SNL Lampoons Third and Final Debate

Saturday Night Live this evening brought together Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, possibly for the last time.

The comedy all stars faced off in SNL‘s parody of the third and final presidential debate, which began with Trump declaring he’d be quieter this time around before quickly becoming unhinged when asked about abortion and women’s rights. He later launched into a rant about meeting with the Mexican president, “Mr. Guacamole,” and got a big laugh from the audience when he claimed after multiple sexual assault allegations that he has more respect for women than anyone else.

Clinton, on the other hand, completed a Trump bingo card she allegedly began at the start of her opponent’s campaign. Later, she launched into a regurgitation of her accomplishments from the last 30 years.

Tom Hanks, who portrayed moderator Chris Wallace, remarked that much like the third Lord of the Rings film, audiences wouldn’t want to watch this debate but had “come this far.”

What did you think of SNL‘s take of Debate No. 3? And of the four cold opens Alec Baldwin’s Trump has appeared, which has been your fave? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dave says:

    SNL should keep Alec Baldwin on speed dial, since they are going to be using him a whole lot from November 8th and beyond. I am so excited. In just 16 short days, Mr. Trump will be our next president. The liberal media and entertainment industry will be weeping that night, totally baffled as to how this happened, while us in the silent majority rejoice that we have finally vanquished the status quo in Washington.
    But despite the media’s unfairness and despite the complete ineptitude of almost every Democrat and liberal-leaning person in the United States, EVERYONE will prosper under a Trump Presidency. You will all have great lives, safe lives, and you will be living in a nation you can once again be proud to call home.
    The icing on the cake? That murderous, treacherous, and corrupt Democratic nominee will finally be history- gone from Government and unable to destroy anyone else’s life. God bless.

    • peterwdawson says:

      The people he’s vowed to sue for libel probably won’t prosper.

    • nothingmusic42 says:

      let me guess, you said the same thing about George W. Bush in 2000, didn’t you?

    • Daya says:

      Pretty sure everyone living in Flint will tell you that making a business man your leader is a horrendous idea.

      • Anne says:

        Comments like this make me wish WordPress had a ‘like’ button. *applause to you*

      • Mrs Bernie Madoff says:

        I’m from flint, Michigan, born and raised. moved out over 26 years ago. went back sept 2016 to put flowers on father grave and visit elderly mother. Its a ghost town now, hardly any people, every other house torn down. Businesses shut down gone, movie theaters, grocery store, gone. Looks almost like a 3rd world country. Donald “the racist” Trump, isn’t going to do anything, for a city/town, that is 99% black & people of color. Stop dreaming, he’s going to lose badly in Nov. Landslide for Hillary, wait and see……smh

        • Your kind of cynicism is sad and please believe me it comes from deep disillusionment with the decades long corrupt democratic machinery. Donald Trump is a guy who has it in himself to win back decaying inner cities and dying towns. The guy does not have a racist bone in his body. His attitude is to FIX what is broken and ruined. Please don’t transfer your disappointment onto DT. You are really either a really wicked liberal racist spewing your own typical liberal racist projection onto everyone as libs always project their own prejudices onto everyone and wikileaks proved it…or,you are sad and disappointed from all the lying,cheating dem scum that has you propagandized into self destructive leftist indoctrination. In any case,please wake up and stop hurting black people with hopelessness.

        • JWP says:

          I am a Democrat and think Hillary is a lying corrupt piece of garbage. It’s sad to see the Democrats vote for her just because she is a Democrat or women…. so UN-American… and if your not you have to be an idiot not to know how much of a liar and all the corruption that she has proven over and over from her own lying mouth.

          • Mary says:

            No what is Un-American is electing a clueless chauvinist who really does not comprehend how our system works. If find it ironic how everyone calls her a liar but proven he has lied more than any other candidate. Ironic your assumption that people or voting for her due to genre or party but the truth is many can see past the clown’s ego and understand he would be a disaster for the American People. Would you send the postmaster in to do brain surgery? Even if we are frustrated many of us intelligent people realize you don’t cut your nose off to spite yourself.

        • Daya says:

          I’m sorry…that must be heartbreaking for you. *many hugs*

      • Barbi Mann says:

        Living in Illinois can prove that as well . Rauner the Businessman is really bad at his job .

    • BoboTheRaven says:

      Dude, you should seriously consider moving to Colorado and selling whatever it is you are smoking, ‘cos is some seriously good sh1t! Do you have an Etsy or eBay store? I’d love to buy some!

    • quang says:

      There is no silent majority. Your type already tried that when Romnay was behind in the polls, and it didn’t work that time and it won’t work again.

    • Glen says:

      Two thumps up to SNL’s Baldwin & McKinnon presidential skits.
      Equal shots at both candidates. Great laughs!

      Independent voter here,

      Being a second generation american on mom’s side, and 5th gen on dad’s intensifies my respect; and love for my country, flag, four fathers, what they fought for, our constitution,amendments, right’s, freedom’s including speech, and most of all those that have defended, fought and died for it. I’ve had family fight for this country back to the civil war. I have family, and friends who died at the WTC. A neighbor who dug for days looking for survivors, who is now a throat cancer survivor from digging out. I consider my self about as american as it gets. I grew up in Queens NY maybe that’s why I get Trump. I still live in NY on Long Island. I’m not a hater, but like many who are now citizens by choice I am a citizen of birth multiple times over. I believe the deeper your roots the deeper the love, and understanding of what it all stands for.

      That being said please except my apology to those who find this offensive, but will not apologizing for my love of this country, and what I believe we are about to loose if Hillary is elected. Anyone who can’t agree we have two floored candidates is walking around with blinders on. Neither is what we would call our ideal choices, but we’re stuck.

      I have to ask how can anyone ignore all the crap on Hillary. In case you don’t know I’ll tell you how the media doesn’t air it.
      All you see are ignorant claims, and falsified reports on Trump. Totally unbalanced coverage of current as i like to call them Clinton farts. Trump He’s not perfect, but totally a rigged unbalanced media portrayal of what is our last chance to save this my beloved country.

      How can any true American regardless of political party, race, black, white, red, yellow, whatever including ALL if you consider your self American how can you sit back, and watch the media completely ignore, excuse not expose accusations about Hillary’s intentionally lost emails, the DOJ, the FBI, Bill’s meeting on tarmac, wikileeks the release of tape about paying to disrupt Trump rallies. Any intelligent person has to see even if you don’t like Trump that there is a whole imbalance of coverage. tons of current dirty stuff on Hillary yet know one seems to care. Is this really what our democracy has come to? The people reporting are not reporting it all. Why folks? Chicago residents, and cops were hurt because of the riot’s enraged by agitators paid by Hillary affiliate Plus.30 years more of other filthy dirty corrupt things that shadow the Clinton’s not to mention her debacle of of the middle east, and what about Benghazi? What open boarders for energy grid. Referring to Abraham Lincoln when questioned about being two face.

      Don’t be surprised if DJT is your next president on November 9th.
      There’s a ton more people like me who may not admit it now, but we are voting for him.

      WAKE UP AMERICA take a deeper look before you vote. Remember what it took for your family, and ancestors to become citizens what they fought for, and may have died for, and ask your self do you really want to turn this country over to a person with so many years of BS, and scandals, or elect to save our country, and traditions.

      What your all forgetting is it’s not about Him, or Her It’s about us!

      Make America great again.

      can’t tell you my name but I approve this message.

      • quang says:

        You are right in that it is unbalanced, butthat is because Hillary has given the media next to nothing to work with, hence the reason why the right-wing lons has to keep banging on and on with non-starter topics like the Benghazi and the emails. You are comparing the few evil things that Clinton supposedly did compared to the many horrible and stupid things everyone has heard Trump saying.

        You ask “what about Benghazi?” People like yourself has tried to make it a thing for over 4 years, and it has never stuck because it is obvious that you never cared, and are only using it because it is politically advantageous. Same goes for Bill’s affair, in that Trump didn’t care about these affair and was golf buddies with the Bill, and only started harping on about it after the tapes leaked.

        And the reason why so many peole like yourself don’t admit to voting for him is because it is embarrassing.

        • JWP says:

          Your an idiot seriously. Hillary is a lying corrupt piece of garbage. If you can’t see it then you are a fool and probably need to stay out of big peoples conversations. AND I AM A DEMOCRAT yet not UN-American as you.

      • Scream Queen says:

        If speaks a lot that you and those you warn of are too ashamed to put your name behind what you believe in. Get it together, Glen.

        • Glen says:

          Your right i am ashamed. I’m ashamed of people like you who my people fought, and died for so you could say stupid shit like that. God bless America!

          As the last mistake I voted for said said a few months ago….Obama out!

          I’m not making that mistake again.

          My rebuttal is over.
          Ignorance is bliss believe what you want

      • funnibone31 says:

        I am tired of this “rigged” media against Trump. He has gotten more free media attention than any other candidate that ran for this candidacy. If you’re unhappy with the media for reporting things that come out of his mouth, then that’s not the medias fault. It’s because your candidate doesn’t know when to shut his trap. Hillary doesn’t tweet nonsense at 3 AM in the morning and doesn’t go after everyone and anyone who has said something negative about her.

    • Umm yeah that is going to happen

    • Ws says:

      I think someone is off their meds again.

  2. GG says:

    The debate sketches are awful. Wondering if the ASPCA will be called on Saturday light live for beating a dead horse

  3. Melissa says:

    What kind of kool aid do they give out at a Trump rally?!

    • Anne says:

      I think the flavour called ‘White Racist’ mmm tasty

      • John says:

        Lol!!!!! My buzzwords!!!!

      • There is nothing wrong with wanting to be safe from genuine danger and horror. These are not fearmongerings. This is a real world,folks with terrible things happening and a lot of evil people ,ms 13 gangs all over Long Island ,NY killing women,guys,radical islam on the march infiltrating in,diseases skyrocketing, drug cartels and human trafficking and sexploitation of children,etc. Why would you want this ,for yourself or anyone you care for. Why would you want a centralized group of totalitarian rulers robbing you of your right to any liberty/ This is already beginning here. Did you know that Obama sold internet rights to another country last week? Please WAKE UP…and btw what a shame to have such a vile,corrupt,incompetent with a horrible record as the first woman president. What a colossal shame. Kiss any jobs away. Nothing left for the American. Black LIves Matter to the WH…Why would you be like a sheep unto slaughter?

        • Mary says:

          You do realize that many of those evil people are US citizens right not only immigrants. Please explain what liberty you have lost under Obama’s administration. It is obvious you don’t understand the BLM movement which is part of the problem and not the solution. Ever hear of the expression the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  4. Jay says:

    Trump as president..hahahahahahahahaha.Dave is living in a fart bubble enjoying the aromatic Trump ass gas instead of reality..

  5. nopatienceforidiots says:

    Dave’s comment is not on topic, can the moderator do something?

  6. Benji J. says:

    FYI, SNL: People love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and ROTK has been widely acknowledged as a masterpiece. Who’s the jock who wrote this crap? F*** Trump anyway

  7. I’ll take some crude anytime over dangerous,murderous woman like HC anytime She truly has blood on her hands and he just has as obnoxious mouthpiece sometimes. The Clintons are trash. Dangerous to the republic. Retire them and get them out of our government. They are very little more than white trash grifters and in the pocket of the most evil person roaming the earth George the nazi helper Soros who is banned from several countries and is another criminal …just like the clintons.40 plus years of the dumbing down liberal education,propaganda,entertainment machinery ,and the people are waking up to the lies and history revisionism that has been indoctrinating our citizens. The KKK was Demoncratic! Do you know that many people don’t even know that the slavery horror was from the dem party and it was the abolitionists.repub/faith filled conservatives who fought it. Jim Crow laws,Japanese internment camps,Trail of Tears native American horror…All democratic atrocities. Without a permanent underclass there would be no dem party. They have a vested interest in keeping some people in their place and down and out. Easier to control. Trump wants success and safety and happiness for all. The guy is a lover not a hater,and believe this;He will sooner die than not take the inner cities and poverty by the balls and fixing it! It’s in his DNA to repair the broken and discarded. That’s what he does! HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN.THANK GOD. YUP,I’ll take some rough edges . The other one needs to be put in jail. You know it and she knows it.

    • Mary says:

      There is a difference between rough edges and down right stupidity. Maybe if he had shown a fraction of human decency and spoke like a mature adult he would have made a case, but sorry all I see is a spoiled bully who has mommy issues and cares about himself only.

  8. Simon Jester says:

    “SNL this evening brought together Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton, POSSIBLY FOR THE LAST TIME.”
    Boy, are you guys naive. SNL is enjoying great ratings thanks to the election, and they don’t need Trump and Clinton to be together in real life to put their alter-egos in a room together! I predict election-related cold opens will continue each and every week, culminating in a final appearance by Alec Baldwin on Nov. 12.

  9. The Carpooler says:

    Mmmm, political rants on an entertainment website. Totes perf start to my day. I like Cheerios.

  10. Bea bauer says:

    I am a US citizen living in Canada. I just tried to upload the SNL skit on the third debate but could not. What happened to free speech? Why are you censoring this?!

    • Simon Jester says:

      A US citizen who doesn’t know that “freedom of speech” only applies to *government* censorship? How embarrassing.