The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Recap: Blood, Regret and Tears

Warning: Spoilers ahead. So, unless you’ve already watched the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, you might wanna do what we wanted to during Negan’s “batting practice,” and look away.

Remember how awful we thought it was, waiting all summer long to find out the identity of Negan’s victim in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead? Doesn’t seem like such a bad time right about now, does it? (#ignorancewasbliss) If you can stomach a return to the scene of the crime, here’s how the carnage — and not one but two characters — went down.

‘NOT TODAY, NOT TOMORROW, BUT I’M GONNA KILL YOU’ | As “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” began, the Saviors’ merciless leader had already “taken his turn at bat,” prompting a shell-shocked Rick to make the mistake of vowing aloud to make Negan pay with his life. Unfazed, the villain merely dragged him — and his nemesis’ axe — into his RV for a little one-on-one (leaving us still unaware of who’d bit the dust).

“Let’s go for a ride,” Negan suggested, leaving the hatchet where Rick could easily get hold of it. When the RV wouldn’t start, Negan dared Rick to “grab the damn axe.” But, alas, the baddie was well-prepared when Rick did so. Before he drove them away, he instructed his captive to think about what happened, what could have happened and, maybe worst of all, “what can still happen.” Returning to the bridge where the Saviors had left a man hanging, Negan tossed what was now “his” axe into a crowd of walkers and ordered Rick at Lucille-point to go fetch.

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode 1 recap‘I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!’ | Once Rick had a second to catch his breath atop the RV, he flashed us back to the moment that Negan chose Abraham as his victim. After the first blow, Sgt. Ford spat, “Suck. My. Nuts.” But that was all she wrote for Sasha’s boyfriend, whom Negan kept bashing long after he was dead. “Look at my dirty girl,” Negan said, brandishing Lucille in front of Rosita and asking if she and Abraham had been together. When she couldn’t look at the bat, Daryl literally leapt to her defense.

Though Dwight offered to put an arrow in Daryl’s skull, Negan had another idea. Since “I need you to know me,” he explained to the Alexandrians, he turned around and struck Glenn so hard that it made one of his eyes pop. (And yes, it’s as hard to type a recap with tears in your eyes as you’d expect.) Before Negan finished off his second victim, Glenn turned to his wife and, with what strength he had left, promised, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Proving himself to be the ultimate psycho, Negan then cracked that Lucille was still thirsty, as she was a “vampire bat.”

‘CHOP, CHOP’ | When Rick didn’t immediately retrieve the axe, Negan warned him to imagine what could still happen (which led to him picturing Carl and everyone else that he loved being struck down with Lucille). Upon completing his task, Rick — clearly as eager to put the hatchet in Negan’s head as we were to see him do so — handed over the weapon, and the two drove back to the site of Abraham and Glenn’s murders. Acknowledging that this all must be rough for Rick, his having been “King S—” for so long, Negan said hey, he could still live a long and productive life… producing for him. He even returned Rick’s axe.

Hauling Rick out of the RV in front of his fellow survivors, Negan informed him that their trip had been about the way he’d looked at him like he’d just crapped in his scrambled eggs — the way Rick was still looking at him. To change that, Negan had his henchman point guns at everyone’s head but Rick’s, and called Carl forward. Next, the madman had the boy lie down on the ground and drew a line on his arm. “Rick,” he explained, “I want you to take your axe and cut your son’s left arm off” — or everybody dies, including Carl.

‘TODAY WAS A PRODUCTIVE DAMN DAY!’ | Desperate, Rick volunteered to have his arm cut off instead. “Not making a decision is a big decision,” Negan warned. Finally, he counted down. Three… two… “Dad, just do it,” Carl whispered. Thankfully, at the last second, right as Rick was gonna do what he had to, Negan stopped him. But it sure as hell looked like poor Rick had broken inside. Which, naturally, “was the look [Negan] wanted to see.”

As the episode neared its conclusion, Negan had Dwight load Daryl in a van. Apparently, Daryl had impressed the head Savior. He’s “not a little bitch like someone I know,” Negan told Rick. With that, he welcomed the grieving survivors to their new beginning and bid them ta ta. In the aftermath, Maggie blamed herself for Glenn and all of them having been out there in the first place. As Abraham and Glenn’s bodies were picked up by their loved ones, we caught a glimpse of a beautiful future that would never be, one in which they were all together, in which Abraham was alive, and so was Glenn — with his and Maggie’s baby on his lap, no less.

So, what did you think of “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”? Grade it in the poll below, then hit the comments with your reaction.

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  1. Shaw says:

    This hurt!!! WOW

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    I’m totally messed up right now! OMG!

  3. Cassie says:

    I’m sick to my stomach, I feel empty, and damn it I feel like I’ve been broken.

    I’m bluer than Andrew Lincoln’s socks.

  4. syvyn11 says:

    I wish Rick died. What a wimp. Negan is DA MAN!

    • JK1 says:

      You’re not very smart. I bet you fantasize about Putin and Saddam, too.

      • timmeh says:

        If youre going to compare to psychopaths, then why not use Hillary? All those bombed out countries, all those refugees and lives destroyed? And with promise of even more and maybe a nuclear war standoff to boot?
        Saddam managed to keep the muslim extremists at bay, Hillary and the US gov use them for their own use.
        Dont look for atrocities from others, when so many are done in your name… and of ‘freedom’.

        • DJT says:

          You mean the woman I voted for on Friday? Yhe one who’s going to be president in three months?

        • and the woman I plan on voting for too. Don’t like or care for your false equivalency crap or hate.

        • Walkie says:

          At least try and use actual history before you spout off nonsense.

        • Michael Fairman says:

          You are the asshole to beat all assholes.

        • DL says:

          Ugh, please learn history. Everything in the Middle East goes back to post-WWI, when the Ottoman Empire fell and the Allied Powers arbitrarily drew national borders that had nothing to do with history or the resident populations. This led to nearly a century of sectarian violence and the rise of dictators like Saddam. The U.S. hasn’t done a great job there lately, no doubt about it, but the “Muslim extremists” Saddam supposedly kept at bay were generally not terrorists, but Kurdish freedom fighters. They were fighting for their national identity, not for jihad, and Saddam Hussein ultimately committed genocide against the Kurds, including a chemical weapons attack that killed thousands of civilians.
          As for Hillary Clinton, she has had minimal decision-making in any of the conflicts you’re talking about. She pushed for more preventative intervention in Syria, which was denied by the Obama administration. The Bush administration lied about the CIA’s findings to Congress when she cast a single vote as a senator. Her biggest misstep was probably the handling of Qaddafi, but it’s not as if there were good options, only bad, and worse. I still fail to see where she’s committed “atrocities.” The Middle East’s implosion was inevitable because of ridiculous mistakes by the U.S. and other western powers over many decades, including at one point supporting Saddam, the U.S.’s trying to institute the Shah in Iran, the Iraq War obviously, and so much more.
          I’m of course always happy to debate these points. But I’m only willing to do so with people who come backed up with facts, and not false talking points repeated ad nauseam by the Republican alternate reality machine.

          • Dave says:

            Well said, but I have found it useless to use facts on Hillary haters. Good luck with your efforts.

          • Harry says:

            Ah yes “facts” from the ever famous CNN and MSNBC. Because Hillary supporters never have skewed opinions or bigotry in their debates and rationale…

          • Chelle says:

            I thought we were talkin’ about a TV show about the walking dead, not real life walking dead. Stick with the show.

    • Amy says:

      Rick did die!!!! How is no one but me seeing this after watching 701????

    • wrstlgirl says:

      And how exactly would you have handled that situation?? Just continue to defy him and let him kill your entire “family”.

    • QUEEN BITCH says:

      You’re a sick f*** syvyn11!! As I said in a previous comment… You’re probably one of those sick fux that go on the Deep Web searching for Red Rooms. Get a life you potentially serial killing moron.

  5. Stevie11 says:

    Yeah, I’m done. TWD has become a show only masochists can enjoy. Over the top-violence, no glimmer of hope, nothing but despair and death. Glad if people can enjoy it. I’m out.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      Well, it’s a show about the zombie apocalypse so I don’t know what you expected

      • Violence expected as defense against said zombies=ok. Violence as last resort, in an effort to save self=ok. Violence for the sake of gruesome violence, showing not a HINT of humanity=not ok. Like the previous poster, I’m out.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          That’s entirely the point of Negan though. He has no remorse. He’s a sociopath. I could understand your revulsion to this if it was happening with every character, but it’s pretty much specific to Nehan.

        • CJ Sparks says:

          come on, don’t be soft…life isn’t always happy endings…and you think you’d have “humanity” if you had to endure what they did in real life? they did an excellent job of showing a realistic outcome if the situation if it were to happen

          • Leo says:

            Um they’re not soft for being disturbed by something very disturbing!!! That premiere was so gruesome and while yes it’s a zombie apocalypse show, violence/killing against the living and characters we love is dramatic enough without having to literally see the insides of their heads.

        • I am also out … I was already unimpressed with season 6. The group got themselves into this situation because of their own stupidity. The whole Glenn thing did it for me … i turned it off after that. The writing is getting bad, it’s unnecessarily gruesome and i hate the whole super prolonged cliff hangers. prolonged to the point of being groan worthy. it’s a shame !! The series started off so well

          • TWD has turned into nothing but splatterpunk. THe writers can’t come up with stories of any substance so they use more and more horrificgore (like the scene where Glen had to watch that guy get torn apart while trapped in a revolving door.). I stopped being a regular watcher with the near-rape of Carl. I’ve since dropped it completely. This show no longer has any wit, any characters of merit, no humanity, no incentive to see any of them survive3, and FtWD is even worse. The franchise is dead and rotting. It’s gore-pron. Give me Z Nation, any day.

          • Caroline says:

            Aww I love Z Nation, but you can’t really compare the two. Did you see the last episode? It was hilarious…with a don’t-make-me-cry-ending! :D

          • They are very different, yes. What I see as the difference is that there is still enormous story potential in Z Nation. (OMG, the scene with the Liberty Bell!). I don’t mind gore–I watch true crime enactments of some of America’s worst serial killers. But when it’s fiction, I want story as well. I’ve watched Dead Set (z-poc on the Big Brother UK set!), 28 Days Later, Resident Evil…it’s not the gore or losing beloved characters that gets me.

            TWD no longer has a direction. Narrative-wise, it got shaky when the CDC blew in S1. It got shakier with the collapse of the prison arc and the revelation of Sanctuary. There are no intelligent, decent human characters. There are no goals beyond brute survival, and that gets very old, no matter how many buckets of blood, entrails, and screams you pile on.

            No-one is rebuilding like the people of Jacksonville in The Last of Us, or the interviewees of World War Z (the book). Humans just don’t *act lie TWD is portraying them–be it war, terrorist attack, or epidemic (see the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, the Barbary Plague, the “White Plague” before penicillin).

            All TWD is now is crappy people trying to see who can be the bigger monster, without even the ‘beast I am, least a beast I become’ motivation. It’s borderline torture-porn and rapidly slipping over the edge.

            Kirkland admitted he made mistakes with the original comics in several arcs and characters. It’s just such a dang shame the show has made it worse.

          • Caroline says:

            I do agreewith you that TWD mostly depicts the worst in humanity and rarely explores the more positive developments that could be possible. That’s what I love about z Nation. I mean people who build weapons and trade them for other things? That is so believable, I could totally see that happen. It’s also true that the story of Z natuon is still turned towards finding a cure, whereas TWD is about trying to make a new life in the midst of the apocalypse. And it’s what Rick and his group are trying to do. the difference is that there seems to be an at least partially existing government of sorts in Z Nation while in Kirkman’s world, it’s all gone. You can’t blame either by saying that that’s not how people react, because it’s fiction. kirkman wanted to explore what humans do in deeply despairing times, and for that the government needed to disappear, the hope for a cure or saviours from outside had to go. z Nation has different goals. It’s got another perspective at a zombie apocalypse, much less dark. Maybe you can identify better with Z Nation’s way of telling the story, but that doesn’t mean TWD is wrong, just that they took a far more pessimistic look at things. Though I agree with you that sometimes I miss meeting normal, more or less sane groups of people in the TWD world. It sometimes gives the impression that Rick and his group are the only ones left trying to rebuilt anything of worth, and that is a bit unrealistic. Though Hilltop may yet provide a good storyline. i heard that Maggie plays a big role there in the comics.

          • I’m done too. I think the write already forget the original story. Started at first ep in season 6, but now I’m 100% sure it so messed up.

      • Trixi318 says:

        How do we know a ZA will be like this, no one does.

        • dupreecm says:

          Actually we all know what would happen in any sort of apocalypse. We see it around the world now. I mean do you think that only the evil people will get turned into zombies, or the ones that remain will suddenly turn into angels. How about when there is no more food, and clean water becomes scared. Or medicines. Or, …

          • dupreecm says:

            And this by the way is the point of the show. This what is meant when Dale dies. Or Herschel. Or they find the little girl in the barn of zombies at the end of season 2. Or when Rick has to kill his best friend. It’s all little bits of civilization being chipped away. That’s the point of Rick’s band. Law and Order vs. not Law and Order. Of course, when they make it to Alexandria what do they do? Immediately start subverting the authority there by collecting their own guns together. Turned out they were right, but still.

        • dan says:

          Look at ISIS. I’m sure a ZA wouldn’t be pretty.

    • CalebFillion says:

      I’m done too. Everything is just too horrible and messy for my taste. And there’s no light at the end of that dark and depressing tunnel.

      • Michelle L. says:

        I agree about how depressing it is, I said I wasn’t going to watch anymore either after Glenn….but I must see them avenge his and Abraham’s death! I can’t give up just yet. If it does continue to be gore porn (as other’s have put it) I will have to stop. I got physically sick watching this episode!

        • See and the worst part of THAT is we KNOW Negan is gonna be around for at least 2 more seasons because they’ve signed JDM on as a series regular through season 9, so no vengeance for a long, long time, just a tunnel of endless depression and I have no desire to watch that AT ALL. Which is sad because it used to be my favorite show.

    • Destiny says:

      I agree! I’m done with TWD, and I didn’t even watch the premiere. It’s just too sick.

      • Trixi318 says:

        I couldn’t watch either, I just found a website to tell me who died and now I’m done too.

        • JR says:

          From an ex-viewer: thanks. I read spoilers at the Spoiling Dead Fans site a couple months ago to prepare me emotionally for this episode. I vacillated on whether to watch it and as recently as an hour ago (I’m West Coast) was planning to tough it out. I thought as one last precaution I’d read the comments here — and I’m glad I did. Honestly, you folks sound like me, and that means I’m better off reading a book tonight.

          I like a good Stephen King horror novel as much as the next guy, but I can’t see myself deriving any entertainment from this show. I’ll probably read recaps for the rest of the season; maybe I’ll drop back in after the Negan cycle is played out, maybe catch the last season or two. But not this year. Hope you’re reading this AMC. Sincere thanks again to “my East Coasters.” as Trump would put it.

          • DL says:

            I am with you too JR. I’m out. The real world has enough crazy stuff going on that depresses me. I don’t need to watch a tv show to add to my anxiety. Too bad because I did enjoy the earlier seasons.

          • Kia Smith says:

            Yeah me too.

    • Fran says:

      It was ok when Rick and his people murdered 50 of them in their sleep…. oh wait, those people had no character development. So Rick was being humane.

      • JP says:

        Very valid argument. We truly are only seeing one side of this. Based on the show, Rick was right to kill all those people in their sleep, but on flip side, Neegan and his people were probably like, “what the hell”… same for Alexandrians… they were fine until Ricks group showed up. Now half are dead, dealt with Zombie heard now have Neegan to contend with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% Ricktatorship, but for people to say, this is the straw that broke the camels back… get over yourself… it’s tv… if you don’t want to watch fine, but let the rest of us enjoy

        • french5851 says:

          Any B Horror flick does what WD did in the premiere…. this show used to be about more. It used to be able to pull all aspects together, intriguing us, the audience. Negan isn’t scary, he is just gross.

          Plus, I don’t buy into the premise that ALL of our heroes just knelt there. In the comic, there were only a few(5 people total?), plus two were kids, easier to buy that rick and company stayed kneeling for a bit.

          I think the writing of last season into this season is sloppy, plot points are being dropped and they are making up for it with gore trying to shock us into submission.

          I didn’t watch, my hubby did and he regrets it.

          I think we are just going to keep reading the comic to get our fix now.

          • Murlin43 says:

            I agree. The zombies are no longer the monsters to be feared. Too many evil survivor’s to outwit and fight now. I no longer care who dies which I don’t think it what the show was trying to accomplish. If I were one of the kneeling folk I would have wanted that bullet in my head. What is the point to keep fighting to live in a world where people like Negan exist. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of working for his benefit. GORY? I think they slightly overdid the head bashing bit.(ya think?) I’m surprised any of Negan’s followers are even okay with him now. That was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen on TV and I had no problem with things like canonballs blowing people’s heads off. (the Patriot) To do such over the top violence to well loved characters is really sadistic and disgusting. That’s just my opinion but I’m done. I’m sorry I’ve talked people into watching this show.

        • Cheryl Halfhide says:

          I agree with you if you don’t like it don’t watch it I will continue to do .

      • Pentakill Soraka says:

        This is a disturbing thing to say. Rick and his group are a bunch of nasty killers too, we just got attached to them. Negan’s group had people who loved each other in it, people who were close, and they killed them. If the story were following that group instead we would likely see a lot of the same things. This was the only outcome for the way Rick has been behaving. I hate that Glenn died he was my favorite, still , this had to happen to Rick. People can’t expect all beautiful stories. This is an apocalypse, and we do know that when law and order are gone people naturally go into survival mode, people try to rise up and take leadership and other people follow them. There would absolutely be people like Neegan and Rick. You are delusional if you think that one is different from the other. Rick was just as willing to kill people. Why do you think Carol snapped. They are all killers, They had to be. Not really fair to say it’s ok for one group to behave this way and not the other just because you knew the people it happened to.

        • reg says:

          Totally different, Rick and his group have never done anything remotely like what Negan and his crew have done. You are a sociopath if you think negan and Rick are alike. I’m not surprised the work “kill” is in your name.

          Nobody expects beautiful stories, just sick of staring down a black hole every week.

          • Crancwolf666 says:

            I think this was a warning to Rick and his group. Rick and his group were growing to be Negan and his army. I think Rick and his members will think twice, before getting so brutal… No blame to Rick, bur i wouldnt want to see them become so brutal as the atrocity named “Negan”… he will learn, they will adapt!

    • Ray Moss says:

      I’m out too. The show lost me. What a waste of time. The graphic way in which they killed Glenn was horrible. Greg Nicotero should be bludgeoned to death by a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The show should just call it quits.

      • kusai says:

        I dont know why people complaining about glen death he died exacly like the comic book meant to be. was the best episode cant wait to see more.

        • Melissamay says:

          Agreed with you. I love the show and after last night… Love it even more. Can’t think of the last time I watched television with that much response in me. You people crying about it are just plain pathetic!!! It’s television!! And I tip my hats to the writers!!!

          • Kthom says:

            I totally agree with you!! I had so many emotions going on during the episode, that I loved it. Yes, it was extremely violent, but what do people think would happen in apocalyptic times. I think the writers did a great job and I think this needed to happen to Rick’s group. They need to realize they aren’t invincible and can’t handle every situation that comes up. They aren’t “heroes” that can withstand anything, they are humans living in this crazy world.

      • Walkie says:

        You do realize that it’s not a documentary right? Maybe you are confused. What you watched was a scripted TV show. Glenn is not a real person. He’s played by an actor who was not beaten to death by a bat. Hope that helped.

        • Andy L says:

          Exactly! The show elicited quite a bit of emotions – maybe to some, shock, cruelty arent emotions they want to deal with or acknowledge, but it was a fitting introduction to Negan. I haven’t read the comics but I think this will be a great character. He’s bad, but seems law abiding (in the sense that’s he’s not deranged like the Guv), he made his warnings and carried through with his threats. He’s Rick but in a more bombastic way. You really saw for Rick broken,and a real sense of vulnerability with the group and for the bit of respite they had in Alexandria, well, they’re back in the real world now. For those that can’t take characters meeting their ends, there is a show called the Simpsons where the characters haven’t changed since Day 1.

    • JK1 says:

      For the most part, the episode came straight out of the comic book, including Glen’s eyeball.

      • Dndn says:

        Da man? You have issues man. Negan will get killed hopefully sooner rather than later. I take if the zombie apocalypse happened you would be a savior negan wanna be? Well theres a reason for bad guys… they are fodder for the good guys.

        • Pentakill Soraka says:

          Why are negan and his group the bad guys? Because they killed main characters instead of like 20 henchmen in their beds and countless others along the way? Rick’s first answer to any human conflict is to kill them. Even when they came to Alexandria they were talking about killing them and taking the town if they resisted. How can people not see that Rick is just like Negan but with a smaller group? It’s not about being bad, it’s about doing what you need to in order to survive the apocalypse. You only perceive them as bad because you got to know the good ones which were in Rick’s group, but the fact is they are just as capable of killing as Negans group and they have shown that over and over.

    • In_my_opinion says:

      The whole show is based on death and despair it’s not like you’re watching Driving Miss Daisy LOL in a zombie apocalypse that’s probably exactly how it would be survival of the fittest. And not to mention it’s following the comic pretty closely. So you can’t expect them to change it drastically from the comic. That would just be stupid and let a lot of fans down that actually read the comic

      • Molotov61 says:

        The issue isn’t who kills who, it’s about how they struggle to maintain their humanity. Negan is evil through and through. Rick and company have had to kill to survive, but they are not sociopaths even if they make mistakes. This was a very painful show to watch, because we care about the characters. I’m so glad Carl didn’t get his arm cut off…I thought for sure they were going to do it.

        Negan is way more threatening than the Governor and a worthy villain that is odious beyond belief. I can’t ever remember wanting payback so badly in a TV show, and we are very well set up for a major interplay between Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and the Saviors. It’s like nation building post apocalypse, and there are so many possibilities for great stories.

        I disagree with almost all of the criticism of the show. I love the characters, feel like we’ve gotten to see so much of them, and feel bummed that any of them have to die. But that is life post-apocalypse…even the people we love can meet a sudden and horrible end.

        • Adrian says:

          Negan is most certainly not evil “through and through” in my opinion. To me, to be truly evil you must be cruel without reason. Negan most certainly has reasons for doing what he does – to not only survive, but grow. To expand. His group most aptly shows early civilisation – when humanity was leaving the laws of nature behind and setting forth the laws of society. He is founding the Social Contract. Negan’s actions were bloody, scary, full of gore and cruel, but were still not “evil.”

    • steven says:

      you will be the first ones to watch next weeks episode, I guarantee it.

    • Xpictos says:

      I think I agree. It left me not wanting to watch the next episode. Also this should have R18 not MA15. Glenn’s eye ball was hanging out for you know what sakes

  6. Big Mike says:

    Too bad this was spoiled months ago. Would’ve made an awesome, shocking finale last spring.

  7. Ian says:

    Nah, I was ok. In the moment, watching Glen die that way was horrific, and his last words were heartbreaking, but by the commercial break, I’d accepted it. And Abraham’s death was unaffecting.
    It was when we got to Rick being forced to maim Carl that I got exasperated with all the torture porn.
    Maggie and Sasha’s moment killed me too. And Rosita there at the end.

  8. Amber says:

    Just fyi: the gallery you guys have posted is a huge spoiler warning.

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    That beating was HOLY SH*T too much! This was a rough one I’m going to miss Steven Yuen for sure and M.C.

  10. Ximena says:

    Oh my God! See everyone in that table, it just kill me. I will miss Glenn so much :(

  11. SStffrd says:

    Sorry, this was last episode of TWD for our family. This was a great series where people came together because of a world changing event. We watched as family, as it was a good conversation starter on ethics and challenges in tough conditions. Last season Glen’s “death” was a stupid gimmick; with more foolishness to follow. The series now is just a game of how cruel a villain can we create. This opening was just brutal and nasty. The season to come is just going to be how can the group overcome Negan, with more senseless deaths along the way. So long to a series we championed as a great discussion for all.

    • Jon Willis says:

      OK but Glenn’s death wasn’t unexpected that’s how Negan was introduced in the comics.

    • Stevie11 says:

      Totally agree. Plus, I don’t wanna see daryl brooding, doin’ his “it’s my fault ” guilt-routine because glenn died. TWD started as a show about people overcoming terrible odds. No it’s just a horrific, violent, pointless version of whack-a-mole.

      • Greg63 says:

        “Pointless version of whack-a-mole””. Perfect. It was vulgar. Not interested in murder porn, nor am I a masochist. Too bad, as I’ve enjoyed the show.

        • Murlin43 says:

          Exactly! Some comments point out that Rick is as bad a Negan and they killed all those people of Negan’s. I can’t see Rick bashing people’s brains out with Lucille, and in front of women and a young teen no less. War happens, people die. To show us beloved characters so brutally killed was vulgar. I expected it to be Glenn, but the gore in the act for both characters was just too gratuitously violent. It is hard enough to stomach your favorite character being killed without resorting to that seriously sick overkill. If they were going for shock value, they were successful. If they were hoping to keep all their viewers, I think they probably failed.

      • gentlerats says:

        wtf why would you ever watch this as a family

    • Migue says:

      Really? If you want to talk about ethics and that stuff use real things, not sci-fi… im glad that you are going to stop talking about real stuff based on sci-fi… use trump to talk about ethic not zombies

    • no moral superiority please from someone who EVER thought this was a “family show.” I would never let my kids watch this!

      • Sophie says:

        “We watched as a family” does not necessarily have to refer to young children. Those ‘kids’ could very well be around the age of 16-20, which makes watching the show with them really not an issue. Geez …

    • Pentakill Soraka says:

      So basically you were only ok with people coming together because of a world changing event if it was Rick and his group. Because Negan and his group came together because of that too. “ethic and challenges in tough conditions.” Kinda like when Rick decided that it was necessary to randomly kill so many human beings along the way so his own group could thrive? He talked about killing the people in Alexandria, and everywhere else they ended up totally willing to do it. Negan and his group take from people to survive and overcome, just like Rick and his people do, they both kill, the difference with Negan and Rick is only that Rick has a smaller group and has gotten lucky enough to not have to resort to the violence he is constantly threatening people with in most cases. Rick is happy to leave people to starve for his group, to kill for his group, and help them go on. If this story were told from the point of view of the mothers, lovers, friends, and good people which are protected by Negan, then who would be the villain? It’s silly to think those kinds of people dont run with Negan, and they too are doing what they need to in order to survive and remain safe.

    • Walkie says:

      Maybe you should use this as another ethics lesson for your family. Maybe you should bring up that choices have consequences. What Rick and his group did to Negan’s group was just as cruel and sadistic. But that doesn’t fit into your “I’m offended” narrative. Rick is no different than Negan. Negan is just more honest about his sadism.

  12. N says:

    The sick thing is Negan, in his own way, showed mercy to the others by picking Abraham, who essentially volunteered via his mannerisms, to kill off. it wasn’t until Daryl lashed out at Negan that Negan said screw it and killed Glenn. Poor Daryl will have to live with that for the rest of the series, and it will be interesting to see how it shapes him going forward..

    • Diana says:

      Poor Daryl? To hell with him now. I wish he died instead of Glenn. I am not watching the show any more. Glenn is dead and so is the show to me now.

  13. JP says:

    Gutted… absolutely gutted… bravo to cast and crew to hurt an audience that emotionally… this show better get some Emmy love. Performer of the week should just be this cast

  14. wow says:

    I read these spoilers on Facebook last night and to my surprise they turned out true.

  15. AK says:

    I feel sick. Don’t know if I can keep watching even after all this time.

  16. David says:

    There comes a point when you can’t take anymore. I’m through with this show

  17. Jettison says:

    Deaths were spoiled over 4 months ago, and after the crappy cliffhanger — GOOD! No need for 2 deaths just because you had to make up for the crappy cliffhanger. It was overkill and seemed unnecessary. I’m giving up on TWD. The money has gone to everyone’s head and they have lost vision. Hate Negan in comics and looks like it will be drawn out on the show as well. So sad. Well it good while it lasted — except the Season 2 snoozefest.

    • Murlin43 says:

      Yeah, almost like getting even with the viewers for speculating on who was going to get Lucille. Killing a great character in a horrendous way is bad enough but how psycho did they have to make Negan. Very sick.

  18. AngelWasHere says:

    I love this show, but I’m so screwed up from this. Glenn’s death really did it to me. His last words through all the gasping and all especially. Ugh. My heart….

  19. KLS says:

    It was overhyped. Predictable deaths. Pretty bloody.

    • R says:

      Wow, so basically Daryl is the reason Glenn is dead… if Daryl hadn’t gotten up and punched Negan (wait, I thought Daryl got shot in the chest last season how is that even possible?!) then Negan wouldn’t have had to kill someone else… AMC did that all wrong!

  20. knd24 says:

    Gutted. I’m just gutted. Excuse me while i go under the covers and cry myself to sleep

  21. Tyra says:

    It was the most brutal things I’ve ever seen.

  22. Susan says:

    I’m done as well. It’s no longer about a zombie apocalypse. You don’t need the zombies anymore. Humans are the monsters. Yeah, I get all philosophical stuff. It’s just not for me.

  23. J says:

    Absolutely the worst episode in the history of the show. I will never watch this bs again. What was once a fun awesome show has turned into pure garbage. You guys have ruined a perfectly good show. Way to go.

    • Mo says:

      While I have always enjoyed the show, I have never thought of it as a “fun” show. It’s always been emotionally brutal and has been getting more & more visually brutal as the series went on. I’ll keep watching.

    • Lexa says:

      You realize that what happened in the show tonight happened in the comics, right? Nothing was “ruined,” they mostly followed the source material.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      Yeah, why did they have to introduce Negan like that? Couldn’t he just have given each of them a kitten and a balloon and let them on their way?

  24. Jules says:

    ….thanks I just won 100$ in the WD pool that my family/friends had until the premiere (Glenn & Abrabram was sadly my two choices to face Lucille….Seriously, that scene was more gruesome (kind of an homage to the famous Unthouchable scene) and nescessary to restart “fresh” & reboots the series….JDMorgan is so perfect that he litterary steal everyone “light”….

  25. Sarah says:

    This is the last TWD episode I will be watching because my favourite character (Glenn) was killed.

  26. Zee says:

    This was not unexpected. Those that have read the comics knew that by now those guys had died!!! So why all the whining and threats about how you’ll stop watching? I’m not happy about it either but come on guys, it was taken from the source material!!!

  27. toni says:

    I’m out, it’s to hopeless for me….it reminds me of 24, they shocked killed everyone, till it was just expected…I know the comic killed off Glenn, but they changed the comic several times…life is hard, so a little up lift by not killing off one of the longest members, who is married and having a baby, would have been…mmmm….a little more pleasant….so insert bad words here….and goodbye….

    • Mo says:

      As much as I love Glenn, I’m glad they bit the bullet & killed off such an important & well loved character. Fans have gotten complacent and started thinking that “so&so is safe, they’d never kill that character, they’re too popular!” Welp… That reasoning is gone now.

      Plus killing off yet another side character can’t leave the same impact on the rest of the characters, which is the way to move the story in a new direction.

  28. Karl Lynch says:

    I thought that destructive beautiful episode one of the worse I’d seen. They KILLED OFF GLEEN and ABRAHAM! Why? I mean, I love #twd. I’m probably one of the series biggest fans. Abraham, I could forgive – he wasn’t a piece of the story’s essential plot. BUT GLENN? Maybe the writers thought that Glenn didn’t have a big fan base, like Rick or Darryl, but he did! He had a huge cult following. Everybody liked Glenn, I think, because he was a totally relatable character. And it’s totally f—ked up that Maggie (if she is lucky enough to make it to child birth and dosen’t die like Rick’s first wife) will have to raise baby Glenn, or baby Glendia without Glenn. And that sucks ass.

  29. Michael says:

    Those of you who say you are done with those show: Good riddance. At its worst, this has been a crowd pleasing, feel-good, weak show that compromised to win fickle fans over. At its best, it has been an uncompromising view of humanity at its cruelest and most desperate state. You think this was vicious? Negan is a warlord and men like him rule through fear throughout this world. TWD created a vicious world in which anyone can die. That brutality is essential to shock the audience back into this world and away from the relative safety we’ve enjoyed.

    • caroline says:

      Thank you. Exactly on point. The violence in this episode was essential to establish Negan. Truth be told, if a real zombie apocalypse were to happen, it’s sociopaths like Negan that would survive, because that kind of world was made for them. No rules, no morales, no laws, no ethics, and no empathy or pity. Antisocial personalities would rule that kind of world. Those who say:”It’s not even about surviving the zombies anymore.”, well it never has been. It’s always been about what different ways humans can take in case of such an event, and I think the show has done a pretty good job at portraying several possible ways this world could change a person: from Rick’s accepting the new world-order yet trying to keep his humanity, to people turning cannibals out of need, over the Governor’s descent into madness, or the rise of a sadistic sociopath as a dictator, these have all been believable developments. Even Lizzie’s psychotic breakdown was believable. That doesn’t mean people like it. Neither should it be the show’s goal to make people stay in their comfort zone or to compromise in order not to hurt people’s feelings. Negan is just another extremely hard challenge our little group of survivors is facing, and I, for one, am very curious as to how it will change them. The first episode of season 7 created an atmosphere that I’ve been missing in TWD lately. It was oppressing, and they did REALLY well at transporting this fear, this sense of hopelessness and helplessness to the audience, even through the “Go get my axe”-scene some of you find so superfluous, wrongfully, because it symbolized a change of forces and gave Rick a long needed lesson in humility. Lately Rick and his group had seemed somewhat invincible to me, everything always going smoothly. Rick was almost arrogant. Morgan warned him about it. Now, it’s getting interesting again. What do they say: Pride comes before a fall. We’ll see how Rick and his group manage their downfall and whether they can put themselves back together. This episode was gold. And if you have the feeling that it’s all too hopeless and tragic-well, maybe that’s exactly what the show wanted you to feel, and if they succeeded in doing so, they’ve clearly done something right.

      • Tony says:

        I don’t necessarily disagree. I just hope there is some balance or at the very least, some levity. I also by no means have any misconceptions on what the show is and always has been. I will say this is all for naught if Negan isn’t killed by someone in the group. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fantastic. But there’s no was way this guy lives after last night.

        • Caroline says:

          I´m guessing there won´t be any balance at first. Negan will face his end in my opinion just like the Governor did, but in due time, and probably not without more losses on Rick´s side. I always thought they came away pretty lucky when they fought the Governor or really, anyone else. Like the Terminus-people. I think they´ve met their equal and it will be a tough nut for our group, and it´s about time, too. I agree, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an amazing actor.

      • Lyn12 says:

        Caroline, your dose-of-reality comments echo those of my son, a cynical millennial & my TWD pal. I long for an oasis somewhere in the Z apocalypse where people are democratic & cooperative. (And I maintain there would be such pockets of folks SOMEwhere!) But as you and he point out, in desperate times, violence and crime are gonna spiral. And my peaceful scenario wouldn’t make much of a tv show.

        • Caroline says:

          So do I, and I sincerely hope that by the end of the show, Rick and his group will have reached that oasis, maybe even created it by themselves and for themselves. I´m not a total Pessimist, after all. :)

      • Molotov61 says:

        Love this analysis, and back it 100%! The tension, the heaviness, the sense of impending doom and loss. This was totally emotionally engaging, and a lot of the negative reactions I see here tell me that it was for them, too. I feel sorry for you if you are a too cool for school kid who thought this was boring, most of the rest of us were on the emotional roller coaster of losing our family to tragedy and evil. You are not supposed to just shake that off. I didn’t like the outcomes, but it is great story telling and a vivid picture of a world without restraints.

        Every show has it’s day in the sun and eventually winds down–I get a kick out of all the predictions of the demise of the show, blah blah blah. Who knows where TWD is in that process, but I don’t think they will run out of gas any time too soon.

    • Xpictos says:

      Sorry but you’re wrong. At the end of the day this is supposed to be about entertainment. I did not feel entertained after this episode. If felt sick and depressed. It was needlessly sadistic and done purely so that the produces can over compensate for the ill received cliffhanger and have their own red wedding. It was disgusting and cheap.

      • MLO says:

        Who says it’s supposed to be about entertainment? It’s not AFHV for christ’s sake. I’m sick of all you whiners thinking this should be a fun, feel good show. It’s not. It never will be. Piss off if you don’t like it. “I’m not watching anymore because they killed Glenn!” Whaa whaa. What are you, a child? They took your favorite binky away so now you’re not watching? Laughable. As much as I liked Glenn and Abraham, they each actually had very little screen time the last few years, what with all the split story-telling so, yeah, I’ll miss them, but life goes on for the rest. And, yes, it was brutal – we knew that going in based on Scott Gimple’s comments, “we spared no drop of awfulness, no iota of misery, no scintilla of pain.” What did you think? That they were gonna make nice and have a tea party?

  30. Yaxy says:

    Glenn was one of my favorite characters, I just can’t believe it. Abraham had a great personality. I’m in shock for real.

  31. Kissan Capers says:

    All of you people say that you’re done watching and whatever, but we all know you’re gonna come back next week and the week after…

  32. Ali says:

    I’m so glad for spoilers. I’m on the west coast and did not want to watch this episode. I’m so sad about Glen and Abraham, but glad the rest survived. Now my worry turns to Daryl. I’m glad he is okay for now and know Rick, Maggie, Carol and the rest will come up with a plan to get Daryl back and kill Negan… and, thank GOD I didn’t have to watch this. The next episodes should be okay for me, but this would have been too much. I watch as long as Daryl is okay. If/when he goes so do I. And I agree with a comment above that the show is too masochistic and it loses it’s punch when they over-kill with the gore.

  33. RJH6388 says:

    I thought it was a fantastic episode. Yes it was sad to see two characters get killed but I watch this show for all the characters. There are so many strong characters and storylines that I can’t wait for what’s to come.

    Also I think Noah’s death was a lot worse than either of the ones tonight. If Negan joined the show and didn’t cause havoc/heartbreak the story would get stale.

    Lastly, if TWD got to a place where everyone was safe it wouldn’t be able to continue.

  34. Caroline Thomas says:

    I really loved this show.It has had a lot of violence over the season’s but tonight was way over the top. I’m a nurse in trauma O.R. and see this up close and personal everyday I don’t need to watch it.I will no longer be watching.Just went to far.Not fun just sickening.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      You witness people getting their heads bashed in by barbed wire wrapped baseball bats everyday? I’d have quit after the 6th day, kudos to you.

      • Caroline Thomas says:

        I live in St. Louis and work at Barnes.Gun shot to the face, bat to the head not much difference.

        • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

          Fair enough, I was being a bit flippant with that comment. No offence intended, I have a lot of respect for your profession :)

          • Michelle L. says:

            Mad respect for what you do and the result of extreme violence you witness! Yet you go back the next day to do it all over again to help those in such great need of people like you!!!! Kudos and thank you!

    • francis says:

      I agree completely

  35. Robin Keiling says:

    I will no longer be watching TWD. It is positively sadistic to endear us for 6 seasons to characters only to grotesquely slaughter them at the hands of an absolute creep! I will miss the show, but it crossed a (red) line…

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      Is that not part of the show’s appeal? It’s an unpredictable world where the living are as much of a threat as the dead. There wouldn’t be much point watching if you knew the main cast had some kind of protection based on the number of seasons they had been in the cast.

    • MLO says:

      Robin – even sweet, endearing little Glenn is a cold-blooded murderer. Remember Negan’s bunker? He’s just the little murderer you know and love. Gotta love hypocrisy.

  36. Joann shelton says:

    My grandaughter and I screamed and cried. It was so horrific to see how Abraham and Glenn died we so love the group and hated to see them go. It was just heart breakening. Carol needs to have negan look at the flowers.

  37. Pierre Dumas says:

    Hey, uh, dumb ass … check your URL name. And thanks for the spoiler warning.

  38. Deal says:

    All you cry babies should be watching modern family, that episode is what I have been waiting for all along! Loved glenn but he’s out. Negan is great.

  39. Ethan R. says:

    Glenn was one half of the life and hope of the show. I can not see a Maggie without Glenn any more that I can see a Glenn without Maggie. To me the show ended with episode one of season seven. I will continue to be a fan of the first six seasons, but after tonight I will not longer watch the show. Everyone has a role in the show but to me the real story has always been Maggie, Glenn, their child and them creating a life in a world that has fallen apart around them. Thank you for 6 great seasons with an amazing cast, but my journey with TWD has come to an end with the end of Glenn. Good luck with season 7 and thank you all for the journey.

    Former super fan
    Ethan R.

  40. LBow says:


    Next time we see Daryl. he will have one side of his face burned off like Dwight!

  41. R says:

    Wow, so basically Daryl is the reason Glenn is dead… if Daryl hadn’t gotten up and punched Negan (wait, I thought Daryl got shot in the chest last season how is that even possible?!) then Negan wouldn’t have had to kill someone else… AMC did that all wrong!

  42. Mary says:

    Why Glen? He was a pivotal member of the cast. Darrell needs to be back with the group. Please don’t take him either. I am not happy that Glen died. It was horribly graphic. We were looking forward to seeing something more with Maggie, Glen and the baby. It was a happy spot in the world in turmoil.

  43. Eric says:

    Wow. What an episode. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that emotionally drained by an episode of television, and unlike most commenters here who seemed to think they’ve been watching Blue’s Clues, emotion is what I expect from The Walking Dead. The show is about human nature and resilience in the face of truly awful situations. The comic has always dealt with these topics, and so has the show. Yes, it gets extremely dark sometimes. But if an episode like tonight’s is enough to get you to stop watching? Then this wasn’t a show for you in the first place. Personally, I found it supremely affecting. I was unable to look away, even if it meant having to watch through tears, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Amazing job, TWD cast and crew.

    • Ethan R. says:

      Yes, Glenn dying is enough to make me stop watching. I can deal with a lot of pain suffering and violence but there has to be a balance of love and hope. That balance was in the form of Maggie and Glenn, and to me there is no longer a balance. Now all that is left is violence carnage and more pain for a group of people that just exist in that world. I am not interested in watching a depressing show that will leave me feeling as though there is not light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all the best and hope the show is all that you want it to be, for me, it no longer is. Good luck, take care and enjoy.

  44. James D says:

    Saw it coming. Especially Glenn, I knew it would be him since the dumpster last season, the writers were trying to prepare the audience for it. It is would have been far more effective if they didn’t give us the summer to process it, that was a giant mistake on their part. I will keep watching but IMO this show isn’t half of what it used to be. with that said JDM is pretty amazeballs. Please excuse my frustration I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s time – just my opinion.

  45. Caroline Thomas says:

    Who was the walker at the end that came out of the woods. Why was Rick looking back at him?

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      He was looking back at him as he was about to eat the remains of Abe or Glenn that were left on the floor. A horrible end to a horrible day for Rick.

  46. j says:

    Blood porn and nothing more. I’m done.

  47. Sandra Freeman says:

    I think TWD has lost something since it’s first episodes, like humanity. These episodes in the beginning weren’t all about gore and sick people, it incuded some incredible stories…like when Carol’s daughter Sophie came out of the barn…it was a moment of stunning emotion. Any movie or series can have gore and zombies. But to have good storylines about finding some humanity in that world is another. I miss the old characters like Hershel, Dale, and Lori. Sad..but many programs run their course and I think they are nearing that point. You gotta have hope in all that. Otherwise it isn’t worth the journey.

    • SeanC says:

      I completely agree.

    • LisaW says:

      I think the point of the show loosing the “good” people and it’s humanity is a parallel to what is happening to the society as a whole. Trying to live through an apocalypse would surely bring the less civilized parts of ourselves and society to the forefront. Rick and his group are these kind of people as well. They have murdered others for no other reason than to obtain what they need to survive. The difference is that we have come to love them and are vested in their success. It is what gives us hope that everything will be okay eventually. When all is said and done how far would people go to survive and what would they be willing to do? These two deaths were especially brutal; in part to the actual way they happened but also to the callousness of Neagan’s attitude. The dialogue that transpired while he educated the group on the way’s of Neagan and how things work in his world, and how his retaliation is, at this point, far worse than anything Rick and his “Family” can handle. Most of the deaths for this group have been brutal. Herschel, Merrell, Beth, Bob just to mention a few. Loosing Glen and Abraham will be the fuel that feeds this group to eventually take out their newest oppressor. The will get along to go along until they can make their move and once again we will praise them for their survival skills, quickly forgetting how much like Neagan they have actually become. The graphic novel comes from a dark place and the show follows suit but people remember it is only a story meant to entertain us. Once we are no longer entertained, fascinated, or compelled to watch we can always turn the channel.

  48. SeanC says:

    The fans that are giving it an “A” are the reason this show will never improve. The writers look at the ratings and then they see how the easily pleased fans respond, and they think they are doing great and the only reason they are not getting awards is because ppl don’t take their genre seriously…and that’s obviously not the case. The writing on the show has been subpar for a while now, and tonight was no exception. The ONLY thing that saved it was the actors.

  49. They had to go big with the S7 opening, and that’s what they did. And remember this is fiction. Like when you go through a haunted house… it’s. not. real. There were times in earlier seasons when I wasn’t particularly interested in continuing to watch. This is not such a time. They went big, and I’ll be back.

  50. Autumn Zinck says:

    I was heartbroken when I saw the death of Glenn he was my favorite since season 1 I don’t think I will be watching it anymore after seeing Glenn die tonight on the season 7 premiere

    • Rick says:

      Idiots. Everyone of you who say “I’m not watching anymore because of the violence” are idiots. This show is all about death, blood and gore. Has been this day 1. We see it every single episode. This isn’t real life. Glen is not part of your family. Get over yourselves and quit whining. Talk about double standards. You people make me sick to my stomach. If this were to happen in real life, you are the folks that would be the walkers. You would never survive a week. Sorry.

      • ew says:

        THAT is what makes you sick to your stomach? Talk about a future sociopath.

      • BlazeDraco says:

        Well i think, everyone of those “idiots” r still going sitting in front of the tv for E02, waiting to cry for a next gud man Like Glen to be killed,
        Cos thats the world we r in today and soo be it

      • louididdybx says:

        Really idiot you have a need to say it’s a t.v. show and Glenn isn’t related to any of the viewers. Talk about being a giant idiot.

      • David Smith says:

        i think you miss the point. many say they wouldnt watch it again because of the poor writing. if negan is as cunning as he is crazy he would not have killed glenn. he would and should have killed daryl although i doubt daryl would have been so stupid as to have charged at negan and threw a pussy punch. there have been weak episodes before but the show could recover from them. forget the comics. in the world of the tv show killing glenn was a bad mistake i can understand why many dont think the show is worth watching anymore