NCIS Season 14 Masterson

NCIS: Mary Stuart Masterson to Recur, Bond With [Spoiler] — See Photos

CBS’ NCIS has enlisted film vet Mary Stuart Masterson for a recurring Season 14 role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Making her debut in the midst of November sweeps, Masterson will play Jenna Flemming, a witty, savvy and seasoned congresswoman who doesn’t mince words and gets things done her way. Director Vance (series regular Rocky Carroll) will form a bond with Flemming as NCIS investigates a threat on the politician. (See exclusive photos above and below; click to zoom.)

Known well for films such as Some Kind of Wonderful, Fried Green Tomatoes and Benny & Joon, Masterson’s previous TV credits include arcs on Law & Order: SVU and Mercy, guest spots on Blue Bloods and The Good Wife and the title role in the 2001 CBS drama Kate Brasher.

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  1. Bella says:

    I love her. She’s an excellent actress!

  2. msstargate says:

    Good casting! Love her.

  3. nika says:

    I was wondering one of these days whatever happened to this actress as me in particularly had not seen anything from her from a long time.

  4. Pam says:

    Way too much of Agent Quinn. Would like more of Agent Torress and his time as an undercover agent. He is the one that will have to replace Tony in the long run – and NOT Quinn. She is being over done in my opinion.

    • Totally disagree, we have one agent too many. Less time for Abby and Ducky. Would prefer Quinn to Torres. So we will all be a little disappointed. However, if I can survive the lost of Ziva, (my all time favorite female character) I can take anything. Still my favorite show.

    • Larc says:

      I do agree. Don’t care for Quinn at all. Plus her moving from memorable senior instructor to one of Gibbs’ underlings sounds like a demotion.

      • John NYC says:

        Her previous assignment in the field hadn’t been that senior: do she’s joined a high level NCIS field team as a way back.

        Sort of logical.

        And Gibbs called her on her manipulation in the recent episode so this move wasn’t a completely normal personal shift in any case.

        • Andrea says:

          I like both Quinn and Torres. Quinn is a great bridge. She’s somewhere between McGee and the experience of Gibbs. Torres adds an element of levity to the cast, but he goes about it in a way that’s different from Tony. I also actually love the expanded team because it allows for different partner combinations on cases. For example, I enjoyed Quinn and McGee working together on that stakeout a couple weeks ago, and I thought Bishop and Clayton were great in this past episode. I know Mary Stuart Masterson has been in many movies. I can’t say I follow her work that much, but it’s definitely great that she’s joining NCIS for awhile.

      • maregolden says:

        I don’t mind her, but I hate the one they replaced Meredith with on NCIS:NO. She is such a nasty character and has permanent b*tch face, not just resting.

    • MdaVT says:

      Agree there is too much Quinn. I’m glad to see Jennifer Esposito back in TV after getting dumped from Blue Bloods, but she’s no Dinozzo.

  5. Love her she is great, Now! get rid of Bishop. The Character is terrible she looks and acts like the office intern…

  6. dlraetz says:

    So excited. Mary Stuart Masterson is wonderful

  7. laura c says:

    Loved her in Fried Green Tomatoes.

  8. john johnson says:

    Wonderful casting. Loved Mary Stuart Masterson in Fried Green Tomatoes, she was the star of the film in my humble opinion.

  9. Gary says:

    Too many new faces. Get back to basics!

  10. jeannie says:

    favorite show. but too many agents. get rid of some.

  11. Lona Statt says:

    Why bring in so many new characters?

  12. missing tony and ziva says:

    I agree that Quinn is overexposed. I like Jennifer Esposito a lot, but it seems they are attempting to leverage her name recognition and acting chops in a desperate bid to make the show interesting again. I’m getting used to Bishop as a familiar character, but in general I find myself not looking forward to watching nearly as much as in the past. I think they ought to emphasize Quinn and Bishop as the girl team, like Rizzolli and Isles. I like how they’re loosening up Joe Spano’s character and downplaying Vance – like him as an actor but he’s sort of dour. They really lost a lot with Ziva and Tony plus it’s gone stale. But as a byproduct, I’m really enjoying “Bull.”

    • Bonnie says:

      I really like NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 8. It is excellent, especially the episode where Agent G. Cullen finally meets his father in Russia. That almost brought tears to my eyes. Gersha Alexandercof Nickolai. Fantastic to see G in this role. And the dad, Daniel Trivanti, who I didn’t recognize, was A.O.K. He knew who his son was almost immediately.

  13. Emm says:

    Michael Weatherly is great as Bull, but Tony DiNozzo still lingers. I can understand actors moving on, but it is a big loss to NCIS. I’m ambivalent about the new team members. Also think it’s time Gibbs gets a true love interest, and it might just work with Mary Stuart Masterson.

  14. Dennis Burlingham says:

    Too many new faces. MI-6 guy is overkill. Too many drummed up scenes to push the new faces. Seems like Bishop is being pushed aside.. The other woman agent being pushed in front of her, even in the credits.

  15. Thomas Linden says:

    Please get rid of Jennifer Esposito and get somebody with some personality and a smidgen of a sense of humor.

  16. Jimmy says:

    what happened to Jaime Lee Curtis……I thought she and Gibbs had it going on

    • Bella says:

      Her character skedaddled at the first subtle threat against her son by what’s-his-name, the guy who was taking revenge against the Navy and NCIS for his sailor son’s death. I like the actress, but hated her character. I liked Hollis Mann best with Gibbs, but then she moved to Hawaii and got married.

      • Cat says:

        I thought she actually turned out to be the murderer in one case and Gibbs put her in handcuffs and into custody…figured her out by the cigarettes she smoked.

        • AnnieO says:

          That was Kimberly Oja playing the character Karen Wilkerson in the episode Doppelganger.
          Any other season I’d be excited about Mary Stuart Masterson’s appearance on the show but this will be the fourth, fifth, seems like tenth (sarcasm) new character thrown at us in the last two months and frankly, I’ve lost interest for the first time in 14 seasons.
          Somehow they’ve managed to reduce Bishop to seemingly intern status (as someone else so aptly stated), McGee’s been promoted and then cut off from any interaction with Gibbs or the world outside the bullpen (although that might have changed in this week’s ep which I stopped watching halfway through). Gibbs only interacts with Quinn and I’m not sure who I find more annoying, Quinn or Torres. Too much!

      • n says:

        I really liked Gibbs with Hollis Mann as well, along with the ever-gorgeous Holly Snow. With Hollis Mann, the chemistry was believable long-term relationship material. With Holly Snow, the windows were about to steam up.

  17. cuius says:

    The only office more over-staffed is “Major Crimes”

  18. Since Fried Green Tomatoes I’ve been a huge fan. I constantly look for her performances, current and anything in the past. NCIS got the best. Thanks!

  19. davidaja says:

    I’ve always liked her and her sexy, short hair style; Still a cutie!

  20. Jack says:

    Great actress. She’ll be a real asset to the show.

  21. thenicklemansbrothera says:

    Well, if Mary Stuart Masterson is going to be on the program I might start watching it again.

  22. Billy Spire says:

    I love the show, and I think she will be a great addition. but……what is going on with sean murray (Tim) ? It has been extremely hard to watch him this season.

  23. bill horn says:


  24. jksaprice says:

    I think she will be great in the part. She was great on SUV.

  25. Bob says:

    Absolutely loved the appearance of Capt. Budd Roberts on the season premier. It’s time to bring back either Admiral Rabb or General MacKenzie as the JAG for an episode.

  26. iceblast says:

    I don’t like Torress, not wild about Quinn. I like the British black guy, forgot his name. I don’t understand why people dislike Bishop, I think she’s a good character, and very attractive.

    I think they should just drop both new characters, and have the British guy take their place. At least he seems like a team player.

    Torress character doesn’t want to be there, and I think it’s to early for him to pull pranks on people. His character isn’t really that interesting.

  27. TDXI says:

    The new guy torres just doesn’t fit and needs to go. The I can’t get the printer to work was done better by Tony long ago and in this case the printer was a better at acting.

  28. Joy says:

    Mary Stuart Masterson is an accomplished actress..should make a strong addition to show. Please get rid of Agents Bishop & Quinn..totally boring characters. Watching Agents Reeves & Torres slowly merge into the group seems an easy fit.

    • Pam says:

      I agree – get rid of Agents Quinn and Bishop and keep Torress and Reeves. I have loved this show from day one and will continue to watch it. Then NCIS- New Orleans and then NCIS – LA.

      Die hard fan of them all.

      • CG says:

        I totally disagree. I am enjoying all the new people and how they continue to mesh together. I love Bishop and Quinn and think they make a great team. I can’t believe how a few people feel they know more than the show’s producers and writers. Just because you don’t like them, don’t assume everyone does. Wow……

  29. jj says:

    The only recurring character that I am interested in is a serial killer that will kill Bishop before the end of the season.

  30. J. Lawson Gamarsh says:

    It will take alot more than just throwing new characters into what has been a mishmass of boring story lines. Gone are the days of the really interesting people like Jenny Shepard, Mike Franks and of course Ziva. Some of the the best moments were between Ziva and her father. And what ever happened to the great two parters like “Mr. Oshimida”? The “new” NCIS has become boring and painful to watch. It will take more than the legendary Gibbs stare to save this series.

  31. Vivian says:

    another women! Sure hope better then Bishop (can’t hear her) & new one that ids a drinker mental case! Last show was hrrible.

  32. mrsfoxxe says:

    last shhow bad. Bishop can’t speak so she can be heard, new women drinks & a mental case, Gibbs not on much, Hope new women helps otherwise think it will go away this year

  33. mrsfoxxe says:

    need new one. Bishop can’t talk so can be heard, new gal drinks & mental case, Gibbs wasn’t on much. Afraid show is going away!

  34. auntiemm says:

    Way too many characters to juggle screen time IMO. Makes me wonder if they’re preparing to launch a revamped team in two years. Gibbs and McGee or Bishop will go. Quinn or McGee take over. Anyway we’re in for a long year of back stories and flashbacks.

  35. MdaVT says:

    So for NCIS to get involved there should be some connection to, you know, the Navy. Wonder how they’ll work that in to threats on a Congresswoman’s life.

    • If she is part of the appropriations committee for the Navy, that could be part of the reason, she also theoretically could be a reservist, though I honestly doubt my last. Remember they are also having NCIS do more on spook work at times, especially on NCISLA.

      Though I am surprised they are not making Gibbs retire since in most agencies he is at the mandatory retirement age, or they might wait till season 15 since they are all contracted up to that point.

  36. grys03 says:

    Excellent casting & nice to see a bit more of the director.
    I’m really enjoying the current season. Was a bit concerned when I heard that MW was leaving & yes I do miss him but the writers have done a great job.
    & unlike others I actually like having the extra characters. It gives the show some depth – always difficult to come up with back-stories for a small unit. Just hope they don’t give us too much too quick. Esposito’s dealing with her demons was a nice touch – just need to not overdo the past angst stuff.

  37. sherry says:

    Quinn’s character is annoying especially last week when she was on so much that I kept changing the channel and I usually don’t do that during ncis. I like Torres he is like the new guy adjusting to the job, all in all too many new characters. Need more Abby and ducky. They promoted McGee but they are still treating him as if Tony is still there, let him do the job, but instead they have him acting stupid.I liked bishop from the beginning.

  38. carmenroiz says:

    I miss the “old” NCIS, I never liked Bishop and can’t get used to the new additions, I keep on watching old reruns on USA network. Yhis show is over for me/

    • Pam says:

      I also watch the old reruns. Love them very much. About the only new addition I like on the “current” NCIS is Torress. Bishop’s character cannot replace Ziva. Quinn appears to want to take over, and as much as I like McGee, he is lost in the role of second in command. I was under the impression that Torress was going to take over the “Tony” type role. I would like to see that character further developed. Bishop has never developed as a character. Again, just my feelings.

  39. emc says:

    They have been consistently overdoing new faces. It is as if by overexposing the new character’s back story to us that we will grow to like them… I just wish they would focus on the story line and let us grow accustomed to the new characters. They way overdid it with Wickersham. I stopped watching for a while when they spent weeks on her. Just make the STORY the story, guys. Overfocus on strangers (all the new faces) becomes obnoxious.