadsfonfo says:

        Good for both of you.

        Bye bye.

        • Cleo says:

          You know, the article is asking people if they are going to keep watching. So, when they respond it’s not really appropriate to have passive aggressive comments like “good for you.” If you like the show there is no need to be defensive about this. People can have opinions about a show meant to entertain. That’s the point. We aren’t going to all agree. The condescension is in this comment section is ridiculous. People need to stop getting angry and defensive because some people thought an incredibly graphic scene was too much. Honestly, the ones that look like babies are the ones who can’t be mature and let people not like something.

  19. jesse says:

    One of my favourite episodes EVER. Glenn’s death was so disturbingly perfect. It sent chills down my spine – head caved in, eye popping out, incoherently trying to say something, twitching… Just brain dead… you knew it was over for him whether Negan hit him again or not. So, so brutal. Ugh.

    Oh, and poor Abraham. He was a cool dude.

    What an amazing episode.

  20. I thought the violence in the episode from last season where Rick’s GF (played by Alexandria Beeckinridge) and her 2 sons, Sam & teenage angst were killed and then Carl shot in the eye was much more effective storytelling than the deaths in this episode. Those deaths and Carl’s injury were unexpected and shocking and while gory, they were fast. These deaths were spread out over an entire hour and just seemed more like torture porn than effective story telling. I’m not offended or going to stop watching the show, but I think it was just lazy story telling to use extreme graphic violence to spread the breaking of Rick over an entire episode. Go read the review that IGN wrote as it captures how I felt perfectly.

  21. mrmcgee says:

    This tanks up there with the Mountain vs the Viper on GoT for the most gruesome had related death I have ever seen on TV. It was certainly graphic (still seeing the detached eye in the…bloody brain matter was a lot), but fits the tone. I mean, remember how bad Noah’s death was?


  22. Trogdor777 says:

    Will def’ miss those two gents. I am curious to see how the plot and characters will move forward after this ‘event’. Specifically, i think Norman and Lauren are going to have some really good material to play out this season. And of course…Andy!! The gore was pretty intense, but I was actually more impacted when he left them all there, and they had to look around and take in what had happened. Thought the whole cast was superb tonight (including Jeffrey D)!

  23. AngelWasHere says:

    It was hard to watch and sad, but satisfying for a season opener. Really set the stage for how terrible Negan is. Also interesting Rick meet his match. But honestly I’ve seen worse on TV and in previous seasons. Grow a pair guys. lol

  24. Twd was my favorite show…but I have a 10 year old sister and 6 year old brother …when we watched it ..I’m pretty sure they were traumatized for life..and Glenn was my favorite so I guess no more twd for me😭😢🙃#saveglenn

  25. I mean, we are talking about a show that opened with a little girl being shot, we’ve seen extremely gruesome things on this show. I’m really confused why anyone thinks this was that out of character for TWD.

    • steel says:

      Because, Rick didn’t ENJOY killing her . . . the walkers don’t ENJOY killing people . . . yes, Rick bit a guy’s throat out, but I don’t think he ENJOYED it. It’s not the amount of blood and gore, it’s the reason behind it. Negan enjoys killing, but we didn’t need to see every blow. It was gruesome, just to be gruesome. Not to mention that this episode took FOREVER! Other deaths of main characters have been only a few minutes, but were very impactful. These deaths just went on and on for no reason. Very disappointed. Gimmpel said it would be worth it, it wasn’t.
      However, Andrew Lincoln and Lauran Cohan were incredible.
      I will miss Glenn and Abraham . . . it seems like they want to kill off any romance left on this show, Michonne better watch out.

      • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

        Rick and the group have shown they are pretty happy to do some brutal things to people they think have wronged them. Remember when Rick bit that guy’s throat out? It’s funny how extreme violence is tolerable when the ‘right characters’ are dishing it out. So much hypocrisy in these comments.

        • Murlin43 says:

          Duh, Rick bit that guys throat out because he had no other weapon and he had to save his son. He did what he had to to save his son with what limited resources were available. As scary as Rick could get, I still don’t see him pulling a Negan. Seriously? Laughing while turning heads to hamburger in front of families and friends, women and kids. Nope. Not buying it. No comparison. Negan really did start all the trouble and Rick and company were not looking forward to another royal screwing over, “Governor” style.

          • Shad Olds says:

            Murlin is right! Dr. Mantis your not even close lol,thats no comparison at all! Negan does it for sh*ts and giggles,to get his rocks off and feel superior!

      • Missy says:

        They seemed to enjoy slaying those Terminis people in the church…….

    • Walkie says:

      It’s because some people love to be “offended”.

  26. Yes, I thought the episode was pretty graphic and upsetting. The scene with Glen trying to talk to Maggie after getting his head wacked was horrible. Were they trying to attract new viewers or lose old ones. Yeah, the show had been getting a little boring but this was a bit much I think.

  27. Lynn says:

    Could not watch,, my niece had to tell me what happened,. I can deal with the undead being dispatched,( it took a few seasons) but their fellow man. So brutal!

  28. Deborah says:

    I cannot believe how much head bashing went on this is disgusting and should stoooed nobody will watch this show How sick are the writers of this abuse.list my family as viewers.

  29. cburaspaints says:

    IMO, yes, it was a lot. But not because of the gore, because of how emotionally invested I was. Even though I read the comic books, and knew this was probably coming, the translation from page to screen hit me harder than…well…Lucille. (Sorry, not sorry) Anyway, how can people that have watched people’s faces being eaten off; a woman having an emergency c-section and bleed out in front of her kid, who then has to shoot his mother in the head; a man have a piece of glass twisted into his eyeball; numerous, numerous, numerous disgusting zombie kills, including one where the wheels are literally spinning in a pile of skin, guts, and bones say that this was too far? Yes, I hated it because of the emotions it made me feel, and seeing characters I love being taken away got to me, but if you can’t handle the blood and gore, then maybe you should have stopped watching 6 seasons ago when the opening episode featured Rick shooting a little girl in the head.

    • Jake says:

      In the comics it gets a little less gratuitous after the events that happened in this episode. Without going into spoilers we’re heading for war.

      To make a game of thrones reference This episode was very much The Walking Dead’s Red Wedding in my opinion. Sure it maybe didn’t need to be as brutal as it was, but at the same time it served a narrative purpose. Any less and I don’t think I would have believed how utterly broken the characters were at the end of it.

  30. Iloveapples says:

    Both deaths were great..glenns really disturbing. The show is still great i dont get why people cant except the fact that characters are gonna die…its the zombie apocolypse. Understand that the has to change even though it may not be in the direction you want it to go. Worlds do collide and its not always gonna be pretty. I will be watching next week

    • Ty says:

      Not all deaths are equal. Glenn was THE most decent and noble character in the entire show. It gave people something and someone to root for. His loss is the single greatest loss of the entire show in my opinion, and it is the kind of loss that sours people on sticking around. Will the group eventually get some sort of revenge? Sure, and what then? another reprieve, and then another obstacle of horrors and evil men to deal with, until the end of time? There is no hope in this world, Glenn was such a force of decency that it was enough to push those thoughts away to root for him, but with him gone the abyss of nothingness of this world is all many of us can see.

  31. Jordan says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant so many people,First of all the show does do and add different stuff but does follow the comic book so ya most people knew what to expect.This was one of the best episode’s and a great introduction to Negan and it get’s a lot worse from here.Hope you cry babies stop watching and Amc continues to adapt it somewhat faithfully from it’s content.

  32. Greg says:

    I couldn’t help but think while watching it and have fear that in that type of world there would be homicidal maniacs just like that to deal with. Yeah I expected it with a barbed wire covered bat as others have easily pointed out.

  33. Mary says:

    I have enjoyed the series until now. Just as I wouldn’t find the torture and atrocities committed by the Nazis proper fodder for entertainment TV, so I found this premiere not entertaining. The brutality and depravity displayed were a total turn off. Your writers have done and should be able to do better

  34. Gman says:

    It was way too burtal akin to torture porn like some people mention. had it been less graphic, same deaths and all just less of brain damaged glenn stuttering and struggling to talk while his eye was popping out, it would of been fine.

    just like abrahams death was fine, he said his goodbye and was promptly put down.

    too brutal for me, way too brutal for those not used to that kind of thing. i’ll still watch it though.

    those afraid to face the world are more likely to end up as walkers.

  35. Shaun P says:

    The show has been going nowhere for about two seasons anyways. I’m not against violence on TV and Glenn is killed the same way in the coming books, but this just felt like pointless gore. The fact that they have to trot climaxes out in this way only proves how much the show is running on empty in the ideas department.

  36. Leisha says:

    Phenominal! Absolutely phenominal! I HATE the fact that Glen died. But Jeffery Dean Morgan NAILED Negan! Thing is, every premere and every finale have to catch and awe audiences, and be less intense with the rest of the show to keep you waiting, wanting more. Amazing makeup, amazing acting by all. The show needed something like this, a way to catch attention and reactions. They got their reactions…..didn’t they? Negan had to have this opening, he is the most terrifying character. Now, because people cried about gore, they’re going to make it more PG, ugh. Hey, at least it’s illegal to show the fake murder actually happening, just some after affects that didnt last 15 seconds, oh, sorry, the eyeball…..oh well… yall win that one already. Watch the PG versions then…… Brilliantly done, had my attention the entire episode.

  37. Amy says:

    TWD did not go too far bc it’s RICK who dies.

  38. steven says:

    I get a big kick out of all the people that say they will not watch anymore because its to violent. If you dont want violence and gore dont watch a zombie show. I can guarantee all these people will be tuning in next week for the next episode. I want more like these, this was the best episode of the entire walking dead seasons. BRAVO

    • Donny says:

      It was too gory. I was so shocked and numbed by the gore that the emotional impact was greatly reduced. My favorite episode was the tornado episode

  39. Robert Sterling says:

    I have not missed one episode but I really don’t think I will watch it again.I love zombie movies and have watched atleast 50 probably more they are fictional I know but never wanted to see something like that it went way over the line the twitching hands of Glen were horrible .I watched it for the all the group not to have them killed off and destroy the show.I will be watching football next Sunday I have no desire to watch TWD anymore it’s a shame because I was always looking forward to Sunday night to watch it but no more

    • Missy says:

      Killed off and destroy the show? Do you realize the show is based off of a graphic novel in which Glenn dies just as he did in that episode? And in the novel, Abraham had already died.

  40. Rachel says:

    Honestly, it wasn’t the level of gore in the death scenes that bothered me. What made me feel like it went too far was more of the mental aspect. Before this episode, there was a clear line between “I’m currently watching a show” and “I’m there in the scene with them,” you know what I mean? I had to take several breaks during this episode to remind myself to calm down… it felt like I was having a panic attack? I like this show because it balances gore and a story line well, however this episode and last season’s finale were very psychologically intense (but that’s how Negan likes to torment/ manipulate people so… I guess they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish…). I’ll continue watching as long as I can walk away feeling like I was entertained rather than feeling exhausted.

    • LaDonna says:

      I get what you’re saying, but the mental aspect is what made this so effective. They accomplished what they needed to accomplish. They introduced Negan as a narcissistic sadist. He enjoys the kill. He mentally breaks people down to the point where they think they have no choice but to do what he says or die. This episode was intended to show the breaking down mentally of Rick and his group. Was it gory? Absolutely. Did it go too far? Well, that’s debatable. But did it accomplish the goal? Oh yeah. Negan is bad news…he makes the Governor look like a teletubby.

  41. Spence says:

    No! TWD has been declining on a slippery slope of tame, uninteresting, sloppy writing since season 5. Tonight’s episode was the horrifying jolt this show needed to return to former glory.

  42. John says:

    People are missing the point. It’s not the gore that is annoying and troubling, and overboard. The Walking Dead has actually, with the start of the whole Neagan business, become something which is not enjoyable. By this I mean it has become distasteful. It’s like they are creating circumstances which are intensely frustrating to watch. So basically, this whole episode was just us seeing the main characters suffer and be destroyed physically and emotionally by some psycho. To be honest, at this moment, TWD feels like one of those Rob Zombie movies where like the bad guys just did heinous stuff to the main characters the whole time until the movie just sorta ended. I can understand him killing one person with the bat or whatever, but then going and killing another person, pausing in the middle to let him suffer with his skull caved in, while his pregnant wife is watching, and then making Rick cut off Carls hand is unnecessary. That is just not stuff I want to fill my mind with and I don’t want to support that ‘style’ of doing things by continuing to watch TWD. Also, seeing as it’s TWD, you know good and well that they will drag out this Neagan stuff as long as they can and get every penny out of it they can, and then they’ll probably leave some stupid hat-trick cliff hanger at the end of this season, so you won’t get any satisfaction until NEXT season. Basically, this season will be us watching the main characters go through the most distasteful crap week after week and maybe we’ll see it get wrapped up sometime in the future? Yeah, no thanks. Frankly, I have plenty of other things to do than waste my time filling my head with garbage.

    • Goodbye TWD says:

      I was thinking the same thing with the Rob Zombie deal.. that or any of the SAW movies after the first one… pointless, meaningless, un-entertaining gore.

    • Adam says:

      You said the very things I was feeling and you are the only one I have scene state it so well. I believe that before I had a wife and children I could have remained more stoic and maybe only shock. However after being being a family man the images of glen and Maggie… And the scene with Rick and his son made me realize that these were images I wish I had not seen. I have warned friends of mine not to watch. I know dozens of people that just turned the show off at Glen’s death. More at the hand chopping scene.

      The show has moved beyond entertainment and I will not expose my mind to that any further.

    • Missy says:

      “…this whole episode was just seeing the main characters suffer and be destroyed physically and emotionally by some psycho.”

      Yes, that was the exact intent of the episode.

    • Oh yes. It IS the gore and violence.

    • “It’s like they are creating circumstances which are intensely frustrating to watch.”

      Except the show isn’t creating anything just for shock value. The storyline from last night was absolutely necessary and directly from the source material. This is a show based on something already written. Complaining about the story arc from the comic is like watching Deadpool and complaining that there was too much swearing. No, that was how the character was actually written and supposed to be. If it too much for you, then I totally get not watching. Although, I still find it odd that there are people who have been watching this show for 7 years who think last night was actually different from all the other blood and gore shown on this show. People are just upset it was Glenn who got whacked like that. If it was some no-name Alexandrian I doubt many would be complaining today.

      • Manders says:

        That’s like half of the point is that people are upset that it was Glenn who died. He was THE good guy. He’s been a beloved main character since the beginning of the show, he was pretty much the only one left with any morals or any possibility of happiness, and we had to watch him being horribly, slowly murdered in front of his pregnant wife and friends. The actual gore and head bashing is just a part of why people are so upset. And no, we really don’t care that the show was just staying true to the source material.

        • Missy says:

          Glenn was SUPPOSED to die in that scene. That’s exactly how he dies in the source material. People need to suck it up and realize that is how the storyline goes!

  43. Don says:

    Take a look at an ISIS training video; they look a lot like this episode of TWD. Too far, yes, and no way to pull this garbage back. After watching every episode, I’m done. This great and entertaining story line has descended into something far less. When did good storytelling get replaced with disgust?

  44. shawn evans says:

    The sadistic, depraved producers chose to make the scene unrealistically gross for the shock value. Look up the word sadistic. No human would still be cautious after the first blow

  45. The EARL II says:

    Another commit. When are they going to stop messing around and take off Rick’s hand. 0h wait, they faked that tonight so…. gee I wonder if it will flop around like a sweet chicken’s body after a beheading. Oh no, I’ve read ahead in the comics, poor kiddie kat, poor owner. Talk about boring, read the comics and you have the script. Plus they have been doing this in Fantasy books for 25 plus years. Make you love a character, or a group (the White Gold bearer series-GIANTS) and brutally kill them off. Oh, yeah that H B O series. I’m just over the stupidly of it. Really thought the comment about it will bring them closer as a family! Ha ha aha. Last point The Talking dead and the inane talking by the actors as if they are talking out what the characters are thinking inside and the audience asking them the questions as if the characters they play are real. I was getting sick of the show before tonight! This episode just sealed the deal!

  46. Stevie11 says:

    I understand people who stick with the show, people who read the comics and knew what was coming and are totally on board. I’m done with the show. Unfortunately “The Walking Dead” turned into a bloody torture porn. Sure, it’s the apocalypse but even when things look grim there should be a slightest sign of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, or a silver lining on the horizon. There’s nothing. There’s only death and despair. If I want to feel depressed all the time I’d watch fox news.

  47. John hawks says:

    TWD S7E1 shows how far we have fallen. Gratuitous violence in graphic detail. This is not entertainment. It’s a monument to the dumbing-down of America. No mas!

  48. Scott says:

    This was not entertainment. It was sadistic bullshirt. I have loved this show since the beginning but this is just misery for the sake of making people miserable. Yes, it feasable that these horrors might happen in this made up world. But this is not a documentary, this is supposed to be entertaining. Who do the creaters think they are?

    • Walkie says:

      In reading a lot of these comments, it seems to me that people have forgotten that this is nothing new for this show. Go back and take a look at the deaths of some of the other main characters. Hershel? Was that not over the top gore? This is a show that has always been about shock value. It’s not The West Wing.

      Also, did you have any issue with Rick’s group murdering dozens of people in cold blood last season?

  49. Blair says:

    I don’t think this episode went to far at all. It probably had the expected level of gore considering season 6 ended with Negan bashing someone’s head in with a bat. This episode needed to be gory to install fear and show the brutality of Negan. If it wasn’t gory and brutal Rick’s group wouldn’t have feared Negan (as much) and seen him as a ‘big’ threat.

  50. Dawn Thomas says:

    I’m an avid TWD fan & waited with eager anticipation for the season 7 premiere. This was the most violent, brutal, DISTURBING thing I’ve EVER seen on tv, premium cable, or at the cinema. It saddens me that the writers & producers resorted to this gruesome horror to combat critics reviews describing TWD as gimmicky. I couldn’t even finish watching the episode & will not watch any more. What a let-down!

    • Stephen May says:

      Just a side note, this episode was not written in response to any critic reviews of the show. This story arc was penned more than 5 years ago by Robert Kirkman in The Walking Dead comic book volumes. The original story written by Kirkman is far more macabre and hopeless than the TV-series. Perhaps where the producers of the TV show went wrong was their fluffier departure from the original story. Season 7 on the show makes a return to the original story line’s brutal nature. Admittedly, the contrast between Season 7 and the previous seasons may be too much to bear for some viewers, but perhaps the producers should have either stuck with some more internal plot cohesiveness and stayed on their “lighter” approach to the story line OR simply just aligned the show to the original story penned by Kirkman so that viewers would’ve known how brutal it was from the start. Either way, I wanted to point out that the events in the season 7 opener were not the result of writers attempting to compensate for reviewer feedback… this is a story arc that existed well before this show was even renewed for season 7.

      • cigotete says:

        I think that episode was too violent. Is different in the comic book context, the level of reality is low withing the book in comparison with tv, there is not in the book all the cine/tv psychology working to made more a more realistic the moment.

    • DERP says:

      lol go watch Golden Girls then.