Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 Premiere Recap

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Premiere Recap: A Bucket Full of Love Kernels

It’s a new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and yes, Rebecca Bunch is still crazy. Or, as she puts it in her new theme song, “adorably obsessed.”

Friday’s Season 2 premiere picks up right where we left off, with Rebecca finally hooking up with her lifelong crush Josh Chan — and her confession that she moved all the way to West Covina to be with him. On the drive home, a dumbfounded (or just dumb) Josh tries to process this: “You moved here for me?” Rebecca snaps into lawyer mode, playing it off as no big deal and then flat-out denying she ever said they had a “love story.” “I feel like you’re being an emotional stenographer right now,” she whines. (She’s totally gaslighting him!)

Rebecca even turns it around on Josh, suggesting that maybe “they need to pump the brakes” on their new romance. Luckily for her, poor Josh isn’t the brightest bulb, so he ends up apologizing to her. Then we get the brand-new theme song, with Rachel doing a jazzy Broadway-style number complete with backup dancers, singing about how she’s “just a girl in love!” It’s cute and all… but I still miss the Season 1 theme. (“The situation’s a lot more nuanced than that!”)

Back at work, Rebecca gushes to Paula about her new relationship with Josh. But Paula notes that he’s not spending the night in Rebecca’s bed; he’s just having sex with her and then crashing on the couch: “He’s eff-sploiting you.” Rachel disagrees: “He’s resp-effing the hell out of me.” But the situation gets a bit awkward when she offers Josh a drawer in her dresser for his stuff — and Greg’s old Emory University sweatshirt is still in the drawer. (“No, that’s my friend Emory’s!” she insists. Man, Rebecca lies a lot, doesn’t she?)

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 Premiere Recap

Paula points out that Josh isn’t giving Rebecca a lot of signals that he truly cares about her, which leads to Season 2’s first musical number: “Love Kernels,” with Rebecca (dressed as a “sexy fashion cactus”) insisting that the tiny morsels of affection she gets from Josh are more than enough to sustain her. There’s even a meta joke about how the elaborate music video ate up the show’s entire production budget for the year. It’s hilarious, and inspired, and a great example of why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best shows on TV right now.

But what about Greg? Josh, freaked out by the Emory sweatshirt, doesn’t want to continue things with Rebecca until she resolves things with Greg. (Even though Rebecca made him a light-up drawer with compartments for all his stuff. It plays Scott Joplin tunes when you open it!) So she searches for Greg, who’s been off the map for weeks. With Paula’s help, she finally tracks her ex down… at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A helpful montage refreshes our memory about Greg’s problem-drinking, and Rebecca doesn’t want to interfere with his recovery, so she decides to leave him alone and not tell him about her and Josh.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 Premiere Recap Paula

Meanwhile, Paula has some addiction issues of her own: She realizes she’s hooked on Rebecca’s outrageous relationship drama. She gets talked into helping Rebecca locate Greg — thanks to those “Bambi eyes” of Rebecca’s — but then she firmly draws the line. She presents Rebecca with a legally binding “friendship contract” that states she won’t participate in any more crazy schemes. And it turns out she has a knack for writing legal briefs; in fact, the episode ends with Paula applying to law school. (Yay, Paula!)

Josh can’t stay with Rebecca anymore, so he tries sleeping in the back room of the store where he works, on a “bed” made of bubble wrap. After realizing that’s not a long-term solution, he moves back in with his adoring mother… and he doesn’t love that solution, either. So he ends up back at Rebecca’s door. They both agree they should stay away from each other, which leads to a steamy R&B duet: “We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now.” Well, they do (duh), and Josh ends up spending the night in Rebecca’s bed. Looks like these two Crazy kids are back together again. For now, anyway.

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  1. Steph says:

    Rebecca and Josh together are the worst!!!

    • Mi.cha.el says:

      Well, d’uh. Isn’t that the whole premise of the show? Rebecca is toxic to Paula, she’s toxic to Greg, she’s toxic to Josh. If you like a particular character you should be wanting them to KEEP AWAY from ‘dark Rebecca’. Didn’t you hear what Greg’s dad said to Rebecca? This show isn’t a romcom, this is Martin Sheen taking the partol boat up the Mekong in ‘Apocalypse Now’.

  2. Lola says:

    Rebecca and Paula are both off their rockers. Josh is a lost guy searching for his life’s path through doomed relationships. First with Valencia and now Rebecca. Though Greg has his issue with alcohol, he’s defintely the most grounded real character. At least he’s attempting to quell his issues unlike the others who seem to sink deeper into despair. But Darryl and White Josh continue to be super cute in their awkward relationship.

  3. Ian says:

    For some reason, that premiere was like nails on a chalkboard. The only times of reprieve from all the unlikabilility was when Greg was onscreen! What happened to all the charm this show had last year. Rebecca just came off like an insane bunny boiler high on sugar this episode, and it scares me how infantile Josh’s personality is. That’s not a grown man.

  4. Pia says:

    I found my halloween costume! Sexy fashion cactus.

  5. Leo says:

    Some of the jokes are still working. Like the dig at the production budget, the scene where Rebecca tried to find Greg (Lol I miss Heather and her deadpan delivery), the songs are still funny. “The Entertainer” is well….entertaining. And they still do hilarious episode tag in the end. But I agree that I’m not feeling the magic in the premiere.
    It’s llike the show is shifting its focus on Josh, Paula and Greg’s lives, but they all lack the charisma Bloom brought to the table. But I’ll keep tuning :)

  6. Mm says:

    Hated the new opening sequence. Something about this episode lost the charm they found toward the middle of the first season.

  7. Phil says:

    First: “Darryl is now played by a broom on a stand.” is the CLEAR winner of everything. The likeness to Pete Gardner was brilliance. Would have been funny to see White Josh trying to pose with him. But that broom – I want that to meme something.
    Second: New theme: I wish it was also animated, or the cinematography was different than the rest of the series. If it was animated, I think it would have been a lot more charming. Also, she’s very pale in it, and those outfits weren’t as flattering as I think they were supposed to be (I’m pale, too, so not an insult).
    Third: Greg’s parts worked best, the backpedal in the opening scene was so well done, but I think this was too much crazy Rebecca. Delete all the bits related to that drawer except for the initial one, and this episode would have worked, I think.
    The ratings are a true bummer. I had hope it would go up at least a .1 thanks to Netflix.

  8. katsssblog says:

    This show was so weird for me in first 2,3 episodes, but then I started really liking it. Now I enjoy watching it, and it makes me sad that ratings are bad. Rachel Bloom is awesome, I love all songs, they are so funny and have pretty good rhythm. I literally caught ,myself singing Sexy getting ready song while I was preparing for a date :D I have a feeling that they will cancel it after this season thought. :/

  9. Eddie Ginsburg says:

    Even the songs were great and I am not normally a fan of that aspect of the show

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  11. ninergrl6 says:

    I missed the old theme song. The new one isn’t nearly as clever as the original but maybe it’ll grow on me. I also wanted more Greg and Heather (individually, not together, at least not romantically). Love Paula. Love Josh’s mom and Greg’s dad. Love Daryl and white Josh. Basically enjoyed everyone *except* Rebecca and Josh. They’re just an unlikable pair when they’re together, at least they were in this ep. They brought out the worst in each other, but maybe that’s the point? I wish more people watched this show.