Once Upon a Time Recap: Shear Madness

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emma was tricked into telling her loved ones the truth about her doomsday vision, while in flashbacks we learned of Aladdin’s own journey as a Savior.

IN AGRABAH, MANY YEARS AGO…. | Princess Jasmine enlisted street rat Aladdin to steal the “Diamond in the Rough,” a powerful weapon which can prevent the evil vizier Jafar from lording over the capitol. Once in the Cave of Wonders, Jasmine and Aladdin are almost crushed by a cave-in, until Aladdin uses a blast of magic to save them. As Jasmine suspected, Aladdin is a Savior — the “diamond in the rough” to ward off Jafar. But after Jasmine leaves, Aladdin gets a visit from Jafar, who uses a red bird — an oracle — to reveal the thief’s dire fate. Aladdin can avoid it, though, by using magical shears to “cut” away his Savior status.

Back at the palace, Jasmine alerts her addled, Jafar-controlled father that a Savior is on the way, but Jafar arrives to say that might not be the case, actually. When he then traps Jasmine inside a giant hourglass, to be buried in sand (a bit elaborate, dontchathink?), Aladdine swoops in via magic carpet to save the girl and the day. Afterward, Aladdin invites Jasmine to come with him to track down and vanquish Jafar, but she declines, needing to stay behind and get Agrabah back up on its feet. As Aladdin walks away, the shears magically appear in his Kenneth Cole messenger bag….

IN STORYBROOKE…. | ONCE UPON A TIMEEmma led Archie into the woods on a search for the seer, only to find the young woman dead — and teacher’s aide Shirin fleeing the scene. Back at the cop shop, Shirin eventually reveals that she is in fact Princess Jasmine, and she has been looking for Aladdin — “the Savior.” The Purely Evil Queen, meanwhile, tries to find out from Archie what Emma has been sharing in their sessions. When he dutifully keeps mum, she magics him to the farmhouse to be watched by Zelena, while she masquerades as the shrink. As Archie, the Evil Queen goads Emma into spilling her secret to the Charmings, Henry and Hook — that she has foreseen her death, at the hands of someone hidden under a hood. Fearing she is the one to one day wear the hood, Regina dashes off to whip up a locator spell for Aladdin, because if he is alive, the “Saviors must die” prophecy is bunk.

While the Evil Queen treats Zelena to a spa day, where she convinces her sis to embrace her wicked side, for daughter Robin’s benefit, Regina shares with Emma a potion that will lead them to Aladdin, following “like magic” and all that. Emma leads them all to a crypt in the woods, where Jasmine finds the scarab she gave Aladdin next to a skeleton, and (hastily!) assumes the worst. Emma asks everyone to scram, so that she can be alone with the reinforced reality that Saviors must die. Henry though interrupts, to try to lay claim to his role in all of this — if he hadn’t knocked on her door years ago and forced the issue, etc. — but Emma says she would not have changed a thing, that she found real magic in her life, in him.

Aladdin then emerges from the crypt’s shadows, explaining that he in fact used the magical shears, and once Agrabah fell, he fled to the Enchanted Forest and (get this) has been living among them in Storybrooke all this time. With Emma’s nudging, Aladdin finds Jasmine and reveals himself to her. Later at the Charmings’, Emma says she will use the shears only as a last resort, if they can’t find another way out of her situation. She thus tasks Hook to hide the shears, leagues away in the ocean. But Hook lied about doing so — just moments after Emma promised him, “No more secrets” — and has the shears in his possession…. Why?

What did you think of “Street Rats”?

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  1. I enjoyed this episode but I’m confused as to how Aladdin could have broken Amara when we know she’s intact for many more years and I’m disappointed they recast the sultan.

  2. Nicky Aiuto says:

    So much for Hook’s honesty. Here Emma kept a secret from him and her family before she confessed. She said she will show no more secrets or lies, and now he is doing it by not hiding the sheers. What else is he lying or hiding?

    • coolcam says:

      I’m sure he’s just keeping them because he doesn’t want Emma to die so he’ll try to save her with them later… I really hate all the secrets. Like certainly after 5 seasons of learning “always be open with each other” they should automatically tell each other what they know! but NOOOOO, David has secrets, Emma had secrets, and Hook has secrets. It’s all a mess again….

  3. BM says:

    What is it with ABC and characters promising “no more secrets” and then keeping secrets/lying just seconds later? Is that in the showrunner’s contracts or something?

  4. JenE says:

    This season is awful!! 1.Why the F*** is Hook being reduced to scenery? (thank God next week is Hook centric. Finally). 2. The Regina EQ overkill has gotten old fast! Bored beyond belief. 3. How stupid are these people not noticing Archie out of character??!!! 4. Dear Emma & Hook: enough with the secrets. How about showing an open and honest relationship between two people who love each other dearly? That would be way more interesting. 4. Snow’s lecture rang hollow considering she has been coddling Regina for four episodes. 5. Kind of interested in Aladdin & Jasmine, think the CS parallels are interesting and can’t wait to see how they converge. 6. I really really wish Emma had decided to woman up and tell her secret on her own. That would have been character development. That would have been more interesting to see how they find a way to save her and not get blindsided by her news. Why am I still watching this show?????

    • ninergrl6 says:

      So. Much. Yes. I’m not genuinely considering dropping the show, but I agree with everything you wrote.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The same reason the husband is, hope.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      I only saw parallels between Aladdin/Jasmine and Emma/Henry. Because both Henry and Jasmine were the ones who found and helped Emma and Aladdin by telling them they are destined to be saviors. Nothing for Hook to be honest.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I know monkeys are suppose to be difficult to work with, but it just didn’t feel right to have Aladdin without Abu. I cannot accept that the little gold monkey trinket used to balance the sword in the cave of wonders to be the closest thing to Abu that we are going to get.

    • Jennifer says:

      They would have had to use CGI. Disney has made a commitment to not use any primates in any of their shows.

    • Gaia says:

      I think the trinket was the monkey holding the crystal in the animated movie, not Abu.

    • Misti says:

      I kept thinking “It’s a shame Abu isn’t here…” :)
      I actually loved the Aladdin/Jasmine story, and I giggled quite a bit at the callbacks to the animated movie.

      I also giggled lots and lots at the Three Bears Day Spa… (even if I only saw one bear… ;) )

  6. ninergrl6 says:

    So much potential with so little payoff. First, I’m glad that Emma FINALLY told the truth, but I’m irritated that she had to be tricked into it. Some character development! And now Hook’s lying right back, which is equally irritating. I’m assuming he kept the shears so that he (or someone) could clip Emma’s Savior-dom (super lame explanation BTW) to prevent her death. I kept waiting for a Hook/Emma heart-to-heart but it never happened. I would’ve liked a David/Emma heart-to-heart too, although it would’ve been ironic since he’s keeping a secret from Snow (but that could’ve been an interesting, logical parallel storyline in the ep). At least Emma had good talks with Snow and Henry. Second, Aladdin’s been hiding in Storybrooke ALL THIS TIME?! What an awful, nonsensical reveal! It would make infinitely more sense for him to have been hiding in the Land of Untold Stories. On that subject, why was Jasmine in TLOUS? What’s untold? Is there more to her backstory or was that it? Third, the EQ/Zelena stuff felt really out of place this ep. Gotta give Lana and Bex something to do I guess. On a similar note, I didn’t miss Rumple and Belle at all.

    • Michael says:

      We’re going to learn more about Aladdin & Jasmine in later episdoes. But if they dont answer why Jasmine is in TLOUS we can assume she went there bc she could of thought Aladdin had been there.

  7. Claire says:

    I’m already tired of the EQ running around and being annoying. I loved Aladdin and Jasmine, though – and think Oded is doing a fabulous job as Jafar. They fit in nicely.

    Felt bad for Emma and Hook, but I can understand both perspectives. She wants to be the savior because of the good she’s done and the happiness it’s offered her, and he wants to keep the only way to save the woman he loves.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Except he was not respecting her wishes just like how she didn’t respect his before she turned him into a dark one against his will.

      • Claire says:

        That doesn’t have anything to do with me feeling bad for them, though? They’re both in a difficult situation and they have been before. From a character standpoint the emotions behind it make sense.

  8. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband asked me, completely perplexed, “Who are these people? Where is Rumplestilskin?” I mumbled something about the actor having to do a movie role, maybe, too, and that pacified him, “Just remind me not to red dot this episode, again.”

  9. PatriciaLee says:

    Too complicated, and it was just ridiculous about the letting Agrabah fall again backstory. Now, him being stuck in Storybrooke by a geni, that would have made sense.

    • Michael says:

      The Agrabah storyline makes sense bc Jafar then goes to Wonderland to get the genie and then the rest would connect to OUAT in Wonderland

  10. kirads09 says:

    Well, completely underwhelming. Both Aladdin and The Little Mermaid are two of my all time favorite Disney properties. They have both been wasted on OUAT it seems. So much potential to those stories that isn’t lived up to. This confirms my feelings that Aladdin would’ve been better if OUAT Wonderland had survived for a 2nd season. I would’ve loved to see Will, Anastasia, Alice and Cyrus travel to Agrabah to reunite Jasmine and Aladdin. After all, Wonderland was really about finding your true love again – less the heros/villains thing.

  11. Preacher Book says:

    Use the shears and cut the evil Queen’s fate?

  12. UserX says:

    Did anyone else have an issue with Aladdin’s accent, or was it just me? Not only was it out of place, but it was difficult to understand much of what he was saying!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Jimmy says:

      I know, the accents on this show are terrible. Aladdin has an Australian accent, Jasmine has an English accent, and Jafar has a vaguely Israeli accent. If they can’t do an appropriate accent then just Americanize them do everyone sounds the same.

      • Sarah says:

        I’m an accent and dialect coach, and I couldn’t figure out what kind of accent he was trying to do. One thing’s for sure – that wasn’t Australian. The actor is Australian, and if you watch him in an interview he is perfectly Australian and perfectly understandable. Frankly, it would have been less weird and distracting if he’d just kept his natural accent and not tried to do something else.

        • Char says:

          It sounded like like a Birmingham (UK) accent to me – it was very offputting!

          • SpyDaniel says:

            Yeah, he was doing a Brummie accent. I have a Brummie friend, so I should know xD

          • Sarah says:

            I did say “trying,” not “doing” on purpose – the result was part Australian, part Brummie, part Yorkshire, part Manchester, part Cockney, part South African, part mumble… Adding up to generally incomprehensible, and yes, quite off-putting!

          • Sarah says:

            Yes! As a brummie myself that’s what I couldn’t understand lol I couldn’t take it seriously after that and I’m a massive fan of the show lol first time I’ve been confused haha

    • Jewelina says:

      Yes!!!! I was so frustrated by the scottish/Irish??? accent. With so many actors of diverse backgrounds needing work, they let aladdin not be of middle eastern descent? I was offended by this choice and this may be the last straw for me

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      I don’t care about the accents. I’m fine with them. I am more focused on the characters.

    • Sarah says:

      Exactly what I was going to say!It was Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent without the endearing nostalgia… Just plain awful and beyond distracting!!!

    • denyo says:

      very annoying, can’t pinpoint his accent. why not just stick to one accent instead of mixing it up, the story is already confusing adding his fake accent makes it even worse.

  13. Starbuck84 says:

    The casting for the new Jafar is great, but other than that I wasn’t feeling the Aladdin story. Too many plot convenient writing choices and the show doesn’t do a great job anymore connecting guest star fairy tale characters like that to the mains. It always feels like the show with its original characters is being bend to make room for the guest stars and it just doesn’t flow well, naturally together as it did in the first few seasons.

    It’s nice to see more of Snow White and Prince Charming, though. I do hope they keep that up.

    Hook and Emma with their constant secrets and lies are just tiring. They literally have this same story every season, never learn, and if that’s the best the writers can come up with for them, maybe that should tell them something…

  14. Dee says:

    I agree I feel the story was wasted. They had so much more they could have done with Aladdin & Jasmine. Shoot even Merida had a more prominent storyline. I do feel we will see them again cause there are just too many unanswered questions to leave it as is. It was interesting to make Aladdin a savior with Light Magic. And yea the EQ & Zelena definitely were out of place in this episode. They should have left them out altogether like they did with Belle & Rumple.

  15. QueenB says:

    The first season was amazing but the last few seasons have been underwhelming. the writers seem to have lost their once magic touch. They are ruining this series by giving into shippers Rumple is irredeemable and Belle deserves better, Snow and Charming have been sidelined, Emma and Hook are repeating the same mistakes every week, and separating Regina and TEQ was a poor choice and I love LP, TWW should have been killed seasons ago and is also irredeemable. I think this should be the last season because the quality has dropped drastically

  16. Did anyone else notice the boiling water in Aladdin’s vision of his death that he avoided is the same boiling ocean in Wonderland Cyrus was forced to jump into in the Wonderland spin-off?Maybe his destiny got deflected onto Cyrus when he cut his fate.

  17. coolcam says:

    LOL why do we never see anything about snow and Charming’s baby Neil??? Being a parent is a full-time job and we NEVER see him! They had another kid because they felt like they missed out on Emma’s childhood but they are completely failing at giving Neil attention, like who is watching this kid??
    I’m pretty excited about the characters taking on modern roles again (ex. snow returning to teaching). After all, that’s what made the show so interesting originally. I want them to get back to a normal, functioning community then CUT THE SHOW! I can’t deal with anymore of this!!