Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 4

Quantico Recap: Stress Test

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Got an egg timer you like to use to track Alex and Ryan’s periods of happiness on Quantico? Yeah, it’s time to flip it.

While the CIA’s Least Under the Radar Couple doesn’t break up or anything as dramatic as that in this week’s episode, Ryan does mention that his love for Alex is his weakness, which is Stoic TV Guyspeak for “Whether or not I want to be, I’m one foot out the love door already — for your own goooooood.”


Meanwhile, in the present timeline, Shelby gets some troubling news from an even more troubling source, and the Citizens’ Liberation Front lets a bunch of hostages go — so why isn’t everyone happy?

Read on for the highlights of “Kubark.”

RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE! | At the episode’s outset, Miranda directs Alex and Ryan to lay low for the week, given that it appears that someone staged the suicide of a CIA operative in Berlin — and she suspects that the rogue faction in the agency was somehow connected. But Matthew Keyes doesn’t agree (and this will prove important later).

One by one, each of the future agents receives news that is troubling: Dayana’s in trouble with her job, Harry has some vague medical results, a dangerous drug baddie might be coming for León, yadda yadda. At the same time, Ryan gets an envelope containing a key left to him from Liam O’Connor. It opens a safe deposit box, and thinking about what might be in that box troubles Ryan for pretty much the entire hour. But we’ll get back to that.

When Owen passes out biofeedback monitors and tells the recruits they’re going to mingle with current agents in order to see how stressed they get — the objective is not to get stressed at all — Alex realizes that she and Ryan can run a counter-op by cloning Owen’s phone (which holds all the recordings of the monitors) and having Ryan needle the other recruits with pressing questions, all the better to see which topics make their heart rates spike.

So they do, and it appears that soccer mom from Hell Lee is probably the one who planted the bug we learned about in the last episode. And it turns out that none of the stressful situations the recruits encountered were real; Owen was just trying to see how they’d react under pressure. Speaking of which, Ryan bails on the counter-op and runs to open Liam’s safe deposit box… which contains a CIA baseball cap and a note from Lydia. The whole thing was a ruse designed to stress him. And it does. “If we’re gonna succeed at this thing, they can’t see how connected I am to you,” Ryan sadly tells Alex, who (almost too easily, right?) replies, “I get it.”

Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 4SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS MIRANDA’S DEAL? | In the present, Alex is able to make brief contact with Raina. The CLF wants to get rid of a bunch of hostages, and they want to trade them for the hacker the terrorists wanted pardoned in the season premiere. So Alex suggests that Raina somehow pass on the code “boiler room” to Miranda, harkening back to Liam’s fake bomb last season. “A fake threat luring us into real danger,” the translator says, adding that she’ll try.

Back at the FBI, Miranda wants to make the trade. Shelby does not. But when Paul agrees with his lady, it’s on. Miranda and Shelby find the hacker, Eric Boyer, and arrest him. When Miranda gets him alone, she makes it clear that she’s part of something shady: “You didn’t live up to your end of the bargain,” she says unhappily. We’re not privy to everything that’s said, but he agrees to the trade, then tips off Shelby to check her work email from 2012.

PASS ON THE PASSWORD | When the trade happens, Raina gets close enough to her old teacher to mention “boiler room,” but if Miranda knows what Raina’s talking about, she doesn’t let on. And when Alex opens fire from a window above, she alerts everyone to her presence.

Once he’s in the CLF’s clutches, Boyer says, “It wasn’t supposed to go this far,” grabs one of the blad-clad baddies’ guns and shoots himself in the head. Meanwhile, the CLF storms the building Alex is in. So Parrish pulls down her mask, shoulders her weapon and says, “OK, let’s do this.”

At the FBI, Miranda and Paul celebrate a win, but the blonde is unconvinced. She delves into her old inbox and finds a message Boyer planted. Subject line: Miranda. Body of email: “She’s one of them.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mark says:

    Can someone explain the last scene of the gay guy and the Asian guy? Why wasn’t the gay guy sleeping without clothes? Why did the Asian guy give him that look?

    • westwingwolf says:

      I think because he feels like he pushed his friend (lover?) into committing suicide because it’s heavily implied the guy wasn’t ready to admit he was gay and couldn’t deal with it; he doesn’t want to push the Asian guy too far as well. Especially with knowing that the guy had already attempted suicide once. So he’s backing off on all the overt ways he was trying to make the guy uncomfortable. I think there was a truce in that moment. Neither will try to make the other uncomfortable. Though the present establishes that that truce did not last.

  2. Dave says:

    This show desperately needs some new writers, and probably a new show runner. If it wants any chance at all at a 3rd season (the ratings thus far do no warrant it), it needs a complete turnaround. We are basically watching the same exact show as we were in season one. It’s all one big wash, rinse, repeat…
    Alex and Ryan are at odds, make up, at odds again. The lessons at the Farm are done in the same way they were at Quantico (right down to the twist where the recruits end up being tricked). You can basically substitute last year’s supporting cast and the snooze stories they had with this seasons. Replace Liam with Miranda and you have another boss-is-actually-traitor scenario. Even the present day scenes mirror what we saw last year.
    Did they not learn anything? I remember people complaining at how convoluted the two-timelines were and how the creator said the 2nd season would be more to the point and easier to follow, with better stories and more grounded storytelling. None of these promises have come to fruition. It’s no real surprise the audience has consistently bailed and the show is now the lowest of the ABC Sunday Night dramas.
    They should make it their business to end what we are seeing now and tie it up nicely in the mid-season finale and then bring on new people to write the second half of the season and totally reboot the show.

    • SHONDA LAUREL says:

      I agree about this being a repeat of last season without the soap opera element and bed hopping. I don’t see how this show can last a few seasons as the creator will be running out of government agencies after next year.

  3. westwingwolf says:

    I think this is a plot to get Vice President Haas (Caleb’s mom) to become president because the president can no longer fulfill his duties now that he’ll be dealing with his wife’s assassination. Further some agenda the VP can push through with the fallout and now being in power.

  4. Juan says:

    I still won’t accept Miranda being evil. This will all be explained I hope.

  5. spdavid says:

    I left this show last night.It’s just too dumb,too unrealistic and too much written for a specific demo that is much younger than me and has a much lower level of life experience to draw from to see through the incredible dumbness of this show.

    I know TV is generally not supposed to be a reflection of true life but this show is so overdone,over acted and over the top that I just can’t handle it anymore.

    And I thought How To Get Away With Murder was dumb and superficial,this one is worse.

  6. Jordana says:

    How hasn’t alex figured out that Miranda is bad yet? The only one who knew that she was still in the building was Miranda, and then when the terrorists found out, coulnd’t she put two and two together and figure out it’s miranda?

  7. Robin Surber says:

    What was the joke Ryan told Alex. I can’t remember